TOP 10 REASONS TO [email protected]

Our main focus at RCC is to provide you with a
[email protected]
quality education.
dress guidelines in order to
better prepare you for your future career. We
request that you follow these dress guidelines
1. Make a good first
2. Project a professional
to help foster a professional atmosphere.
Students will be sent home by a Program
Director or one of the Deans for the following:
Jeans with holes, rips, or sagging below
the waist
4. Assimilate quickly into the
Clothing that is too revealing
real work environment.
Clothing that is a safety concern
3. Be seen for your abilities.
5. Foster a professional
6. Promote safety.
that is causing a distraction to
Thank you for your cooperation!
7. Prevent distractions.
Clothing for meeting the RCC dress guidelines
8. Be a role model to others.
is available through the Students-4-Students
9. Show your readiness for
professional advancement.
10. The first impression
you make is a
lasting one!
clothing exchange in Room 211 on a first-
[email protected]
for your future!
come first-serve basis.
Information provided by the
Office of the Dean of Students
Karen Gilbert
[email protected]
Updated July 1, 2011
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Definition of RCC Business Casual
Students are required to have their
scrubs ( a ny color or pattern )
Khakis and slacks that are similar to Dockers
tennis shoes or nursing shoes
RCC ID ’ s visible at all times.
and other makers of cotton or synthetic material
pants; jeans without holes, tears and not
RCC business casual
sagging below the waist; capris with a length
below the knee; knee length shorts can be worn
Medical Office
during the Spring and Summer Quarters only—
RCC business casual
no cut-offs, sweat pants or pajama pants
RCC business casual
Skirts and Dresses
RCC business casual
below the knee are acceptable. Dress and skirt
comfortably in public.
Shirts and Blouses
Casual shirts,
RCC business casual
sweaters, tops,
no tank tops or halter tops
RCC business casual
or scrubs ( a ny color or pattern)
close-toed shoes when doing lab work
or RCC wear with khakis
closed toe—closed heel shoes
or tennis shoes
Athletic or walking shoes, loafers, sneakers,
boots, flats, dress heels, and leather deck-type
Pharmacy Tech
Massage Therapy
scrubs ( a ny color )
golf-type shirts, and RCC wear are acceptable—
worn with tennis shoes
Casual dresses and skirts with a length at or
length should be at a length at which you can sit
HIT/Coding & Billing
or scrubs ( a ny color or pattern)
shoes are acceptable, sandals—no flip-flops or
Hats and Head Coverings
Hats or any other
head coverings such as
scarves of any type are not allowed.
Veterinary Technician
RCC business casual
For lab days:
scrubs ( a ny color or pattern )
or Vet Tech clothing with scrubs
tennis shoes or crocks W/O holes