Reasonably priced, high-quality yarn that helps women in India and Nepal.

Reasonably priced, high-quality yarn that helps
women in India and Nepal.
A little about Eric: He’s been knitting for 45 years and is self taught by reading and doing.. He’s also
been known to have an amazing heart...since he shared this pattern with all of us
There’s a story behind this ponchette.
Darn Good
Recycled Sari
This pattern was sent to me by a fellow Darn Good Yarner,
Eric. At first, he sent me a picture showing me a picture. I
asked him if I could share it with all of you on facebook
( Well, within 1 day the picture
I posted of this ponchette had 66 likes and 20 comments.
Holy moly! (what is Moly anyway?) So, Eric said he would be
happy to gift us with the pattern. Here it is! It’s amazing
people like this that make running Darn Good Yarn so, well,
Darn Good...Thank you Eric!
Enjoy and love,
Silk Yarn
Nicole (President Darn Good Yarn Inc)
Materials: 2 skeins of Darn Good Yarn’s Recycled Photon Rainbow recycled sari silk
1 skein superwash fingering ( Knit Picks
Stroll) 231 yards
Needles: U.S. Size 9 circular needles in lengths:
16in, 24 in, and 36 in
Size "J" crochet hook
Notions: safety pin markers, 2 pony beads
Notes: Poncho is knitted in one piece, in the round
from the top down. For best results and a drapey
fabric, please KNIT LOOSELY! Change to longer
needles as number of stitches requires.
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other form without written permission from Darn Good Yarn.
Pattern: Using two strands of fingering held together, Cast on 104 sts on 16 inch
needle. Join to form circle, being careful not to twist. K1, P 1 rib for two rounds. Then
work eyelet round: (YO, P 2 tog) around. Purl 1 round. Drop
second strand of fingering and now work with only one strand.
Begin poncho shaping. You will now alternate rounds of fingering
and silk. Do not cut yarns. All increases are done in the fingering rounds, silk rounds are just knit around. The increases are
paired at four points around.
Round 1: With fingering (Knit 1 and put pin marker IN that stitch,
Knit 25, YO) 4 times....end by creating a YO with the fingering
and "catching" it by twisting the silk around.
Round 2: With silk. Knit around.
To continue shaping, work YO increases on either side of marked
"seam" stitches as established in Round 1 on every fingering
When there are 73 stitches between markers the shaping is
With fingering, Purl 1 round. Then knit 1 round.
Again using the double
strand of fingering,
LOOSELY bind off IN
Still with double strand
single crochet backwards ( crab stitch )
around entire
edge. Cut yarn.
Weave in any cut
Make twisted cord out
of silk and weave
through eyelets at
neck edge.
Rethink your crafting©