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GrandEdition 8
August 2009 - October 2009
42 Introducing Kia
Introducing you to GrandPrivé.com’s
energetic VIP customer services department
manager, Kia Del Fava
44 New games
36 The Prestige
All the players.
All the adventure.
All the Prestige… again
52 How to win online!
10 Marilyn Monroe: the ultimate
icon of all time
Two sides of a (glinting) coin
An unforgettable movie: we
travel to Casablanca itself and
then shoot over the Atlantic to
Atlanta, in the United States
38 Huge rewards at
We profile some of our
winners from all four corners
of the world
23 Spinning the reels for US$50 000
The search for GrandPrivé.com’s
ultimate slots champion begins
16 Grandtrivia
18 From highball to highrollers
We take a journey back to the
glitz and glamour of early 1960s
Las Vegas and join the famous Rat
Pack at the luxurious Sands Hotel
August 2009
50 Banking options and their benefits
54 The car of your dreams
24 What’s your Rat Pack gambling
Take our quiz and find out
28 Aces high
Take a peep into the world of
Frank Rosenthal, who it was said
knew more about gambling
than anyone else on the planet
40 What UIGEA means to you
58 Work out your winning color
62Your gambling horoscope, August to
October 2009
56 gadgets
60 puzzle
Grand Edition 8
Maybe Sammy
Adrienne Brookbanks examines
the UIGEA and how it affects you
20 Dean Martin – Maybe Frank –
Adrienne Brookbanks gives you her choice
of the hottest games at GrandPrivé.com as
well as tips for playing online slots
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Brandon Faber
Four seasons
of having more thrills
I don’t see why people have such a negative attitude towards winter.
There’s hope, there’s passion, there’s giving and
happiness, carols, laughter and rediscovering
the undisputable fact that the world is not as
bad as we think it is.
Beyond the borders of recession
and negative press lies a planet of
plenty for everyone to share in. We
can still find joy in each other and
inspiration in acts of kindness. We
can be the change we want to see
(to borrow a famous saying), we can
– and we will – still, have much to be
thankful for as the magic of winter
begins its descent over the Northern
Without running the risk of sounding like I’ve fallen into a tub of
Prozac, ladies and gentlemen, this
winter we all have front row seats
to a changing of fortunes for the
planet, our economies and our wellbeing. Experts predict our industries
will gain momentum as the year
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
draws to a close, thereby also sounding the horn of new beginnings for
the prosperity of the planet.
All the efforts by various governments, all the hard labor of ordinary
citizens, all the sacrifice and lessons
learnt stand us in good stead for a
new dawn of optimism and positive
growth. I think it’s safe to say the
toughest times many of us care
to remember are firmly behind us
– and that, in itself, is reason to celebrate, is reason enough to dream,
dare and play!
GrandPrivé.com casinos
have also undergone a
period of introspection
and renewal. We’ve
looked at methods to
improve your gaming
enjoyment, your
promotions and the
feedback you’ve been
Editor: Proofreader: Contributors: sending our way and have restructured our resources to ensure that
our group of casinos remains
your preferred online entertainment partner.
You will also see that this edition
of Magazine is available as an online edition only. The full version can
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we will feature selected articles on a regular
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On the promotional side, we are bringing back by-invite-only spins
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large-scale competition where you stand a chance of winning a oncein-a-lifetime trip to Southern Africa. Our last winner, Tami C and partner
spent nine unforgettable days at some of the most exquisite resorts on
offer, all expenses paid.
The Prestige was our most popular promotion of 2007 and now it
makes a welcome return in 2009’s best designer threads. Check out the
details in this edition of Magazine and ready yourself for a white hot
winter of the very best in gaming – and the very best in life.
Now’s your time.
Take care, take it easy, take it all.
Danette Breitenbach
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by Danette Breitenbach
m you so keep yo
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member this is yo
letters rolling in. Re
ant to hear from yo
magazine so we w
you for
ct we will reward
good or bad! In fa
can WIN 50 000 lo
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points if your lette
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any issue related to
could be one of ou
Magazine and you
Never rat on a rat
In the tradition of the Rat Pack
hey-days of Vegas, this issue is packed
with entertainment that is as upbeat
and smooth as the music the Pack
made at that time.
From Sinatra and his Rat Pack –
Dean Martins, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter
Lawford and Joey Bishop, of the 60s
to the iconic, Marilyn Monroe this
issue celebrates talent, opportunity,
friendship and success, and of course,
taking a chance.
The mid to late 60s belonged to the
Rat Pack. Picture the big band playing in the background, the cocktails
flowing and the cigar smoke curling,
as we offer you a look back at a time
when Vegas was the centre of the
universe and the Rat Pack her royalty.
As the public played court to the Pack
and the city, everyone was having a
good time. Today the public watch
revival shows featuring the Pack as
they recognize not only their talent,
but also the fun they had.
And while those days may be over, at
GrandPrivé.com and Magazine, the
fun never stops. With promotions, a
loyalty club that offers the best,
and competitions big and small,
GrandPrivé.com offer the best of the
online casino world, for you, its loyal
players, who are the center of its
universe. And don’t forget the newest
addition to the GrandPrivé.com
family –
– offering you even more opportunities to play and win! Remember
the competitions are there, waiting
for you to enter and claim your
winnings, so keep watching this
While the stories of how the
name Rat Pack came about differ,
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
by Our Readers
I could not believe it, but there it was in black and white:
five players and US$446 000 in just three days. While I
wish it was me – but one of these days it will be –
I was so happy for those players.
– Angela
I really enjoyed your last issue. It certainly sizzled up
my summer. While I have always been a fan of Mickey
Rourke, I really did not know much about him. So I
enjoyed the article on him, with the great pictures.
WINNING LETTER – 50 000 loyalty points
there is one that appeals to me. It is
said that the name may refer to the
belief that an established pack of rats
will belligerently reject an outsider
who tries to join them. What appeals
is not the rejection, but the thought
that the pack is a tight-knit group
that supports and looks out for one
So while we will never reject
anyone – we always welcome new
members to join the magic that is
GrandPrivé.com – once you are a
member of our family, we will be
there to support you and celebrate
with you. Always. Enjoy this issue of
iconic magic and more. Till next time.
Wow, wow and wow again. I cannot believe that you
guys have done it again. Apart from the great
promotion, Cruise2Riches, the last Magazine really
took things to the limit with the launch of the new
Magazine website. What a great addition to the
magazine. And the fact that I can now win with the website and the magazine. The Loyalty Club tokens were
easy to find – for me because I read the magazine from
cover to cover – and the prizes a real bonus. Thank you
GrandPrivé.com for thinking of my every need before I
have thought of it myself. And it is nice to know that you
also value my opinion and suggestions.
– John
Thanks for my weekly bonuses. I love this benefit from
GrandPrivé.com’s loyalty club. I started as a Jack, but
soon will be a Queen. Thanks a mil’.
– Thomas
– Olivia
RUNNER-UP LETTER – 30 000 loyalty points
I love to travel, but do not always get the opportunity.
Thanks to your magazine I am able to read about all
these fantastic destinations and imagine I am there,
sipping exotic cocktails in Mexico, or watching F1 in
Monaco or joining celebrities in Italy. Thanks for the
great articles. Keep it up.
– Janet
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Madelaine Page
by Madelaine Page
37 – 23 – 36
Marilyn Monroe, Angie Dickinson, Juliet
Prowse, and Shirley MacLaine were often
referred to as the “Rat Pack Mascots”, a
title which reportedly made these ladies
feel like “one of the boys”. However, the
star, who will always be remembered for
her sensual rendition of Happy Birthday
Mr President, could never be mistaken for
one of the boys.
nd Marilyn Monroe’s popularity has extended beyond
her life from star status to icon. While she made 30 films
during her career, she was more than just a movie star or
glamour queen and more of a brand – synonymous with
beauty, sensuality and effervescence. And it has far more
to do with just being an alluring beauty with voluptuous
curves (37-23-36) and a generous pout.
Decades following her tragic death, the most famous cover girl of
all time showed that she can still make the headlines as Vanity Fair’s
chose to use the blue-eyed blonde as cover girl for its 25th celebration in 2008.
The fact is that her untimely death in 1962, at only 36 years old, left
the world stunned. Ironically the woman who wanted to grow old
without facelifts died at the height of her career, leaving her no
choice, but to “have the courage to be loyal to the face I have made”.
At a mere 5 feet 5 ½ inches, weighing 115 lbs, Marilyn had a sense
of innocence and naiveto. Was it her apparent vulnerability and innocence, or that innate sensuality or a combination of the two that
endeared her to millions?
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Madelaine Page
Her first husband described her as: “a sweet, generous
and religious girl. She liked to be cuddled”. A far cry from
the exhibitionist who probably had an affair with more
than one Kennedy. She was also said to be consumed
by insecurity. So who was the real Marilyn? We will never
know, but fascination with her convoluted private life
has been exacerbated by her death and has led to four
decades of murder conspiracy theories.
Generations and generations just cannot seem to let
her go. Described once as: “a genuine ethereal, magical,
muse quality”, fans are still captivated by the mystery and
complexity of Monroe’s character. To use the old cliché:
Men loved and adored her; women wanted to be her.
”I knew I belonged to the public and to the
world, not because I was talented or even
beautiful, but because I had never belonged
to anything or anyone else.”
But a look beneath the surface reveals a different story.
One of self-doubt, depression and unhappiness. Perhaps
it is this underlying unhappiness that caused the public to
cling to the image of this beautiful, but sad woman.
Born Norma Jeane Mortenson on 1 June 1926, in
Los Angeles, California, she never knew her father and
her mother spent most of Marilyn’s childhood years in a
mental institution. No surprise that, after years in foster
homes and orphanages, she married Jimmy Dougherty at
the tender age of 16.
The marriage lasted only four years when Marilyn was
discovered by photographer, David Conover, while hubby,
a Merchant Marine, was in the South.
Marilyn was a “photographer’s dream”… and within
two years she was a popular model. This led to dreams
of stardom and she enrolled in drama classes. Soon
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
she signed her first studio contract with Twentieth
Century Fox and earning a whopping US$125 a week.
She quickly became a blonde and changed her name
to Marilyn Monroe, which was her grandmother’s last
name. In 1956 she legally changed her name.
At the start of her career she played smaller roles and
although she did not make the credits, her appearance
generated a huge amount of fan mail. Her reputation as
a blond bombshell was quickly established. All about Eve
(starring Bette Davis) earned her further praise, as did
Let’s make it Legal, As young as you Feel, Monkey Business
and Don’t bother to Knock.
The turning point in her career was Niagara in 1953 and
lead roles followed quickly. Who does not remember, or
has not seen Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How to Marry
a Millionaire.
At 27 she married baseball superstar Joe DiMaggio.
He was, however, so uncomfortable with thousands
of men ogling her that they were divorced nine
months later.
But life carried on. Marilyn did what was to become one
of the most famous photographic stunts of all time. To
advertise the 1955 movie, The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn
posed, in a white halter dress, with her skirt blown up
by a draft from a sidewalk grate, leaning down to catch
her dress so that her cleavage showed. This iconic image
became Marilyn Monroe.
However, this picture of Marilyn shows only one side
of her. After playing the prototypical “dumb blond,” so
many times she moved to New York to study at the
Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg for a year. A year later
she started her own motion picture company, Marilyn
Monroe Productions, and produced Bus Stop and The
Prince and the Showgirl (co-starring Sir Laurence Olivier).
These allowed her to demonstrate her talent and
versatility as an actress. In 1959 she won a Golden Globe
for Best Actress in the comedy, Some like it Hot.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Madelaine Page
On 29 June 1956, Marilyn wed playwright
Arthur Miller. This marriage lasted longer
than her others – five years. Of him she
said: “He wouldn’t have married me if I had
been nothing but a dumb blonde.”
He wrote the part of Roslyn Taber in 1961s
The Misfits especially for Marilyn, co-starring Clark Gable and Montgomery Clift.
The Misfits was to be Marilyn’s (and Gable’s)
last completed film.
It was during her marriage to Miller, for
whom she converted to Juduism, and
after several miscarriages that she caved
in to self-doubt, depression, drugs, alcohol
and especially sleeping pills. Maybe it was
genetic as her mother and grandparents
all struggled with mental illness.
While filming her last movie, Something’s
got to Give, Marilyn’s lateness and
addictions led to her dismissal after a
month and she was committed to a
mental hospital. Although she proved
fit later, she never resumed filming.
Two months later, she was found dead
by her housekeeper, in her home in Los
Angeles, with an empty bottle of sleeping
pills next to her body. The coroner found
her death was caused by an overdose of
Despite this tragic ending, Marilyn Monroe
had, and still has an impact on popular
culture. She is the most famous woman
of the 20th century. But with a line like: “I
have too many fantasies to be a housewife.
I guess I am a fantasy.” How could she not
Playing the odds
Compiled by Danette Breitenbach
• Curry in a Hurry video slot
• Fighting Fish video slot
• Tally Ho video slot
• Monster Meteors video slot
• Gopher Gold video slot
• Sterling Silver video slot
• Aces & Faces Multihand video poker
• Double Bonus Poker video poker
• Burning Desire video slot
• Halloweenies video slot
• Agent Jane Blonde video slot
• Age of discovery video slot
• Deck the halls video slot
• Lady of Orient video slot
• Stash of the Titans video slot
• Bars & Stripes video slot
• Your Lucky Day video slot
• Fearless Frederick video slot
• Lucky News Network video slot
• Star Appeal video slot
Time moves on
Rat Pack watches of Frank
Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.
were up for auction at
Auction Antiquorum’s summer
sale of “ Important Collectors’
Wristwatches Pocket Watch
& Clocks” along with other
timepieces from 20th
century icons such as
President Franklin Delano
Roosevelt and Steve
Sinatra’s Gruen watch is a very thin14K pink gold
wristwatch with a pink gold-plated brick link bracelet and is
accompanied by a gold-plated necklace with 12 letter-links
spelling “Frank Sinatra.” The watch was sold by the estate of
Al Silvani who received it as a gift from Frank Sinatra, his close
personal friend. Silvani spent a lot of time with Sinatra’s Rat
Pack and appeared in a number of his movies.
Sammy Davis Jr.’s Cartier Pasha was given to him by Sinatra
in the late 1980s, and is inscribed, “Sammy I Luv Ya F.A.S.” the
timepiece is a fine and rare, two-time-zone, water-resistant,
18K yellow gold quartz wristwatch with moon phases, day and
date, produced in 1987.
2 to 1: Odds of getting away with murder
115 to 1: Odds of being on an airplane with a
drunk pilot
180 to 1: Odds of being audited by the I.R.S.
220 to 1: Odds of marrying a millionaire
776 to 1: Odds of catching a baseball at a major
league baseball game
3 333 to 1: Odds of fatally slipping in a bathtub/
5 000 to 1: Odds of scoring a hole-in-one in golf
12 200 to 1: Odds of winning an Oscar
19 000 to 1: Odds of becoming a murder victim
24 550 to 1: Odds of becoming a professional athlete
89 200 to 1: Odds of dating a super model
655 750 to 1: Odds of getting a poker royal flush with
the first 5 cards dealt
3 200 000 to 1: Odds of sighting a U.F.O. today
10 000 000 to 1: Odds of dying from debris dropping off
an airplane
10 000 000 to 1: Odds of becoming president of the
United States
13 000 000 to 1: Odds of winning California’s lottery
(Estimates based on US data only. Source:
Stars at WSOP charity tournament
Stars Ben Affleck,
Matt Damon, Brad
Garrett, Mekhi
Phifer, and top
poker professional Phil Hellmuth
were just some
of the celebrities
who played in
the Ante Up For
Africa charity
tournament at
the 40th annual World Series
of Poker.
Annually, the largest celebrity poker tournament in
Las Vegas, the event is accessible to the public to play
with their favorite stars or watch as spectators.
Celebrities and athletes join poker’s most notable
players. In previous events, many of the finishers
volunteered to donate half of their winnings to the
charity. Proceeds from the event went to the ENOUGH
Project and Refugees International, organizations whose
goals include raising public awareness and providing
aid to the survivors of Darfur.
Wimbledon Star Still Chasing Aces
Younger generation discovers online
Boris Becker has hung up his tennis whites in favor of the
green baize of the poker table – almost 25 years since
becoming the youngest ever winner of the men’s singles
event at Wimbledon. The 42-year-old is looking for aces
again, but this time as a poker pro. According to him,
poker is all about staying cool under pressure, and this is
exactly where he’s been for the last three decades. In July
he participated in the European Poker in
Players between the ages of 18 and 25 are flocking to online
gambling as a means of escape and an opportunity to earn
extra income. This is according to several studies done at
college campuses around the world. The reasons for this shift
vary from the current economic crunch to the hit movie 21.
Add to this the fact that this is a generation familiar with the
internet and its uses and comfortable with games such as
poker, and it is no surprise that online gambling in this age
group has seen a marked increase. Many of these students
have also discovered that online gambling can earn them as
much money as working part-time.
6/24/suspicious-betting-over-wimbledon-match.php By Nigel K)
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Danette Breitenbach
Manhattan Cocktail
From highball
to highrollers
he Rat Pack was
known for casinos,
alcohol, cigars, and
women. A favorite drink
of the pack was the
cocktail. The story goes that Old Blue
Eyes himself would grab a cocktail
out of the hands of fellow party-goes.
However, if it was watered down he
would order a fresh one. Even the movies made in that era reflected the popularity of the cocktail – think Casablanca
and All About Eve – with the men in suits
and the women in little black dresses, the
air thick with cigar smoke.
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
While the Rat Pack is gone there
is no reason we cannot host our
own cocktail party in the tradition of
Sinatra, Dean Martin and the rest of the
rats, including the ladies such as Marilyn
So log onto Jupiter Club Casino,
GrandPrivé.com’s casino that reflects that old
school Vegas glam, darken the room, put some
smooth Rat Pack music in the stereo such as
“Luck be a Lady,” light up that cigar and sip on
some vintage cocktails and play the casino.
Welcome to the Rat Pack.
Here’s to Old Blue Eyes… sipping this cocktail will
make you hear “New York, New York”
Goes with high•rollers, so get playing.
Can be made with any of the following:
• Sloe Gin, Bourbon, Brandy, Creme de
Menthe, Fruit Liqueurs, Gin, Rum, Rye
Whiskey or Scotch Whiskey
• Add one cube of ice to a jigger of liqueur as
Fill up with carbonated water or Ginger Ale
•Serve with small bar spoon in glass and a
piece of lemon peel if desired
Use highball glass (6 oz)
Fill bar glass with cubed ice
1 pony Sweet Vermouth
1 jigger Bourbon or Rye Whiskey
1 dash Cocktail Bitters
Stir well
Strain into a cocktail glass
Place cherry in cocktail glass
• Twist of lemon or orange peel over
completed drink
Pink Lady Cocktail
Here’s one for the ladies
Fill bar glass with 3 or 4 pieces of cracked ice and white of one egg
/4 jigger Apple Jack
1 jigger Distilled Dry Gin
2 dashes Grenadine
Juice of quarter of a lime
Shake well
Strain into a cocktail glass
NOTE: A jigger is one and a quarter ounces. A Pony is 3/4 of an ounce.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Danette Breitenbach
With a resurgence of the Rat
Pack, acts with impersonators
are today as much a part of the
Las Vegas landscape as the original Rat Pack performances were
in the 60s.
when Sinatra joined Martin for
the first time on the stage of the
Sands. The show reviews said it
was the best show ever, so much
so that the Sands agreed to
cater for the “impromptu” shows.
The 60s was a time when Vegas
was the centre of the universe
and the Rat Pack its biggest
light. Swank was king and these
cats (or rats) were hip. Their
popularity was at its pinnacle,
playing to packed houses every
Headlines advertising a Rat Pack
member performance would
often feature:“DEAN MARTIN
SAMMY” as this famous Sand
Hotel advertisement read.
Their upbeat entertainment
style, smooth comedy (often
ad-libbed) and superstar status
drew high rollers, VIPs, celebrities, and entertainment buffs
to Vegas.
Dean Martin
Maybe Frank
Maybe Sammy
“Return to the glitz and glamour of early 60s
Las Vegas, when a trio of friends, Frank Sinatra,
Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr., teamed up to
perform together at the luxurious Sands Hotel.”
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin,
Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford
and Joey Bishop made up the
Rat Pack and performed songs
that are classics today such
as Luck be a Lady,The Lady is a
Tramp,I’ve Got You Under My
Skin,That’s Amore,and Ain’t That
a Kick in the Head.
Their routine was everything
but routine. If one member was
performing in Vegas, you could
be sure that the rest of the Pack
would appear at one point or
another. They would all end up
on stage doing an impromptu
show. This format for Rat Pack
shows started in January 1959
And it all added to the excitement that was Vegas. In fact
their legendary off the cuff performances were instrumental
in the rise of Vegas as a popular
entertainment destination.
Audiences would flock to the
city, often not finding bed space
and ending up sleeping in their
cars or hotel lobbies, just to see
the Rat Pack.
The nickname Rat Pack for these
iconic stars is even said to stem
from Vegas. When the group
returned to Humphrey Bogart’s
home from a five night party
at Vegas his wife, Lauren Bacall
is said to have used words to
the effect of “You look like a rat
pack”. Another story is that the
name is a shortened version of
“Holmby Hills Rat Pack,” a reference to the home of Bogart and
Bacall, which served as a regular
hangout for the group. Which is
true – one, both, none? No-one
really knows.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Adrienne Brookbanks
Spinning the reels for
When Bogart died, Sinatra became
the head rat, and the Rat Pack original members were replace with his
fellow rats. There were also women
in the Rat Pack – referred to as “Rat
Pack Mascots” and they included
Marilyn Monroe, Angie Dickinson, Juliet Prowse, and Shirley MacLaine. At
first the group was called the Clan,
but then it was felt that this word
was inappropriate so they reverted
to the original Rat Pack name.
But essentially the Rat Pack was
Sinatra, Martin, Davis, Jr., Lawford
and Bishop. Each one was famous
in his own right. Sinatra – old Blue
Eyes – is one of the greatest singers
of all time while Martin and Davis
Jr were singers, actors and comedians. Lawford was an acclaimed
actor while Bishop was a comedian
and also hosted The Tonight Show
Starring Johnny Carson more than
anyone else.
Together they drank, gambled and
performed. They were also known
for having mob ties. This later became a problem as Lawford was the
brother-in-law of John F Kennedy
(JFK). In fact the Rat Pack is said have
been instrumental in getting JFK
elected as President. The Pack even
performed the Star Spangled Banner
at the 1960 Democratic National
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
Apart from being political reformists,
they were also social reformists and
helped Vegas’ segregation policy.
The Rat Pack performances were
so popular, that they refused to
perform or do business with any
establishment in the city which
practiced segregation. As a result
the Vegas hotels removed their
segregation policies.
But at the same time the Rat Pack
were under surveillance. Their
rumored mob ties had caught the
attention of the FBI. It led to JFK
distancing himself from the Pack
and as a direct result the outing of
Lawford from the Pack – Sinatra had
thought his support of JFK would
gain him access to the Kennedy
inter circle, but when it did not, he
dropped Lawford instantly.
Regardless, the Rat Pack were the
rulers of Vegas. Lighting up the city
with their performances and partying for days at a time; their excessive
lifestyle continued with The Sands as
their headquarters.
Vegas and the Rack Pack were
synonymous. The pack even developed their own language in which
anywhere that was not Vegas was
“Dullsville, Ohio”, the average Joe
known as “Clyde”. Death was called
“The Big Casino”.
But what happens in Vegas does not
always stay in Vegas and with the assassination of JFK the country began
to change. It was as if the death of JFK
signalled the end of the Rat Pack. Their
popularity waned as a new counterculture emerged and by the end of
the 60s the Pack was gone.
Despite this the members continued in their individual capacity to
entertain and they all remained close
friends, except for Lawford. Martin
and Sinatra remained best friends
and together they made seven films.
Included in this is the famous original
Ocean’s 11, which starred all of the
members of the Rat Pack.
In 1996 the original Sands Hotel was
demolished. Two years later Sinatra
died. With only Bishop left, and he
died two years later, the Rat Pack was
well and truly gone. But not forgotten.
The revival of the Rat Pack, started
with the re-make of Oceans 11. In
Vegas Rat Pack acts by impersonators
abound – some performed by celebrities – and this year in American Idol
8, the contestants had to sing music
from the Rat Pack for one show.
So the Pack’s legacy lives on. The
members must be looking down
from the “Big Casino”, puffing on their
cigars and smiling. Ain’t that a kick in
the head.
US$50 000
The search for GrandPrivé.com’s ultimate slots champion is still on – with players spinning reels, earning points
and claiming their share of the $50 000 to be handed
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The tournament, which kicks off on 26 August, will have
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Loads of bonuses are being given away throughout this
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Why slots tournaments are so popular
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by Danette Breitenbach
1. Name your poison:
a. Martini
b. Bourbon/whiskey
c. Anything really
d. Gin and tonic
e. A cocktail
2. Your favourite gambling game:
a. Roulette
b. Blackjack
c. Poker
d. Bacarat
e. Slots
What’s your
gambling style?
Are you hipsville or dullsville? Are you a rat or a mouse?
Check out which member of the Rat Pack you would have been by
simply filling in our Rat Pack quiz. The answers are on the last page…
no cheating now.
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
3. When is your best time for gambling?
6. What career would you have been
if you could have?
a. Boxer
b. A delivery boy
c. A dancer
d. An actor
e. Stand-up comedian
7. In your free time you like to:
a. Watch westerns
b. Play electric toy trains
c. Watching television soap operas
d. Travel the world
e. Laugh
a. Always
b. Whenever the opportunity arises
c. Occasionally
d. At teatime
e. Late at night
4. What reflects your philosophy
the most?
a. A world without rules or consequences
b. The best is yet to come
c. My talent is my weapon, the power, way for me to
d. God save the Queen
e. I am a rock
5. What describes you best?
a. The eternal essence of cool
b. The (crooning) voice
c. The icon of cool
d. Brother-in-Lawford
e. Son of a gun
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
If you answered mostly a’s:
Dean Martin: an icon more
than an entertainer, he was
the essence of cool and lived
the high life of booze, broads
and bright lights, always
projecting a sense of utter
detachment and serenity. You
are an accomplished gambler
who faces any situation with
calmness. You are cool and
collected. We suggest you
cruise our casinos and try your luck just about anywhere. But with your attitude, take a look at our online
magazine competitions page.
It is made for cool.
Mostly b’s:
Frank Sinatra: Known as the
chairman of the board. He
was the boss and took charge
no matter where he was. He
rose from being a delivery
boy to one of the world’s best
loved entertainers. You are an
entertainer for whom gambling is just one part of a fun
evening out. You like to live
it up. Enjoy! Join our loyalty
club if you have not already.
You are a leader and that will
soon be clear as you rise up
the loyalty ranks.
Mostly c’s:
Sammy Davis Jr: One of
the world’s greatest
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
entertainers who rose to fame during the time of the
color bar in the US. However he overcame this. You are
a devil at the tables, overcoming whatever adversity to
win, while staring your critics in the face. Take a look at
our new games as introduced by Adrienne our resident
slots-guru. We think you’ll enjoy working to get the better of these games.
Mostly d’s:
Peter Lawford: A great actor,
born in the United Kingdom,
he literally made 100s of
movies. He was also married to JFK’s sister for many
years. However, eventually
they were divorced because
of his roaming eye. So watch
yourself when you gamble.
You want to be everywhere at
once, playing everything at the same time. We suggest
you watch our top games and play these. It will give you
some focus.
Mostly e’s:
Joey Bishop: A born comedian, he was the anchor of
the Rat Pack (called the Hub
of the Big Wheel by Sinatra).
People don’t realise that you
are serious when you gamble
as they are so busy listening
to your wisecracks and jokes.
However you are very consistent. We suggest you enter our
weekly competitions – you should do well – like Bishop
who guest-hosted on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny
Carson more times than anyone else.
by Danette Breitenbach
”Few if any people know
more about
the world of
gambling than,
Frank Rosenthal.”
Aces high
Think Stardust Casino and Frank “Ace” Rosenthal springs to mind
instantly. Rosenthal ran the Stardust, along with three other
Las Vegas casinos, in the late 70s and early 80s. In fact it is said
few people on this planet knew as much about gambling as
Rosenthal did.
- Nicholas Pileggi,
author and Hollywood screenwriter of Wiseguy,
Goodfellas and Casino.
De Niro as the character Sam Ace Rothstein while Sharon
Stone portrayed Ginger the character based on Geri.
orn in Chicago, Rosenthal became the US’s top
handicapper, setting the line for thousands of
bookmakers across America. He is also seen as
a true visionary for bringing the first Race and Sportsbook
to Las Vegas, despite resistance from the traditional
table bosses.
As a child Rosenthal was interested in sports, but not
in a way that would make a parent proud. No, while his
interest began young, so did his arrest and indictments for
gambling crimes such as bribing players. He described it
as ” I was studying all phases of gambling in my late teens.
It’s no different than anything else, like a doctor, a lawyer
or a writer.”
He also hosted a popular TV variety show, The Frank
Rosenthal Show, in the 1970s in which he was joined by Las
Vegas’ brightest stars, celebrities as well as sports champions and handicappers, such as Frank Sinatra and Bob
Hope. He was married to Geri, who was a beautiful, blond
In the national bestseller, Casino, by Nicholas Pileggi, also
the author and Hollywood screenwriter of Wiseguy and
Goodfellas, his character’s name is fictional, but the man
himself is based on Rosenthal. In the 1995 movie by Martin
Scorsese based on the book, he is portrayed by Robert
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
According to Rosenthal Casino, both the book and movie,
were on target. “When Pileggi set out to write his book he
interviewed hundreds of people, reviewed court proceedings, transcripts, television news footage and such. Most of
the information he published is right on target.”
To add to the authenticity of the movie, De Niro insisted
that his entire wardrobe come from the same manufacturers that Rosenthal had dealt with. Despite Rosenthal
saying that there was a certain amount of “Hollywood” in
the movie – for example he did not juggle on his television show – and while some of the timelines are askew
and events portrayed in the film were written for The Big
Screen, the film does give a fact-based snapshot of events
and people behind the scenes from the Good Old Days in
Las Vegas.”
What were Rosenthal’s good old days in Las Vegas? As long
as you were on his side they were good. But if not…
Rosenthal actually ran the Stardust as well as the Fremont,
Marina and Hacienda casinos while they were controlled
by the Mafia. While he had various titles – from food and
beverage director to entertainment director – it was no
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Danette Breitenbach
secret he was concerned with more than how many blueberries were in a blueberry muffin and how tall the show
girls were…
In 1976, the authorities found out that Rosenthal was running the casinos without the required Nevada Licence. This
led to a hearing by the board to determine his legal ability
to obtain a licence. He was denied a licence. He appealed to
judge Joseph Pavlikowski and he avoided having his name
put into the Black Book which would have seen him banned
from Nevada casinos forever. Before his death Rosenthal admitted to having sneaked into Las Vegas on many occasion,
in disguise over the years.
In 1982, Rosenthal survived an assassination attempt. It
is said that a metal plate under the driver’s seat is what
saved him. The plate had been placed in his 1981 Cadillac
Eldorado to correct a balancing problem. However, it was
a sign that the end was near. His wife had left him, taking a significant part of his savings with her. She died in
1982, at age 46, of an apparent drug overdose in a motel in
California. In 1988, he was forced to leave Las Vegas as his
name was entered into the Black Book. He retired to Laguna
Niguel, California then to Boca Raton, Florida, and then to
Miami Beach. From there he ran his website, until his death in 2008. He was 79
years old.
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
While his death left many nostalgic, the fact was that
Rosenthal was no angel and also represented a time in
Las Vegas that was hard, tough and even bloody. Comments on his death include: “I hope it is true and it’s been
said you should never speak ill of the dead. There are
exceptions to the rule. Frank Rosenthal is one of those
exceptions. He was an awful human being.”
Considering that many felt like this about him, he got off
lightly. Of his wife, his friend from childhood, Tony Spilotro, whose affair with Geri destroyed their friendship, he
was the only one who died a natural death. (Spiltro was
murdered and dumped in an Indiana cornfield in 1986,
courtesy of his mob bosses.)
Once called “the greatest living expert on sports gambling” by Sports Illustrated, Rosenthal is credited with
bringing sports betting to Las Vegas casinos in the 70s,
but the same man also fixed games, allowed past-posting
illegal booksmakers and skimming casino profits.
Gambler Lem Banker, who knew Rosenthal well, admits
that Rosenthal would cheat “a blind pencil salesmen if
given the chance”.
Banker sums up Rosenthal: "He was an egomaniac. But
he was a smart sonofabitch." Either way, his legacy in
Las Vegas will always be talked about.
by Monica Guy
“Play it again, Sam. Play.” Who hasn’t heard those immortal words from the movie,
whispered by Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman) in Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart)’s
nightclub and gambling joint? Immortal words, an unforgettable movie, and
Casablanca itself, an enduringly fascinating city. Across the Atlantic, another city
is starting to shoot into the high life: Atlanta, in the United States headquarters
of many big businesses, a growing party town and a potential rival for Las Vegas.
Read on...
The white house
Two sides of a
(glinting) coin
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
Casablanca is the economic powerhouse of Morocco,
a glitzy center of business and entertainment on the
warm west coast of North Africa, a city with a population of four million hopefuls who have flocked from all
corners to do business, bargain, gamble – and win –
their fortunes. It’s known as a place where some bite the
dust while others bathe in gold dust, where dreams can
come true... but only if you’re smart or lucky enough.
husband, a Czech Resistance leader fighting the Nazis.
Love, power, drama, trickery, intrigue... all set against the
background of this glamorous cosmopolitan city.
Perhaps it was such an iconic movie because it had an
A-list cast. As well as Bogart and Bergman, we see the
other greats of the era: Claude Rains, Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. They were stars of the screen, of
The name Casablanca means ‘white house’, but most
buildings are striking blends of art deco and Moorish architecture. Amid the bustling crowds and bright
lights are the exotic sights and scents of Arab culture:
the spicy street food, crowded markets, and gorgeous
fabrics. It’s a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity, a true hotbed of culture and history. Ruled by the
French from 1910 to 1956, it has dash of both Arabic
and French in its culture and customs. It’s also the country’s most important port and was home to a crucial
American air base in World War II.
You must have seen the movie Casablanca, the blackand-white classic from way back in 1942. It won three
awards at the 1944 Oscars and has remained one of the
most enduringly popular films of all time. Humphrey
Bogart and Ingrid Bergman played the starring roles:
he as Rick Blaine, an American expatriate owner of an
upmarket nightclub and gambling den, she a Swedish
beauty by the name of Ilsa Lund. She was one of Rick’s
former lovers, now trying to escape to America with her
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Monica Guy
course, but also real men and women who revelled in
the pleasures of the flesh, who lived the high life, but
liked to let loose with their cronies. The group were
predecessors of the infamous Rat Pack who caroused
through Las Vegas’ casinos and clubs causing scandals
left, right and center. Their motto was “they never let
business get in the way of having fun”.
Fun then business
All the more comical in the movie, then, when Captain
Louis Renault enters Rick’s Café American gambling
joint with a theatrical cry: “I am shocked, shocked to
find that gambling is going on in here!”
Modern-day Casablancans don’t let business get in
the way of having fun either. Party central is along the
Boulevard de la Corniche, which stretches all the way
from Hassan II Mosque to El Hank lighthouse on a
rocky sea-swept promontory west of the city. Beaches,
pools, hotels, cafés, bars, line the coastal road, which
heaves with locals and visitors out for some ritz and
razzmatazz. Morocco’s millionaires live in Anfa, just
behind the Corniche and a short limo drive away.
Casablanca may be a classic, but its heyday isn’t over.
Luxury hotels and entertainment complexes are
springing up faster than you can hum the movie’s
theme song As Time Goes By. The Anfaplace Living Resort
is underway, a US$240 million project for a 93 000 square
meter luxury development. It’s being carved right into
the cliffside of the Boulevard de la Corniche, and comprises a 5-star hotel, luxury apartments, shops galore,
and hot places to eat, drink and party the night away.
Stroll further down the coast and you’ll come across the
Morocco Mall, a 10 hectare mall project which will open
in 2010 as the largest shopping and leisure complex in
North Africa. Watch this space.
Across the ocean
If Casablanca reflects the golden era of the 50s and 60s,
the new era blinds us with its shiny modern steel, bright
lights and towering buildings. Cross the ocean from
Casablanca to the beta-world city of Atlanta, capital of
Georgia and one of the fastest growing urban centers
in the US. It is home to Coca-Cola, CNN, AT&T Mobility
and Delta Air Lines and it boasts one of the US’s largest
concentrations of Fortune 500 companies.
You’ll land at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – one of the world’s busiest – and cruise into the city
past towering glass-and-steel constructions. The Bank of
America Plaza is the tallest building in the US outside of
New York and Chicago. More than 60 new high rises have
sprung up in the last three years, and counting.
Clearly, Atlanta has moved fast from its former life as a
Native American village called Standing Peachtree. It’s a
city on the unstoppable up, up, up.
Like Casablanca, Atlanta is a melting pot of cultures with
Latinos and Asians coming to find their fortunes in this
city of free-flowing wealth. Tourists are flocking too – up
to 40 million a year. Hand-in-hand with a vibrant cultural
scene and burgeoning tourism industry is the city’s happening nightlife.
A lot of the fun takes place in the Buckhead, Midtown
and Downtown districts, all of which ooze money: Buckhead with its millionaires’ pads and seriously upscale
nightlife, Midtown with its shiny new ‘Midtown Mile’
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
shopping extravaganza and trendy vibe, and Downtown
with its famous Underground Atlanta shopping and
entertainment mall. Atlanta has the fastest-growing
population of millionaires in the US, so expect to see
some cash flashed in the clubs and party-goers dressed
to impress.
The Underground Atlanta is currently bidding for a
contract to open a half billion-dollar casino and hotel
complex on its premises. Las Vegas beware.
Casablanca and Atlanta are two sides of a glinting coin.
The newspapers may be full of doom and gloom, but
it’s a comfort that there are cities where the money still
flows, and where euphoria reigns and the partying goes
on through the night. So: Play it again, Sam. Play.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Brandon Faber
All the players. All the adventure.
All the Prestige… again.
The year was 2007 and all around
the house was stirring.
GrandPrivé.com casinos had just
finished wowing the industry with
its US$66 000 Points Challenge
when we delivered our coup de
grâce for the year. It was called
“The Prestige” and it offered our
players a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Southern
Africa in royal fashion.
On offer was the VIP trip of a
lifetime, with breathtaking
accommodation, stunning
locations, heart-stopping activities
and glittering excess that would
make any celebrity holiday look
like a camping trip in the woods.
A thousand magic moments
Our last winner, Tami C, and her partner spent nine unforgettable
nights at three magical locations in Southern Africa, including the
legendary Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia, The Palace of the Lost
City at Sun City and one of the world’s leading hotels, The Table Bay in
Cape Town, South Africa.
The prize included business class flights, $3 000 spending money,
lavish hospitality and VIP treatment – every leisurely step of the way.
With helicopter flips over the mighty Zambezi River, a full-time
GrandPrivé.com manager on duty to ensure that absolutely every
need was catered for, luxury spa treatments, golf, sunset cruises,
wonderful dinners and stupendous evenings spent lapping up the
magic and mystery of Africa, The Prestige redefined the meaning of
Grand Prize Winner.
Nothing has come close since.
Priceless perfection
Where players usually prefer cash
prizes over holiday excursions,
the Prestige proved just too
alluring, too special, too addictive
an offering to ignore.
Its taken two years to plan and
prepare for its sequel and we are
not ready to reveal all the details
just yet – but – we will state that the
world’s premiere casino promotion
makes its long-awaited return this
winter across the GrandPrivé.com
Group of online casinos.
What you can expect
Another nine awe-inspiring evenings at some of the most exotic
destinations in the world. Yours will be a world of fantasy, a place for
royalty where every decadent desire, every inspired dream, every
breathtaking moment builds into a crescendo of boundless energy –
beating the drum of every heart that expects the best.
Surrounded by the finest the southern hemisphere has to offer – the
second installment of The Prestige promises to bring you a symphony
of sunsets, an adventure of the senses and your perfect moment in
Pampered exclusivity. Royalty-personified. It’s yours. . . THIS WINTER.
Watch this space for more information… coming soon.
GrandPrivé.com casino
management promised a nine
night extravaganza of such epic
proportions that it be talked about
for years to come – mentioned only
when the very finest promotions
in online gaming history was the
topic of the day.
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
Huge rewards at
by Adrienne Brookbanks
Ever asked someone why they don’t Dream, Dare and Play online and their
answer is “Nah, the house always wins”. We’re always dumbstruck about
this train of thought because at GrandPrivé.com, we’ve got a 97% payout
rate and we celebrate our huge winners with more gusto, bravado and
high-fives than other casinos deem necessary.
Our winners come in all shapes and sizes, from all four
corners of the world and the winning happens in various forms. Some people are online, spending only a few
bucks, when they suddenly strike it rich. Other players
are extremely ambitious, sign up for tournaments and
rejoice in seeing their name move up the competition
leader board.
Wedding bells
Judi C is one of our players who plays (and wins) regularly at our group of casinos. She won over US$90 000
between May and June this year.“I’m planning on
throwing an extravagant wedding for my son!” said
Judi. Most of her winnings were won on Age of Discovery
video slot, Little Chief Big Cash video slot and Days of
Tsar bonus slot. We hope that we’ll be able to see some
pictures of her son’s lavish wedding celebration!
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
Getting festive
Richard R is another gamer who struck it rich on
our games recently. During the course of one week,
Richard won $11 000 on Halloweenies Video Slot,
$3 500 on Deck the Halls Video Slot and $8 000 on
Lucky Eggsplorer Video Slot.
Delighted players
Besides winning on games, many players also
claimed a huge chunk of money with our highly
successful Cruise to Riches competition.
Over the past few months, Michael W won $52 060 on
Curry in a hurry Video Slot, Lisa B won $34 100 on
Fighting Fish Video Slot, France B won $26 000 on Tally
Ho Video Slot and Nancy G won Gopher Gold Video Slot.
“There are so many players who have called in to let us
know that they hit a jackpot on one of our games,” says
Jason, one of the VIP managers at GrandPrivé.com.
“It’s so rewarding when you hear how delighted players
are and find out what they want to do with their earnings,” he said.
“I had such a lucky streak on your holiday themed
video slots!” exclaimed Richard. “Now I only play
games that have a festive theme, this is obviously
my niche.”
Huge rewards
Whether you’re a regular player at our group of casinos
or you only come in once in a while to earn some extra
cash, it’s always worth your while to sign up for tournaments and competitions.
Richard is planning on renovating his home with
the cash that he won. “There are lots of things I
want to fix and improve around the house and this
cash will come in handy when I start to revamp the
Our goal is to give all our players huge rewards when
they Dream, Dare and Play – make sure you’re trying
your luck and claiming your share of the pool of money
that has to go around!
Over 170 winners with Cruise to Riches
Many of our players play certain games for months
before they pay out huge sums of money and others
bounce around between games while they wait for the
loot to roll in.
GrandPrivé.com dished out over $100 000 in cash,
bonuses and prizes between March and July to
celebrate Casino Grand Bay’s eighth birthday.
What made this promotion unique was the fact that
players could compete against other players in their
Loyalty Tier. There were four leader boards representing each tier, so Jacks no longer had to sit back
and see Ace players firing away on the leader board
– they could actively play at their own level and still
claim top prizes.
At the end of every round, the top 10 players in each
group walked away with massive prizes, which gave
us a grand total of over 170 winners!
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Adrienne Brooksband
Problems with UIGEA
I have an account, but
sometimes struggle to
make a deposit
means to you
In October 2006, the United States Senate passed the Unlawful Internet
Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) and since then the information on the Act has led to rumors, wild forum posts and other contradicting
information on the web. To assist you with the ins and outs of gaming in the
US, Adrienne Brookbanks examines the UIGEA and how it affects you.
The low down
The aim of this Act is to prevent
US banks and financial intermediaries from accepting and processing
certain online gaming-related transactions. What has confused most
players is that the Act does not make
online casinos illegal (hey, we’re
still here!), although it does have an
impact on certain players from select
States (see block).
Yes, unfortunately owing to the
existence of UIGEA and conditions
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
set by our software provider,
Microgaming, GrandPrivé.com |
cannot accept wagers from players
in the 13 States that have chosen to
ban all forms of online betting.
What if I had an account before
the UIGEA was passed?
If you opened an account at one of
our casinos before the UIGEA was
passed (and you reside in a State that
hasn’t been banned from gaming
online), then you are still free to
Dream, Dare, Play and claim huge
rewards! However if your State has
banned gaming online then your
account is null and void regardless
of when you opened it.
Also, if you have never had an
account at any
casino, and you are a resident of the
US, you will be unable to register a
new account with us at this time –
regardless of which State you reside
in. (However watch this space for
exciting developments on this
As a result of UIGEA, US
players sometimes find it more
difficult to deposit funds into
their casino accounts (this also
relates to other sports betting
sights and poker rooms). Many
of the large banking solutions
that facilitated deposits and
withdrawals from US players
have stopped taking business from the US market, but
there are still several ways for
American players to deposit
and withdraw funds from their
casino accounts:
Purchase options for US
Credit/Debit cards
Withdrawal options for US
Direct bank/Swift/Wire transfer
Check payment
UseMy Wallet
GrandPrivé.com is keeping a
hawk-like eye on UIGEA and
we’ll be the first to send out
victory mails letting everyone
caught outside our winner’s
circle know when they too can
play at our famous casinos.
As for the rest of the gaming
population: keep having more
fun, having more thrills and
winning more at the most
secure casinos in online
Let’s play!
Unlucky 13
South Dekota
New York
Owing to the lack of clarity, UIGEA relies on
Federal and State laws to determine which
types of internet gaming are restricted.
It seems that “skill games” (such as poker)
could possibly fall into a different set of rules
which will allow players to play for money online. Many states view “gambling” as winning
by chance (not skill).
Although banks do have rules and
regulations on what transactions they
process, they only have to report on what
they find (UIGEA will have to force them to
ban the transaction, which would cripple their
processing systems).
It is going to take manpower,
money and time to successfully
implement UIGEA. Many industry experts actually expecting
the legislation to be repealed
within the next 12 months.
“Unlawful Internet Gambling” is not clearly
defined in US law and this makes it very difficult to create a set of rules restricting money
transfers to websites.
If the law were to differentiate between pure
chance and skill games, banks and purchasing
processors would have to determine what is
legal and illegal.
Watch this space
The main problem with this piece of
legislation is that it is difficult to enforce
with a sceptical market loathe to move on
Banks and America’s payment systems should
not have to fill a judicial role by determining
what transactions they will allow.
Government acknowledges that the
enforceability of UIGEA is debatable as it is
extremely difficult to shut off payment
systems and internet gambling.
New Jersey
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Adrienne Brookbanks
“GrandPrivé.com always acknowledges
loyalty and this is just one of the ways
in which we reward ambition. You don’t
have to be the biggest spender for me
to visit you.”
Kia Del Fava GrandPrivé.com’s energetic VIP manager of our customer
services department jet sets the
world for one reason and one reason
only: YOU.
Her role entails traveling by whatever
means necessary (be it wheelbarrow,
hovercraft, airplane or hot air
balloon) to the four corners of the
earth to meet GrandPrivé.com’s
much appreciated players.
“It’s been a hectic couple of months
during which I’ve been visiting players in Orlando, Miami, Cleveland,
Ohio and San Francisco,” she says, “It
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
is always so amazing to see where
our VIP players live, what they do
and what they think about gaming.”
One thing that always surprises Kia
is that the players she meets don’t
realise that they are GrandPrivé.com
explains: “I don’t only meet up with
company owners and hotshot businessmen. Many of our players have
normal eight to five jobs, and these
jobs range from chefs to fishermen,
IT technicians, neo natal nurses and
“So many players don’t even know
they’re the VIPs who receive bonuses
and promotion invites because of
that from us. When I meet these players – who we value so much – they’re
taken aback by it,” she exclaims.
Meeting and interacting with them is
the best part of her job. “I really enjoy
being able to put a face to people’s
names. It takes quite a long time to
contact people, set up an appointment and travel across the world, so
when I finally get to meet them I kind
of just exhale and think – finally,” she
Many of our VIP players are just
normal people like you and me as Kia
According to Kia, many of the players she meets can’t believe how
much she can eat. “I’ve out-eaten so
many of our players during lunch
and dinner dates,” Kia exclaims.
“They’re always shocked that a
small girl like me can eat so much!
One of our players even called the
player support centre to let them
know how impressed he was that I
could actually eat more than him.”
The goal of her travels, however,
isn’t to out-eat players, but to find
out what makes you, as a gambler,
tick. “We want to know who you are,
what games you like, what types of
promotions you enjoy. I mean, so
many land- based casinos are able
to treat their players because they
come in and game – why should an
online casino be any different?”
As she explains: “Gaining player insights and finding out more about
our players is GrandPrivé.com’s way
of creating the ultimate gambling
experience for you.
“I’ve discovered that many of our
players love spot prizes and mystery
prizes. A lot of them also tell me what
types of prizes they would like to
receive – I found out that cash and
travel is very high up on the prize list!”
Kia also says that GrandPrivé.com
players are different to other online
gamers. “The characteristic that truly
sets our players apart from other
players is loyalty and commitment.
“With online gambling, people can
click away and play anywhere they
want to. Our players game with us
because they like our brands, the
player support department and the
promotions. Most of the players I
met said that even if they play at
other casinos, they will always come
back to GrandPrivé.com.”
One of the downfalls of Kia’s job is
not being able to get to all the players she wants to meet. “People are
really security conscious – especially
in the United States.
When they hear that I want to take
them to lunch or treat them to a
drink, some of them become
suspicious because they aren’t
sure if playing at our group of
casinos is legal or not.” (Be sure to
check out the article on the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement
Act in this edition of Magazine
to get all the facts about gaming
“It’s such a pity that people miss
out on the opportunity to meet
me because of this!” Kia exclaims.
“This is the fun part of being a
gamer at GrandPrivé.com –
it’s about us giving back to you.”
And where will Kia be in the near
future? “I’m planning on going to
Canada before the festive season
and am also going to try to go to
California, Florida and Texas before
by Adrienne Brookbanks
by Adrienne Brookbanks
It’s autumn, the leaves are colorful and so are
the Video Slots! Find out which game will get
you into jet pilot mode, what precious metal will
boost your bank account and what game show
themed video slot leads to big prizes. Sit back,
relax and get all the video slot news you need.
Adrienne Brookbanks is our ruthless video
slot reviewer. She’s got a keen eye for
entertainment and refuses to stop spinning
reels until she’s reached the free spins and
gamble feature on every game. Read about
her hottest picks for the quarter and play it
your way at GrandPrivé.com!
Tips for playing online video slots
Play the games that are hot. If you’re
playing video slots you might as well
play the games that are performing well!
Every Friday, you can find a list of the top
performing games (plus a short game
review) on!
4 or 5 Thespian Masks across your reels, you will be taken
into three bonus screens, each overseen by one of the
three horizontally challenged sopranos.
When the fat lady sings, the player wins! I’m trying to
come up with some politically correct euphemisms for
the word “fat” to describe the look of the opera sopranos
in this video slot. Maybe beefy, bosomy or chubby would
The first screen decides the number of Free Spins that
you will be getting (you can win between five and 30
free spins). The second screen determines the Multiplier
level between 1 x and 5 x during free spins and the third
screens delivers a bonus win value.
Whichever synonym you use, these singing ladies have
definitely reached maximum density and this game has
also taken feature options to the limit.
The Fat Lady Sings logo is the Wild symbol that substitutes
for everything except the Thespian Mask (the Thespian
Mask symbol is the Scatter). Get five Fat Lady Sings symbols on a line and you’ll be reeling in a jackpot of 3 000
coins multiplied by your line bet. If you bet the maximum
coin size you will win a nice 15 000 coin jackpot with this
feature. There are 25 paylines and players have to enable
the paylines (using the +/- signs) to make sure they cash in
on winning combinations on their enabled lines.
The innovative bonus system is what sets Fat Lady Sings
apart from other Video Slot games. If you are able to get 3,
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
Fat Lady Sings also offers an extra way to win with the
Gamble bonus. You can choose to Gamble your win with
a double-up feature where you can double your wins by
choosing between red or black, or quadruple your win
with the suits.
This Video Slot offers high quality graphics, a fun theme
and a lot of different options to up your chances of winning. High rollers might get a bit bored (the maximum
bet is $31.25) but the rest of the gamers can easily get
hours of entertainment along with some great payouts
when the Fat Lady Sings!
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Adrienne Brookbanks
Getting into the Free Spins is
your first mission because this
re-triggering feature carries a 2
x Multiplier and more chances
to access a second screen – a
two level bonus. The first level
gives you three picks of 10 to
find three atomic fuel symbols.
The second level is more
intense because you have to get
the main bad guy from a pick of
five mean looking blokes.
Calling all Top Gun and airplane fanatics! Strap yourself into the cockpit of
expertly crafted graphics that
display jet fighters, helicopters and
military pilots with this entertaining
5 reel, 25 payline Video Slot.
What I liked about this game (besides the Gamble feature, Scatters,
Wilds and Free Spins) are the graphics. The screen is set up to look as
if you’re flying a jet that’s mid-air.
The different shades of blue and red
give it a military feel and the pilot that salutes you
makes you involuntarily sit up straight. Whether you’re
taking on the mothership or a gaggle of geese – you
feel determined, in control, and ready to use army lingo
that forces you to say “over” after every statement.
The wagering range on this game lets you bet as little
as 0.01 a line up to 0.20. You can win up to 47 600.00 in
the base game, 95 200.00 on Free Spins and 3 400.00
on the Bonus feature.
The Flight Zone symbol is Wild and the Missile
is the Scatter Symbol. If you’re lucky enough to get the
Missile Scatter on reels 1 and 5, you will be awarded 10
Free Spins where your wins are doubled. The Mission
symbol is also a Scatter and if you get this symbol on
reels 2, 3 and 4 you will also be catapulted to the two
level bonus mission.
Flight Zone Video Slot is a unique game that keeps you
interested for hours on end – check it out!
Games that go into a bonus feature before you’ve even
checked out all the symbols always score major points
in my book. I was still giving this game the once over
and suddenly I was picking boxes and getting my bet
multiplied. Nice.
Your Lucky Day is based on an 80s type of game show.
You remember these TV shows – many screens featuring
prizes that contestants can win, like cars wrapped in red
ribbons, luxury travel and high-tech kitchen appliances
from the 80s, like an egg beater or spatula.
Well Your Lucky Day has that
type of theme (minus the irritating game show host voice that
repeats the same thing over and
over again). The betting range
of his game will suit all pockets,
from as little as 0.01 to 0.50, with
200.00 maximum bet that could
give you up to 57 240.00 in the
base game and a massive
114 480.00 in Free Spins.
The two show hosts act as Scatters and getting them
on your reels will take you to the second screen bonus
feature. If you get the lady host on reels 1 and 5, you will
enter the Hi-Lo bonus game and the male host opens the
door to the Lucky Money bonus game where you get to
pick from 18 screens and win up to 60 x the stake.
The Your Lucky Day logo is the Wild symbol (is anyone
else starting to notice a pattern with this – why is the
game logo almost always the Wild symbol these days?)
and the Free Spins Television symbol opens the free spins
game. If you get two Free Spins Television symbols on
your reels, you will get a 1 x boost for the total
bet staked and if three of these symbols appear
on your reels you will get a 2 x boost along with
10 Free Spins. All payouts are doubled during
Free Spins and even more freebies can be retriggered during the Free Spins feature.
This game is fun, quick and everyone from high
rollers to just-for-fun players have an opportunity to win. I enjoyed the 80s theme as well as
the different bonus features.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Adrienne Brookbanks
by Adrienne Brookbands
(25.00), you could
win 6 515.00 in the
base game,
97 725.00 on
Free Spins and up
to 10 000.00 on a
Gamble feature.
We never get tired of
Alien themed Video
Games and players
never get tired of playing them! For some
reason, outer space
themed slots are always
a hit and the graphics
(plus payouts) keep getting better.
Monster Meteors Video Slot is a 5 reel, 25 payline game with imaginative creatures and lots
of rewards. You can get up to 15 x on Multipliers, 35 Free Spins and the Wild symbol is all
over the show.
You can expect to see some squiggly letters
and numbers, cute looking furry monsters, a
space trooper, green blob-looking monsters
and other little creatures on your reels when
you start playing.
The Space Trooper is
the Wild symbol that
will help you make the
winning combinations
you need to earn some
winnings. If you play
the maximum coin size
Grand Edition 5
May 2009
Look out for the
blazing meteors
which will send you
to a bonus game within this game. If you get
three or more blazing meteors, you’ll get five
Free Spins and this feature can lead you to a
screen where you get to zap the extraterrestrial monsters. If you manage to zap the
winning monsters, you could be rewarded
with extra Free Spins and 15 x Multipliers.
Experienced players will definitely appreciate
the special features in this game, but beginners will also enjoy the betting range (you
can play with from as
little as 0.01 up to 0.10)
that Monster Meteors
offers. Sit back, enjoy
the dramatic symbols
and some serious winning with this creatively
themed slot game!
present during Free Spin cycles (which definitely
makes the Sterling Silver Wild something to look
out for).
Ever thought that silver was a second rate metal
compared to gold? I think we all have, but Sterling
Silver Video Slot proves that this precious metal is
dripping with lucrative winnings.
Sterling Silver is a 5 reel, 25 payline Video Slot with
a betting range between 0.01 and 0.25 (maximum
bet is 62.50). You can win up to 80 000.00 in the base
game and another 80 000.00 in Free Spins.
What adds to the entertainment and suspense of
this game is the different ways in which you can win.
Getting the Sterling Silver Wild symbol on the center
reel will reward you with a multiplier between
2 x and 10 x. I like the fact that this multiplier is also
You will also get 15 re-triggering Free Spins if you
find three Sterling Silver Scatters anywhere on reels
2, 3 and 4.
Make sure you double or quadruple your winnings
with the Gamble Feature in this game where you will
be prompted to guess the correct suit and color of
a card!
All that glistens isn’t gold, but in this case, silver is a
great alternative!
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Adrienne Brookbanks
More bank for
your bucks
There’s a flurry of
information on online
banking options on the
internet. What should you be
doing? You’ve got a casino account
and a credit card, so the obvious
train of thought is to fund your
online entertainment with your
credit card – but eCash (web
wallets) is a global shift that
accommodates all types of
players’ needs.
We cornered Hamdy Ashour, the Fraud and Risk Supervisor at GrandPrivé.com to find out exactly what players
need to know about new types of banking options that
are available for GrandPrivé.com players.
“eCash, also known as web wallets, is such a secure
and convenient way of managing your online
banking funds – not only for gaming, but for all your
online transactions,” says Hamdy.
“It’s surprising that so many of our players are still
using credit card and other forms of banking options
when they have great, new, processing options that are
quicker, cheaper and less of a hassle.”
Not all of us are computer whizzes and not all of us are
paranoid. But it’s important for everyone to know that
their hard-earned money is where they want it to be.
“In the end, we want our players to be able to play safely,” says Hamdy. “GrandPrivé.com casinos are guarded
by more firewalls than any hacker would want to tackle
and our Fraud and Risk Team are the type of folk that
sleep with one eye open.”
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
Benefits of having a web wallet
Find out which eCash option suits you
• You can transfer money between your credit card,
savings account, check account and more
• These options are safer than credit cards because
nobody can hack into your account (identity verification services ensure that only you can use your
• You can use your money for buying anything online so
you are not limited to online gaming purchases. Buy
a boat on eBay, a book on or a one-way
ticket to Hawaii with your web wallet money!
• Cash-ins are much quicker. With web wallets, you will
wait a maximum of 48 hours for your money (as
opposed to 21 business days with a check, for
• Web wallets use industry leading encryption to make
sure that your money is moved to the exact destination you want it to go
• The web wallets are usually much cheaper than other
online banking options
• There are no credit card rejections. Web wallets have
no bias towards online gaming – it’s your money and
you can do with it as you please.
Not all web wallets are functional in all countries and you
need to find out which eCash option suites your currency.
Hamdy shared some of his favorite web wallets with us.
What types of web wallets are available?
“People like sticking to what they know,” says Hamdy.
“They feel more in control using their credit cards, but
the truth is that web wallets give you all the transparency
you need – with more flexibility, guaranteed purchasing
acceptance and quicker cash-ins.”
There are quite a lot of eCash options available to people
who want to spend money online. These are the best:
“Neteller and Moneybookers are great web wallets all
round and they offer top security and very quick cash-ins.
“But this also depends what country you are in. I would
advise American players to sign up with Quicktender
because it is definitely the strongest web wallet company
in the United States. Canadian players, who would like to
shift to web wallets should try out UseMyBank – many
of our Canadian players have been pleased with their
services,” says Hamdy.
How do you switch to eCash?
“Switching to eCash is easy,” says Hamdy. “You can set up
a web wallet at any of the above mentioned company
websites, or you can simply do it on your banking page at
any of the GrandPrivé.com casinos.”
If it’s so safe and simple, why aren’t more players
using eCash?
Does this mean that credit cards aren’t safe
“Not at all!” exclaims Hamdy, “Many of our players still
use credit cards and we work round the clock to protect
player details. But if you want a cheaper banking option
that provides optimal security and ease of use – then
eCash is the way to go. It really is the future of online
gaming and banking.”
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
By Adrienne Brookbanks
How to
win online!
questions are also in multi-choice format so we’re
actually helping you win!
In the last edition of Magazine we scattered
Loyal Flush logos throughout the pages. These
logos indicated that there would be an answer to
a question on this page to a competition on
When are the different promotions taking
place and what can I win?
So, since 1 July, Loyal Flush players have been able to
fill in quizzes and take part in competitions that test
their gaming knowledge, while taking a shot at winning
some great bonus money giveaways.
Black Diamond players
25 August – 7 September.
Win $1 000 bonus money.
All Loyal Flush players
14 – 21 September.
Win $400 bonus money.
How it works
All Loyal Flush players
28 September – 5 October.
Win $400 bonus money
All Loyal Flush players
12 – 19 October.
Win $400 bonus money
If you saw your Loyalty tier logo on a page (the Jack
logo was on the Rat Pack video slot page, for instance),
this signals all Jack players to go to the competitions
page of and answer a
question about the Rat Pack Video Slot. If you see a
Loyal Flush logo, then all players are able to enter the
competition online.
What if I don’t have the previous edition of
Magazine anymore?
Not to fuss, fret or fear. Most of the questions are
related to games and promotions so, with a bit of
research, you will be able to crack the answer. The
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
All you have to do is get onto the competitions page
and answer the question to have more fun, have more
thrills and win more with Magazine online.
We’re going to be running regular promotions on the
competitions page so it is definitely worth your while
to keep yourself updated with the happenings at! See you there!
Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony –
drive an Aston Martin DB7 & Lotus Elise
Janet Jackson –
drives an Aston Martin Vanquish.
Simon Cowell –
drive a million dollar Bugatti Veyron.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie –
drive a BMW Hydrogen 7.
Jessica Simpson –
drives a white Escalade.
Julia Roberts –
drives a Toyota Prius.
Kevin Costner –
drives an Audi Q7 and Audi S8.
Matthew McConaughey –
drives a Lincoln MKX
Amy Winehouse –
drives a BMW 7 Series.
Nicole Richie and Joel Madden –
drive a Bentley Continental.
Jerry Seinfeld –
owns a whole bunch of Porches.
Samuel Jackson –
drives a Maybach 57 S.
by Danette Breitenbach and Leani Thomson
The car
Pierce Brosnan –
owns an Aston
Martin Vanquish
of your dreams
Think of Herbie the little Beetle, the Dukes of Hazard’s
modified charger R/T and Miami Vice’s 1972 Ferrari 365
GTS/4, and you are thinking of some of the greatest
automobiles in the world. So here to envy and drool over
are some of the truly iconomic automotives of our time,
more often than not driven by icons of our time.
Paris Hilton – owns a Mercedes Benz SLR!
George Clooney –
drives the two seater
electric Tango 600
Frank Sinatra’s 1955
Ford Thunderbird
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Roy Johnson
Hook me up, Scotty
This might just be the ultimate geek device.
It’s a VoIP phone that is an exact replica of the
1960s Star Trek Communicator. It connects by
USB and has a variety of sound effects from
the TV series to amuse the user, while still
being a completely functional handset for
use with VoIP services on your computer such
as Skype or MSN Messenger. Just over $40 to
boldly go where no phone has gone before.
and today
Not everything new is necessarily good, and the old stuff often
was not good to start with. Sometimes, however, by mixing the
two you can have the best of both worlds: new technology with a
retro look. We chose some gadgets that will leave you with a
nostalgic feeling as they bring back memories of good times.
Some are the real thing while others are a mixture of what was
good yesterday and is great today.
Record coasters
Quite apart from actually having a
collection of old LPs, there are always
a few favorite albums where the cover
pictures bring back happy memories.
You might have the music now on CD
or digital, but there’s always something
missing if the floor isn’t littered with
album sleeves and half-empty wine
glasses. Get these drink coasters with
original album artwork and you can
take a practical walk down memory
lane. A nice touch is that they really are
recycled and the company offers other
products to match.
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
Robot clocks
There is one company that specializes in all
things robot and they have a range of clocks that
take us back to the days when robots were walking boxes with spanners for hands – or so we
assumed. These are made of steel – what else?
– and covered with amusingly antique graphics.
They are definitely worth UK£30 ($50).
Spinning wheel
It’s not only filmmakers who are hooked on
jukeboxes. They are a cultural icon right up there
with boat-sized cars with tailfins. They are still being
manufactured today and are not cheap (about
$11 000) – but they are the quintessential centerpiece for the right setting. This fine example is the Xi
and you don’t have to worry about being trapped in
a time-warp regarding your music selection. This
machine plays whatever you have on your iPod,
while still retaining that authentic look.
Quite a few of us still have collections of LP
records – or even singles. Even if you still have
a turntable, connecting that to a computer system
to save the old music requires a technical diploma.
From ion you can get a turntable with audio USB
output. It works for LPs or singles. At about $120,
it’s a cheap way to save your music
collection for replay on modern devices –
compared to replacing everything with CDs.
Pin art clock
The real fascination with pin art was the
hands-on experience. The results were not
always good, however, and the fascination was
short-lived. A happy reminder comes in the
form of this digital clock with a pin-art display. It
also puts a whole new spin on the phrase “clock
watching”. For US$60, you can get this 1980sstyle time machine.
In-your-face retro
This handset from Thinkgeek looks just like an old phone. But
look – no wires! It connects to your mobile via Bluetooth and will
work up to about 10 meters away from the phone. It really makes
a statement for those of us who object to phones that look like
makeup kits or are tired of earpieces that look like something the
Borg dreamed up to enslave humanity. This is $40 well invested for
a conversation piece.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Madelaine Page
The next step is to attach the relevant lucky color to a specific number:
of winning
Color is an amazing tool to use as it is visual and it can create a
specific mood or setting. Color has an undeniable effect on how
we perceive ourselves and the world around us. Creating
different energy fields and frequencies, it can be an important
tool to help you to get what you want.
Working out your lucky color
In the previous issue of Magazine we learnt about
lucky numbers. Now that you have worked out your
lucky number, the next step is to find your lucky color.
In case you have forgotten or misplaced your previous
issue of Magazine, here is the formula to work out
your lucky number again:
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
Add all digits of the birth date. Now, minimize the result
number to a one digit’s number. This lucky number
refers to the person in question.
Example: Birth date is 5.3.1977
Calculation: 5 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 32
Last step: 3 + 2 = 5
5 is the luck number.
If the result is 10, the luck number will be 1 + 0 = 1.
1 = Yellow (Gold)
You are ambitious, optimistic and generous. You
also like to impress others. Everyone knows when
you have arrived at the table. But it’s not a problem,
because like gold you are a winner.
2 = Blue
Blue people love peace and tranquillity around them.
They have relatively small aspirations and are easy
to satisfy. This color is also the favorite color of more
than half the people in the world. You like to gamble
bit by bit – in no hurry – in a calm manner as you
know where you are going and that you will get
3 = Purple
Purple people have strong personalities with a
prominent personal magnetism and create a secure
and peaceful atmosphere around them. They are
self confident and have high self esteem. You are an
intuitive gambler who believes in him/herself (in the
tradition of royalty and nobility). You know your path
is to success and good fortune with purple.
4 = Red
Red spells competitiveness. If this is your color then
you have the ability to succeed and to move forward
with no support. You have a dominant personality
and are strong, physically and mentally. In terms of
gambling nothing spells winning better than red.
Need we say more?!
5 = Orange
You have a strong character, are smart, sharp and
have a great sense of humor. This color is warm
and makes you a favorite with others. Perhaps you
are a cautious gambler as this is a careful
color. Not a problem, as you are the kind of
person who likes to stick to a budget when
6 = Green
Green people are conservative people who do not like
extreme change and need to be secluded from others to
contemplate their deep thoughts. The color represents
luck, renewal and fertility – it is also the color of money.
While many gamblers don’t really like this color, it works
for you. Wear it and get ready to start growing your
7 = White, Pale Grey
Number 7 people will constantly seek protection from
the outside world. You know how to hide your feelings
and do not share your thoughts with others. A cold and
sterile color, but individualistic. Use this to give you the
confidence to play with your gut instinct. No-one will
know what you are thinking as you come across as
professional and unfazed.
8 = Light Blue
Close to blue (2) this lucky color will assist you in your
life more than you realize. When you wear this color you
feel ready to take on the world and nothing will fluster
you whether you are playing slots or the tables. You are
comfortable, and because it is light blue, you will also feel
that you are not troubled and therefore can focus
9 = Brown
No. 9 people are materialistic; they find security in
earthly matters. They have a tendency to be rebellious
and need to prove their rightness. While to others this is
a dull and uninspiring color, this color grounds you taming your rebellious streak while gambling.
Just remember, no matter what your favorite color, red
is the ultimate color of success so make sure to add
something red when gambling. Nothing spells winning
better than RED! When gambling at home you also
have the advantage of the home turf where you can
surround yourself with colors that are conducive
to winning.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
Each Sudoku
puzzle has only
one correct
(See this editions’
solution below!)
Fill the grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine
3x3 boxes contains the digits from 1 to 9.
The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid. When you insert
a new number it should be unique in that particular region (block)
and also in that particular row and column.
by Linda Shaw
Your gambling horoscope
August – October 2009
ARIES 21 March – 19 April
Friends are letting you down while conmen talk you into unhealthy deals. Although it’s not your style to play alone, you’d be
wise to do so until 13 October when the planets pull themselves
back on track. If love is the
answer, pay special attention to 5, 20 August and
anytime after 15 October. September is hopeless for
relationships between 7 and 29 – so you’ll need to rely on your
gut then. Preferably alone. The career’s going well too, so you’ll
have extra cash to experiment. From mid-October you’re back
on form, taking chances and amusing yourself with your success.
September brings different kinds of changes – when those carefully laid plans can be tossed aside. Mostly, though, look forward
to adventure and suprises. Make a pact with yourself to cram the
most fun possible into every extraordinary moment.
Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 6, 11
Lucky colors: gold, scarlet, black, green
TAURUS 20 April – 20 May
This is a tumultuous time for you, despite the fact that everything around you seems to be standing still. You’ll feel hesitant
about your decisions – and so you should, from 7 to 29 September. Even so, don’t allow yourself to be manoeuvred into
changing your arrangements. Just play safe and keep a low
profile throughout August and September – after which your
luck returns and the money starts to fall out of the sky. Choose
familiar routines and strategies. You’re a traditionalist at heart,
so be traditional. Oh, and don’t let your mildly wobbly love life
distract. One thing at a time. Gambling and love are, as you
know, two separate deals.
Lucky numbers: 6, 7, 12, 23, 30
Lucky colors: earth tones, yellow, orange, emerald green, violet
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
GEMINI 21 May – 20 June
It’s a question of ego. Successful moments (August
and early October ) are to be harnessed and treasured
– not taken for granted. Because as you know, nothing
lasts forever. Not even for you. So try not to wander off
after the first tiny win. And don’t say you won’t. That’s
exactly the kind of thing you do – lose interest just
when things start going well. Why not get a partner
to keep track? Failing that, the planets will drag you
back to sanity in October, demanding regular hours
and honest work. Not what you had in mind at all.
Even so, throughout August gamble after hours. When
you’re really wealthy at the end of October (provided
you haven’t spent all the profits), you can go back to
behaving like a five year old. If you like.
Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 6, 14, 23
Lucky colors: sky blue, silver, yellow-orange
CANCER 21 June – 22 July
There’s something funny going on here – and the
source is financial. If you think something is dodgy,
check it out. And if you’re involved in a syndicate or
partnership, pull back and operate alone. From 7 to
29 September it is mildly chaotic. But after that, you
can make your fortune – but only if you’re also making your own decisions. Meanwhile, your personal
value system needs work. And just to prove the point,
finances take a sudden dive in late August – just long
enough to shock you into transformation. No need
to fret excessively. Just stay honest and get generous.
The rough edges will very soon sort themselves out.
You’ll have more to play with by October. Meanwhile,
be good to the family, no matter how much they’re
annoying you. You’d be lost without them.
Lucky numbers: 7, 8, 9, 14, 16, 20
Lucky colors: blue, silver, orange, white
LEO 23 July – 22 August
Passions are high, sending you on an emotional roller
coaster ride. Get off at once. There’s powerful energy
in your corner – bringing abundance and adoration.
Try not to make this about hormones – you know
how you throw money about when the discipline goes
south. So listen carefully: you’re attracting astonishing
good fortune through the medium of love. In which
case, here are your options: play only games you truly
love; play with a partner you adore; let someone who
loves you choose your plays; have wild passionate sex
every gambling session. Use September to play with
other people’s ideas. August invites creativity and
instinct – working alone. October wants impulsive
action and inner trust. Use the energies to explore your
massive potential.
Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 22
Lucky colors: amber, pink, orange, red
VIRGO 23 August – 22 September
The planetary shifts on 7 September demand an added
dimension. Suddenly gambling takes on a serious tone –
with a commitment on your part to donate part of your
winnings to worthy causes. Not only that. If someone
offers you anything – time, money, assistance – accept
with thanks. A refusal tells the universe that you don’t
want any of its gifts. October is a lucky month for you.
August is more earnest, demanding discipline and
schedules not to mention generosity. Share what you
have and it will be returned a hundredfold. One more
thing: get an accountant. Your money management
skills will need work for a while.
Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 6, 9, 18
Lucky colors: earth tones, ochre, jade, light blue
LIBRA 23 September – 22 October
Between 7 and 19 September stay away from the casinos – unless you’re playing for fun. For the rest, you’re
on a roll, making fabulous choices. As always you’re
luck works better in groups. Find a gambling partner,
or form a syndicate and keep in touch. You were never
meant to be a loner. From 26 to 31 August and 11 to 28
October are your can’t-lose moments. Maximize your
gifts by dressing carefully (you’re always more successful when you feel delicious) and gambling in beautiful
environments. Your soul shrivels in ugliness – so budget
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Linda Shaw
for a full-time decorator wherever you go. One more
thing: that generous streak is wonderful. But only
give that which you are happy to let go of. Resentment over unpaid debts damages your energies
– and your success. One more thing: look out for a
fascinating adventure on 18 October. Love is about
to take a surprizing turn.
Lucky numbers: 7, 11, 14, 18, 26
Lucky colors: blue, jade, burgundy, red-violet, cream
SCORPIO 23 October – 21 November
October is your lucky month, especially after the
13th. Take all the risks you like. September, meanwhile, works better for you than for most. The
communication planet is on strike then, leaving you
with instincts and inner wisdom to rely on. Perfect.
You’re one of the few who understands the value
of intuition over intellect – and September offers a
chance to prove your point. There’s one tiny problem
though: you’ll have to accept that feeling out of
control is part of the magic. From 3 to 26 August, on
the other hand, feeds your inner control freak. You
get to make the rules – and watch the results. In fact,
you might use this opportunity to discover which
method works best. Love, meanwhile, is suffering
slightly as your judgements override your generosity. Career, on the other hand, has never been better.
You’ll have plenty of money to play with and win
with. Enjoy.
Lucky numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 13, 16
Lucky colors: indigo blue, scarlet, green
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
and enormous prizes. And take some risks – telling
yourself every15
seconds that you deserve the very best. October is
for sharing – both plays and wins. By the 17th, you’ll
be back on target, ready to sacrifice your own needs
for everyone else. Unless, of course, you’ve learned a
thing or two by then. Hmmm. Interesting times.
Lucky numbers: 1, 2, 8, 9, 10
Lucky colors: forest green, black, yellow
AQUARIUS 20 January – 18 February
SAGITTARIUS 22 November –
21 December
Make your decisions early. The planets are on your side,
delivering assorted delights, urging you to indulge every
whim. Even so, your abundance planet is off-course until
13 October demanding care and thought before action.
The cosmic plan, of course, is to push you into more instinctive, though disciplined, behaviors. It’s time to master
the difference between impulsiveness and intuition. Besides, the planet of obedience and restriction is giving you
a break, asking to see what else you’ve got. By October,
you’ve mastered the art of doing the best you can – and
allowing the universe to handle the rest. Good for you.
Health is your only other concern, as in, hang on to it.
Lucky numbers: 1, 5, 8, 16, 17, 19, 22
Lucky colors: dark blue, red, orange, indigo
CAPRICORN 22 December – 19 January
Differences of opinion may be exactly the spark you need
to reassess your worth. That tough, silent approach has
grown a little thin. So just for a change, why not actually
lose your temper? Or resolve to work alone – for a while.
That need for approval is holding you back. Use 7 to 29
September to find out what you’re really capable of. You’ll
be amazed at how liberating it can be to behave with
utter selfishness. Go for grand sites with huge promises
The question is, where do you find your fun? Is it
online? In groups? By the sea? All things are possible,
provided you can do something about that rage.
Transform it. Truthfully, rage is a wonderfully creative
energy. Use it to summon the magic – and let it fly.
One thing though. Sudden costs make a mockery
of your calculations in September, while at the
same time ghosts from the past return for revenge
or forgiveness. But what do you care? You have the
force of 15. During August and October , you’re
ready to take – and enjoy – whatever the world
dishes out. But more important, you’re able
to make magic from mud. This is not a
gift to ignore. Take it seriously. Get
rich before November. You can,
you know.
Lucky numbers: 5, 6, 12,
14, 19, 44
Lucky colors: electric blue, grey,
PISCES 19 February – 20 March
Winning’s not a big deal. It’s the fun of the game that
you like. Even more, gambling is something you can do
alone, testing yourself, planning your moves. The result
is great success. Detachment, after all, is a vital part of
triumph. The libido is up though, bringing romantic
encounters and assorted passions. Your tastes turn to
the extraordinary, as your determination to explore
finds its path. This is an exciting time for you. Try new
games, sites, venues, tricks. September’s planetary shifts
demand a rethink of your life and loves. Your image is
changing and your needs along with it. August is hard
work and a healthy bank balance. October is bumpy, but
interesting. Your social network expands, until you’re
hardly at home anymore. Balance is the key. Try it.
Lucky numbers: 2, 4, 6, 12, 20
Lucky colors: blue-green, red, pearl, purple.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Giselle Willcox
Giselle Willcox is going to get married in Sin City. Just not today.
chance of hope when the tiarawearing ring-bearer is Paris Hilton’s
dog, right?
If marrying with the rich and famous
is what you’re into, then Vegas is for
you, baby. Because 120 000 people
walk down the aisle every year in the
Mecca of Marriage that is Las Vegas –
some of them stars.
And a marriage made in Vegas is
meant to last. But as tradition will
prove: just not for very long.
I mean, Vegas is where actress
Pamela Anderson tied the knot – to
Rick Solomon of Paris-Hilton-sextape fame. This, her third marriage,
lasted just two months.
As did the marriage of famous-forbeing-famous Nicky Hilton to money
manager Todd Andrew Meister – at
the Vegas Wedding Chapel in 2004.
But then what marriage has any
Grand Edition 8
August 2009
And Angelina Jolie was also a Vegas
bride. With her ‘Billy Bob’ tattoo in
tow, she married her man in 2000 in
the sultry and sizzling surrounds of
Vegas. It was the fifth wedding for
Thornton and Jolie’s second – and
they called it a day in 2003. Another
beauty to walk down the aisle in Sin
City only to walk up it again was supermodel Cindy Crawford. Her Vegas
marriage to actor Richard Gere lasted
just four years.
It seems this tradition started in the
50s when The Sands Hotel/Casino in
Vegas, Nevada hosted the wedding
of actress Rita Hayworth and singer
Dick Haymes in 1953. Two years
later came their split. Actress Mia
Farrow also got hitched at The Sands
– to Frank Sinatra in 1966. And they
parted ways in 1968. Jane Fonda and
director/producer Roger Vadim took
the plunge in Vegas in 1965, yes, only
to divorce in 1973.
the same Vegas church seven times –
and to seven different women!
From actors to singers, the Las Vegas
Strip has seen it all! Singer Bob
Geldof married Paula Yates in 1986.
They parted ways in 1995. In 1967,
Elvis Presley married Priscilla Anne
Beaulieu at Milton Prell's Aladdin
Hotel. They divorced six years later.
So there you have it: Las Vegas, the
city with the second highest divorce
rate in the United States. And a list
of nuptials as long as my arm for a
place that has one operating slot
machine for every eight residents.
Which means it’s only fitting then
that a marriage made in Vegas is a bit
of a gamble, then?
So get married in Vegas if you like.
Be my wedding guest.
And actor Mickey Rooney
really loved Vegas as a
wedding venue. So much
so that he got married at