From life in the ocean to life in our living room carpet to life

From life in the ocean to life in our living room carpet to life sciences in general, March saw College of Agriculture
and Life Sciences’ experts put pen to paper in an effort to make decisionmakers aware of significant challenges to
our ecosystems. Plus, much more!
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Life Sciences
Environmental Sciences
CNN: “Should You Be Worried About
Arsenic in California Wine?”
Gavin Sacks, food science, on
whether oenephiles need worry
about that one extra glass.
Albany Times Union: “Cornell Plant
Detectives Hunt for Best Barley for
New York Microbrews”
Mark Sorrells and Gary Bergstrom,
both School of Integrative Plant
Science, are helping brewers who
wish to use the “Made in NY” label
meet legislated local ingredients
New York Times: “The Next
Frontier: The Great Indoors”
Laura Martin, natural resources,
and 24 other scientists are “urging
serious scientific investigation of
the indoor biome.”
New Scientist: “Obama Asked
to Protect Whales From Sound
Christopher Clark, Bioacoutics
Research Program, gathered 75
scientists to sign a letter asking
President Obama to keep the
Atlantic free of noisy oil exploration
to protect whales, dolphins, fish,
and other marine life.
Los Angeles Times:“Dairy Farmers, in
Dire Need of Workers, Feel Helpless as
Immigration Reform Sours”
Mary Jo Dudley, Cornell Farmworker
Program, on how border and
immigration issues affect farmers in
the Northeast.
Financial Times: “Kraft’s Sticky
Problem: American Cheese”
Rob Ralyea, food science, on the
particular problem of the evolving
American cheese consumer’s
palette for the sandwich staple.
The Guardian: “16 Ways to
Maximise Potential Food
John Hoddinott, Dyson School,
joins a live Q&A session on “the
cheapest way to improve nutrition
for the most people.”
Salon: “New York’s Trendiest
Restaurant Is Serving You Garbage
(and It’s Awesome)”
Michael Mazourek, plant breeding
and genetics section, shares
leftovers from his program for chef
Dan Barber’s award-winning fare.
BBC News: “Africa Seed Index Raises
Bigger Yield Hopes for Farmers”
Edward Mabaya, Dyson School, is
spearheading an effort to monitor
the state of Africa’s seed sector and
highlight problems.
Chronicle of Higher Education:
“Social-Media Skirmishes”
Communication’s Tarleton Gillespie
says that most academics are
acquitting themselves, and their
institutions, well on social media
Health: “Why Watching Sad Movies
Could Make You Eat More"
Food and Brand Lab researchers
find that emotional viewing can
result in emotional eating.
Fortune: Income Inequality and the
Myth of the 1% and the 99%”
Development sociology’s Tom
Hirchl’s work on affluence fluidty
continues to make a splash.
Contact: Ellen Leventry • 607.255.2722 • [email protected]
National Geographic: “Revealing a
‘Modern-Day Velociraptor’”
An in-depth look at one of the birds
featured in the Lab of Ornithology’s
in-process mural depicting the
375-million-year evolution of birds.
Irish Times: “Funding Basic Research
in Science”
Andrew Grimson, molecular biology
and genetics, joins scientists in
Ireland and Irish scientists abroad in
asking the government of Ireland to
invest in fundamental science.
Science: “Emergency Response for
Marine Diseases”
Drew Harvell, ecology and
evolutionary biology, and 10 other
scientists show their support for the
Marine Disease Emergency Act.
NBC News: New York Abuzz About
Rats, Fleas and Plague ... But Don’t
Matthew Frye, New York State
Integrated Pest Management
Program, conducted the first pest
cataloguing since the 1920s with
some creepy-crawly results.
CNBC: “Farmers in Near ‘Survival
Mode’ as California Drought Drags On”
Toby Ault, earth and atmospheric
sciences, on how water needs to be
managed “on a decades horizon.”
Associated Press: “Scientists Confirm
Renewed Threat to White Pine Trees”
Kerik Cox, plant pathology and
plant-microbe biology section, helps
track a mutated fungus infecting
forests in parts of New Hampshire.
Huffington Post: “Nature’s DoGooders: What Difference Do They
Marianne Krasny, natural resources,
on the importance of civic ecology.
Associated Press: “February Brought
Record Cold, Snow to Northeast”
Art DeGaetano, Northeast
Regional Climate Center, declares
the Northeast to be this winter’s
weather standout.
March 2015