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Holiday Memories
Ornament Frames
Decorate 4
wooden photo
frame ornaments
with sparkly holiday
glitter, rhinestones,
beads and bangles.
Add a photo and
create an heirloom
for your tree or a
personalized gift for
someone special.
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Beaded Snowflake Ornaments #1188
© Faber-Castell USA, Inc. • Cleveland, Ohio 44125 •
Designed in USA - Made in China • Conforms to ASTM D-4236 • Non-toxic Safe for Children
Create 6 beautiful
beaded ornaments.
Perfect for
decorating your tree
or use them to adorn gift bags
and packages. When the
holidays are over, hang your
snowflakes in a
sunny window.
Caution – the
he end of the snowflake forms
are pointed. Use care
ca e when
e beading
bead g you
snowflakes. Adult supervision is recommended.
Making the Snowflakes
Open the beads and metal end caps and place them in the tray.
Use the tray as a workstation to hold your beads while crafting.
Place a towel on your work surface. This will help the assembly
process, and keep the beads from rolling away when beading your
Need a handmade gift for someone
special? Personalize the front of
the envelope, tuck the snowflake
inside and then seal it with
the sticker provided.
1) Carefully remove a wire snowflake form and lay it on your towel.
2) To make symmetrical snowflakes
(all sides the same) you
ou will need to repeat
the same beading pattern
ttern on each spoke of
the snowflake form. You can create your own
pattern, or follow the designs pictured on the box.
3) Select your beads and begin
threading them onto the wire.
Leave enough space at the
end of the wire for the
e end cap bead.
Secure the beads by pushing
the end cap firmly over
er the
wire spoke. Be sure itt fits
tay put.
snugly so the beads stay
4) Continue working your way
b d
around the wire form,, beading
and securing one wire
e at a time
until the snowflake is complete.
5) To add the hanging
g ribbon,
knot the center of the ribbon between two
end beads as shown. Tie the
h ends
d off the
h rib
into a pretty bow.
Decorate and Display
end cap
Here are
a some other great ideas to try:
friends over and have a snowflake making party.
Invite your
These are
a great for small groups and family celebrations.
Use the
th snowflakes to decorate your windows all winter long.
Beaded snowflakes make great package decorations and secret
Santa gifts.
Putt your
you favorite holiday cookies in a gift bag and then
decorate it with a beaded snowflake.
Going to a party? Here’s a great hostess gift idea. Decorate a
bottle of
o sparkling apple juice or your favorite soft drink with a
tif beaded snowflake. Tie the ribbon around the neck of the
bottle to
t secure.
We do not recommend mailing the beaded ornaments in the
provided. If you want to send your ornament to
gift envelope
someone special, padded envelopes can be purchased at most
post offices, shipping centers and office supply stores.