The Quest for the Mitered V-Neck

The Quest for the
Mitered V-Neck
These instructions will help you apply a perfect mitered binding to a V-neck
pullover, without having any raw edges showing on the inside. You can make
the binding any width, either in self fabric or contrasting fabric. The samples
photographed in this instruction sheet are done with cotton flannel.
Photographs and instructions by
Welmoed Sisson
Copyright ©2003 Welmoed Sisson.
No part of this instruction sheet may be duplicated without the author’s express consent.
V-Neck Mitered Binding
What you need:
Bodice front and back, cut on fold
Binding strip
Cut the binding strip approximately
6 inches longer than the full neck
hole measurement. For the width,
calculate double the desired finished width plus one inch. For example, for a 1” finished binding,
cut (1” x 2) + 1” = 3” wide.
Step 1
Sew the front and back together at
the shoulders..
Step 2
Press the binding strip in half, right
side out.
Page 2
V-Neck Mitered Binding
Step 3
Unfold the strip. Fold one edge up
a scant 1/2 inch and press.
Step 4
Pin the unfolded edge of the binding strip to the neckline, matching
raw edges. Keep a few inches free.
Step 5
Mark a line 1/2 inch from the raw
edge and vertically from the point.
The point where the two lines meet
is the starting point for stitching the
binding to the neckline.
Page 3
V-Neck Mitered Binding
Step 6
Stitch the binding to the neckline.
Clip the curves of the neckline as
needed to keep the stitching straight
and neat.
Stop stitching when you get within
two inches of the point.
Step 7
Fold back the portion of binding
strip you sewed so that the fold is
vertical. The pointer indicates
where the stitching started.
Step 8
Lay the remaining binding over the
folded section. Stitch the remaining
bit of the binding to the neckline.
Stop stitching at the point where
you started attaching the binding.
Page 4
V-Neck Mitered Binding
Step 9
Clip the V to within a thread of the
stitching line. Clip the remaining
curves of the neckline.
Step 10
Starting at the center back, fold the
binding strip to the inside so that
the folded edge just covers the
stitching line. Pin.
Step 11
Pin to within 2 or 3 inches of the
point of the V. Repeat for the other
Page 5
V-Neck Mitered Binding
Step 12
Stitch the binding. In this picture, I
used an edge joining foot with the
needle slightly to the right of center. You could also “stitch in the
ditch” and could even use monofilament to make the stitches practically invisible.
Step 13
Fold the front bodice piece along
the CF line, extending the extra
binding pieces straight out.
Step 14
Take one end of the binding and
fold it to the inside of the bodice.
The fold line should be in line with
the CF fold.
Page 6
V-Neck Mitered Binding
Step 15
Fold the other end in. You should
have the arrangement as shown on
the right.
Take this to the ironing board and
press it very firmly to set the fold
as crisply as possible.
Step 16
Take the pressed piece and lay it
right-side down.
Step 17
Open up the binding strip and mark
the line of the fold you just ironed.
Page 7
V-Neck Mitered Binding
Step 18
Mark the other strip end in the
same manner.
Step 19
Put the two ends right sides together, matching the marked lines
and keeping the edges folded under. Stitch along the marked line,
pivoting at the center fold point.
Step 20
Trim the seam. Clip to the center
and trim the points. Press the seams
Page 8
V-Neck Mitered Binding
Page 9
Step 21
Lay the bodice front flat and fold
the binding strip to the inside.
Step 22
Using the same settings as for the
rest of the binding in Step 12, stitch
the point of the binding down.
That’s it! You’re done!
I hope you have enjoyed these instructions as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to you.
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