Area notes
Win Laboratory
Regional health agency
Health Fund
Humanitarian programme for highly
specialised health performance for
European Union citizens
Sì lavoro (Yes work)
FreNesys - Friuli Venezia Giulia e-Welfare: Managing residential
Region Network Systems 2002- systems for old people through IT
ASS no. 1 "Triestina"
ASS no. 2 "Isontina"
ASS no. 3 "Alto Friuli"
ASS no. 4 "Medio Friuli"
ASS no. 5 "Bassa Friulana"
ASS no. 6 "Friuli Occidentale"
Notes on partnership
Execution, exchanges, outcomes and impacts of test interventions for
health and development in microarea communities of the FVG territory
Notes on Funding
Regional health agency
Art. 32, par. 15, of law 27 Dec
1997, no. 449
ERDF Art. 10 - Innovative Actions
General goal of the Programme "FReNeSys" is to draw up a plan for
establishing alliances, starting from the specific socio-economic
resources of the Region; this plan will work through establishment of
sectorial digital networks, connecting back to a system of isolated
initiatives and thus supporting a more balanced development of the
territory, optimising resources and raising competitiveness. This macrogoal breaks down into specific goals of intervention, corresponding to the
4 Programme Actions: (e-Services); (e-Cooperative Business); (eWelfare); (e-Health).
e-Welfare: Management of residential system for the elderly through IT
e-Health: New ways of managing health services in outlying mountain
Regional health agency
e-Health: New procedure for managing
health services in remote mountain areas
Ass (health service
agency) no. 5 "Bassa
Programme for Improving Residential
Opportunities for the Non-Independent
Ass no. 5 "Bassa Friulana"
Caritas (charity) Diocese of Udine, ANTEA-FVG, MoVI and
Conf Cooperative FVG
Nonos has tested ways for activating and coordinating volunteer groups L.R. 3/2002 (Regional Law)
(Percorsi di Cittadinanza - Courses for Citizenship) with the goals of
activating the countries' resources and encouraging active citizen
participation in considering the elderly, and in building together
responses to their needs. It also tests the establishment of associations
of family members (MuNUS) that act as references for organisation of
services and assistance to families, taking up the traditions of the Mutue
Cooperative (co-ops) in our territories and remaining firmly rooted in the
social context of our country.
€ 183.500,00 1/7/06
End Date
€ 715.413,00
€ 1.612.700,00 2003
€ 1.045.450,00 2003
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Managing the diabetic patient
Oracle Italia s.r.l.
ARS (for project coordination)
National finance law
Planning a model of integrated and shared disease management
between MMG and regional health structures in terms of clinical protocol
and management of information flow, through definition of a protocol of
interoperability to facilitate the sharing of information in the process of
continuity of care through extension of the system of hospital-territory
integration in the area of Regional Health Information System (SISR).
The project aims to define a more general reference system also suitable
for integrated management of other chronic pathologies.
State (Health Min.)
Regional resources (SSR)
Cofunding Oracle Italia s.r.l.
Cofunding INSIEL S.p.A.
Cofunding Regione FVG
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Functional surgery for Parkinson's
disease in Deep Brain Stimulation
University of Rome Tor Vergata
University of Trieste
University of Ferrara
University of Udine
Hospital agency "S.Maria della Misericordia", Udine
The end goal of the project is to optimise neurosurgical treatment of
National finance law
Parkinson's disease based on deep stimulation, through correlated
electrophysiological and biochemical intraoperators. The aim is to obtain
a better indication of candidates for treatment, also identifying the most
suitable cerebral nucleus for stimulation for individual patients.
art.12 and 12 bis of Law
502/92 as modified and
integrated by legal decree no.
State (Health Min.) 196,000
Regional resources (SSR)
€ 749.000,00 20/11/2002
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Integrated clinical-pathological and
molecular characterisation of mixed
HCV-related mixed cryoglobulinemia
University Hospital of Udine
University of Udine
University of Trieste
Hospital agency "S.Maria degli Angeli - Pordenone
a) creation of database for clinical evaluation and management of a bank National finance law
of biological material
b) creation of bank of biological material conserved in ideal conditions for
subsequent biomolecular studies
c) identification and characterisation of patients for developing and
designing innovative therapies
d) activation of a research programme for development of gene therapy
e) transfer of results at national level through clinical guidelines and
research projects
art.12 and 12 bis of Law
502/92 as modified and
integrated by legal decree no.
State (Health Min.) 40,138
Regional resources 5,000
€ 45.138,00 18/11/2002
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Genetic polymorphisms as predictive FVG
factors for pharmaceutical response
in rheumatoid arthritis
Hospital of Gorizia
Hospital of Sacile
University Hospital of Udine
Identification of a pattern of polymorphism of gene coding for some key
cytokines of the chronic inflammatory process of rheumatoid arthritis
predictive of the course of a patient's clinical treatment
National finance law
€ 68.800,00 18/11/2002
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Genetic mechanisms predisposing to FVG
and protecting against acute coronary
Hospital agency S.Maria della Misericordia
Centre for combating cardiovascular diseases ASS 4
Hospital San Raffaele IRCCS
Identification of genetic and environmental factors giving predisposition
to triggering and protection against acute myocardial infarct
National finance law
art.12 and 12 bis of Law
502/92 as modified and
integrated by legal decree no.
State (Health Min.) 58,800
Regional resources 10,000
art.12 and 12 bis of Law
502/92 as modified and
integrated by legal decree no.
State (Health Min.) 392,000
Regional resources 437,500
€ 829.500,00 02/12/2002
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Creation of a multi-regional intrahospital register for serious traumas
Hospital agency S. Maria della Misericordia
USL agency (local health unit), city of Bologna
Hospital S. Camillo Forlanini, Rome
Establishment of a stable system for gathering, storing, processing and
exchanging a targeted collection of data on severely traumatised patients
admitted to structures participating in the project
Production of a detailed description of the existing situation in terms of
homogeneity, efficacy and efficiency of the current acute pathways for
Use of data processing, including at international level, to identify areas
of weakness of participating structures, contribution to the conception,
development and evaluation of strategies, procedures and technologies
for improvement, contribution to national and international scientific
debate on this theme
State 77,700
Regional resources 96,600
€ 174.300,00 01/04/2004
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Inter-regional comparison of state of
health: identification and assessment of
health indicators
ASL (local health agency) 10 Florence
Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Higher Institute of Health)
The main result expected is to make available population data on the
degree of health lost due partly to mortality but mainly through disability leading to maximisation of the efficacy of public health strategies
State 103,300
Regional resources 130,100
Participant cofunding 72,000
€ 305.400,00 22/12/2003
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Genetic and environmental
determinants of the threat of heart
attack and response to treatment
Production of information for understanding unstable angina at first
appearance, highlighting the mechanisms that cause coronary
inflammation and its neuroendocrine component, and mechanisms by
which it can in some cases be treated but in others causes coronary
State 291,300
Region resources 346,700
€ 638.000,00 06/04/2004
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Molecular mechanisms of post-infarct
negative and positive ventricular
ASS (health service agency) no. 4 "Medio Friuli"
IRCCS H San Raffaele
Scientific Inst. San Raffaele DIBIT
Univ. TS
Univ. UD
Catholic University Sacro Cuore, Rome
Scientific Inst. San Raffaele, Milan
Catholic University Sacro Cuore, Rome
University La Sapienza, Rome
The study aims to identify the biomolecular mechanisms affecting
ventricular remodelling that is adverse or reparatory, in post-infarct and
post-acute myocarditis
State 138,000
Regional resources 100,000
Cofunding Internat. Heart
Found. 200,000
€ 438.000,00 02/05/2005
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Identification, characterisation, growth FVG
in vitro and therapeutic use of
multipotent human mesenchymal cells
University Hospital of Udine
Hospital Agency S.Maria della Misericordia
Identification, growth, in vitro differentiation and in vivo transplant of
multipotent mesenchymal stem cells obtained from four different human
tissues (bone marrow, liver, myocardium and adipose), study of time
course of mobilisation of various classes of stem cells in the blood of
heart-attack patients - assessment of immunomodulating potential of
mesenchymal stem cells in inducing tolerance to allogenic cell transplant
State 138,000
Cofunding 27,500
Regional resources 621,483
€ 786.983,00 01/03/2005
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
ASS no. 4 "Medio Friuli"
Health Agency SA 3 Vallo della Lucania (SA)
ULSS no. 4 Alto Vicentino
ULSS no. 13 Dolo Mirano
Development of instrumentation (ICT) and district-based services (Call
centre and organised services hub), that can be replicated, for
extrahospital management of chronic-degenerative pathologies
State 150,000
Cofunding 135,000
Regional resources 100,000
€ 385.000,00 16/03/2005
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Operational model of district
governance for integration and
management of network of
extrahospital services MODI
For insertion in the workplace. An
assessment of models used in the
mental health depts. in user workplacement
Regions of Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania,
Emilia - Romagna, FVG, Higher Institute of Health,
Regions of Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Molise, A.P.
Bolzano, Piedmont, Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, A.P.
Trento, Region of Umbria, Valle d'Aosta and Veneto
State 215,000
Regional resources 10,750
Resources participating bodies
€ 319.250,00 27/04/2006
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
National assessment of structures for FVG
admission of acute psychiatric
patients: ikl project PROGRESACUTI
Survey and evaluation of organisational forms assumed by the DSM
(mental health depts.) in 19 regions and 2 provinces as regards
employment, paying attention to resources used, direct and indirect
costs, and results obtained
Interviews with local stakeholders to evaluate models used to encourage
entry of users into world of production
Distribution of results to DSM operators to raise awareness about the
centrality of taking up employment and understanding the operational
procedures for the best approaches
Survey and evaluation of psychiatric structures that admit mentally
disturbed patients for short- or medium-term stays in the territory of the
16 regions and A.P. and of the patients admitted
Evaluation of a representative sample of these care structures
Analysis of direct costs of the various structures
Comparative evaluation of a representative sample of patients admitted,
to define the related socio-demographic, clinical and care profiles, and to
analyse the pathways leading up to the admission
€ 1.148.600,14 27/02/2002
Call for Targeted Research Ministry of Health
Analysis and assessment of a
management trial for running
rehabilitation projects in psychiatry
ASS no. 5 "Bassa Friulana"
ASS no. 2 "Isontina"
ULSS no. 9 Treviso
€ 271.139,88 11/07/2001
Province of Udine
ACLI, Ass asylum centre Balducci, Industrial Ass of Udine,
Ass of African students in Friuli, Ass Icaro, Ass Emigre
Workers of FVG, Ass Community Mediators, National Ass
Beyond Borders FVG, Ass Research ethnoanthropological and social research, Ass Senegalese in
FVG, Ass Neighbours, Confederal Chamber of territorial
work Udinese lower Friuli, Chamber union prov IUL of
Udine, Caritas of Udine, Prof Training Centre of Cividale,
Immigrants Solidarity Centre, Internat. Volunt. Centre,
Municipality of San Daniele, Munic. of S. Giovanni al N.,
Munic. of Udine, National Confed. Artisans and SME,
Italian Council for Refugees, Cramars, IAl FVG, IRES
FVG, Radio Spazio 103, RUE, CISL, University of Udine
ESF 2000-2006
€ 1.544.206,12
Extreme entrepreneurialism for an
independent life
Temporary scope
ARCI, Ass IDEA, Paraplegics Ass FVG, CNA, Municipality
of Aviano, Municipality of Terzo di Aquileia, Regional
consultancy for disabled, CUPH, FINRECO, ICS, IRES
FVG, Province of Trieste, Prov of Udine, Prov of PN,
Italian Union for the Blind, University of Udine, University
of Trieste
ESF 2000-2006
€ 1.265.636,18
ESF 2000-2006
€ 1.136.508,54
Province of Gorizia
ESF 2000-2006
€ 760.000,00
L.IN.D.A. Work, integration and mixed
ISO New. Social enterprise of Isontino
and welfare network Rewriting the social contract
Province of Udine
Cramars s.c. a r.l.
ESF 2000-2006
Innovative Actions
Innovative Actions
Innovative Actions
Innovative Actions
Innovative Actions
Innovative Actions
Innovative Actions
Innovative Actions
Innovative Actions
Innovative Actions
Innovative Actions
Innovative Actions
FVG Budget
Ass no. 5 "Bassa Friulana"
Programme for development and transfer
of innovative actions in the context of
regional socio-health planning
Regional network for R&D on new antiinfectious agents
Characterisation of stem cells and their
use in treatment of humans
Biocheck - instrument for simulation and
verification of biological models
Diagnostic kit for diseases of genetic
New anticancer treatment and drugs
AITT identification of molecular targets in
treatment of tumours
Development of new drugs for
photodynamic treatment of cancer
Probe microscopy in biomedicine
Study of mechanisms of muscular
SPINAL - Laboratory for studies on bone
marrow lesions
New technologies for visualisation and
use of stem cells
Regional network for the study of
lymphoproliferative diseases
Higher Institute of Health, 14 regions and 2 autonomous
FVG Budget
The project comes into play in planning and overhauling the set of socio- Regional funds DGR 688/99
health services offered to the elderly
and Decree of Director of
DCSPS 365/2005
Carry out the transfer and spread to regional system of the results
obtained during the trial period
Key points of the intervention:
1. Introduction of new VMD (multidimensional assessment) system
2. Reclassification of residential structures for the elderly
3. Financing of any possible independence
4. Support for Regional Health and Socio-Health Plan
€ 303.000,00 giu-05
Reclassification of residential homes
Regional funds DGR 429 of 4
Networked residential structures for the elderly
March 2005 and Decree no.
Introduction of the Val.Graf. MDA system
365/Plann. DGR 1508/06
Development of computer-based MDA system in areas with high mental
health and disability; social and health integration according to ICF
Instruments for socio-health integration
Guidelines for living for the elderly
Project goal
Activity of development and promotion of innovative actions
Outsourcing of guidelines
€ 550.000,00 2006
Assessment of the impact of developing forms of public/private mixed
ONLUS management on the community; adaptation of a sample of 130
users of the mental health service in personalised rehabilitation projects
State Lire 964,000,000 (E.
Regional resources Lire
1,260,000,000 (E.
National finance law art.12 and 12
bis of Law 502/92 as modified and
integrated by legal decree no.
State Lire 340,000,000 (E.
Regional resources Lire
185,000,000 (E. 95,544.53)
€ 1.600.000,00 mag-06
€ 963.808,00
University of Trieste
Udine and CRO
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
Art 11
€ 227.500,00
University of Udine
University of Trieste
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
Art 11
€ 299.300,85
University of Udine
University of Trieste, SISSA, LNCIB
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
Art 11
€ 138.072,18
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
Art 11
€ 61.643,95
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
Art 11
€ 280.000,00
University of Trieste
Callerio-Onlus Foundation, Burlo Garofolo, SISSA,
Sincrotrone, CRO
University of Udine, CRO, AREA Science Park
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
Art 11
€ 300.000,00
University of Udine
University of Trieste
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
Art 11
€ 68.000,00
University of Trieste
University of Udine
University of Udine, SISSA
University of Trieste, CRO
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
Art 11
Art 11
€ 87.942,20
€ 244.778,60
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
Art 11
€ 298.327,20
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
Art 11
€ 100.000,00
L.R. 11/2003 (Regional Law)
Art 11
€ 85.212,15
University of Trieste
University of Trieste
University of Trieste, Univ of Udine
Interreg III-A
International collaboration for treating the Hospital Agency S. Maria
della Misericordia, Udine
• Office of the regional government of Carinthia.
• Regional care home: Landeskrankenhaus Villach –
Hospital of Villach
.Gaital – Klinik SKA Hermagor
• Agency for health services/Sanitätsdienstbetrieb no. 5
“Bassa Friulana” • Agency for health services/Sanitätsdienstbetrieb no. 4
“Medio Friuli” • Agency for health services/Sanitätsdienstbetrieb no. 3
“Alto Friuli” • Agency for health services/Sanitätsdienstbetrieb no. 6
“Friuli occidentale” • Hospital agency/Krankenhausbetrieb “S. Maria degli
Angeli” • Research and treatment institute/Wissenschaftliches
Behandlungsinstitut “C.R.O.” • University hospital under direct management/Direkt
geleitetes Universitätsgroßkrankenhaus (PUGD) Udine • ULSS socio-health Agency no. 2 di Feltre (BL) – Veneto
Sanicademia - Internationale Fortbildungsakademie fur
Gesundheitsberufe EWIV - International Academy for
health professionals GEIE
1. exploit the specialisations of the various regions, through mutual
Interreg III-A
sharing of patients in specific departments
2. distribute availability in time of resources, to ensure optimal assistance
for patients in emergencies
3. improve medical-scientific collaboration among the regions
4. strengthen joint activities of updating
5. for the operational hospitals establish a method for transmitting
records that is both fast and accurate in handling data
6. create a common information platform
7. make information available to patients, with multilingual material
8. organise meetings to provide information to patients, doctors and
hospital carers
Ita-Aus 2000-06
€ 280.000,00
Interreg III-A
Equal opportunities in Alpe Adria
Regional commission for
equal opportunities for
men and women
Vlada Republike Slovenije - Urad za enake moznosti
(Government of the Rep. of Slovenia - Office for equal
IRES Udine (contractor office of services for execution of
the project)
Interreg III-A
Comparison and harmonisation of regulations and standards on equal
opportunities in force in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia, with positive
consequences for both women residents in the socio-economic contexts
of both border countries, and for all associations, bodies, institutions,
organs of equality, commissions active in promoting equal opportunities
in the two cases. Integration between the above-mentioned bodies and
institutions through the study, comparison and sharing of knowledge
about good practice found in the two border situations.
Ita-Slo 2000-06
€ 188.400,00
Interreg III-A
Due Mondi ("Two Worlds")
Municipality of Stregna
Municipality of Prepotto
Municipality of Canale (Obcina Kanal ob Soci)
Interreg III-A
Establish a series of contacts between the municipalities of Stregna,
Prepotto and bordering municipalities and the Municipality of Canale
(SLO), with bordering municipalities, in order to resolve problems of poor
life quality and marginalisation of many citizens.
Ita-Slo 2000-06
€ 37.500,00
Interreg III-A
Cross-border co-operation in provision of Agency for health services Municipality of Gorizia
health services
no. 2 "Isontina"
International Institute of Sociology (ISIG)
Zdravstveni Dom Osnovno Varstvo Nova Gorica
Splosna Bolnisnica "Dr. Franca Derganca" Nova Gorica
Mestna Obcina Nova Gorica
Obcina Sempeter Vrtojba Cesta Goriske Fronte
1) lay foundations for future integration of structures following entrance of Interreg III-A
Slovenia into the EU, in order to give efficient service to an extensive
area of about 250,000 residents;
2) identify opportunities for collaboration and integration between the two
hospitals and related health services within the border area;
3) identify and promote all possible synergies between the two structures
in terms of existing skills and new services to be developed;
4) extend and consolidate collaboration between the two hospitals of
Gorizia and Sempeter pri Gorici, and the related territory;
5) improve quality of life in the extended area of the three municipalities
through professional services of medical prevention and specialist care.
Ita-Slo 2000-06
€ 413.000,00
Interreg III-A
Collaboration for treating the sick - Illness Hospital agency S. Maria
without borders
della Misericordia, Udine
Interreg III-A
Exploitation of medical specialisations within the border regions, with
sharing of patients in predefined contexts, optimised care for emergency
patients, improvement in medical-scientific co-operation between
regions, joint activity of updating, and data links among the hospitals
Ita-Slo 2000-06
€ 363.000,00
Interreg III-A
Senza muri ("Without walls")
Health services agency
no. 2 "Isontina"
1) promotion of knowledge and encouragement of integration between
Interreg III-A
Italians and Slovenians, with particular attention on youngsters in the agerange 14-25 years;
2) demonstration that a model of local social public/private consultation
can expand the real opportunities for social integration of marginalised
people through involvement of institutions in direct relationships of
partnership with the sphere of social co-operation, the business world,
and associations and volunteer groups
3) recovery of the border area of the former OPP "Parco Basaglia",
effectively abandoned and lifeless, to create "social capital" in the sense
of a network of relationships able to mobilise and promote collective
4) development of entrepreneurial activity aimed at insertion of the
disadvantaged into the world of employment, in a context of "social
enterprise", through creation of new jobs and ability to earn a living and
be self-supporting
Ita-Slo 2000-06
€ 655.000,00
Interreg III-A+D46
Border events
Regional institute of
Slovenia for professional
education - Trieste
Municipality of Monrupino
SKGZ - Slovenian cultural and economic union
SSO - Confederation of Slovenian organisations
SLORI - Slovenian institute of research
Sklad Mitja Cuk Onlus
Lupusinfabula Association Trieste
Netzapping di Miran Pecenik Trieste
Municipality of Divaca
Enigma s.r.l. Koper
Drustvo Interes Ljubljana
1) create and launch a cross-border network between public and private Interreg III-A
entities engaged in youth work
2) identify the needs of young people, providing consultancy in order to
give adequate response
3) compile and organise databases on topics of relevance to young
4) create opportunities for rediscovery of the reference territory partly
through promotion of events for young tourists
5) revitalise the reference territory by opening up public areas dedicated
to this age-group
6) encourage debate about policies for the young
7) encourage knowledge of the various welfare organisations in the
border areas
Ita-Slo 2000-06
€ 230.787,79
Interreg III-A
Observatory on social policies in FVG
Association of New
Rights, Trieste
A.S.S. n. 4 "Medio Friuli"
CGIL Regional Union FVG
UIL Regional Union FVG
Confindustria FVG
League of Cooperatives FVG
Ires FVG
Bolznica Sezana
Socialno - Varstveni Zavod Dutovljie
Psihiatricna Bolnisnica Idrija
Center za Socialno delo Nova Gorica
Sent Ljubljana
Interreg III-A
Contribute to overcoming obstacles resulting from diversity in the
socio-economic system, starting out from a comparative analysis of
the transformations under way in the organisational models of
welfare in FVG and Slovenia. Study of the social policies to be
carried out paying particular attention to how they fit into the social
problems emerging in the reference territory
Ita-Slo 2000-06
€ 633.000,00
Interreg III-A
Study of the mechanisms involved in the University Department
anticancer protein TRAIL in human
Biomedical Clinic,
normal and neoplastic cells
University of Trieste
University Department Clinic of general surgical sciences,
anaesthesiology and intensive medicine - UCO of General
Surgery, University of Trieste
A.S.S. no. 2 "Isontina" - Surgical Operative Unit
Institute of Cell Biology (IBC), Faculty of Medicine,
University of Ljubljana
General Hospital of Izola
1) analyse the biological activity of the protein TRAIL in normal and Interreg III-A
malignant human urothelial or colon cells;
2) elucidate the molecular basis underlying the biological activity of
TRAIL in these cell models;
3) explore pharmacological combinations, in order to boost the
cytotoxicity of TRAIL for malignant urothelial or colon neoplasia
Ita-Slo 2000-06
€ 225.000,00
Interreg III-A
Research, territory, scientific information Department of Italian
campaigns. The case of Lyme's disease studies, language,
on the cross-border Carso
communication and
Municipality of Doberdò del Lago (GO)
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and
Biotechnology ICGEB Trieste
Municipality of Sgonico
Municipality of Monrupino
Fucine Mute ONLUS Trieste
Municipality of Miren - Kostanjevica
Municipality of Komen
Department of Biology University of Trieste
Dermatological Clinic Cattinara Hospital
Arbovirus Unit Laboratory of Virology Higher Institute of
Hospital of S. Antonio S. Daniele del Friuli
Department of Infectious Diseases University Medical
Center Ljubljana
Institute of Microbiology and Immunology University of
The general goal of raising awareness about the risks of Lyme's
disease in the territory, and also the goal of promoting and
developing scientific research on the reference topics at
international level. Also the distribution of scientific information to
the population of the cross-border Carso area affected by the
phenomenon of borreliosis, to promote scientific-environmental
issues that concern the territory itself.
Interreg III-A
Ita-Slo 2000-06
€ 220.000,00
Produce by extrapolating data from sampling stations (green index, Interreg III-A
humidity index, temperature, vegetation type, avifauna, mammals,
number of ticks present, level of infectivity of B.burgdorferi and any
TBE virus), a map of habitats favouring Ixodes ricinus. By crosschecking the map of habitats with data for clinical cases recorded,
the data for sieropositivity of the forest, the infectivity of ticks
collected, a map of potential risk of disease transmission will be
produced, for use at territorial prevention level to give indications in
the areas at highest risk. A taxonomic map of the genospecies of
the various habitats will then be produced, for the composition of
diagnostics, development of vaccines and indications for treatment.
Ita-Slo 2000-06
€ 254.000,00
1. ITALY: Piedmont, Lombardy (Mountain Community of
Morbegno Valtellina), FVG (Tesantelevita S.r.l.– Udine),
Veneto, GAL Appennino Genovese, Autonomous Province
of Trento.
2. AUSTRIA: Regional Forum Pongau.
3. SLOVENIA: RRA Severne Primorske Regjiska
Razvojna Agencija – Nova Gorica.
4. SWITZERLAND: HEVs (Sierre), Municipality of Valle di
Blenio, Ticino Informatica.
FVG (ARS), Lombardy, Slovenia, Hungary
The project will support and raise the level of services in mountain
territories, partly through creation of multifunction centres.
There are two basic lines of operation:
- support for small commercial enterprises in the close neighbourhood;
- support and improvement of socio-assistance services for the citizen.
Interreg III-B
Definition of a common operational structure for the development of
digital services and introduction of the European Health Insurance Card
Interreg III-C
€ 903.607,00
Interreg III-C
€ 394.800,00
show business,
University of Trieste
Interreg III-A
Assessment of risk of infection with
Department of
Lyme's disease and other diseases
Biomedical Sciences,
transmitted by the tick in the foothills and University of Trieste
cross-border territory of FVG and
Slovenia: creation of risk maps
A.S.S. no. 1 "Triestina"
A.S.S. no. 3 "Alto Friuli"
A.S.S. no. 4 "Medio Friuli"
A.S.S. no. 5 "Bassa Friulana"
A.S.S. no. 6 "Friuli Occidentale"
University hospital under direct management
Hospital Splosna Bolnisnica Jesenice
Splosna Bolnisnica Izola
Provincial Administration of Gorizia
Municipality of Gorizia
Regional Directorate for Agriculture
Provincial Committee of CONI
International Institute of Sociology (ISIG)
Consortium of Social Cooperatives "Il Mosaico"
Regional Union of Associations for Mental Health
Social Cooperative "Il grande carro" Gorizia
Cultural Association Graphiti Gorizia
Cultural Association Seghizzi Gorizia
Cultural Association "Terzo Teatro" Gorizia
Sports Association Lucinico Calcio Gorizia
Musical Group "Gino Pipia e i Trovieri" Gorizia
Theatre Association "Teatrilandia" Gorizia
Sports Club Adria - Gorizia
Sports Association for Basket "Unione sportiva goriziana"
Association of P.S. LAB Gorizia
Health District of Nova Gorica
Municipality of San Pietro-Vertoiba Cesta Goriske Fronte
Municipality of Nova Gorica
Cultural and Artistic Association ENA Cesta Goriske
Fronte San Pietro - Slovenia
Sports and Artistic Association SUD Vertojbica San Pietro Slovenia
Sports Association Mark Podmark San Pietro - Slovenia
QUALIMA – Quality of life improvement
through support to public and private
services in rural areas of the Alps
Veneto Region
University of Patras (WG)
INNOMED Development of a health
information system for improving efficacy
and quality of medical care
IV Health and Social
Affairs Commission online
with the European project
“Regional Consultancy for
the Disabled in Friuli
Venezia Giulia” and the
Italian Disability Network
(DIN), with the support of
Multimedia Centre Terni spa (Udine)
University Hospital in Olomuc (Czech Rep.)
Alps Adriatic working community Alps Adriatic Disability Network
Measuring health and disability in
Supporting policy development
Besta Institute, Milan
ARS FVG, Lombardy Region, DIN, Slovenia, University of
Madrid, WHO, University of Applied Sciences of Zurich,
National Romanian Authority for the Disabled, Charles
University (Czech Rep.), Medical University of Hamburg,
University Ludwig of Monaco, European Federation of
Neurology, National Authority for the Disabled (Ireland),
University of Malardaren (Sweden)
To facilitate the free circulation of people, and simplify access to
services for the growing number of tourists in the enlarged Europe,
it is proving vital today to reach agreement at political-administrative
level to support the costs of emergency health services; this is
handled differently by the various states and regions.
Ministry of Health,
Project for assessment and application of the EUROPET
guidelines (transport for pregnant women and newborn at risk) in
the Alpe Adria regions: data gathering and workshops with experts
Spazio Alpino Interreg III-B
Veneto, Croatia, Slovenia, Baranya county (Hungary),
Carinthia, Stiria, Lombardy and Vas county
Network of politicians and technicians working towards a basic challenge Alpe Adria funds
for the new enlarged Europe, starting from pilot experience in the Alpe
Adria Regions.
The objective is in fact to compare experience, proposals and projects, in
order to provide increasingly good response and a better quality of life to
the growing number of disabled - and more generally "non-independent"
(whether permanent or temporary) - through a multidimensional
Veneto Region, Slovenia, Hungarian counties of Vas, Zala,
Baranya and Gyor-Moson-Sopron, and the Austrian
"Land" of Burgerland and Steiermark
Baranya county
Set up a web site describing the social scenario and activities
carried out by the social institutions.
€ 9.000,00
Republic of
Path for training, technical assistance,
exchange of experience and local pilot
actions, for supporting the Ministry of
Work and Social Policy of the Republic
of Serbia in formulating a medium- to
long-term strategy for planning and
integration of social and assistance
Republic of
Republic of
Republic of
Republic of
Improving the status of the disabled in Agency for Local
Montenegro and highlighting 2003 as Democracy of Niksic
European Year of the Disabled
Training and launch of interventions for AUSER FVG - Association
home-based assistance promoted by
female associations of various ethnic
groups in the Prijedor territory (Bosnia
Healthy teeth for smiling children, Bosnia Caritas (charity) Trieste
- IRCCS Burlo Garofolo
Collaboration with the health institutions
of the Reps of Serbia and Montenegro
ASS no. 2 "Isontina"
Dental service for the children of
Kracujevac (Serbia)
"Non bombe, ma solo
caramelle" Association
("Sweets, Not Bombs")
Valjevo A.D.+D.S. Integrated domestic
assistance (Serbia)
Caritas di Concordia
(charity) Pordenone
Balkans and
General goal: support the Ministry of Work and Social Policy of the
€ 55.000,00 Jun-2005
FVG (section on international coRepublic of Serbia in activities of programming, planning of social
operation) + UNOPS City to City
Specific goals:
a) promote paths for development and updating of professionality of
those engaged in the social and health system, in particular as regards
strategies for social integration, on topics of safeguarding public health,
and actions aimed at encouraging conditions of equality and equal
access to services by the entire population;
b) spread of organisational, technological and scientific innovation for
broadening opportunities for development of local players, with particular
reference to themes of organisation and management of social, health
and educational services, of democratic governance, local economic
development that is internationalised, and culture;
c) technical assistance to local institutions and associations in defining
possible joint project activities in the sectors of insurance, assistance,
education, health, and work placement, removal of architectural barriers,
communication, sport, and social tourism;
d) making available necessary regulatory and administrative instruments for creation of phases of planning and activation of the programmes as detailed above.
Ufficio Tutore pubblico Minori FVG (Public Office for
Protection of Minors, FVG)
The project “BAMBINI…PER COMINCIARE - CHILDREN…TO BEGIN FVG (section on international co€ 30.000,00 gen-05
WITH” falls into the context of protection of minors and within centralised operation)
co-operation activities which the FVG Region is to carry out under its
projects supporting processes of democratisation in the Balkans. The
Region has agreed to finance the project through the intervention of the
IRCCS Institute Burlo Garofolo of Trieste, a children's hospital and
research institute of international reputation and wide experience,
through international collaborations on health and organisation of
services in the territory, and with the collaboration of the Public Office for
Protection of Minors, a regional body that oversees and promotes
children's rights with considerable activity of staff training in the territory
of local administrators and local police bodies. On a background of
networks and implementation of the relationship of long-term interregional co-operation, in the context of actions and directives already
launched within the City to City programme with Serbia's Ministry of
Welfare, the present project has a general goal of promoting practices of safeguarding and protecting childhood from educational, psycho-social and health points of view, through the spread of culture about children and adolescents in line with the Inter
will to
given to
integration between
of the system
social and
health Law)
services, to encourage the spread of organisational skills
and independent
development of good practice
present project
strengthen of
L.R. of
€ 46.125,76
2005on the basis of training processes we have alrea
local health institutions and those of the regional territory. In order to
cope with the clear structural limits, the following actions have been
- donation of instruments for haematological diagnosis;
- training and hospitality for 3 doctors from Serbia in health laboratories
in Monfalcone;
- donation of medical equipment.
The Project of Collaboration with Serbia, which began in 2003, has
I. Donation of laboratory equipment (haematology)
II. Training of personnel from Serbia in Italy
III. Creation of a commercial network in collaboration with Italian
IV. Donation of reagents for the equipment donated
The programme continued in 2004 with:
V. Donation of lab equipment for immunometric analysis
VI. Donation of instruments for rehabilitation
VII. Donation of consumables
VIII. Courses in Italian for nurses
The project is run on two levels: allow clinical activity to be carried out in L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
€ 48.900,00 2004
dental surgeries at the hospital of Kragujevac; oversee the launch of
training in dental prevention in children with Down's syndrome. The
project will broaden activities of the headquarters, setting up a new
dental service open to all children of the municipality of Kragujevac, also
able to work with children with Down's syndrome. For this purpose,
instrumentation will be acquired for two full dental studios, aimed first of
all at providing assistance to children in care or handicapped, as well as
young cancer patients. The equipment will be given for free use, and
may not be used for other purposes such as for self-employment. Once it
is installed, the new surgeries will set up updating courses for the 6
dentists and 10 dental nurses at the headquarters, according to new
WHO guidelines on children's dentistry. These courses will be run by
COI volunteers. Under the second phase of the project, as well as the
opening of new health services to all citizens, a dental programme will be
launched for children with Down's syndrome.
• Contribute
the living
of Concordia,
the population
of Kragujevac,
social development
through actions of health and health education
the Diocese
(charity) of
L.R. encouraging
19/2000 (Regional
€ 20.500,00 2005
in Serbia dates back to the early months of 2001, the year when the
twinning project began with the Caritas of Valjevo. The area of the city of
Valjevo suffered intense bombing during 1999, since they were a
number of war-related industries there. In 2001, a programme for homebased care was launched to provide assistance to those who were not
independent, lived alone, had no access to social assistance, or where it
was completely absent. This activity has gradually replaced the initial aid
and is still in progress, giving assistance to a large number of people. In
2005, the project of Home-Care (Assistenza Domiciliar) was united with
the aid programme module "Donne Sole" (Women Alone), whose goal is
the permanent hiring of three young mothers as domestic helpers, in
order to be able to give care to their children, and to allow the work of
washing and ironing for assisted people. This activity is very important,
since it allows support to be given to three young mothers for whom no
other legal form of maintenance can be guaranteed. This module was launched towards the end of 2005, and will become fully operational in 2006, since the launch phase has been dedicated to obtaining the instruments needed for carrying out the wor
The long-term goal of the module "DS", within three years, is establishment of a co-operative or other form of association to allow the three people to manage a laundry and cleaning shop.
FVG Region + Regional Consultancy for Disabled
Association FVG
Skopje Caritas (charity) Gorizia
ADRIA SAFE – Establishment of a
monitoring system in the Adriatic area for
health risk factors linked to biotoxins Establishment of an Observatory on
large vertebrates - Innovative Phytopurification
Project: Training courses for treating
alcoholism for socio-health operators and
launch of self-help groups in the Iasi
Region of Romania
Emilia-Romagna - Region Central Directorate for health and social welfare - Public
Veterinary Health Service
The year 2003 was proclaimed by the European Commission and the FVG
€ 18.000,00 ago-03
Movement for the Disabled as the European Year of People with
Disabilities. The aim was partly to underline the barriers encountered
and the discrimination met by disabled people, and to improve their lives.
This gave the local democracy agency (ADL) the opportunity to include
rights for disabled people among its activities. ADL has decided to take
the initiative in this area in view of the discrimination against disabled
adults and minors, including the obstacles they have to overcome every
day in order to live and participate fully in society on the basis of shared
respect for other citizens, as well as exclusion from work and education,
and also through lack of health structures and adequate medical
treatment. Disabled people encounter barriers when seeking and
keeping work, but also in finding means of transport they are able to use,
buildings and structures that are physically accessible, or getting access
to education. These barriers all too often prevent the disabled from
having a full role in society. However, one of the chief obstacles encountered by the disabled is the negative and disabling attitude of society itself. Project goals:
- raise awareness among the disabled, to provide protection against discrimination and to guarantee full and fair recognition of constitutional rights,
- raise
forms of to
types of discrimination
from the
give assistance
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional
€ 81.449,36 2002
children, displaced persons, refugees) of the war of the former Federal
Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, in the city of Prjiedor, in north-west
Bosnia Herzegovina. The project proposed falls into various phases
(duration 2 years). The hygiene, health and care conditions will be
improved for the weakest section of the population, victims of ethnic
cleansing during the war that began in 1992. The aim is allow these
people to determine their own lives and make choices, in future
conditions of work through forms of local enterprise or co-operation. The
co-operation project already launched in recent years will continue to
pursue social and economic development of women, as those in most
need but at the same time able to act as concrete human resources for
launch and establishment of services aimed at improving health and care
conditions of those who are least protected (the elderly, invalids, families
with problems, etc.). The aim however, is not to operate sectorially, but to
give aid to anyone in difficulty or suffering. In this way, the project launches and promotes concrete actions supporting human rights and a culture of peace.
In particular,
the project
willa strengthen
of collaboration
to different ethnic groups. In previous action,€this
encouraged by the project led to
joint discussion meetings by Serbs and Muslims r
project aims
to set up
fully equipped
surgery, and among
then to various
L.R. local
launch the practice for dental care required by children, young people,
and adults of the Sacra Famiglia Centre and the Nazareth Centre. In
December 2004, a dental chair was taken to Mostar, along with a full
complement of dental equipment (second-hand but working), as well as
other equipment needed for the practice, partly donated by the volunteer
association “Insieme si può” (Together We Can) of Belluno. Later, in
February 2005, the equipment was set up and installed by a specialist
technician from Trieste.
• Provide dental health at the handicapped rehabilitation Sacra Famiglia
Centre and the Nazareth Centre of the Caritas (charity) of Mostar
• Set up a dental practice at the Sacra Famiglia Centre
• Provide dental treatment for those in care at the Sacra Famiglia Centre
and the Nazareth Centre
• Train local staff (dental doctors, dental technicians, dental hygienist and
dental equipment technician) to run the dental practice and provide
continuity and follow-up to those in care at the Sacra Famiglia Centre and the Nazareth Centre after our intervention is complete
• Train operators (nurses, educators, and other specialist personnel) of the Sacra Famiglia Centre and Nazareth Centre on topics of dental hygiene and prevention of dental problems, especially for handicapped persons (whether physical or mental).
• Through information campaigns covering the specific project, and in general the activities of collaboration between the Caritas of the Trieste diocese and that of Mostar, raise awareness in the local communities in Trieste and in Friuli Venezia Giulia ab
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
The project has strong social implications, in view of the desire to
improve the very clear problem of inability to read and write of the Rom
children (the Rom have many needs, including unemployment,
intolerance of the Macedonian people).
The Caritas, together with the humanitarian association IRHOM, intends
to manage the activity of a social centre that has the goal of helping in
pre-school and after-school education of Rom children. The main players
are the Caritas of Gorizia, which has been operating in the Balkans for
years, and the humanitarian association IHROM in Skopje, with which a
protocol of collaboration has been signed. The main goal is to raise the
level of instruction and education of the Rom children, through a
continuous programme, thereby lowering the level of marginalisation and
discrimination these populations are subject to.
Interreg III-A
€ 21.312,32 2001
This concerns an action of prevention and fighting of alcohol addiction, L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
which is a very widespread disease in the Region of Iasi, an area to the
north-east of the country, bordering Moldavia. The goal is to strengthen
local health structures through information and training courses on topics
related to alcohol addiction.
Final goals are to strengthen local health structures through awarenessraising of 200 health and social operators, and build capacity for
prevention and fighting alcohol addiction through activation of 10 selfhelp groups in the territory concerned.
€ 25.402,72 2001
Programme for treating alcohol-related European School for
Alcohology and Ecological
The European School of Alcohology and Ecological Psychiatry is tackling L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
alcohol-related problems in the country, with the aim of improving a
scenario of poor life-style and social and personal marginalisation.
The following results have been obtained so far:
- The constitution of a team of volunteers, both professional and
otherwise, in the territory of Iasi, able to support people and families with
problems of multiple addiction.
- Establishment of a residential centre with 6 beds and a medical
- Creation of a network of clubs for alcoholics undergoing treatment
(Hudolin method), working in the territory and then an association of
clubs for alcoholics undergoing treatment (ACAT), in part so that they
can run independently, without discrimination by faith or ethnic group.
- Creation of a family house for minors (homeless children) aimed at
prevention of juvenile delinquency and alcohol addiction, and with a goal
of finding employment and strengthening personal resources to
guarantee a better future.
€ 15.000,00 2006
Collaboration with the Union of
Palestinian Medical Relief Committees
for basic socio-health interventions at
The general goal is to improve the access by people in the Nablus region L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
and refugee camps, to free health and social services provided by
Medical Relief.
Salaam identifies and prepares (in collaboration with Assopace) the
Italian volunteers who are able to spend one or more periods of more
than 15 days in Nablus, working with Medical Relief. Each volunteer is
asked to join the mobile clinic going out to the villages: the presence of
an international team always eases border crossing, presence at refugee
camp headquarters, and issues related to curfews. The project also aims
to provide medical relief through a new mobile clinic vehicle (there are
currently two). These are needed to extend and facilitate the preventive
health service to villages and refugee camps in the Nablus region.
€ 56.250,00 2004
Middle East
Salaam Committee
Bambini dell'Ulivo
(Children of the Olive
Transfrontaliero Adriatico (Adriatic cross-border)
Volunteer Centre for Social
Optics laboratory
Ass Pentalux
The project concerns the socio-health context; the beneficiaries are the L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
people of Saharawi currently at the refugee camp in the south of Algeria.
The project developed out of the need to give maximum coverage of a
service to protect eyesight, as response to the high number of requests
for day-centre check-ups, in particular by adults and the elderly; the
project will also involve the complete rebuilding of a work area (found by
the Saharawi people) that meets the project requirements, and the
availability of all essential material. The problem of eyesight is severe in
the population owing to the strong light of the location, the abundance of
dust and sand brought in by strong desert winds, and the poor conditions
of hygiene.
€ 13.500,00 2005
Middle East
Youth Centre of Biddu: action to fight
social problems and prevention of
domestic violence
ICS - Italian Consortium
for Solidarity
The project aims to provide concrete support to civilians of Palestine,
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
particularly the vulnerable young and adolescents, by strengthening the
Juvenile Centre at Biddu and promoting activities to fight social exclusion
and domestic violence. The project includes establishment at Biddu of an
audiovisual laboratory for social communication, and a series of other
specific activities (workshops, theatre performances, awareness-raising
events) about domestic violence. The training and support to the local
partner (the young people's association Dialogue Youth Forum)
represents one of the central goals of the project, and will be pursued
through constant presence alongside the proposer in carrying out the
common activities, and also with information-gathering visits to groups
and organisations in FVG working in the field of young people's groups.
€ 17.027,50 2005
Middle East
PROJECT (Youth): project to launch an
integrated youth centre - Shabab
Un Ponte per… Association "A Bridge for
€ 49.769,00 2005
Indian SubContinent
Bhopal Children's Home
International Adoption
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
This project is a response to a series of requests advanced by the
National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training - Assumoud.
The basic idea is to provide equipped areas for young people from the
fields, and where possible to organise leisure, cultural, sports activities,
including opportunities for socialising and learning activities (with
repetition of school lessons as necessary), thereby allowing these young
people to organise themselves and improve their creative and relational
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
The Bhopal Children House project in the village of Samardha near
Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh is to build a multifunctional structure in a
severely deprived part of India. The building, on a large piece of land
donated by the local authorities, has a horse-shoe shaped ground floor
where we have created school structures for primary and middle-school
children. The school education programme, which is completely free,
also includes provision of text books, notebooks and other materials, free
meals, as well as courses on hygiene and handling food and water in a
territory that is still strongly compromised by methyl isocyanate.
On the upper floor, specialist medical studios are being installed:
orthopaedic, dental, gynaecological, as well as rooms with baby
incubators and hospital centre for children.
Middle East
Sinbad - health education campaign
Colors Association
The Sinbad Programme is an intervention launched by the Association L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
"Un ponte per... " and since 1995 has had the goal of treating
gastrointestinal pathologies in the Basra area, through actions such as
specific treatment of gastrointestinal pathologies, provision of drinking
water, and educational campaigns of prevention, involving teaching the
correct ways for handling water and food.
The project educational campaign is based on information material to be
distributed to users of the food store and their families. The end users of
the initiative will be around 10,000 patients treated annually.
€ 5.950,00 2003
Latin America
Training of social educators at Recife
Istituto Pace Sviluppo
Innovazione ACLI Institute for Peace
Development Innovation
The present proposal is one of concrete actions of social prevention for
minors and young people at risk, through qualification and support for
social educators, and for communities engaged in creation and support
of networks of solidarity among people, and also support for building a
solid economy
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
€ 75.468,56 2001
Latin America
Neque y mas neque - From strength to
strength - children and youth at risk
Municipality of Casarsa
€ 68.393,99 2001
Latin America
Introduction and development of an
ecological/social model for problems
linked to alcohol and other addictions,
Maule Region, Chile
ACCRI - International
Christian Co-operation
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
The project goal is to give educational, recreational and family support
for children and young people at risk of social exclusion.
Support is to be offered to the many activities in the parish of San Josè,
to prevent risks of hunger, health problems, economic poverty, and to
establish permanent co-operation among the various components of the
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
The project aims to give socio-health support to families involved in
social security related to recurring pathologies such as alcoholism and
drug-addiction in a region of Chile suffering from severe problems of this
type. The proposer (ACCRI) has been running self-help projects for
many years in Africa and Latin America; in this context, collaboration will
be launched with a local foundation in the diocese (CRATE) that
specialises in basic socio-health care and prevention of alcohol addiction
€ 95.263,61 2001
Latin America
Virginia Madriz Special Education Centre Institute of The Sisters of
for Deaf Children
the Holy Virgin Mary
Queen of the Holy Rosary
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
€ 28.800,00 2001
Latin America
Support and improvement of socio-health Iscos Cisl FVG
conditions in two settlements of Jujuy
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
€ 22.789,39 2003
Latin America
Santa Maria Maggiore in
Three logs for one fire. Twinning with the Codroipo Parish
Centre for disabled children and youth
Hogar Maria de Nazareth, the Misioneros
de Jesus, and the Community of
Codroipo for building and strengthening
solidarity between peoples
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
The project aims to allow social integration of disabled children and
youngsters who have been marginalised in the forest area. The activities
fall into three areas:
A - Promotion of the disabled young of the Hogar Maria de Nazareth of
Yurimaguas Centre through creation of craft laboratories for printing,
cutting/packaging, and IT (all are types of work requiring little physical
B - Improvement of 4 hygiene/health services to meet the needs of
disabled children and youngsters, in order to facilitate use and ensure
better health and in particular greater dignity;
C - Exchange of experience, volunteers, knowledge and cultural heritage.
€ 32.775,00 2004
Latin America
Support for prevention and health care in ALISEI Association
the cantons of Quijos and El Chaco in
the Amazon Province of Napo
The project aim is to play a role in responding to the increasing demand L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
for public health by extending and equipping the Canton Hospital of
Baeza, built in March 1987 through Italian co-operation, supporting the
health education programme under way, supporting health programmes
coordinated by the hospital, and development of a micro agro-animal
husbandry business (vegetables, small animals), for demonstration
purposes and for provision of food to patients of the hospital itself.
€ 69.440,00 2005
Latin America
Esteves Social Promotion Centre
Fuoric'entro Poly-Sports
The Esteves hospital, a psychiatric hospital for women operating under L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
the Ministry of Health, has for years had the goal of an alternative form of
psychiatric hospitalisation. The project falls into this context, and has the
aim of establishing a polysports centre open to the community, to help
build local networks that promote places of approach midway between
the institution's interior and exterior. The sports centre will be built on the
hospital premises, with external entrance designed to break down
barriers and allow the community into the hospital. The new centre will
create spaces for communication, and offer opportunities for patients to
work and express themselves, and finally generate exchange through
sports and social activities that promote health in the widest sense.
€ 22.500,00 2005
Latin America
The time of Sobada: childbirth practice
and knowledge in a Mayan village
Association for EthnoAnthropological and Social
Research (FVG areas)
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
€ 16.895,00 2006
The project goal is improvement in maternal health and assistance in
childbirth. This is to be achieved through highly efficient communication
between users and health operators, as well as improved knowledge
about the various approaches to health in traditional medicine. The need
to understand the practices involved and have sound knowledge about
childbirth - apparently remote from a biomedical approach - explains the
rationale behind the research, as a source of knowledge that is practical
and operational, not theoretical. The research results then constitute a
tool for producing material for health education and training.
- Improve maternal health, in line with millennium goals for reproductive
- Strengthen capacity to provide adequate service for reproductive
health at all levels, improving the quality of services and increasing their
use by promoting, in an intercultural perspective, improved knowledge
and communication among health operators (biomedical and traditional)
and women of childbearing age. To increase and extend women's
access to the most effective interventions in reproductive health, empowering them in a general sense.
- Encourage self-development of the community of Kaua (village in Mexico) and strengthen Mayan ethnic-cultural identity in a context of change due to spread of western models/lifestyles, promoting the preservation, transmission and utilisation of the in
Latin America
Assisted Freedom Community
Ivory Coast
The chains of freedom: local
development, social enterprise and
mental health at Bouakè
Consortium of Social Cooperatives
The project goals are introduction and trial at the Ezechiele Ramin
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
Centre of personally-tailored paths for social reintegration of 30
youngsters with criminal record (prison sentence) and/or other alternative
measures, setting out from the needs and resources of these
beneficiaries, families and local institutions in the quarters of Belem in
San Paolo East. Social reintegration of these young people will be sought
through active involvement of families and local communities, the
reclaiming of self-confidence and right to citizenship, professional
training and access to work. Personal pathways will be tailored through
activation of various measures and through specific support provided by
the project.
The project is part of a three-year programme of integrated development L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
for generating and strengthening pilot experience in social enterprise.
General goal: establish an integrated programme of local development,
through new plans of social enterprise in the sectors of farming,
craftsmanship, commerce, to allow social and employment re-integration
of people with mental disabilities, through promotion of training courses
in the health, economic and protection of human rights sectors.
The chains of freedom: local
development, social enterprise and
mental health
Consortium of Social Cooperatives
Burkina Faso
Den project. Kò: educational-training
support for social placement of
disadvantaged youth
Burkina Faso
Prevention of malaria and HIV
The project will offer a reception service to youngsters with problems of
social integration, giving them professional training in order to offer true
social integration.
The planned activities include launch of training courses, seminars on
family integration and other activities; also, to ensure the actions are
sustainable, lecture halls will be built to improve conditions in the rooms
allocated to teaching.
The project aims to meet the needs of two settlements in the Jujuy area.
These have severe lack of health structures and compromised
environments, which put the residents at particular risk from chronic
illnesses that often lead to death.
To alleviate this suffering, material will be provided for rehabilitating the
housing area, and two health centres will be launched, along with the
technical assistance of Italian doctors. The direct beneficiary of the
initiative will be the whole population of the community, around 310
families, giving a total of 1550 people.
€ 22.500,00 2005
€ 33.750,00 2006
€ 95.255,61 2001
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
The project will support the extraordinary work of human promotion by
the local Association Saint Camille de Lellis, with headquarters in PortoNovo in Benin, working in the physical liberation of the mentally ill
considered to be possessed by evil spirits and thus chained to trees,
restrained at home, abandoned on the streets. To build on and
strengthen the activity of this local Association, the project will work in 5
1. development of a local partnership with the function of awarenessraising and promotion of a culture of acceptance, welcome and
rehabilitation of those suffering from mental illness;
2. construction of housing for the mentally ill;
3. technological and economic support for development of concrete local
social enterprise that can allow inclusion on social and employment
levels of those with mental illness;
4. specific training in health, and supporting development of forms of
social enterprise;
5. expansion of the project at regional, national and international level.
€ 27.692,00 2004
CVCS - Volunteer Centre
for Co-operation for
The project aims to contribute to improving the beneficiaries' quality of
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
life, providing the material means and technical assistance needed in
education and training, collaborating with official local institutions, and in
the sector of agro-animal husbandry. The beneficiaries of the action will
be 50 children identified by the local authorities, and 30 problem
youngsters, known to the DEN-KO Association.
The needs of the country are very high, and this project will certainly play
a role in the vital area of lack of basic education and training for young
people (the level of unemployment and delinquency is extremely high).
The aid given and development of these areas for a period of 3 years will
promote, as demonstrated in the documentation, the integration of these
youngsters into the workplace in agriculture and commerce.
€ 18.645,00 2001
CVCS - Volunteer Centre
for Co-operation for
The project area for intervention is training and working in the health
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
sector with women of women's co-operative groups of the Dogori Union
(local partner) in prevention of HIV and malaria. A team will be set up to
coordinate and promote activities of awareness-raising in the villages
and quarters of Bobo-Dioulasso involved in the project. The team will
comprise: one volunteer-worker from the CVCS and one representative
from the Dogori Union, 10 nurses from the state health service, 10 village
workers, 1 member of the Siraba theatre company.
- Reduce the spread of HIV and malaria, through actions of awarenessraising and support for preventive medicine, the programme for fighting
AIDS and malaria, to reduce mother/infant mortality and improve
women's access to the area's health services
- Promote coordinated and efficient management among the partners
and actors on the project
- Improve the professional level of the CSPS health service
- Promote direct involvement of beneficiaries in the project
- Improve women's access to training and health service for HIV and malaria
- Ensure full community involvement in all project areas.
€ 25.200,00
Burkina Faso
CVCS - Volunteer Centre
for Co-operation for
Project on food safety for 11 villages in
the Koulikoro Region
CVCS - Volunteer Centre
for Co-operation for
Province of Gorizia
In equality between men and women in Burkina Faso is deeply rooted,
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
€ 26.250,00 2006
and exacerbated by poverty. The project aims to provide some tools for
overcoming this division in gender, offering women the possibility of
improving their own life styles, improving level of education and
promoting economic, social and cultural growth.
A reading and writing course is planned for the women of the 10 rural
villages involved. Initially, there will be a number of meetings to provide
information in the communities involved, during which those in charge of
AAY will describe the project planned. For this, 30 women from each
village will be chosen to follow courses in writing in the More' language
and in basic reading, writing and arithmetic. The courses will be held at
the basic teaching centres of each village, and will be organised as
60 days basic reading and writing, and 60 days training in basic
arithmetic. After this training, participants will receive a final certificate of
these basic skills from the Service.
In each village, at these basic training centres, there will be a 10-day
on topics
of human
the women,
the rural
and illustrating
In addition,
falls into
of to L.R.
Law) the instruments available to safeguard these rights.
€ 26.125,76
2003 it is vital to raise awareness among people in the village with responsibility
Mali, and has developed from relations built up between local partners
(AES) and the Co-operation for Development Volunteer Centre.
The overall goal of the project is to contribute to reducing poverty,
restoring food safety in 11 villages, and guaranteeing water supplies for
irrigation and as drinking water.
For these activities, there will be:
- provision of a stock of 20 tonnes of cereal;
- construction of a well for drinking water;
- organisation and execution of the training course for 50 agricultural
- monitoring and assessment of activities implemented.
Beneficiaries of the intervention will be at least 5000 people from the 11
villages, 50 agricultural workers involved in the training course, and 1500
agricultural workers involved in the programme of agricultural
€ 26.125,76 2003
Project to modernise the Hospital of
Malicounda Bambara
STRADA 6X25 MEDINA Dakar Handicap ASEF Association of
Senegalese in FVG
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
€ 57.056,00 2004
The project actions take two directions (including geographical):
a) DAKAR: confirmation of a project of grants for children and old people;
actions for entry into the workplace of skilled young people following
professional training, promoted in 2004 (training courses in screen
printing and dyeing);
b) KOLDA REGION, with the establishment of a mobile team of 6 youth
workers, trained in community education and mosquito-net impregnation
techniques. These people will tour the villages concerned along with
personnel from the Region's health structures and services, carrying out
information campaigns, actions of prevention, and provision of health
reports and information.
- Encourage cultural and social integration, financial independence of
young disabled people, promote the development of skills and full
expression of all, no matter what their abilities.
- Fight malaria using specific additional techniques widespread in the
territory, and accessible thanks to the work of the mobile hygiene team.
- Intervene in the vicious circle of practice of female circumcision and its
consequences in terms of health of the victims
- Set up a permanent working group on topics of relevance to the project, for its implementation and online publication of other initiatives in the Senegalese and regional territory
Supporting the Holy Rosary Hospital of
Emekuku (Owerri)
S.O.Soldarietà ONLUS Solidarity Association
Rebuild the surgery pavilion and two operating theatres of the hospital
Santo Rosario of Emekuku. Rebuild the electrical and water circuits;
replace the hygiene equipment and furnishings.
Train and update local personnel both in loco and on work-experience
stages at the ASL in Italy.
Provide (using low-cost wireless technologies) internet both to the
exterior and also as hub for the two dependent health-care centres, the
federal hospital, the orphanage, the University of Owerri, the
Archbishopric of Owerri.
Provide a latest generation solar-power system (low cost, high
performance) for the operating theatres.
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
€ 21.360,00 2004
Promoting the BSc degree course for
Rehabilitation Operators
Promote defence of childhood and adolescent rights and protection
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
against violence
OVCI La Nostra Famiglia (Our Family) will set up at the medical faculty of L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
the prestigious Ahfad University of Omdurman, in the State of Khartoum,
a three-year degree course in rehabilitation science, sending project
personnel to work in loco, and through the training of six medical
assistants as clinical teachers. Once these personnel have take up
positions in a number of reference health structures, they will lead
practical student apprenticeship. Also planned is restructuring of the
premises provided by the university.
The project also includes adoption of a series of measures to help
absorption of this new discipline into the degraded health structures of
the country (particularly in remote regions), to avoid a situation where
newly training professionals are allocated only to the federal capital city.
To this end, some local government authorities have already expressed
support for possibly sponsoring the registration of students from
territories most remote from the central state of Khartoum.
a r.l. ONLUS
OVCI La Nostra Famiglia -Our Family
€ 76.903,00 2004
€ 44.500,00 2004
Project to modernise the Hospital of
Malicounda Bambara
Diokko Onlus
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
The project involves protection of mother/infant health, and the
prevention and treatment of infectious and parasitic pathologies, in
particular malaria. The actions planned are as follows: provision of
material to finish equipping the recently constructed hospital, which
houses the maternity ward (rooms for childbirth itself and for mother and
baby post-partum), and of equipment for setting up a small lab (optical
microscope, reagents, etc.). Provision of protective mosquito-nets
impregnated with insecticide for prevention of malaria, for use at the
hospital and housing for pregnant women and mothers with their under5s. The training of the socio-health personnel of the hospital of
Malicounda Bambara is to be extended to personnel in other health
institutions in the same district, with the aim of broadening and boosting
knowledge about prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases, and the
promotion of mother/infant health. The training of local people who are to
distribute the mosquito-nets and inform families about how to use them.
€ 16.000,00 2005
Inspection and hygiene of foods of
animal origin
University of Udine,
Department of Animal
The project has 3 phases: first, training; second, setting up a dedicated
lab in the Cameroons; third, launch of labs for apprentices from phase 1
(training). Persons involved: vets, biologists, graduates in science and
animal husbandry already present in the Cameroons.
- Hygiene and health of foodstuffs of animal origin.
- Establishment of structures dedicated to inspection and analysis of
- In loco set-up of inspection and analysis system, with action by
specialist inspectors previously trained in foodstuffs.
- Application of concept of control of refrigeration chain.
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
€ 56.250,00 2005
Amicizia Udine-Addis Abeba Friendship
(Alef) Association of
Émigré Workers of FVG
Interventions for socio-health co-operation between Friuli Venezia Giulia L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
and Ethiopia, in particular between the hospital agency Santa Maria della
Misericordia of Udine and the hospital Menelik IInd of Addis Abeba.
General goal: reduction of maternal and newborn mortalities, and
improvement in quality of health of the local population
Specific goals:
- expansion of the health services from a technical point of view
- empowerment of skilled local people through training of health
- awareness-raising in institutions on health topics
- project support through involvement of local communities
€ 21.000,00 2006
Following different destinies together disability and tailoring in the Gorgol
Arci Nova E. Curiel
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
Analysis of existing problems, in particular in the region of Gorgol,
through meetings with the Mauritanian community resident in Friuli
Venezia Giulia and frequent contacts with local partners, has allowed two
basic points to be identified: the notable presence of people with
disabilities, and great uncertainty in living conditions, due to a variety of
socio-cultural factors.
General goal: Reduce the incidence of social exclusion and the lack of
independence of disabled people.
Specific goals:
- Launch a cultural and social process of integration of disabled people.
- Provide adequate structures for training professional training of
disabled people.
- Launch both theoretical and professional training for the disabled.
€ 33.750,00 2006
ASEF Association of
The rains of Thiaroye. Ecology,
environment, relaunch and development Senegalese in FVG
of an urban area devastated by the
General goal: Improve living conditions for the flood-hit populations of
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
Thiaroye, from both health and urban quality of life points of view.
Specific goals:
- Act as emergency health operators, for risks due to spread of viral and
infectious diseases in the local population, in particular children, women
and the elderly.
- Support processes of reconstruction of the city, including those in a
perspective of ecological-urban sustainability, to avoid the risk that rebuilt
areas become degraded zones without hope.
- Raise awareness among the people concerned, build and strengthen
relationships between Friuli Venezia Giulia and local communities on
topics of sustainable ecology and town-planning.
€ 14.250,00 2006
Personal training in local hygiene
This project concerns the pediatric training of doctors and nurses in the L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
Divina Providencia hospital in Luanda Angola, for improving care and
treatment for children suffering from malnourishment and infectious
diseases. New diagnostic protocols and treatment designed for the
country will be put into practice, using limited financial resources. The
project also covers training of non-health workers (teachers, parents) in
correct diet for children, as part of prevention of malnutrition. A
secondary goal is the professional growth in ethics and knowledge of
humanitarian aid of the children's doctors who are training in our
department and operating at the Divina Providencia Hospital.
Nutrition: Encourage and promote breast-feeding as a means of
prevention from malnutrition and infectious diseases in early infant years
Malnutrition: Train and organise a hospital working group specifically for
babies with serious malnutrition.
Febrility: Recognise and categorise basic clinical indicators to consider
in febrility in pediatric patients
€ 31.500,00 2006
Un occhio su Nouna -- An eye on Nouna Pentalux
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
The association PENTALUX has made great effort over the last three
years in the east of Burkina Faso at the hospital of Nouna, about 50 km
from Mali. The association is working with the Ophthalmology
Department of this hospital, providing continuity in supplies of medicines
and materials for the operator's bench, mounting and lenses for the
optics lab, as well as opportunities for training medical staff (in Italy) and
nurses in loco.
- Provide instruments for knowledge about problems of vision
- Provide excellent models of attention and behaviour to safeguard health
in general
- Gradually bring down the currently high costs of managing operator
and clinical interventions at the Ophthalmology Centre.
€ 12.750,00 2006
Safety in Maternity
The project includes initiatives designed to promote mother/baby health L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
in the district of Wolisso Woreda, South West Shoa Zone, in the Oromia
region of Ethiopia.
The activities planned are:
- improvement in hospital equipment and level of health care;
- online services linking the hospital with the territory of the district;
- opportunities for information/education/awareness-raising of university
students of medical faculties in FVG
- analysis and measurement of date, health information campaigns
- promotion of good project management.
- Pre- and post-natal prevention support services at hospital level;
- Improved links between the hospital and surrounding areas of the
- Raised awareness and future local doctors trained on topics of
international co-operation and basic rights to health, in countries of the
third world; this will contribute to spreading the concept that doctors need
to be involved in the front line in the fight against social injustice, in line
with WHO affirmations that health must be built on a background of
equality and social justice.
- Increased knowledge about the health situation, in particular that of mother/baby, in the district of Wolisso;
€ 23.175,00 2006
Department of
Reproductive Science,
Burlo Garofolo
SISM (Italian Medical
Students Secretariat)
The project has developed from a specific request made by the Rural
Council of the Community of Malicounda during an institutional trip to
Dakar by the proposer. The present headquarters comprise a user
reception room, a room for short-term in-patients, and equipment in
obvious poor condition. The project therefore proposes to:
- extend the health-care structures
- provide basic medical equipment
- provide medicines
- train up qualified medical personnel
- restore the solar energy system for production of electricity
L.R. 19/2000 (Regional Law)
€ 26.497.755,12