Pattern Drafting for Children’s Wear & Construction of Garments  

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Pattern Drafting for Children’s Wear &
Construction of Garments
Course Title:
Pattern Drafting for Children’s Wear &
Construction Garment
Tsufa Bijelic
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Age Group:
050 x 702.4701
Cost (AED): 1 200
Start time:
9:15 am
End time:
12:15 pm
No. Weeks:
Material Fee:
150 AED
Type of course: Syllabus programme (Enrolment at start of course only)
Course Title:
Optional Extension (Sewing)
Age Group:
Cost (AED): 800
Start time:
9:15 am
End time:
12:15 pm
No. Weeks:
Material Fee:
Tel: 04-341-4777
This course deals with developing basic patterns for children and applying more advanced
techniques, hence suitable for both beginners and those with some previous experience.
The basic drafts are developed from a wide range of pattern making techniques using the
skirt, bodice, sleeves, dress, trousers and overalls drafts. Discussed are the various seams,
hem finishes and necklines that complete the silhouette styles.
Lesson 1:
a) Course intro and basic pattern making rules
b) How to take correct body measurements of lower torso for a child
c) Draft basic straight skirt with waistband with elastic option
Lesson 2:
a) Adapting silhouette styles : Flared, Gathered with stylized waistband, Yoke
with circular skirt, Gored, Pleated, Circular, Tiered
Lesson 3:
a) How to take correct body measurements of upper torso for a child
b) Draft bodice front and back
c) Adapt necklines (shirt, Petar Pan, sailor, mandarin, collar with stand)
Lesson 4:
a) How to take correct body measurements for a sleeve of a child
b) Draft sleeves: starting with basic and developing into various styles such as
puff sleeve, ruffle, saucer, etc.
Lesson 5:
a) Drafting dresses: Shift, princess, empire waist with flare
b) Drafting jumpers: Tent, Bib, tank top, torso
Lesson 6:
a) Draft pants: basic and also waistline options
b) Developing various styles of pants: pleated, hammer baggy, short bib
c) Developing a bib overall
ADDITIONAL COURSE EXTENSION OPTION (for those interested in sewing
Suitable for both the beginners and the more advanced.
Lesson 7:
a) Intro – necessities of sewing, measurements, threading the sewing machine
and machine options
b) Discussion – fabrics and textures, fusing, elastics, preshrinking and
pressing, basic cutting, ++
c) Demo – aligning pattern pieces and cutting the pattern out of fabric
d) Demo – Straight stitches and curved stitches
Lesson 8:
a) Putting together the dress, finishing the side seams, adding sleeves,
completing the neckline and finishing the hem
Lesson 9:
a) Demo – Invisible zipper for skirts and fly zipper for pants
Lesson 10:
a) Putting together the pants with pockets and a waistband with elastic option
plus inserting the fly zipper
Tel: 04-341-4777
Required by Students:
Pencil and eraser, Coloured pencils, Notepad, Straight ruler (30cm), Scotch tape (sellotape),
Straight pins, Paper scissors
Provided by instructor:
Straight grid ruler (20”), L-shaped ruler, French curve ruler, Drafting paper
Required by student:
Sewing machine, Thread, Fabric scissors, Straight pins, Invisible zipper, Regular zipper,
Fabric, Pattern (either developed in previous part of lesson or bring in a commercial pattern),
Drafting paper, Pencil and eraser, Notepad