Roller Shades features & benefits

Roller Shades
Unique, richly-patterned roller shades offer beauty, light control and privacy.
features & benefits
Beautifully styled Provinaire™ Roller Shades
incorporate many features, adding charm and
comfort to any room.
• Choose from over 140 designs, colors and privacy
levels in natural, textured or patterned fabrics -- for
the look which best suits your personal taste.
• Each design is available in sheer, light-filtering or
room-darkening fabric to give you the degree of
light control and privacy you prefer.
• Light-filtering and room-darkening shades are
standard with a neutral backing material on the
street side.
• Roller Shades with light-filtering and roomdarkening fabric have fray-resistant backing for
extra durability.
• Roller Shades coordinate beautifully with Provinaire
Privacy Sheers to provide a complete solution for
almost any window or door.
• Quality hardware system provides smooth, quiet
operation and a lifetime of service.
• Optional Provinaire cassette provides a cleaner look
and conceals the roller and hardware.
• Beaded cord loop insures precise control, to adjust
the shade and position it at any desired level.
• Provinaire Roller Shade fabrics are available by the
yard to create your own individual, coordinated
• Durable Roller Shades can be easily cleaned.
• Provinaire Roller Shades are backed by Heritage's
limited lifetime warranty.
• 2007 Product Innovation Award winner-- Best New
Style Concept in Roller Shades.
have it all withProvinaire
Light control, privacy, and great style.
opacity options
Provinaire Roller Shades are
available in many beautiful
patterns and in three levels of
light control from 1 to 5, with
5 the most opaque. To
light filtering
room darkening
level 1-2*
The lowest level of light
control, when a soft,
filtered view is desired.
Because objects can be
seen through the sheers,
it is recommended only if
privacy is not required.
level 3-4*
The middle level of light
control, with more light
filtering then level 1-2. It
allows light to enter but
screens the view for a high
degree of privacy.
level 5
The highest level of light control,
blocking light and vision through
the fabric and providing superior
privacy. Please note that while
light will not show through the
fabric, some may enter the room
along the edges of the shade.
*varies with fabrics
achieve this, shades can be
backed with a light-filtering
or room-darkening fabric for
the degree of light control
and privacy you prefer.
finishing touches
head rail options
bottom rail options
standard roller shade
Shade fabric rolls off back of
roller as standard. If desired,
it can be reversed to conceal
the roller mechanism.
provinaire cassette
Provinaire Cassette is available
as an upgrade, concealing
roller and hardware in a neatly
integrated unit.
provinaire hem bar
The standard hem bar allows
the soft pattern and texture of
the fabric to extend from top
to bottom.
provinaire fabric-wrapped
bottom rail
As an upgrade, shade fabric is
wrapped around the hem bar
for a smooth, tailored look.