2015 Annual Report

we are ONE DROP
we are an OCEAN
2015 Annual Report
A Message from the President
Dear Friend,
Your individual support makes an amazing
difference in the lives of immigrants and has an
even more profound impact when joined with
that of many other caring individuals like you
in our community. Thank you for adding your
drop to our ocean of effort to help low-income,
Spanish-speaking immigrant families build
better lives by helping them acquire the tools
they need to thrive.
This past year, your generosity made it
possible for us to serve a record number of
clients – 3,795 across the range of our services
– and respond to the needs of immigrants in
many ways, including:
• increasing our capacity to provide
immigration legal services, particularly
for unaccompanied minors, DACA
applicants and renewals, and those
preparing for DAPA
• helping our youth program students
make significant gains toward closing
the achievement/opportunity gap
• helping immigrants apply for drivers’
licenses made possible by the passage
of Assembly Bill 60
• expanding our behavioral health
support services to West Marin County
We are excited to share with you everything we
have accomplished together in this Annual
Board of Directors
Juliet Schiller, President
Joshua Davis, Vice President
Sandro Rossini, Treasurer
Katherine Crecelius, Secretary
John Adler
Karen Carrera
Marlene Knox
Michele Manos
Report. But we remain mindful that there is
much more to do, such as:
• strengthening our youth academic
program to ensure a growing pipeline of
college graduates
• helping our clients prepare for and be
informed about immigration reform
• promoting and expanding our
behavioral health services
As a first-generation graduate and a human
rights educator, I understand both the unique
challenges faced by Latino immigrants and the
opportunities that become possible when we
have the right tools. Your support enables us
to help Marin’s immigrant community acquire
vital skills so they too have the opportunity
to thrive.
Please add other drops to our ocean by inviting
your family, friends and colleagues to join you
in supporting this important work – as a
volunteer, a financial contributor, or an
ambassador of our work. Together we are
an ocean.
Our Approach
Because people living in poverty face significant
personal challenges, Canal Alliance uses a
wraparound success coaching strategy and a full
range of services designed to help immigrants
overcome barriers to a better life. Our approach
Bilingual Skills (English/Spanish)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
training helps people gain bilingual
skills essential to success
Technology Skills
We provide basic computer and
technology training, which is critical
to achievement in education, work,
and personal communication
Thank you,
Juliet Schiller
President, Board of Directors
Adjunct Professor, Dominican University
Michael Metzner
Catherine Newhall
Tony Psychoyos
Karen Rosenquist
Tom Wilson
Work Readiness Skills
Individuals learn resume
writing, interview and other
skills essential to improving
their employment potential
Financial Management Skills
We teach basic financial literacy and
planning skills that are essential
to economic stability
recognizes a client’s current assets, resolves their
immediate needs, identifies their growth
opportunities, and monitors their progress
toward acquiring the tools they need to thrive:
Ability to Access Community Resources
Through advocacy and referrals, we teach
people how to find the vital resources they
need to achieve stable, healthier lives
Stress Management Skills
At-risk children, teens and parents can access
individual counseling and peer support groups
to successfully manage trauma-based stress
Readiness for Immigration Reform
We provide the only low-cost
immigration legal services available in
Marin, helping people prepare
for immigration reform so they
can fully integrate as new Americans
Graduating from College
Aspiring middle school, high school
and college students study in our
intensive afterschool academic
program to achieve their
dreams of graduating
from college
With help from Canal Alliance’s driver’s
license preparation class, Adrian was
able to get his driver’s license and can
now drive without fear. “I feel more at
ease and more secure. I even drove
my daughter to Disneyland!”
Maribel came to the US from Peru with her young
son in 1996. At Canal Alliance, she received the
help she needed to turn her jewelry-making skills
into a small business. Today, Maribel’s jewelry is
featured at three local retail stores and she hopes
to one day have her own jewelry shop. Maribel
says her son is her inspiration. “I have to show
my son you can turn your life around.”
See more Success Stories on our website at canalalliance.org
UP! Middle School
Doing well in middle school sets the stage for
success in high school and college. But
many Latino immigrant students lack the
resources and support they need to succeed
in school. With the structured academic
support provided by UP!, over half of UP!
middle school students improved a full
letter grade or more from their first
progress report to their second quarter
grades. Over 25% have improved a full letter
grade in math.
I was having problems with math
and I got a tutor... my grade went
from an F to an A in math and in
science my grade went from a C- to
a B+.
- Raul, 7th grade
If I didn’t come to Canal Alliance I’d
probably be home trying to do
homework, but I wouldn’t be able to
get the help I need.
- Yuleida, 7th grade
Our Impact
With your support, Canal Alliance provided
3,795 Latino immigrants with the tools and
support needed to move out of poverty
Our Strengths
& Opportunities
and thrive as new Americans. Following
are some of the many ways in which you
helped us serve the Latino immigrant
community in Fiscal Year 2013-14.
We maintain our commitment to
helping immigrants transform
their lives, and are constantly
improving what we do by
measuring the results of our
work and refining our approach.
Adult Classes (ESL & Computer)
We continue to grow stronger
and better at delivering high
quality services, and build on
our capacity to help immigrants
gain the skills and tools to
improve their lives.
1,349 people gained bilingual skills, technology skills and work readiness
skills that are essential to economic stability
Family Advocacy
1,440 people received support and skills to
move toward greater family stability and
wellbeing, including learning basic financial
literacy skills, how to access community
resources and how to manage stress
University Prep (UP!)
107 students gained critical math and English
skills necessary to graduate from high school
and college through our intensive afterschool
academic program
Our Strengths to Build Upon
Experts in serving low-income Spanish-speaking immigrants
Effective client-centered, wraparound service approach
Clear mission, outcomes and performance metrics
Effective organizational structure with a talented and
inspired staff and Board
• Highly respected by the community and strong relationships
throughout Marin County
• Solid fundraising strategy
Food Pantry
1,633 families increased their
consumption of nutritious foods by
accessing healthy groceries through our
food pantry
Opportunities Ahead
Immigration Legal Services
695 people received legal assistance and information, from completing visa
and citizenship applications to learning how to prepare for immigration
reform, to help them fully integrate as new Americans
• Growing demand for services - Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic group in Marin County
• Immigration issues drawing national attention offers a chance to increase
• Utilize new technologies (cloud, mobile, social media, etc.) to improve service delivery
and outreach
• Deepen collection/analysis of key client and supporter data to evaluate impact and adjust
Building on Success
Our accomplishments in the past year
demonstrate what is possible when a
community comes together to create
positive change. From providing
behavioral health services to people in
crisis, to helping unaccompanied minors
reunite with family members and stay in
the country legally, together we have
helped 3,795 Latino immigrants to build
better lives.
Moving Forward
Despite all we have achieved, we remain
mindful that there is still much work to be
done. Your participation and support is
essential to our ability to continue to
provide Marin’s immigrant community
with the tools they need to thrive.
Our Leadership Circles
Honor Roll
Visionary Circle ($50,000)
Anonymous (3) *
Cohen Family Fund *
Maja Kristin
President Circle ($25,000-$49,999)
Anonymous (1)
Executive Circle ($10,000-$24,999)
Donations of all sizes are greatly
appreciated and can be
“undesignated” to be used however
they are needed most, or can be
designated for a specific purpose.
Leadership Circle contributors give
$1,000 or more annually via cash,
credit or stock donations and are
invited to special informational
briefings and appreciation events.
Legacy Circle members make a
planned gift naming Canal Alliance as
a beneficiary in their will, trust,
insurance policy or other planned gift.
These funds can be designated for
the organization’s Endowment Fund
at Marin Community Foundation to
support the work of Canal Alliance in
Volunteers serve as members of the
Board, tutor youth program students,
teach ESL classes, help clients
prepare income tax forms, distribute
emergency food, support
management with business and
technology skills, and more.
together we are an ocean
Anonymous (4)
Katie Crecelius & Mark Agnew
Dee & Richard Lawrence
Alexander M. & June L. Maisin Foundation
Lea & Allen Orwitz
George L. Shields Foundation
Rex Wolf & Roy Zitting
Director Circle ($5,000-$9,999)
Anonymous (1)
Joan & Nick Boodrookas
Fullerton Family Foundation
John Gibbons & Neal Brengle
Mari & Cliff Hatter
David & Colleen Horowitz
Dr. Catherine Kennedy & Dan Grossman
Peter Lambert
The Little Flower Fund/Leestma Family Foundation
Lewis Family Fund
Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin Fund *
Michelle & Edward Sarti
Paul Solli
The Venables Foundation
Nancy Warfield
Associate Circle ($1,000-$4,999)
Anonymous (4)
John Adler & Mary Margaret McClure
Peter & Patricia Arrigoni Fund *
Peggy Baltazar *
Sue & Richard Barry
Morris Beazley
Susan Becker
George & Shelia Bertram
Ann Bolger & Ronald Helow
Kevin & Christi Bozic Family Fund *
Caroline & James Burroughs
Gerald K. Cahill & Kathleen S. King Fund *
Elizabeth & Terry Calaway
Patricia Callahan & David Dee
Mario Castañeda
Jorge J. & Gloria Castellanos
Edward Chen & Janet Lee
Amy Christensen & Drew Curby
Donald O. & Ronald R. Collins Fund *
Diane Cowdrey & Scot Russell
Laura Cox & Jay Cohen
Josh Davis & Jessica Nenner
Charis L. Denison & Scott Hummel
Evan & Jennifer Dodge
Drexler Estate Fund *
Louise & Timothy Erdman
Dan & Diane Farthing
Margot Fraser
Terri Moreno Gelbaum & Daniel Gelbaum
Judith & Gregg Gibson
Susan & Dennis Gilardi
Deborah & Jonathan Goldman
Mary & Steve Gorski
Christine & Ron Grossi
Carole & Gerald Gunn
Judith Hall
Arno Harris
Terry Helbush
Ruth Heller
Inge Hendromartono & Christopher Senn
Linda Hothem
Dorothy Houston
Paula Irons & Stephen Reas
Juli & Scott Kauffman
Keenan Kelsey
Keon Family Fund
Joyce & Robert Kleiner
Marlene & Steven Knox
Harriet Lapin
Joan Lasden
Rory & Jan Little
Craig MacLeod
Alicia Malet Klein & Tom Klein
Michele Manos
Joan & Gordon Marks
Sandra Massen
William & Christney McGlashan
Vera & Kenneth Meislin
Michael Metzner
Bill & Candy Mitchell
Catherine Newhall
Gail Noah & Kenneth Witte
Lois & Frank Noonan
Sandra & Thomas Ogden
Becky & Jerry Oken
Laura & Bruce Olcott
Diane Ongaro
Our Leadership Circles
Honor Roll continued...
Olivia Orr
Pasha Family Fund *
Elizabeth Fain & Edmund Payne
Barbara & William Peterson
Peterson Family Foundation
Robert Pinder III
Justin Power
Tracy & Michael Radcliffe
Rand-Montgomery Fund
Joyce & Gary Rifkind
Sandy Rolleri
Karen Rosenquist & Matt Kropp
Pennie & Sandro Rossini
Rose Rovan & Susan Cummins
Stephanie & William Ryder
Bruce Scotton, M.D.
Scott & Dina Smith
David & Anne Sondheim
Lois Swinski
Maureen Broderick & David Thompson
Ancella & Thomas Toldrian
Nikki Cohn Tureen & Jay Tureen
Judith Valentine
Yadira Vigil
Alexander Vollmer
David & Suzanne Warner
Wardell-Smith Raabe Family Fund *
Weinreb Segal Family Fund *
Heidi & Richard Willetts
Tom Wilson & Terry Bright
Foundations & Organizations
Isabel Allende Foundation
Bella Vista Foundation
California Immigrant Policy Center
Cloudview Foundation
College Futures Foundation
County of Marin
East Bay Jewish Teen Foundation
Carl Gellert & Celia Berta Gellert Foundation
The David B. Gold Foundation
Peter E. Haas Jr. Family Fund
Hilltop Group Charitable Foundation
Hispanics In Philanthropy
Jonas Family Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
The Kalliopeia Foundation
The Joseph and Vera Long Foundation
Maria Kip Orphanage Fund
Marin Charitable
Marin Community Foundation
Marin Evening Rotary
National Day Laborer Organizing Network
Newman's Own Foundation
San Francisco Foundation
St. John's Ross
Alice Shaver Foundation
William E. Simon Foundation
The Simon-Strauss Foundation
Morris Stulsaft Foundation
Tipping Point Community
United Way of the Bay Area
van Löben Sels/RembeRock Foundation
Zellerbach Family Foundation
Canal Alliance Financial Statement
Fiscal Year July 2013 - June 2014
Foundation Grants
Corporate Support
Individual Support
Government Contracts
In-Kind Donations
Other Revenue
Total Revenue
Program Services
Total Expenses
Corporations & Businesses
Bank of America
Bank of Marin
Bank of the West
Comerica Bank
Dodge & Cox
Financial Telesis
First Federal Savings of San Rafael
Heffernan Insurance
Hooper, Lundy & Bookman
KIND Healthy Snacks
Kuvara Law Firm
Late July Organic Snacks
Orchard Supply Hardware
Recurrent Energy
Robin Brandes Designs
String Letter Publishing
Tim Porter Photography
Unicorn Group
Union Bank
Wells Fargo
* Donor-Advised Fund at the Marin Community Foundation
*Canal Alliance continues to build its cash reserves
with a target of 3 months operating cost or $650K.
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