L EGEND Glenn Henning Tournament

August 2013
Long Lake Fishing Club Incorporated, P.O. Box 303, Campbellsport, WI 53010
Glenn Henning Tournament
By John Hrovat
Glenn Henning Tournament Results
The Long Lake Fishing Club’s annual Glenn Henning
fishing tournament was held on June 1st.
On a beautiful morning which ended up quite windy,
15 anglers participated in the annual Long Lake
Fishing Club spring fishing tournament. This year no
one was skunked. Seven Northerns and 27 Bass were
registered and for the fifth year in a row no legal
Walleyes were brought in (but some undersize fish
were caught).
Walleye Fingerlings Planted In Long Lake
George Hudson Fishing Tournament
The Wisconsin Walleye Initiative
The Great Pumpkin Experience
LLFC Fish Crib Update
On a humorous note the third place finisher was
supposed to have his wife as his fishing partner, but
decided at the last minute he wanted someone in
the boat that could catch fish so he invited the first
place finisher along instead. All worked out for
them, and even the wife showed up at Benson’s
after hearing the results to make sure some of the
prize money went to the right individuals.
A big thank you to Mark Fuller for donating his $40
prize back to the club. Thanks to all those who
participated and Bensons Hide Away Resort for the
use of their facilities.
Heaviest Walleye
(No Walleye caught)
Heaviest Northern
4 lbs 14 oz
Josh Walsh
Heaviest Bass
3 lbs 0 oz
Kyle Benson
Total Weight All Total
Game Species
Josh Walsh
14 lbs 02 oz
Kyle Benson
10 lbs 08 oz
Mark Fuller
9 lbs 01 oz
Brian Ebert
6 lbs 15 oz
Charlie Benson
5 lbs 11 oz
Tom Bauman
5 lbs 01 oz
Walleye Fingerlings Planted
In Long Lake
By Lori Dhein
On July 11, 2013 14,500 two inch Walleye fingerlings
were planted in Long Lake by the Wisconsin
Department of Natural Resources with the help of
the Long Lake Fishing Club.
Kyle Benson, Charlie Benson and Brian Ebert gently
placed the baby fingerlings in several areas of Long
Lakes in hopes of them growing into record size
Walleye fingerlings soon to be released into Long Lake by our
own Long Lake Fishing Club volunteers.
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George Hudson Fall Fishing
Tournament 9/21 & 9/22
What will you be doing on the mornings on
September 21st and 22nd? Why don’t you plan on
entering the George Hudson Memorial Fall Fishing
Tournament? If you only can make one day that’s
okay, you still have the opportunity to show off
your angling skills, and you never know, you may
The tournament format is a point per inch of legal
fish for the following species: Walleye, Bass,
Northern, Blue Gill, Crappie, and Perch. Only one
fish per species will be counted toward your total
points. See you there!
Josh Walsh was this year’s winner in the LLFC Glenn Henning
fishing tournament held this past June.
Tournament Rules
 Must be a member of the LLFC. If you are
not a member, a membership application
can be filled out and dues submitted with
your tournament registration.
 Entry fee is $10 per person.
 Only two members per boat are allowed.
 Six species contest: Walleye, Bass,
Northern, Blue Gill, Crappie, and Perch.
 Only one fish per species counts towards
your point total.
 One point per inch of legal fish will be
 If fishing both days, you can register longer
fish on the second day. This will replace
your previous day points.
 Highest point total wins. The top six will
receive cash prizes.
 Fish registration will be at Benson’s Hide A
Way at noon each day.
 Prizes will be awarded Sunday shortly after
the fish registration.
Please fill out the tournament entry form on
page 7 and send it in with your payment by
Kyle Benson shows off the heaviest Bass caught during the
Glenn Henning fishing tournament.
Wisconsin Fishing Record – Salmon, Kokanee
(05/12/2013) 2 lbs 8.2 oz Length 19.5 in
Upper Bass Lake, Menominee County
The Wisconsin Walleye
The initiative
Walleye have always been a very important gamefish
species in Wisconsin from both cultural and economic
perspectives. The Wisconsin Walleye Initiative (WWI)
was developed by the Department of Natural
Resources, DNR Administration and the Governor’s
office to dramatically increase the number of walleyes
in state walleye waters by expanding production of
large fingerling walleye at state, private and tribal
fish hatcheries for stocking in waters accessible to the
public. This historic investment in Wisconsin’s walleye
fishery will benefit all users and Wisconsin’s economy
due to increased tourism.
$8.2 million for infrastructure improvements and $1.3
million each year for annual operating costs will be
provided to expand production at DNR state fish
hatcheries. Production should increase from 60,000
to 120,000 large walleye fingerlings to well over
500,000 by 2016.
One time funding of $2 million is also being provided
for a competitive grant program for municipal, tribal
and private aquaculture facilities to improve their
infrastructure and enhance the capabilities to stock
additional large fingerling walleye in Wisconsin’s
$500,000 is being provided annually starting in FY 1415 to purchase large fingerling walleye for stocking in
Wisconsin’s waters from private fish farms. Several
states including Indiana and Minnesota have had
success improving their walleye fisheries with
purchases of walleye fingerlings from private sources.
$250,000 General purpose revenue will be provided
annually to expand the summer Tribal Youth
Program. This program is a state-tribal partnership,
with a 50-50 funding split, that provides tribal high
school-aged youth an opportunity to work on natural
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resource-related projects during the summer.
This initiative has been in place since 2007 with
the Chippewa---Lac du Flambeau, Lac Courte
Oreilles and Red Cliff tribes. The proposal
would expand the program and include the
state’s remaining eight tribal nations. A new
annual appropriation would be created to
distribute funds for this program.
Stocking plan for larger fish
The fastest way to “move the needle” is to stock
more and larger walleyes in lakes across the
state that can support additional walleye
While not all lakes would benefit from enhanced
walleye stocking, there are up to 500 lakes
across the state whose walleye fisheries may be
improved by enhanced stocking.
The initiative being developed plans to increase
the stocking of large fingerling walleye by an
estimated 500,000 to 850,000 fish, depending on
grant proposals and contract bids that come
These larger (6- to 8-inch fish) are more
expensive to produce but survive to catchable
size at a much higher rate than fry or small
fingerlings, which have traditionally been
stocked, because they are too large for
predators to eat.
Large fingerlings are stocked in fall. Research
shows they average 20 percent survival.
To better define the role that private
aquaculture can play in future stockings of
Wisconsin’s waters, DNR will partner with DATCP
and UW Extension to study barriers to private
fish farm growth in Wisconsin and to
characterize private aquaculture’s capacity to
play a significant role in stocking greater
numbers of large fingerling walleyes.
Last revised: Monday August 05 2013
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50/50 Cash Raffle
October 5, 2013, at The Great Pumpkin
Experience, drawing at 8:00 p.m.
The 50/50 cash raffle drawing will be held at
The Great Pumpkin Experience. Tickets are
$5 each or five tickets for $20.
Due to the cost of printing and postage, we
are not enclosing tickets with your Legend
newsletter. If you wish to have tickets sent
to you, please either send an email with
[email protected] or call (920) 9796939 and we will be happy to mail them to
Thank you for supporting the Long Lake
Fishing Club!
The Great Pumpkin Experience
Sponsored by the Long Lake Fishing Club
FREE Pumpkins
October 5, 2013
Carve, Display and have your free pumpkin judged
at The Great Pumpkin Experience
Dundee Sportsman Club, Highway 67
Carving starts at 12 noon
Lighted Pumpkin Display 6:30 – 11:00 p.m.
Judging at 10:00 p.m.
Cash prizes for age brackets
Under 6, 6-12, 13-17 and Adult
Pumpkins can be taken home after 10:00 p.m.
Entertainment from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. by Russ
Drezdon and Randy Miller
Burgers, Brats, Beer, Pumpkin Pie, Carmel Apples
and Entertainment will be available.
One pumpkin per person
Adult supervision requested
Pumpkin patterns and carving tools will be available
A Walleye fingerling is displayed, one of 14,500 fingerlings
that were release in Long Lake on July 11th.
New this year at the Great Pumpkin Experience, the
“Great Pumpkin Wagon” ride designed and built by
our own president, Don Enders with the help of
Brian Ebert, John Hrovat and other little helpers.
Also thanks to Drexel Buildings Supply for donating
some of the materials.
Would you like to volunteer at The Great Pumpkin
Experience? We are looking for help at the raffle
table, pumpkin stations, someone to take pictures
of all the fun and anyone wishing to bake some
tasty fall treats (such as Apple and Pumpkin pies).
Please contact Lori Dhein at (920) 979-6939.
Wisconsin Fishing Record – Salmon, Pink
(08/10/1999) 6 lbs 1.9 oz Length 24.0 in.
Lake Michigan, Kewaunee County
Don Enders, in the midst of constructing the Great Pumpkin
Wagon to be used at the LLFC Great Pumpkin Experience.
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LLFC Fish Crib Update
By Lori Dhein
The twenty-five fish cribs that were planned three
years ago have all been placed in Long Lake. Please
see crib sponsors and locations below. A big thank
you to all that helped with this project by donating
materials, cutting trees and to those that helped
construct the cribs on the ice. You all did an
excellent job as you can see in the video on the
Long Lake Fishing Club’s website. The fish LOVE
Do you have a fishing tale, recipe, or story
revolving around Long Lake? We’d like to
hear from you. Please mail (or email) your
story to the Legend. Refer to page 8 for
The Long Lake Fishing Club, Inc. was created to
protect, maintain, and improve all the
environments necessary for present and future
generations for the enjoyment of successful
fishing on Long Lake, a multi-use lake in the
Northern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State
Forest, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin.
Name of Fish Crib
Melvin & Shirley Ray Fish
Mothers Hot Spot
Wally's Walleyes
State Park North
Dick & Marilyn Edwards Fish
Jim & Sharon Porfilio Fish
Wisconsin Fishing Record – Salmon, Pinook
(08/24/2001) 8 lbs 5.4 oz Length 25.38 in
Lake Michigan, Kewaunee County
The Long Lake Fishing Club Wants You!
Do you want to be involved in shaping the
direction of the LLFC? If so, why not join a
subcommittee. The following subcommittees
are currently in operation.
Community Outreach
If anyone has an interest in participating in a
subcommittee, please contact any director of
the club.
Sponsored By
GPS Location
Greg Ray, Donald Schultz, Tyler Ray, Travis
Ray, Tony Ray, Darryl Schultz, Luke Cramer
and Brian Race
Altoma Weaver, Tim North, Wayne
Chaloupka, Tommy Bauman, Marla Prillwitz,
George Klimpke and Donna Lieberman
Tommy Bauman & Marla Prillwitz
N43 40.943 W88 10.231
Dick & Marilyn Edwards
N43 40.233 W88 10.176
Jim & Sharon Porfilio
N43 40.243 W88 10.176
See page 6 for additional fish crib information
N43 40.917 W88 10.248
N43 40.903 W88 10.246
Page 6
Additional fish crib information from page 5
Name of Fish Crib
State Park North (cont.)
In Memory of Dave Beck Fish
Arnie Nelson-Ray Wetzel
Fish Crib
In Memory of Kyle Theisen
Fish Crib
In Memory of Jim StephanyA Born Fisherman
Dave & Bev Murphy Fish Crib
Sponsored By
GPS Location
Maureen O'Connor
N43 40.255 W88 10.175
Butch & Connie Nelson
N43 40.281 W88 10.175
Chad Theisen
N43 40.291 W88 10.157
Brian Ebert
N43 40.320 W88 10.170
Dave & Bev Murphy
N43 40.306 W88 10.161
Mr. Ed’s Campground
Larsen- Bruendl Fish Crib
Diane Bruendl
N43 40.181 W88 10.467
JD Urbanek Fish Crib
Tom & Judy Peterson
N43 40.169 W88 10.457
BB Dobbertin Fish Crib
Tom & Judy Peterson
N43 40.173 W88 10.480
The Thomas C. Feller Family
Fish Crib
"Big D" and Carolyn Fish Crib
Thomas Feller Family
N43 40.161 W88 10.473
Don & Carolyn Blatz
N43 40.190 W88 10.454
State Park South
Logan's Lair
Troy Roatch
N43 40.012 W88 10.313
KM Urbanek Fish Crib
Tom & Judy Peterson
N43 39.998 W88 10.320
KJ Urbanek Fish Crib
Tom & Judy Peterson
N43 39.991 W88 10.321
Betty & Joe LaBarbera Fish
Mark LaBarbera
N43 40.025 W88 10.307
Long Lake Lovers
John Koerble & Linda Larsen
N43 40.046 W88 10.303
Mark Byrum & Mark Pentek
N43 39.763 W88 10.476
Karl Brath
N43 39.754 W88 10.479
Bishop Family Fish Crib
David Bishop Family
N43 39.774 W88 10.468
Shorty Schmidt Fish Crib
Gerald Rettler
N43 39.752 W88 10.467
Mark & Coni LaBarbera Fish
Mark LaBarbera
N43 39.785 W88 10.451
In Memory of F&M Bait Fish
Roger Reindl Fish Crib
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George Hudson Memorial
Fall Fishing Tournament
(9/21/13 & 9/22/13)
Welcome Aboard! New
Members of the LLFC
Cost $10 per person / $20 per boat for members in good
standing (Two people allowed per boat)
Name(first person): ________________________________
Name (second person):_____________________________
Phone #:________________ Amount Enclosed:________
Please fill out this form and mail it in by 09/20/13 to:
Long Lake Fishing Club, PO Box 303, Campbellsport, WI 53010
Don Enders
Vice President:
Brian Ebert
Lori Dhein
Donna Osgood
Charles Benson
Donna Berthlein
Fred Berthlein
Diane Bruendl
Chad Ebert
Susan Enders
Tom Flasch
Ed Frac
John Hrovat
Matt Kissinger
John Koerble
Dave Simon
Frank Tomka
Gary Blumer
Chip Chong
Leon Kloppenburg
Michael Knepler
Josh Walsh
Membership Application
If you would like to join the fishing club, fill out and mail the form below to:
Long Lake Fishing Club, P.O. Box 303, Campbellsport WI 53010
Not sure if your membership is current? Check the year on the Legend mailing label to see what
year your membership is paid through. If necessary, fill out the form below to renew.
YES, I want to support the Long Lake Fishing Club with my $10 membership. Please check type
New Membership (includes immediate family members) _____ Annual Renewal _____
Additional Donations ________ (include dollar amount – Thank You)
Name: ___________________________________________________
City, State, Zip____________________________________________
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Upcoming Events
George Hudson Memorial Fishing
Long Lake Fishing Club, Inc.
P.O Box 303
Saturday, September 21, 2013 and
Sunday, September 22, 2013
Campbellsport, WI 53010
[email protected]
The Great Pumpkin Experience
Saturday, October 5, 2013
Are your dues current?
Please check the mailing label for the year your
dues run through. If the year is not 2013 or beyond
please fill out the membership application on page 5
and mail it in with your dues. Due to the cost of
printing and postage, only members with their dues
current will receive future Legend mailings.
Long Lake Fishing Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 303
Campbellsport, WI 53010
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