Increasing Louisiana`s Nursing Workforce Diversity and Leadership

Increasing Louisiana’s
Nursing Workforce
Diversity and Leadership
Project Plans:
State Implementation Program
Phases 1 and 3
Areas of Focus:
• Leadership
• Diversity
• Infrastructure
Barbara Morvant,
Project Director
[email protected]
The project proposes a new content area for a previous SIP 1
grantee, with focus shifting to leadership. Leadership training will
be provided in a two-tier fashion. Initially leadership training
seminars will be held with up to 160 participants over 24 months.
Participants will complete a development plan and will be tracked
after program conclusion. Defined goal is at least 10% of
participants having demonstrated leadership advancement
according to defined criteria (including board service). Phase two
of leadership training will be a fellowship offered to 10-20 more
advanced nurse leaders. They will follow a mentored experience
linking them to non-profit health organizations. They will
complete community based projects designed to have an
immediate impact on health of the community.
Diversity goals will be supported through convening a Diversity
Think Tank (75 - 100 participants) and creation of a diversity
action plan. Baseline data will identify demographics of the
nursing population, students, and APRNs to allow evaluation of
diversity gaps. Strategies to address diversity gaps will be
Matching funds provided by other sources will support tuition
reimbursement for up to three nurses pursuing graduate degrees
as primary care nurse practitioners. Program enrollees will have
indicated intent to serve in designated Health Professional
Shortage Areas.