There are leaders and there are followers. We strive to be leaders by respecting and listening to our customers and
consumers about what is important.
During the Spring of 1989 we set out to create a company with a spirit, enthusiasm, and mindset that would allow us to
venture into new territories for the furniture business. Comfort was made paramount. Costs of doing business would be
minimized to ensure price points that would represent a recognizably outstanding value to customers. Applying rigorous
standards for quality materials and quality control check points would help us achieve virtually no returns and, consequently,
real consumer satisfaction. Sincerely treating all customers, as we ourselves would want to be treated became our principle
for customer service.
And styling…styling had to be what we would want in our homes. We did not want to be silly with avant garde just to be
different…rather, we wanted styling that at once would look inviting, it would make a consumer feel that with this purchase
their house would better become a home…warm, welcoming…an oasis of quiet and calm.
And, our products had to be manufactured in a manner that is simpatico with preserving our rich environment for future
All of these points are not idealistic gibberish, nor are they part of a phony marketing plan to get customers. Instead, they
are sincere components of the way we want to run our business.
What has followed since our beginning has been a joyous exploration. A search for perfection, which has challenged the
“old ways of the furniture business”, has repeatedly led to new ways of thinking for us…and for the many dedicated people
who are part of our work force.
To you, our valued customer who had the confidence in us to give us a chance, we are, humbly, most appreciative of the
opportunity to present our collection. If we ever do not live up to our “mission” or, more importantly, to your expectations,
we would sincerely appreciate your calling or writing to us at your earliest convenience.
President of Design
Ask Your RAM (Regional Account Manager)
Download the MG+BW Reference Spreadsheet at O[[WZ!HWWIV_JVTZOWZR\ULL[M_UJ or go to the
Marketing website under Training tab. Find seat depths, cushions per sofa, pieces with removable legs, fabric info,
Inside/Outside and more.
For 24 years, we’ve been leaders in the Eco-friendly movement...not since it became fashionable, but from day one.
We’re proud to belong to the Sustainable Furnishings Council (www.sustainablefurnishings.org), working with the industry
to develop practices better for the earth.
We infuse Eco-friendly initiatives into our materials, manufacturing & workplace—from extensive recycling to decreased
energy consumption, increased paperless communication and investment in innovative machinery to reduce material waste
and increase manufacturing efficiency. Our cartons are made from recycled material and they are 100-percent recyclable.
Environmental intelligence is key to our upholstery construction story. Our upholstery is American-made, handcrafted in
North Carolina at the workbenches of talented craftspeople. Here’s an overview:
FRAMES are constructed using
biodegradable glue then screwed
and corner-blocked for structural
WOOD frames are sourced
from local domestic suppliers
compliant with US Forest
requirements for harvest and
BACK PILLOWS include recycled
fibers that were once plastic
SPRINGS and mechanisms are
made from 65% recycled metal.
Our UPHOLSTERY is earthfriendly and hand-crafted in North
Carolina at the workbenches of
talented craftspeople.
CUSHIONS are composed of
soy-based ozone-friendly, noncarcinogenic foam wrapped in
80% regenerated fibers.
FOAM is earth-friendly and soybased and used throughout the
back and arm padding.
Frames — Strength & Durability
Hardwood (poplar, maple, ash) and engineered hardwood. Kiln-dried to prevent warping, mildew, and odors
Precision-cut by computer. Best for the environment—highest yield from each tree cut
Sourced from local domestic suppliers compliant with US Forestry requirements for harvest and reforestation
Sturdy. Joints are double doweled, high-pressure stapled, and wood glued, with corner blocks screwed into place.
Glue is water-based and biodegradable.
WARRANTY: Free of defects from faulty materials or workmanship for lifetime of product under normal residential care & use. Warranty
only valid as long as furniture is upholstered in original fabric. For slipcovered pieces, this is fabric on base.
Springs, Webbing, Propex, Solid Seat — Lasting Support
Arched 8-gauge steel serpentine springs (also called sinuous or zig-zag), key to our state-of-the-art system
Spaced a comfortable 3” apart, with double row at each end for extra support in corners
Secured to front and back of frame with metal clips, Teflon coated to prevent squeaking from metal-on-metal contact
Bound side to side with paper-wrapped crosswires for even weight absorption
Made from 65% recycled metal. (Note: Mechanisms also made from 65% recycled metal.)
WEBBING: We use heavy-duty Italian furniture webbing made of polyester and elastic. It is spaced 2 to 3” side to side, 3 to 5” front to
back, and woven together, providing a sturdy seat platform with even distribution of weight. Primarily used on sectionals with thicker
seat poly, and/or deeper seating, like Hunter and Jordan, or that need more even distribution of cushion crown, but a thinner profile.
Webbing is attached using high pressure staples.
PROPEX: A non-stretch, high-durability sheet webbing used for bar and counter stools as well as ottomans. Propex is attached using
high pressure staples. Interesting note: the Armand chair, because of its thin profile, uses a Propex seat and back.
SOLID SEAT: Solid frame construction used for dining chairs and bar and counter stools, as well as for some ottomans. Solid seat
boards are screwed into the frame for rigidity and durability.
WARRANTY for Springs, Webbing, Propex, Solid Seat: Free of defects from faulty materials or workmanship for lifetime of product
under normal residential care & use. Warranty only valid as long as furniture is upholstered in original fabric.
Cushions — The Key To The Comfort
Seat Cushions: Ozone-friendly, non-carcinogenic High-Resiliency (HR) foam core containing 10% soy, a renewable natural resource.
Foam does not release ozone-depleting CFCs into atmosphere during manufacturing. Foam core is 1.8 HR or higher, depending on
density needed to create the most comfortable seat for each piece. Core is wrapped in 80% regenerated fibers. Lowers you gently
but firmly to sitting position, then reshapes when you stand.
Back Pillows include recycled fibers that were once plastic bottles.
Foam padding used generously throughout the back and arms is earth-friendly and soy based.
Each cushion is engineered specifically for each piece. Insures correct seat-to-back relationship
Meets California 117 codes for flame retardancy
Two types of cushions: Eco Luxe: Foam core wrapped in poly fiber and put in 100% cotton down-proof ticking (DPT)—makes
“whoosh” when you sit down. Eco Down Blend: Fill is 10% down and 90% duck feathers. Hypo-allergenic. Foam core is zippered
inside a 100%-cotton duvet-style casing, which keeps feathers in place. Small feathers may occasionally come through. This is normal;
it shows cushions are breathing properly. Duvet cover unzips and can be refluffed by hand or in dryer for 10 minutes on Air Dry.
WARRANTY: Cushion cores warranted not to collapse for lifetime of product as originally upholstered under normal residential use.
All foams and fillings soften and conform to shape of users. This is considered normal and not a defect.
Additional Warranties
Fabrics: Although traditionally not warranted because they’re used under so many conditions, we offer a limited 1-year warranty
against wear under normal residential use. Does not cover fading, which can occur with normal use.
Seams are reinforced with the latest sewing technology. Any defect should appear in first year. Therefore, we are confident to warrant
seams to be free of defects due to faulty workmanship for 1 year under normal residential use.
Mechanisms (Sleeper, Rocker, Swivel, Recliner) All metal parts free from defects for 3 years under normal residential use
Storage Platform Bed Mechanisms warranted to be free from defects for 2 years under normal residential use.
Sleeper Mattresses: Free of defects for 5 years under normal residential use. Note: Warranties do not include damage from
transportation or abuse such as jumping on sleeper mattress.
Latex & Innerspring Mattresses: Free of defects for 8 years under normal residential use
Tuffets: Cover and Insert warranted for 1 year under normal residential use
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x !"#$%&'()*+",'+-()&-*&#&.-+#/&0%1&+(&/#*+-)2&*+"%)2+3&#)4&4,"#5-/-+16&
x 7%8%)4-)2&()&+3%&9"#$%&*+1/%:&;%&5%2-)&;-+3&%-+3%"&<=>?&*(/-4:&%)2-)%%"%4&("&#&*(/-4=&
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x C//&;((4&;%&,*%&-*&/(22%4&,)4%"&*+"-'+&"%2,/#+-():&#)4&$()-+("%4&'/(*%/1&+(&%)*,"%
x !("&#44%4&*(/-4-+1:&(,"&9"#$%*=D(-)+*&#"%&4(,5/%@4(;%/%4:&;((4&2/,%4&#)4
&&&&&&[email protected]"%**,"%&*+#8/%4&;-+3&'(")%"&5/('0*&*'"%;%4&-)+(&8/#'%6&E3-*&*1*+%$&#//(;*&9("&
x !("&#44%4&*(/-4-+1:&(,"&9"#$%*=D(-)+*&#"%&4(,5/%@4(;%/%4:&;((4&2/,%4&#)4
&&&&&&[email protected]"%**,"%&*+#8/%4&;-+3&'(")%"&5/('0*&*'"%;%4&-)+(&8/#'%6&E3-*&*1*+%$&#//(;*&9("&
• Frame construction is a vital key to lasting strength and durability.
• Depending on the frame style, we begin with either 5/4” solid, engineered or a solid/engineered wood combination of
kiln-dried hardwoods (maple, ash and poplar).
• All wood we use is logged under strict regulation, and monitored closely to ensure preservation of our environment.
• For added solidity, our frames/joints are double-doweled, wood glued and high-pressure stapled with corner blocks
screwed into place. This system allows for structural
integrity unlike any other.
Detail of spring
Detail of stabilizing wire,
7%+#-/&(9&*+#5-/-S-)2&;-"%:& 7%+#-/&(9&*+#5-/-S-)2&;-"%:&
to framex
keeps springs together
&&&&&&,*-)2&3%#.1&#"'3%4&[email protected]#,2%&*+%%/&*%"8%)+-)%&*8"-)2*6&&
x N%',"%4&+(&+3%&9"()+&#)4&5#'0&(9&+3%&9"#$%&;-+3&'(#+%4&$%+#/&'/-8*:&8"%.%)+*&+3%&",5&(9&&
x E3%&*8"-)2*&#"%&5(,)4&;-+3&8#8%"@'(#+%4&'"(**&;-"%*&9("&%.%)&;%-23+&#5*("8+-()6&&
x L%&*8#'%&(,"&*8"-)2*&#&'($9("+#5/%&P?&#8#"+Q&;-+3&4(,5/%&"(;*&#+&%#'3&%)4&9("&%R+"#&&
&&&&&&,*-)2&3%#.1&#"'3%4&[email protected]#,2%&*+%%/&*%"8%)+-)%&*8"-)2*6&&
• A strong component to construction is our spring system. We designed this system using heavy arched 8-gauge steel
x N%',"%4&+(&+3%&9"()+&#)4&5#'0&(9&+3%&9"#$%&;-+3&'(#+%4&$%+#/&'/-8*:&8"%.%)+*&+3%&",5&(9&&
serpentine springs.
•x E3%&*8"-)2*&#"%&5(,)4&;-+3&8#8%"@'(#+%4&'"(**&;-"%*&9("&%.%)&;%-23+&#5*("8+-()6&&
Secured to the front and back of the frame with coated metal clips, prevents the rub of metal thus eliminating
x L%&*8#'%&(,"&*8"-)2*&#&'($9("+#5/%&P?&#8#"+Q&;-+3&4(,5/%&"(;*&#+&%#'3&%)4&9("&%R+"#&&
• The springs are bound with paper-coated cross wires for
even weight absorption.
0#2%?6&& • We space our springs a comfortable 3” apart; with double rows at each end for extra support in the corners, where
most of us gravitate.
Detail of webbing
Detail of Propex
Detail of webbing
connection to frame
Detail of Propex
connection to frame
Pieces that do not have sinuous springs will usually feature webbing and Propex .
Both are secured to the front and back of the frame with heavy duty staples that provide a very firm hold.
Propex is folded over when stapled to help with the hold and strength.
The Propex provides a very strong yet forgiving base when used in upholstering.
Webbing is used mostly in seat construction and provides a very comfortable stable seat.
The webbing straps are woven under and over each other as they stretch across the frame to provide a strong flexible seat.
Ultimate In Comfort, Day & Night — 8” Thick Mattress — Easy To
New This Season: Josette Slipcovered and Fiona, Grant & Gwen
In addition to our Luxe, we offer Super Luxe, in 11 MG+BW styles: Alex, Alexa,
Dominique, Fiona, Gabriel II, Grant, Gwen, Josette, Keaton, Nicki II, Reese
54”-wide Full Sleepers and 60” Queen Sleepers available for each style
Alex SC’d & Upholstered
Alexa SC’d & Upholstered
Incredible Mattress With Special Patented Coil System & Zip-Off
Pillow Top
Luxurious 8”-thick mattress featuring a zip-off pillow top
Mattress is 74” long. Exceeds most sleeper mattresses by 2”
13-gauge steel patented Z-coils expand when sleeper is opened.
With sleeper closed, Z-coils create a sinuous-spring effect that provides more flex
in the mattress when serving as the sofa base.
Mattress ticking is 100% polyester.
Water barrier stops moisture from penetrating beyond removable pillow top,
preventing spills and accidents from penetrating the entire mattress.
Pillow top can be replaced with new top if needed. (Not recommended for washing
but is replaceable.) Replacement top is $175 retail. Can be found on p. 3 of Price List
Routine maintenance of pillow top recommended. Simply unzip, fluff to air out the
fiber and add back loft after long periods of compression inside mechanism.
Mattress is mounted to mechanism, but can be replaced if damaged or defective New
mattress can be purchased. (Recommended trained furniture tech remove & replace).
Mattress is secured to one of the mechanism cross bars, which allows Z-coils to
activate when mattress is opened.
With mattress attached, never need to rotate or flip, and mattress cannot slip off bed.
Passed Hexagonal Roller Test & Cornell Repetitive Impact Test, both of which simulate
usage for 10 year bed mattress standards. Only sleeper mattress certified as such
Certified CFR 1633 federal flammability regulation compliant
Because of the mattress’s incredible thickness, standard fitted sheets fit more snugly.
Premium Frame And Decking
Easy to open. Convenient handle allows for quick and easy sleeper access.
Durable: Thirty-one 12-gauge chrome-plated springs secure polypropylene decking
to tubular metal frame (compared to 17 or fewer springs on other sleeper models).
1200 denier polypropylene/polyester decking is a step above other sleeper
deckings, both in strength and appearance.
The metal frame mechanism has an anti-tipping feature.
Patented reinforced feet can support the weight of three adults sitting on foot of bed.
Dominique Slipcovered
Gabriel II
Josette Slipcovered
Velcro Trapdoor: No need to remove slipcover to open bed; there’s a Velcro “trap
door” in slipcover decking.
Nicki II SC’d & Upholstered
Mattress Dimensions: Full = 54W, 74D, 8H. Queen = 60W, 74D, 8H.
Super Luxe Sleeper Depth When Open: Add approx. 56” to depth of sofa.
Varies from 54” to 56” by Sleeper style. See Reference Spreadsheet.
Super Luxe sleepers have a specifically designed
seat cushion. This new cushion style features a
combination of high-density HR foam and ultra-cell
foam with a fiber wrap. The Super Luxe seat cushion
comes standard with our Super Luxe sleepers.
Six of our Super Luxe Sleepers can be ordered with
down-blend seat and back cushions: Fiona, Gabriel II,
Grant, Gwen, Keaton, and Nicki II.
Sofa seat height is between 20” and 22” (approx .5 to
1” higher than our Luxe sleepers)
Super Luxe Sleepers weigh more than Luxe Sleepers.
(See Reference Spreadsheet for measurements.)
Additional packaging is used in carton for shipping. Additional planning may be necessary for delivery into a
customer’s home.
Cost difference between Luxe and Super Luxe? About $500 at retail, or 25%. Worth it? We think so, especially for a
long-term purchase. Try it…
Winner of International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show (IHMRS) Editors Choice Award for Best New Product Design
2010 at BDNY (Boutique Design New York) trade show
Mechanism warranted to be free of defects for 3 years.
Mattress warranted to be free of defects for 5 years.
Under normal residential use. Does not include damage due to transportation or “jumping” on.
Will The Sleeper Sit Differently From The Sofa?
Yes, it could. Because of our cushion comfort, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to tell you’re sitting on a sleeper. Where there could
be a difference is in the height or pitch of the back or depth of the seat. Because of the limits of the sleeper mechanism, a
sleeper’s pitch may be less angled or seat depth less than that of the sofa’s. See the Reference Spreadsheet to compare
dimensions. And show customers Fiona, Grant, and Gwen, which are sleepers only.
NEW THIS SEASON: Josette Slipcovered and Fiona,
Grant & Gwen Upholstered
Mattress: Comfortable 5-1/2” thick, with 3-3/4” innerspring. Meets
California TB603 flammability regulations
Cover: Classic cream/white damask ticking stripe. Quilted/tufted
cotton/poly blend. (Mattress heat-sealed in 2-mil-thick plastic to
prevent soil in shipping.)
Mechanism: Contract Grade—made for heavy use, as in hotels
Frame: Sleek charcoal-gray (instead of utilitarian blue or brown). Frame
is recessed so you don’t feel the metal when you sit on edge of bed.
Fall-Away Crossbar: Eliminates #1 consumer complaint. Your
back never feels the bar.
No-Tilt Feature: Keeps bed from tipping, no matter where you sit.
And crosswires at shoulder and foot give extra support.
Pop-Up Headrest: Top of bed tilts up for reading/TV watching.
Metal Retainers: Keep mattress from sliding off bed
Velcro Trapdoor: In slipcovered sleepers. No need to remove
slipcover to open bed. There’s a Velcro “trap door” in slipcover decking.
Warranties: Sleeper mechanism (all metal parts) warranted to
be free of defects for 3 years from purchase date. Does not include
damage due to transportation or “jumping” on. Luxe sleeper mattress
warranted free of defects for 5 years under normal residential use-covered 100% for first 3 years; 50% for 4th year; 25% for 5th year.
Luxe Sleeper Depth When Open: Add 54” to depth of sofa.
Luxe Mattress Dimensions: Twin: 36W, 72D, 5-1/2H. Full: 54W,
72D, 5-1/2H. Queen: 60W, 72D, 5-1/2H.
Luxe Coil Counts: Twin: 184 coils. Full: 299 coils. Queen: 345 coils.
Eco Down Blend cushion option for six MGBW sleepers: Fiona,
Gabriell II, Grant, Gwen, Nicki II & Keaton. All others Eco Luxe (poly) only (to insure optimum comfort).
Super Luxe Sleepers are also available for 11 MG+BW styles: Alex, Alexa, Dominique, Fiona, Gabriel II, Grant, Gwen,
Keaton, Josette, Nicki II, and Reese.
Sit Comparison: Sofas and their corresponding Sleepers may have different depths & heights, resulting in different
“sits.” See MGBW Reference Spreadsheet for a comparison of dimensions.
“This is really an exceptional mattress. We worked for a long time to get it right.”—Bob Williams
About Our Latex Mattress
Mattresses have continued to evolve since our Innerspring introduction, so we decided to add a Super Luxe option
An incredibly comfortable 13”-thick Dunlop latex mattress
Queen, King, and California King
Because of its construction and composition, our latex mattress does not require the extra support of a box spring.
It can be used alone on any platform or rigid foundation. Or, if customers prefer, they can order it with an 8”-thick
MG+BW foundation in matching ticking.
Does not need to be flipped to insure longevity. Only needs to be rotated—every month for first 6 months, then once
every 3 months. Has hotel-style corner labels that help keep track of months to rotate.
Packaging: Plastic-wrapped & boxed individually. Mattress/box-spring set comes in two boxes. (King has “split twin”
box spring—two twin box springs come stacked in one box.)
Warranty: 8-year non-prorated (full coverage for 8 years against manufacturer’s defects only) under normal residential use
Made in Taylorsville, North Carolina, exclusively for Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Mattress Layers
Signature ticking—custom circular knit ticking with MG+BW log in sliver stitching, quilted to 1.25” of foam
1/4” layer of flame-resistant fiber (Encases entire bed and makes it Cal. 117 flammability regulation compliant)
3” layer of medium-density all-natural Dunlop latex, perforated for breathability and to control density (See photo below)
8” layer of high-quality white conventional foam for even support. (Note: HR foam not used because would make
mattress feel harder than desired.)
5. 1/4” layer of flame-resistant fiber with a nonslip ticking
Why A Dunlop Natural Latex Mattress?
Gives the supportive sleep surface needed for a good night’s rest
Provides optimal orthopedic support as it conforms to the contours of the body
Considered to provide the best of innerspring and memory-foam mattresses while eliminating drawbacks
Does not retain heat and cold, the way memory foam is known to do
Helps eliminate sleep-disturbing motion transfers, letting you rest easy even if your partner does not
Sinks in to give comfort then springs back and recovers its form (considered to do this faster than memory foam)
Has anti-microbial properties and is dust-mite resistant to alleviate allergies
Latex is a renewable resource: 100% botanically derived material from the sap of rubber trees
What Does “Dunlop” Natural Latex Mean?
Dunlop is a manufacturing process used to make latex. In short, the rubber sap is whipped, poured into a mold, and baked.
This method been used for generations; it has a proven record of reliability. It creates a latex that is denser than other kinds,
making it exceptionally durable and resilient–a great investment in comfort. The latex is100% natural, not a synthetic or
synthetic-natural blend.
Benefits Of Buying A Mattress (Innerspring Or Latex) From MG+BW
COMFORT. We stand for comfort, so this is a natural extension of what we do well.
EASE. Takes the confusion out of mattress shopping. The research is done—we found the best latex & innerspring
GOOD SENSE. Get a luxurious mattress, in a choice of two great price points, quickly & easily from a brand they trust.
GREAT IDEA. Simplify the process: Get a new MG+BW mattress when you get your new MG+BW bed.
Sizes: Queen, King, and California King
Packaging: Plastic-wrapped & boxed individually. Mattress/box-spring set comes in two boxes. (King has “split twin”
box spring—two twin box springs come stacked in one box.)
Warranty: 8-year non-prorated (full coverage for 8 years against manufacturer’s defects only) under normal residential use
Made in Taylorsville, North Carolina, exclusively for Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Key Mattress Components
Signature ticking—quilted cream/white stripe, top & sides, so bed looks good undressed
13.5” thick, generously padded but not a pillow top, so deep-pocket sheets fit easily and shape stays consistent.
Mattress meets California TB603 flammability regulations.
Quilted top is all foam instead of fiber to prevent flattening (1-1/2” of 1.7- density foam).
FlexGuard high-density Styrofoam cuff around certain coils to round & soften corners, add support to edge of bed
Sewn-on handles—stronger than grommets. (Note: Handles are for positioning mattress, not carrying it.)
Overlock-stitching on all edges to prevent unraveling
Hotel-style corner stickers tell months to flip mattress—key to mattress longevity. (Note: Box springs don’t need flipping.)
Box Spring
Posterized. Instead of coils evenly spaced, greater concentration and more support where needed (i.e., torso area).
Griptite non-slip surface keeps mattress from moving
Quilted border & Continental tailoring that wraps border up over sides of box spring so that Griptite doesn’t show.
Plastic edge guards protect corners.
Mattress Layers (same on top & bottom)
1 = Quilted & padded all-foam ticking-stripe cover
2 = 1/2” 1.2-density foam topper
3 = 2 1/2” low-profile convoluted (waffle) foam
4 = 1/4” fiber insulator pad
5 = Flexolater net to keep coils from cutting into pad
6 = Coils
7 = FlexGuard high-density Styrofoam cuff over coil
With A Standard Rail
Note: Must use with a standard metal bed frame, not a low-profile frame.
Modi-Plate Installation Instructions
1. Determine the desired location of the headboard. One person should hold the headboard in a vertical position.
2. Align the bracket holes of your preassembled bed frame with the prefixed bolts of the headboard. Adjust the mounting
plates as needed, by loosening the nuts, slide the plate up or down, left or right for proper alignment.
Page 1 of 2
NOTE: This 2-page Bed Support Guide from PD is also available under Training Info Tab on the SS marketing website.
Contents Include:
2 Telescoping Supports
8 Tubular Legs (four 3” legs and four 5” legs)
4 Adjustable Glides
8 #8 Wood Screws
Step 1
Attach Tubular Leg to Horizontal Support with 3/8”
Machine Screw. For heights 4-5 inches, use Short
Leg. For heights 5-8 inches, use Long Leg.
Step 2
Screw the Adjustable Glide into the Tubular Leg.
Step 3
Extend the two Telescoping Support
Slides until the Screw Tabs are flush
with each Bed Rail and over
each Support Cleat. Use
#8 Screws to attach
the Support Assembly
to the Support Cleats.
Step 4
Adjust Glide to level
the Support.
Metal support system (Replaced our strong-arm and slat systems)
Ships with two different height legs that can be attached and adjusted according to height of rails and legs.
See list of bed styles and height of adjustable leg required for each in the Spring 2013 MGBW Reference Spreadsheet.
These instructions ship with each bed.
Boxes with these parts ship inside side rail box (instead of being taped to outside).
See next page for photos of support system installation.
Page 2 of 2
Step 1
Attach leg to support with Machine Screw
For 4” to 5” height use the Short Leg.
For 5” to 8” height use the Tall Leg.
Screw the Adjustable Leg into the Leg Post.
Leg Post
Adjustable Leg
Step 2
The Supports should be 25” from the
headboard and footboard.
Extend the Support Bar until the taps at
the end lay flat on the cleats located on the
Side Rail.
Attach the provided wood screws.
Step 3
The bed should be assembled in its final
desired location.
The 4 legs should be screwed out until
they make contact with the floor, then
the mattress and box spring can be put
on the bed.
Sliding the assembled bed is not
recommended as it can damage the
support legs.
Spring Construction
Box Spring unit is built with 9-gauge springs attached to a wood frame.
Top of unit is tied together with 12-gauge wire grid, clipped to every spring, and 6-gauge border wire around the top.
This assembly is screwed down to a kiln-dried double-doweled hard wood frame.
The Queen unit has 54 spring modules per side, the King 36, and the Cal King, 40.
In the upholstered platform, the spring unit attaches to a frame and is upholstered.
All of our platforms have adjustable center legs to provide proper support.
Queen platform bed: single platform serves as box spring
King and Cal king platforms: Two locking platforms form box spring
Inside spring construction
Inside European construction
European Style Rigid Frame Construction
Rigid frame construction provides full support for a mattress and requires no box spring unit.
Dickson, Nina, and Sexton all have this construction.
** (Assembly instructions for headboard plinth platform are the same as for our other platform beds)
And Leather Tuffets
These Matches Also Apply To Bottoms Of Tuffets. In additon, see the matches below for Hair on Hide Tuffets. (Beds not
available in Hair on Hide.)
Soft Suede – Chocolate, Taupe or Black?
(In alpha order by leather name)
Soft Suede – Taupe #100536:
Soft Suede – Chocolate #100796:
Bruge – Dijon
Bruge – Everglade
Bruge – Brown
Bruge – Cardinal
Bruge – Chocolate
Caspian – Anthracite
Exeter – Butterscotch
Muskogee – Mink
Muskogee – Oak
Muskogee – Slate
Old World – Burnish
Omaha – Whiskey
Parliament – Graphite
Parliament – Metallic Midnight
Penland – Tobacco
Rojo – Aubergine
Rojo – Chartreuse
Rojo – Chocolate
Rojo – Orange
Rojo – Peacock
Rojo – Rouge
Rojo – Wolf
Texas – Chocolate
Bevan – Marigold
Bevan – Sky
Bruge – Slate Blue
Caradine – Parchment
Cordell – Dove
Encore Dove White
Parliament – Pearl
Princeton – Gray
Rojo – Ash
Rojo – Ivory
Rojo – Pumice
Rojo – Sea Green
Tahoe – White
Soft Suede – Black #101084:
Royale – Onyx
Hair On Hide Tuffets – Soft Suede On Bottom
Black & White = Soft Suede-Black
Brown & White = Soft Suede-Stone
Fawn = Soft Suede-Honey
For Specifics on Options and Additional Information:
You can download these guides at the Marketing Website under the Training Info tab:
Complete Inside/Outside Guide
Stripe Guide
Storage Bed Set-Up Guide
Winston Mosaic Leather Ottoman Guide
Tufting Guide
Lambswool Guide
Screen Assembly & Fabric Placement Guide
Bed Support Guide
Velvet Guide
See the MGBW Reference Spreadsheet for updated info on:
Pieces available with and without Button Tufting
Pieces available with and without Nailhead Trim—and which require nailheads as part of their design
Coordinating Upholstery Wood Finishes with Casegoods
For COM, Cut Yardage, Arm-Cap & Sectional-Connector Pricing, Contrast Cushions, Pillows & Welts, see Price List.
For photos of Upholstery/Wood, Metal, Nailhead & Caster Finishes, see our website. (Go to “Our Collections,” then
“Upholstery,” then bottom of drop-down menu at right). Info also available in Price List.
Stripes – Horizontal or Vertical
Customers may run MG+BW stripe fabrics horizontally or vertically. Please note:
We only swatch stripes in direction originally intended for fabric. To determine how it will look in alternate direction,
rotate swatch counterclockwise. This is key to knowing how a piece will look with uneven or multi-color stripes.
To insure proper handling, stripe fabrics in alternate direction have a different number than stripes in primary direction.
Numbers have “V” or “H” at end. Alternate-direction stripe is a higher grade than primary-direction (swatched). Special
instructions, including fabric number and grade to use for alternate direction, are on swatch label. Photos below show
an example:
Swatch in Primary Direction
Alternate-direction information is boxed.*
Swatch Rotated to Alternate Direction
* Information on actual swatch is not boxed. It has been boxed here to show you where to find it.
Inside/Outside available on all upholstered Dining & Occasional Chairs, plus Maxine, Odette & Rebecca Collections
Gives You Options
Mix two fabrics or two leathers.
Mix a fabric and a leather. (Only on occasional or dining chairs or sofas/sofettes in program currently available in leather)
Use COM/COL. Please request required yardage for chair from your Customer Care Representative (CCR).
How It Works: Pricing
Price determined by higher grade of fabric or leather, plus a $110 upcharge at Retail. (Same way as adding contrast
welt upcharge.)
If COM or COL is used on both Inside and Outside, pricing is the standard Grade 2 COM or Grade B COL.
If you use a COM (Gr. 2) and a MGBW fabric, and MGBW fabric is higher than Gr. 2, then grade of MGBW fabric
determines price.
Pricing and guidelines in the Price List on page 2, under “Optional Features”—called “Contrast Inside/Outside.”
How It Works: Determining Style Number and Fabric Placement
Because of our wide range of chair styles, in addition to the standard guidelines, each chair has also been reviewed for
its own unique characteristics to determine best placement of fabrics.
Step 1: Select Inside material (called “Inside Base fabric or leather” at MGBW).
Note: INSIDE material determines if Style Number should be fabric or leather. If Inside is fabric, use “T” (XXX-XXXT). If
Inside is leather, use “L” (XXX-XXXL). Doesn’t matter if Outside is more expensive: For instance, if chair has Gr. 3 fabric
on Inside and Gr. F leather on Outside, Style Number is still “T”. And price is still based on leather grade. Also: On chairs
with roll arms or backs, Inside fabric curves over so it is visible on outside of chair when viewing chair in profile or from
behind. (See Suzanne photos, below right, top row.)
Step 2: Select Outside material (called “Outside Contrast fabric” at MGBW).
Outside fabric = chair’s outback, out arms, out arm welt,
outback welt, and bottom welt. Note: Includes bottom
welt along front of chair. (See Vivian photos, below right,
bottom row).
Check the “Complete Inside/Outside Guide” for examples
of fabric/leather placement on different styles. Download it
at your Marketing website under the Training Info tab.
And ask your CCR for required yardage.
Program Notes
Inside/Outside cannot be used on chairs in a Collection,
such as the Cara chair or swivel.
Contrast Welt is available with Inside/Outside Program.
Contrast Cushions and Contrast Pillow options not
Matching ottomans to occasional chairs such as Aidan,
Colin, and Ellis not available with Inside/Outside option.
Customer may want to consider Contrast Welt option
to coordinate a (welted) matching ottoman to an Inside/
Outside chair.
Armless Chairs: Placement of fabric/leather is determined
on a style-by-style basis. Please check with your CCR.
Suzanne Chair: Inside print visible on roll of arm in profile
Vivianne Chair: Closeup shows how bottom front welt is always
in the same fabric as the Outside fabric choice
Adam 5000 T/L
Tailored with
railroaded stripe
or pattern
Adam 5001 T/L
Tailored with
nail border
Tailored with
nail boarder
& railroaded
stripe or pattern
Leather with
nail border
Adam 5002 T/L
Tailored with
nail pattern
Tailored with
nail pattern
& railroaded
stripe or pattern
Leather with
nail pattern
Eve 5003 T/L
Tailored with
railroaded stripe
or pattern
Eve 5004 T/L
Tailored with
nail border
Tailored with
railroaded stripe
or pattern
with nail
What Information Do You Need?
Style Number of piece (See example below. Note: Fabric = T; Leather = L; Muslin Base = M)
Fabric or Leather choice (Fabric Number, Fabric Name, and Fabric Grade)
Leg Finish—if needed (Finishes are listed on the MGBW wood finish samples and in the Price List.)
Nailhead Finish—if needed (Indicated by **. Nailheads may be optional. See list in New Season Brochure.)
Caster or Ferrule Finish—if needed (Indicated by ## in style number)
Eco Down Blend Cushion Option—if customer prefers—additional cost
Confirm Custom Options if requested (Contrast Welt/Cushion—additional cost.)
Sample Style Number From The MGBW Price List
164 – 005T – __ – ** or – ##
Collection – Type of piece + T for fabric –Leg Finish – Nail Head Finish Required if nail head piece and/or – Castor Finish
Required is piece has ferrule or castors
NOTE: Each collection or occasional piece has a different three- or four-number code. Each type of piece has a different
three-number code. In the example above, “164” is the Alexa Collection and “005” means this piece is a chair.
T = Fabric
L = Leather
-__ = Leg Finish Needed
** = Nailhead finish required: Gold: GN, Nickel: NN, Pewter: PN, Brass: BN
*O* = Nail heads are optional; XX means customer has chosen “no nail head”
## = Caster or Ferrule Finish required: AB = Antique Brass; BC = Brushed Chrome; PC = Polished Chrome; Please note
PC ferrule not available on Chester
This is Overall Dimension. Check website for Frame Heights for delivery. (See “Measuring,” p.24.)
COM: Amount of yardage of non-patterned Railroaded Fabric required. If fabric has repeat pattern, additional fabric required.
Cost is always Grade 2.
COL: Amount of Leather square footage on full hides required. Cost is always Grade B. Please see COM/COL forms for
more information or contact your CCR with questions.
Eco Down Blend
This is the cost to upgrade any piece. If there is a price shown, then down blend is available. Please add this to the Grade
price listed. If there is no price shown, then down blend is not available on this frame.
Base Price
Slipcovered pieces have 2 line items—Muslin base with cushions and Slipcover. Base price listed here.
Price item for by their Fabric or Leather Grade. Please note that Fabric and Leather Grades are separated. We use numbers
for Fabric Grades and letters for Leather Grades.
Vacuum or brush with nonmetallic stiff-bristle brush regularly (at least once a month) to remove dust and grime.
Protect from direct sunlight to prevent fading.
Tell customers their Spot Cleaning Code so they can act fast if a spill occurs. Codes are in the MG+BW Fabric Care
Database (available online at http://www.mgbwhome.com/FabricCare.aspx), on MG+BW warranty cards, or on the
fabric swatch. See the following page for more details on spot cleaning.
SPILL TIPS: Blot immediately with a clean, soft, white, dry cloth to remove spilled material. Pretest any cleaner on
a small, inconspicuous area before proceeding. Do not saturate fabric with cleaner. Pat instead of rubbing to avoid
damaging fabric. Clean spots or stains from the outside to the middle of affected area to prevent circling. Pile fabrics
may require brushing with a non-metallic, stiff bristle brush to restore appearance.
Overall cleaning recommended every 12 to 24 months or when an overall soiled condition has been reached. Don’t wait
for severe soiling–the more soiling, the less likelihood of restoring fabric. Using a professional furniture cleaning service
is recommended.
Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is not a recommended cleaning method.
Cushion covers on tailored upholstery should never be removed for separate laundering or dry-cleaning.
Looking For A Professional In-Home Upholstery Cleaning Service In Your Area?
The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) provides referrals of certified cleaning services by
zip code. You can reach them through their website, www.iicrc.org or by calling toll-free, 1-800-835-4624.
For routine maintenance, simply dry-dust or vacuum.
Never use detergents, polishes, preservers, or even saddle soap. They can remove natural oils.
Protect from direct sunlight to prevent fading.
Do not place leather furniture on or near heat sources. Heat can make leather crack and age prematurely.
SPILL TIPS: Dab immediately with a clean, soft, white, dry cloth. If spill penetrates leather, use dampened cloth with
lukewarm distilled water and massage the stain and surrounding area. Blot again with a clean soft, dry, white cloth. Let
leather air dry. For nubuck or suede, massage with suede brush to restore the nap.
SCUFF MARKS: Some scuffs can be removed from aniline leathers by rubbing with fingertips over time. Friction and
heat from rubbing helps redistribute wax and oils in surrounding areas to cover the scuff mark. Not all scuffs have the
same depth, so this process may not work on deeper scuffs. Keep in mind that leather is not for everyone. Customers
with kids and pets may see more scuffs that the average leather customer and therefore need to be comfortable with
a more well-worn look.
Need Care Info On A Specific Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Leather?
You or your customer can call MG+BW Customer Care or Uniters North America (UNA) for guidance on products UNA
offers for particular leathers. When calling, give either the MG+BW leather name or number.
UNA offers conditioners, protectors, and “problem solvers” designed specifically for the type of leather, whether Aniline,
Protected, or Nubuck. “Problem solvers” include ink, wine, and scratch removers, as well as color-matched lotions for
faded leathers. To buy products, you or your customers can call UNA directly at 800-300-2359.
Each MG+BW fabric has both a Spot and an Overall cleaning code for slipcovered and upholstered pieces. Codes
correspond to recommended cleaning instructions.
Fabric cleaning codes for both upholstered and slipcovered fabrics can be looked up by fabric number in the MG+BW
Fabric Care Database available on our website: http://www.mgbwhome.com/FabricCare.aspx
Cleaning codes found there supersede all previously published codes, including codes printed on MG+BW swatches
issued before April 2003.
Spot cleaning codes are industry standards. However the industry has no codes to address slipcover care, so we developed
three overall cleaning codes: *MW, *DC, and *P. The fourth overall code, X, is an industry standard.
Spot Cleaning Codes
These codes should be used when cleaning occasional spots or stains. The Spot code indicates the type of cleaner that can
be used. If a cleaner type is advised, always pretest a small, inconspicuous area before proceeding. Follow the directions
on the cleaning product label. Do not over-wet the fabric. Rub gently, don’t scrub. Also, see “Spill Tips” on previous page.
S = Solvent. Spot clean only with a water-free, dry cleaning solvent. Do not use water.
W = Water. Spot clean only with water-based upholstery shampoo or foam cleaner. Do not use solvents. (NOTE: This “W”
does not mean that this fabric is washable.)
WS = Water or Solvent. Spot clean with either a solvent- or water-based upholstery cleaner.
X = NO CLEANING AGENTS. Do Not Use any water- or solvent-based cleaner. Clean only by vacuuming or light brushing
with a non-metallic stiff bristle brush.
Overall Cleaning Codes
These codes should be referenced for overall cleaning of a furniture piece covered in fabric, whether slipcovered or
upholstered. For thorough overall cleaning, we recommend a professional in-home upholstery cleaning service. The code
may vary between slipcovered and upholstered styles in the same fabric. Hot water extraction and steam cleaning are not
recommended cleaning methods.
*P = Professional Furniture Clean Only. Upholstered or slipcovered pieces should be cleaned by a professional in-home
upholstery cleaning service. If a slipcover, have cleaned while still on base. Be sure to tell the cleaning service your fabric’s
spot cleaning code to help determine proper treatment.
*DC = Dry Cleanable Slipcover. If you choose to forgo professional cleaning, slipcover can be removed from base and taken to
a reputable dry cleaner with experience cleaning slipcovers. For more details, please see “Slipcover Care” on following page.
*MW = Machine Washable Slipcover. If you choose to forgo professional cleaning, slipcover can be removed from base and
washed in appropriate size washer. All washable slipcovers can also be dry-cleaned. For more details, please see “Slipcover
Care” on the following page.
X = Clean only by vacuuming or light brushing with non-metallic stiff bristle brush. Do not use water- or solvent-based cleaner.
* Indicates Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams cleaning code
All slipcover seams overlock-stitched—same process clothing manufacturers use—prevents unraveling.
Slipcovers made specifically for our frames. We do not make custom slipcovers for existing furniture.
Patterns archived so that customers can buy another slipcover even if frame is discontinued.
If customer doesn’t know style # of their piece, ask them to look on the seat cushion, then contact Customer Care
for pricing.
Preventive Care Means Fewer Cleanings And Longer Life
Regularly (at least once a month), vacuum or brush with a non-metallic stiff bristle brush to remove dust and grime.
Protect from direct sunlight to prevent fading.
Tell customers their Spot Cleaning Code so they can act fast if a spill occurs. Codes are in the MG+BW Fabric Care
Database (available online at http://www.mgbwhome.com/FabricCare.aspx), on MG+BW warranty cards, or on the
fabric swatch. See previous page for more details on spot cleaning.
SPILL TIPS: Blot immediately with a clean soft, white, dry cloth to remove spilled material. Pretest any cleaner on
a small, inconspicuous area before proceeding. Do not saturate fabric with cleaner. Pat instead of rubbing to avoid
damaging fabric. Clean spots or stains from the outside to the middle of affected area to prevent circling. Pile fabrics
may require brushing with a non-metallic, stiff bristle brush to restore appearance.
Recommend Using A Professional In-Home Upholstery Cleaning Service
This is the only method recommended for fabrics with a Slipcover Cleaning Code of “*P”. This is the preferred method
of cleaning for all slipcovers with a code of “*P”, “*DC”, or “*MW”. Have slipcover cleaned while still on muslin base. This
insures the crispest look and greatest longevity. Be sure to tell the cleaning service your fabric’s spot cleaning code to help
determine proper treatment.
Dry Cleaning May Be Another Option
This method of cleaning is appropriate for fabrics with a Slipcover Cleaning Code of “*DC”. Fabrics with a “*MW” code
can also be dry cleaned. Customers can remove their slipcover from the base and take it to a reputable dry cleaner with
experience cleaning slipcovers. Clean all parts at once. Note: You can still expect some shrinkage from dry cleaning.
Machine Washing
This method of cleaning is only appropriate for fabrics with a Slipcover Cleaning Code of “*MW”. If a slipcover has contrast
welt, machine washing is not recommended because dye could migrate between the two different color fabrics.
1. Before deciding to wash any slipcover, customers should consider this:
You can expect residual shrinkage from most washable fabrics, especially those with natural fibers, whether home
furnishings or apparel. This can be a lot if a slipcover is form-fitting. Consider if it can tolerate the shrinkage. Especially if it is
snug or has zippers, we recommend a professional in-home upholstery cleaning service. See #2 above. ALSO: For fabrics
in deep saturated colors, if you machine wash them, as with any clothing in a saturated color, there may be some fading.
2. To wash a slipcover:
• Use appropriate size washer. A dining chair slipcover may fit in a home washer, but a sofa needs a triple-load commercial
washer. A front-loading washer without a center agitator is best, as agitators may strain seams or damage zippers.
• Wash all parts at once (base, cushion covers, pillow covers)–just as you would dry clean all parts of a suit. As with
clothing, some fading is expected, and separate laundering may cause color variation among parts.
• Use only cold water (never hot or even warm) and mild detergent.
• Use appropriate size dryer. Dry on Air Dry or Low Heat only.
• Dry until slightly damp. Remove slipcover while slightly damp and put back on base to finish drying. (For averageweight cottons, should take 2 to 3 hours.) Most large wrinkles will fall out within a few days. You can, of course,
steam the slipcover, or iron it off the base, if desired.
• Do not line dry because fabric may stretch and affect fit.
• Do not put away damp. If you wash before storing for the season, let dry on base first.
From Start To Finish
Leather: An animal hide that has been preserved and dressed for use
Hide Is First Preserved And Then Tanned
During the preservation process, hide takes on a slightly bluish tone.
Tanning: Process of turning raw hide into leather. Preserves hide and results in a soft and durable product.
• Chrome Tanning: Preserves hide using chrome salts. Leading method of preserving leather, resulting in soft hides.
Most leathers in our line are chrome tanned.
• Vegetable Tanning: Preserving a hide using bark, wood, or other plant extracts. Results in brown-colored leather, often
with greater body and firmness.
• Combination Tanning: A hide that receives both chrome and vegetable tannage, producing suppleness and body.
Hide Is Next Evaluated For Grain
A thicker hide may be split into layers.
• Full Grain: Leather in which the grain layer has not been altered. Grain layer gives each type of leather its distinctive
appearance. Very desirable, but in some cases can be too thick to work with in upholstering.
• Top Grain: Uppermost layer of a hide. Most leathers in our line are top grain. This is the most durable and flexible part
of a leather hide.
• Corrected Grain: Usually a top-grain hide with grain buffed to eliminate imperfections, then embossed with an
imitation grain.
• Split: Bottom layers of a hide. A split often has an imitation grain embossed.
The Leather Is Then Dyed
This is the application of color, either by spraying, hand rubbing, or immersion.
• Aniline Dying: Process of coloring leather throughout by immersion in transparent, non-toxic dyes. Almost all leather,
including pigmented leather, starts with some type of aniline dying to color crust of the leather.
The Leather Is Finished
Finishing involves any treatment performed after tanning. This includes antiquing, dying, glazing, lacquering, pigmenting,
embossing, and adding stain repellents.
• Hand Antiquing: Application by hand of a darker color over a lighter color to create dramatic highlights in the grain.
• Protective Finish: May be wax, lacquer, or even a stain repellent to help protect the leather from stains.
Key Points
Leather Grades: Ours currently range from A to H (with A being the starting price point and H being the upper end).
NOTE: Grades vary from one upholstery manufacturer to another. Grade is NOT an indicator of quality or durablilty. It
indicates the costs involved in producing a product in that particular leather.
Types of Aniline Leather: Only the best hides, free from large imperfections, can be made into anilines. Rather than
having “painted on” color, they are soaked in transparent non-toxic dyes that go all the way through:
• Full aniline leathers have no additional color applied to the surface (except sometimes a clear protective finish).
This lets their natural grain and markings show.
• Semi-aniline leathers may have opaque dye applied to even their color, add protection, or create a unique look—
but the process still keeps most of the natural grain and imperfections visible.
Leather comes in many varieties. Help customers get what’s right for them by asking how they’ll use a piece. For
instance, do they need family-friendly leather, already broken in with some distressing?
Also insure they understand leather care—for example, that a leather piece needs protection from direct sun to prevent
fading just like a fabric piece.
Help them understand the unique look a natural material like leather gives—one reason why their piece won’t look
exactly like the floor sample. (Another is how much more use a floor sample gets.)
Please ask sales associates to be sure to convey this to their customers: Leather is a natural material, every hide
uniquely enhanced by natural features. Wrinkles, scratches, insect bites, healed scars and other natural markings
should not be considered flaws. Color variations occur normally within a hide and from hide to hide as no two hides
are alike.
Q: How is wax/dye applied to hides? A: Dyes are usually tumbled with the hides in a large drum.
Q: Is the hide the only part of the animal used? A: No, hides are by-products of the cattle industry.
Q: What types of natural characteristics might be on a leather club chair? A: Winkles, bug bites, healed scars (and very
occasionally, you might even find a brand).
Q: Will all pieces in a certain leather have exactly the same coloring? A: No. Leather is a natural product and its color
and texture will vary slightly from hide to hide and even on the same hide. Each area accepts dye differently. The variations
enhance leather’s uniqueness.
Q: Is leather furniture easy to care for? A: Yes. And the more you use it, the better and more vintage it looks. Just keep
it out of direct sun and heat. Dust it regularly, and occasionally wipe it down with a soft cloth dampened in distilled water.
Q: Why should leather be kept out of sun/heat? A: Sunlight is a natural bleaching agent. Any natural substance will be
affected adversely by the sun. Heat draws natural moisture out of leather and can cause it to dry and possibly crack over time.
Q: For minor scuffs, what do you recommend? A: Most light scuffs can be massaged lightly with clean fingers. Friction
and heat from rubbing helps redistribute wax from the surrounding areas to help cover the scuff.
Q: How about for spills? A: Dab immediately with a soft white cloth dampened in lukewarm distilled water (not tap) to
prevent watermarks. If spill has penetrates leather, massage stain and surrounding area. Blot with dry cloth. Let air dry.
Customers Receive This With Their Furniture
Thank you for selecting Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Leather.
You have selected an aniline-dyed leather. This means the coloring of the leather was achieved by a dyeing process rather
than pigment painting. Aniline leathers are softer than pigment leathers and achieve much richer colorings with greater
depth…and, these leathers get better looking and softer with use.
Always be careful to avoid having your leather furniture in sunlight.
Wrinkles, tick bites and healed scars are natural characteristics of leather hides that aniline dyeing lets show through. In
addition, because leather is a natural product, both texture and color will vary slightly from hide to hide and within the same
hide. These natural markings or color variations enhance leather’s uniqueness.
The following pictures are examples of natural characteristics you should expect to see on better aniline-dyed leathers:
Tick/Insect Bites
Healed Scar
Healed Scar
Eco-Notes: Many of our tables and storage pieces are made from eco-friendly parawood solids. Parawood trees aren’t
harvested until they stop producing sap, thus using a natural resource without harming the environment. Forests are
replanted and are sustainable.
Why Veneers Instead Of Solid Wood
Veneers are thin cuts of beautifully grained wood. They’re attached with special glue under high pressure to engineered
hardwood—a dense material made of compressed wood fragments that’s unaffected by moisture and won’t split, warp, or
shift over time. Veneers are applied over it, resulting in a unique handmade piece that retains its quality through the years.
This time-honored art, part of furniture making for centuries, lets artisans use rare, expensive woods affordably. You won’t
find these delicate patterns in solid wood. If a piece has repeat designs or mirror images, it’s a veneer. For instance, a
technique called book matching creates a mirror image. The wood is sliced thinly, then opened like a book.
Terms Defined
Veneer – Overlay of hardwood used to finish or decorate furniture. Usually applied over engineered hardwood.
Engineered Hardwood – Composite wood products, also called “substrate” woods. They’re very strong, resisting the
warping and twisting that can occur with solid wood over time. Medium density fiberboard (MDF), for example, is an
extremely durable warp- and twist-resistant product made by compressing wood fibers, resin and wax under high pressure
to form a panel.
NOTE: Wood comes from a once-growing tree. Though cut and dried, it remains “alive” for years, absorbing and losing
moisture due to climate changes. Finishes do partially seal wood and help maintain its original moisture content, but wood
always loses moisture and contracts in dry environments (hence the loose drawers of old chests) and absorbs moisture
and swells in damp ones (“sticky” drawer problem). Over time, this may cause solid-wood furniture to split or warp. That’s
why many chests and other large pieces, including those in our collection, use some solid wood, but have larger surfaces
covered in veneers.
Casegoods Limited Warranty Information
Customers receive a warranty card packaged with each piece they buy. Please review the card and note these points:
• Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser.
• Warranty is for one year from date of shipment to store.
• Customers must fill out and return card with proof of purchase within 30 days of delivery to activate warranty.
• Casegoods warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship. Not warranted for transportation or delivery
damage, which must be handled with carrier.
• Warranty does not cover floor samples.
Casegoods Care
Ideal Environment
• Keep wood furniture away from direct sun, heat vents, open windows, and dampness. Over time, these may fade finishes.
• Best circumstances: when temperature and humidity levels are kept constant (about 72 degrees, with 40% humidity).
Wood-Finish Care
• For spills, blot (rather than wipe) immediately with a clean, soft cloth, slightly dampened with water.
• Keep furniture clean and dust often with slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Dry immediately with another soft cloth.
• Polish furniture twice a year. (Not more—can cause waxy buildup). Use natural beeswax. Apply sparingly; too much can
cloud finish. Rub evenly over entire piece with soft, clean flannel cloth. Work in direction of the grain.
• To avoid damaging a finish, do not place plastic or rubber materials directly on furniture.
• Put felt or leather pads under lamps, trays and accessories—and always use coasters. (Mitchell is a coaster fanatic!)
Painted-Finish Care
• Textured and brush-painted finishes with lacquer should not be waxed or polished, as it will alter the finish.
• Use a soft cloth dampened in slightly sudsy water (mild soap). Wipe gently (don’t rub), then dry with another clean soft cloth.
Cushion Care
Save customers the trouble of thinking their cushions have “gone flat” or are “defective.” Remind them to fluff regularly. This
may save them from sending cushions back when they don’t need to—and then ending up equally dissatisfied with their
new set. (The factory tests cushions when they’re sent back and rarely finds they actually need replacing.)
1. Keep in mind luxurious down blend needs more care than poly (but less than all-down). If you sell luxury, sell the care
story to avoid disappointed customers.
2. Remind them that all cushions—poly and down blend—need regular fluffing. While “regular” is based on use, all sofas
should be vacuumed weekly (if used daily) and cushions quickly fluffed.
3. In addition to fluffing, rotating and flipping cushions regularly will even out wear and fading.
4. For down-blend cushions with zip-off casings: at least once a year, remove casings from foam cores and put in a dryer
for 10 minutes on Air Dry (no heat) to revitalize the down.
5. It’s also good to talk about feather loss. Tell customer feathers will sneak out of casings. This does not constitute
damaged or defective goods. To see a feather or two every week would not be unexpected.
Imagine the disappointment of a sofa being delivered and not fitting. Customers don’t always get how crucial measuring is.
They may fall for a piece too big for a room. Or it may fit in the front door, but not down the hall. Help insure delivery success:
1. Know dimensions of key pieces on your floor and note them to customers when looking at a piece together. It can
shorten decision time, prevent attachment to an inappropriate style, and establish you as an expert in their eyes.
2. Do they know the sofa size they need? Show them how we measure to insure you’re talking “apples to apples:”
• outside edges of arms for Width
• front rail to outside back for Depth
• floor to tallest point of “hard” back (not top of cushions, as they can be removed) for Height
For tight spots, arm height is important (especially shelter sofas), as well as whether legs are removeable or not.* Note
curved and long sofas also require extra attention.
3. Ask these questions:
• Can it fit through your front (or back) door? (No garden gate to pass through on the way, right?)
• What else must it get through? Narrow halls? Sharp turns? Steep or spiral stairs? Basement or loft?
• How big is the door to the room?
• Any other special issues? If an apartment, is elevator big enough? Is there a freight elevator?
4. If customers feel they need to re-measure, make sure they have your card, a cutting, and an info sheet. And ask if
they’d like help in measuring. It can be your entree to a home visit.
* NOTE: Some MG+BW sofa styles have removeable feet. See the FAQ page in this brochure for a current list. Also note
that there are services that take a sofa apart, but this adds expense and voids warranties.
1. Which Sofa Collections Have Removable Legs?
Drew - new
Dr. Pitt
Gabriel II
Hunter (wood or metal legs)
Jean Luc
Nicki II
St. Jean
Trinity - new
*Sofa leg heights vary from 1” to 4”. Please see MGBW Reference Spreadsheet for leg heights for each sofa.
2. Will All Pieces In A Certain Leather Have Exactly The Same Coloring?
No. Leather is a natural product, with color variations as in a person’s skin. Each area of a hide accepts dye differently. We
use mainly aniline dyes, which permeate leather instead of coating it and let markings such as wrinkles, bites, and even
brands show through. This is part of the charm of aniline-leather furniture: No two pieces look exactly alike.
3. Is Leather Furniture Easy To Care For?
Yes. And the more you use it, the better and more vintage it looks. Just dust it and keep it out of the sun. For occasional
cleaning, use a soft cloth dampened with distilled water.
4. Can The Slipcovers Be Used For Other Sofas?
No. They are designed to fit their authentic MG+BW muslin bases. Often, getting a new MG + BW slipcovered sofa costs
less than a custom slipcover for an old sofa. And, customers never have to worry about custom again: We archive our
patterns, so they can always order a new slipcover.
5. Can Customers Order A New Slipcover Or Back & Seat Cushion Core Inserts, Even If A Product
Is Discontinued?
Yes. Cushion-core inserts are available. And we archive slipcover patterns for this purpose. It’s easiest if customers have
their Warranty Card, which lists the style # to order. Customers select slipcover fabric from our current fabrics, then you
contact Customer Care for current price. If a customer doesn’t have the Warranty Card, ask if them to look on the seat
cushion for the style number.
6. With A Slipcovered Sleeper, Do You Have To Remove The Slipcover To Take Out The Bed?
No. Our Luxe and Super Luxe sleepers have a Velcro “trapdoor” in the decking. Simply remove seat and back cushions,
open the Velcro flap, and pull out the bed.
7. Any Tips For Putting On Slipcovers?
First, gently pull slipcover down over top of piece. Work top to bottom, front to back. Carefully align front arm panels.
You may need to tuck slipcover a bit. You can adjust
skirt height (sweeping floor, raised a bit) by tucking in
back & sides of decking.
Place seat cushion on back edge. (You can tell front
Tuck here
from back because front’s rounded). Put cover over
and there
front edge, zipper at back.
to adjust
Fold loose-back cushions in half before stuffing into
skirt height
covers, then work corners of cushions into corners
of covers.
1. Be able to suggest easier-to-clean fabrics to customers looking for them. Below are some fabrics with Spot Cleaning
Codes “W” (water, and mild detergent if needed) and “WS” (water or solvent). Not all have a stain-retardant finish or are
microfibers, but removing most stains from them can be easier. (Note: For a list of fabrics with a stain-retardant finish in
our line, see #2 below.)
New this season with Spot Code W or WS:
Caldera buff textured chenille plain. Code: W. 92% Polyester, 8% Nylon. Grade 2. 5 colors
Octave woven octagons on gray ground with orange accents. Code: W. 100% Polyester. Grade 5. 1 color
Portico onyx multi-variegated chenille stripe. Code: WS. 58% Polyester, 36% Acrylic, 6% Rayon. Grade 18. 1 color
Squiggle mink flocked pattern. Code: WS. 77% Cotton, 11% Rayon, 7% Nylon, 5% acrylic adhesive. Grade 5. 1 color
Plymouth matte low-pile velvet. Code WS. 100% Polyester. Grade 2. 7 colors
2. Know the stain-retardant fabrics. These have finishes that cause liquid to bead up, allowing time to wipe spills before
they soak in. This season, there are 15: Calais; Calligraphy; Caswell; Darrow; Gilmore; Larkin; Palma; Parquet;
Rowland; Soft Suede; Sonata. Plus the two Sunbrella fabrics, Cambridge and Somerset, which are inherently stain
repellent. Also, new this season: Boulevard and Hexagon
3. Try to know overall and seat dimensions of pieces on the floor. This will help you recommend pieces on your floor
that sit similarly or fill the same space as a piece a customer is looking at in the catalog or on the website—thus giving
you a better chance of selling your stocked merchandise first.
4. Don’t oversell pieces or promise that a piece will look exactly like a floor sample. Some pieces are like antiques.
Leather club chairs, for instance, have variations that are part of each chair’s unique character and charm.
5. Understand veneers. Many customers have the misconception that “solid wood” is much better. Be prepared to
explain why many antique pieces we see are actually veneers. Approach it in a positive manner.
6. Check fabric applications. Fabric selection is as important as frame selection. Non-railroaded fabrics may have seams
on certain frames. Ask your CCR or check the Seam Brochure to see if a frame has additional seams. It also comes up
with patterned fabrics—customers may not like having a break in a pattern due to a seam.
7. Talk to customers about “realistic expectations” for furniture and accessories. Our casegoods have small distress
marks to provide an instant heirloom quality, making them more forgiving when nicks and scratches happen over time.
8. Confirm all hardware is tightened, drawers are clean, and pieces are level. Loose hardware, dusty drawers, and
wobbly pieces make bad first impressions. Check hardware regularly as it can loosen over time from extensive use.
9. Don’t let hardware be the deciding factor. Most casegoods have removable hardware. A great idea is to keep some
popular hardware from local stores on hand as a visual alternative for the customer.
NOTE: These MGBW collections come with hardware in two different finishes:
10. Always lift pieces to move them. Don’t drag them because it can loosen joints.
11. Sell The Comfortable Home. It’s a great reminder to come back to your store for more. Be prepared to show customers
a few choice pages…like helpful tips on arranging the furniture they just bought. And for those “just looking,” it lets them
continue shopping in the relaxed setting of their own home and helps give them confidence to buy.
12. Know our website. It can quickly answer many questions: specific fabric care information, finish options, construction
facts, leather details.
13. Download the Reference Spreadsheet at the Marketing website under the Training Info tab. It puts many product
details at your fingertips: sleeper depths, cushions per sofa, collections with love seats, chairs with matching ottomans.
14. Comment, Share & Like on our Facebook page. Follow MGBWHome on Twitter (@MGBWhome). Especially when
designers and customers and media in your area are responding to our posts. The more responses we get there, the
more widely our brand and your store get known, and the more opportunity you’ll have to make sales. Email Mindy
Drucker, vp of communications, with any questions at [email protected]
15. Ask your customers to watch Mitchell and Bob on CBS Sunday Morning. Getting to know Mitchell and Bob, and
learning about how they run the business, has led many people to want to buy the furniture: http://www.mgbwhome.
com/mgbw_30.aspx. ALSO: Share our feature article in LONNYmag.com: http://www.lonnymag.com/issues/37june_july-2012/pages/45#p42.
16. Enthusiasm and energy go a long way. You’ll have much more sales success if you show some life.
We provide comfort. For everyone. We were once a jewel of a company
23 persons strong and growing. We are now a jewel of a company 600+
persons strong and growing. We create our upholstery in America. We
create jobs for our economy. We are forward in thinking and design. We
look backward to learn. We are unpredictable. We love to laugh. We are in
the homes of many famous people. We are in the homes of many more not
so famous people. We believe in we. Not I. We believe children enrich our
lives. We believe in enriching the lives of our children. We don't like mean
people. We obsess over minutia. We believe in giving great service. We are
active in the pursuit of equality. We provide consistently good quality. We
deliver consistently on time. We are timeless. We love pets. We give to our
communities. We work with the best merchants and tastemakers. We
sell our collection in the most spectacular of retail environments. We love
to entertain. We love to be entertained. We are traditional. We are nontraditional. We love what we do. We never miss a meal. Ever. We create an
environment of mutual respect. We respect our environment. We believe in
providing customers with a value. We value our customers. We are curious
about everything. We are stopped by nothing. We are on a mission to make
the world a more comfortable place. We invite you to please join us.