2015 Spring Newsletter - California Living Museum

Who is New at the Zoo?........ 2
KSFCU Party at CALM......... 3
Wish List............................. 3
Super Bowl Psychic............... 3
Making it Happen............. 4-5
A quarterly publication for members & supporters of the California Living Museum
Spring 2015
Calendar of Events................ 6
Kit fox Rehab....................... 6
Mom & Dad’s Day............... 7
$10,000 Donation from
Bakersfield Condors.............. 7
It’s the California Living Museum’s 32nd Birthday Bash, Saturday, May 16, from
9 a.m.-4 p.m. Once again, we have a line-up of presentations and activities that will
provide entertainment for just about everyone!
In celebration of our 32nd Birthday, kids up to 12 years old are FREE with a paying
adult. As always, CALM members are admitted free.
Throughout the day, CALM’s Animal Keepers will provide wildlife presentations
and our docents will stroll the grounds with our ambassador animals. A variety of
nature-related and civic organizations will be on hand to provide party guests with
information and give-a-ways.
No birthday will be complete without a bounce house, train rides and food/
beverage booths.
It won’t be a happy birthday without you! Please mark your calendars for Saturday,
May 16, and attend the festivities.
Who is New at the Zoo?
White-winged scoter and pintail duck are CALM’s recent residents
Talk about an odd duck, a White-winged scoter (Melantta
fusca) is just that!
A large black duck of coastal waters, the White-winged
scoter breeds farther inland than other scoter species and is
the one most likely to appear inland on lakes and rivers during
CALM’s scoter, “Sergio,” came to us from a facility in
Wisconsin. He is a drake (male) which are clearly defined by
their black body, all-white patch on their secondary feathers
and inverted comma-shaped white patch which surround
blue-gray eyes. The bill is orange, becoming red at the tip with
a large black “knob” at the base. Their legs and feet are also
Their large heads make them look as though they are
aerodynamically ill-designed, but they are great and proficient
divers. In the wild, they dive to feed on insects, small fish and
mollusks. At CALM, Sergio dines on smelt, kibble, greens...and
whatever he can steal from the Lilo, the beaver!
Another new resident in the beaver pond is a female
Northern pintail duck (Anas acuata) named Marcia who
came to us from the same facility in Wisconsin. This species
nests in open country with shallow, seasonal wetlands and
low vegetation and winter in a wide variety of shallow, inland
freshwater and intertidal habitats. They are dabblers and feed
on grain, seeds, weeds, aquatic insects, crustaceans and snails.
The females are dainty and their face and crown are tan
with a whitish chin. Their back and rump are brown with lighter
edges to the feathers and the upper breast is buff or tan with
a white lower breast and belly. The rear of the wing (speculum)
is a bronzy green with a black band and white rear edge. They
have a black bill and blue-gray legs.
The Northern pintail is among the earliest nesting ducks
in North America, beginning shortly after the ice-out in many
northern areas.
Northern pintail populations have been in decline. The
2014 State of the Birds listed them as “Common Birds in Steep
Both ducks are now residents at CALM due to wing injuries
that have rendered them non-flighted.
Visit Sergio and Marcia the next time you visit CALM!
Smokey Bear says,"Remember,
only YOU can prevent wildfires!"
Celebrate Kern Schools’
75th Anniversary at CALM
Mark your calendars
for Saturday, April 18, from
9 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Kern
Schools Federal Credit Union
will celebrate their 75th
Anniversary at the California
Living Museum! During that
time, Kern Schools will
pay for all guests who
visit the zoo!
The celebration will
include information booths,
Rocky Raccoon, games,
wildlife presentations, and food/beverage booths. Also, Kern Schools will
be handing out coupons for one free train ride.
Don’t miss out on this anniversary event celebrating a Kern County icon!
White winged scoter (Melantta fusca)
Psychic Cinnamon
predicts Super
Bowl outcome
for the 4th year
Northern pintail (Anas acuata)
Stand up and take a bow,
Cinnamon! For the fourth year
in a row, this amazing psychic
black bear has predicted the
outcome of the Super Bowl.
Our sincere thanks to Docent
Terri Hayes for making the
amazing paper mache footballs
for the “pick” and to KGETTV, Channel 17 for carrying on
this fun tradition.
CALM Wish List
Gift cards from Pet, Grocery,
Hardware, Feed or Office
Supply Stores
Esbilac-puppy milk replacement
KMR-Kitten Milk Replacement
Yams (raw/fresh)
Nuts—unsalted & unflavored—
almonds, walnuts or pecans
with shell
Bales--alfalfa, oat hay, timothy hay
Ziploc freezer bags—
quart and gallon
Wire exercise pens
(3 foot and 4 foot)
Liquid Chlorine
White, all-purpose copy paper
Laundry detergent
Extra-large pet carriers—
airline kennels
Reptile enclosure decorations
and “furniture”
Terrarium/Aquarium light fixtures
and bulbs (UV, Heat, LED)
Gas powered wet steam and
hot water Power Washer
Tool sets
Solar powered electric fence
charger—Gallegher preferred
Mist system tubing—1/2”
Rubbermaid tool storage shed
Seattle marine netting for
Tortoise Round
Coveralls and/or painting
overalls (variety of sizes)
Waterproof wading pants
(variety of sizes)
Sponsors for Indoor/Outdoor Runs
Medical equipment:
Vet Hospital Caging Units
w w w. s m o keyb e a r.c o m
Making it happen…
CALM received the following donations and memberships October 2014 through February 2015. We are sincerely grateful for the continued support
of the following businesses, organizations and individuals.
Sara & Robin Ablin
Todd & Louise Ablin
Earl & Sherry Absher
Diane Ackley
April Adams
Samuel & Tara Adams
Sandy Adkins
Jordan & Teressa Aiken
Quirino Alcantar
Amador & Ignacio Alcazar
Monica Aleu de Ridley
Kelsey & James Alexander
William Alexander &
Suzanne Iturriria-Alexander
Bashor & Laura Algabyali
Erica & James Alibrando
John & Doreen Allen
Keith & Jennifer Allen
Andrea & Dane Allen
Frank & Luisa Alvarado
Ross & Tamara Amato
Mac & Vickie Anderson
Steve & Cheryl Anderson
David Bervel &
Susan Andreas-Bervel
Vanessa & William Angevine
Fred & Barbara Ansolabehere
Matthew & Nani Antonaros
Stephanie & Ron Antongiovanni
Veronica & Juan Arevalo
Minor & Linda Arnold
Lindsay & Nick Ashley
Ipfk & Onur Ataman
Romualdo & Herlinda Avalos
Whitney & David Avis
Jason Pineda & Susana Ayala-Pineda
Marion & Robert Baca
Mary Bader
Sandy Bailey
Kathey Baird
Judy & James Baird
Adrien & Jennifer Baker
Ray & Michelle Ballard
Kara Bankhead
Anabelle & Benjamin Barajas
Meaghan Barber-Smith & Don Smith
Betty Barbour
Jeremy & Tiffany Barbour
Kieron & Anusha Barkataki
Chad & Cayla Barnard
Earl & Carolyn Barnes
Andrew & Courtney Barnett
Jennae Barton
Tammy & Scott Bates
Oliva & Ivan Baylon
Natasha Beck
Sarah Bender
Robert & Ellen Bennett
DeAnna Benson
Jamie Benson
Andrew Benton
Eileen Bernal
Brady Scott & Pamela Bernhart
Barron & Tiffany Berry
William Berry II
Janet Bicknell
Talia & Jeremy Bidgman
Bruce & Cherryl Biggar
Daniel & Monica Biggs
Caleb & Priscilla Billings
Kristine Billings
Stacie & Shiela Bingham
Sarah Blades
Donald & Joanne Bledsoe
Candyce Boatwright
Tisa & Mike Bobrowsky
Mackenzie Boeckmann
Curtis Boehme
Angela Bohan
Stephanie Bongratz
Antonio Botello
Jackie & Jaycee Bowers
Elly Bowling
Annika & Blake Bowser
Greg & Dianne Boylan
Dan & Audrey Boyle
Pamela & Robert Boyles
William Bradley
Ben & Bianca Brandenberg
Mary Breckenridge
Keith & Sheryl Brennan
Mark & Laurel Britton
Jimmie & Alice Brizendine
Warner & Loyanne Brooks
Ashley & Andrew Brown
Chelsea Brown
Heather Brown
Sharon Brown
James & Debbie Brunsell
Jeanne & Michael Bryant
William Bryant
Chris Bryski
Ronn & Debbie Buchanan
Jessica Bull
Mabel Bullis
Carolyn Bunker
Brandon & Elizabeth Burch
Kris Burcham
Wayne & Serena Burke
Joel & Audrey Burns
Kathy Burton
Helen Butler
Jerry & Nancy Buzzell
Mary Bynum
Maria & Jose Cabral
Tyler & Gabriel Cabrera
Bambi Cagle
Alejandro Calderon
Anna Calderon
Amy & Tyler Call
Cameron Campbell
Janell & Sam Campbell
Louie Campbell
Rustene & Jeff Campbell
Delfina Cantero
Chad & Melissa Cantrell
Susana Cardenas
Cecilia Caro
Rosemary Carrillo
Eileen Carroll
James & Joan Carroll
Craig & Lisa Carter
Adrian & Valery Casillas
Yolanda Castaneda
Martha Castellanos
Jennifer & Lorraine Castillo
Janet & Javier Castorela
Samantha Castrellon
Noelia Castro
Norma Castro
John & Marissa Catano
Nancy & Laura Catherman
Sylvia Cattani
Robert & Jeaninne Cavazos
Amy & Mark Caya
Maria Ceballos
Sacramento Ceballos
Wayne & Denise Cella
Dixie Chambers
Lorie & Scott Chambers
Lorie & Scott Chambless
Josh & Jessica Champlin
Quinlan & Amanda Chaves
Raj Cheshire
Diane & Kevin Chidgey
Kai & Po Cho
Keith & Jessica Church
Isaiah & Kim Cisneros
Dennis & LeAnn Clark
Karen & James Clark
Mary Clark
Melissa Clark
Jennifer Clarke
Daniel & Kathleen Clerou
Christine Coble
Melvin & June Cochran
Curtis & Catherine Codiroli
Candace Coffee
Mike & Karen Coleman
Artie & Maureen Colson
Chris & Linda Colvin
Kaley Compito
Tracy & John Compton
Cari & Brian Conner
Deborah Connors
Castrellon Conrad
Carlos Conrique
Jaime & Jeremy Cookson
Mary Copelin
Francisco & Laura Corral
Pam & Robert Cortez
Annette & Mike Cotterell
Jennifer & Jaspon Cotton
Gary & Carol Cousineau
Nancy & Robert Craig
William & Mary Craig
Karen Crawford
Benjamin Crenshaw
James & Barbara Crettol
Daniel & Katherine Cronquist
Willa M. Crump
Jeremy & Jezreel Cruz
Helen & Dario Cuevas
Corey Cullip
Joseph Cullison
Josephine & Frank Cullison
Candy Cummings
Brian & Katie Cunningham
Curtis & Mark Curtis
Brian & Ellen Cypher
Kimberly & Bill Damron
Lyle Damron
Jim & Nora Darling
Lorenz & Marcia Dauner
Bree Davis
Jeff Davis
Jesse & Melissa Davis
Sherry Davis
Stacy & Dave Davis
Karl Davisson &
Shawna Marty-Davisson
Roberto & Emily De Leon
Allen Delay
Spencer Delay
Rene & Hope DeLeon
Jocelyn & Oscar Delgado
Stephanie Denherder
Ana Christina Denys
Sarah Deurmier
Mary DeWit
Harold & Jeanette DeWitz
Guillermo Diaz
Brett & Kimberly Dobson
Fred & Marilyn Dorer
Robert & Sandi Dotson
Ryan & Tamara Doughty
Carol & Steve Downs
Nathan & Patricia Drake
William & Nathan Drakos
Sarah & Nic Driscoll
Jillynn & Steve Dulcich
Susan Durkan
Robyn Dyer
Ryan & Della Dyer
Susan & Kelly Eagan
Veerak & Michelle Eao
Susan Easley
Megan & Michael Echeverria
Jeannie & Ron Edler
K. Edmiaston
Kristen & Mike Edwards
Sherri Edwards
Crystal Ehret
Amber & Yale Eick
Daniel & Zulema Ela
Jay & Manoi Ellefson
Michelle & Michael Elliott
David & Stephanie Ellis
Dalan Emery
Justina & Leif Engeu
Becky & Brandt Enterline
Jose Escalada
Heidi Carter-Escudero &
Jaime Escudero
Margarita Esparza
Anna & George Espe
Charlie & Eva Espitia
Steven & Nicole Esselman
Maria Evangelista
Janea` Everett
Russell Fagan
Alison & Ryan Farler
Norma & Matt Fatchen
Irene Faulkner
James B. Faux
Justin & Amanda Feil
Anthony & Tania Feldt
Dianey Felix
Kristen & Jon Felkins
Nathan & Karissa Ferguson
Jesse Fernandez
Ofelia Fernandez
Joni Filice
Carolyn & Anna Fischer
Larry & Marilyn Fisher
Stephanie Fisher
Cody & Nicholas Flores
Jessica Flores
Keith & Sandra Flores
Brandon & Ashley Fontes
Lara & Alan Fordham
Brandon Formica
Ivan C. & Shirley Foster
Naissa & Mark Foster
Jim & Barbara Fowler
Brittany Fox
Chelsea & Tamara Fredricksen
Alice Fry
Kristen & Nick Fuentez
Trevor Fulks
Keith Fultz
Megan & Devin Furse
Lynisha Gage
Jennifer & Peter Galagan
Michael & Susana Gamez
Stephanie Gandara
Ju Ying Gao
Antonio Garcia
Carmen Garcia
Cathy Garcia
Daniel Garcia
Gabriel & Brittany Garcia
Jamy Garcia
Rene Garcia
William Garrison
Lyle & Marianne Gartenlaub
Daniel Garza
Erma & Hector Garza
Patrice & Nick Gatti
Rebecca & Gabriel Gavrila
Eric & Kate Geigre
Kelly & Rob Geis
Nikki Gelhaus
Ajaib Gill
Jennifer & Dustin Gillet
Dorothy Gillick
Tiffany Gillies
Julie & Austin Gilmore
Jeanne & Bob Giragosian
Nick & Heather Giragosian
Justin & Andrea Golding
Meghan Goldstein
Shelly & Paul Golla
Jason & Osiris Gomez
Natalie Gonzales
Daniel Gonzalez
Bob Gooding
Celia & Nick Goodman
Gerald & Mary Goodman
Laura Gordon
Jennifer Gragg
Melody & Austin Graham
Ryan & Robin Grant
Brian & Kathy Graves
Frank & Julie Graves
Megan & Tad Graves
Tara Graves
Dan & Linda Gregor
Michael Gregory
Patricia & Joyce Griffin
Steven & Diana Grosso
Richard & Nancy Groves
Ryan Groves
Janet & Jim Grundt
Jose & Maria Gomez
Stella & David Guerra
Michelle Guinn
Mary & Daniel Gunderson
Holly Young-Gunnells &
Joey Gunnells
Thelma Gunter
Laura Gutierrez
Ceasar Guzman
Claire & Brian Haas
Kristin & Eugene Hacker
David & Cheri Hadlwy
Robert & Lynne Hall
Lizbeth & Scott Hallam
Heather & Pete Hamlet
Jeanne & Bruce Hamlin
Jason & Lauren Hammack
J.T. & Judy Hanawalt
Joe Hanawalt
Jared & April Hanawalt
Kenneth & Sally Hanson
William & Susan Hanson
John & Edna Harbin
Matt & Amanda Harkey
Justin & Magie Harl
Sandy & Ken Harman
Jack & Sara Harrison
Cydney & Darrin Hart
Ashley Hartman
Rianna & Christopher Hartsell
Mike & Karen Haskell
Penni & Tom Hasty
Megan & David Hauptman
Brooke Haverstock
Richard & Nancy Haverstock
Elayne & Doyle Hawkins
Kristin & Daniel Hayes
Tim Haynes
Ashley & Martyn Hayward
Cory Hazclovac
Sharon Headley
Channa Hear
Chris & Amanda Heasley
Jerry Hedges
Virginia & Amber Hemingway
Linsee & Tim Hennessy
Joel & Tammy Heppner
Amber & Richard Hernandez
Angel Hernandez
Blanca Hernandez
Jaclyn & Rudy Hernandez
Richard Hernandez
Sarah Hernandez
Lee Ann & Jarod Herron
Dawn Hickey
Donald Hidden
Andy & Nikki Hiemstra
Elizabeth & Chris Higbee
Steven & Kathryn High
Danielle Hill
Jasmine & Sandra Hill
Kathy & Angie Hill
Heidi & Mardi Hinse
Virginia & Robert Hocking
Kathy Hoesman
Sally Holbrook
Brianne Holcomb
Jennifer & Garrett Holiday
Melissa Hollett
Jody & Michael Hollier
Amy & Lance Hollis
Larry & Toni Holochwost
Nicole Honey
Crystal & AJ Hope
Dale & Barbara Jean Hopwood
Larry Hosler
Josh & Anna Kristina Huber
Roberta Jill Hubert
Anthony Hudgens
Tanya & Gary Huff
Elwynn & Dana Huffaker
Arian Hughes
Breanne & Brent Hulstrom
Jake & Beth Hunter
Ellen Hurst
Donald & Sandra Huskins
Jim & Hilari Hussey
David Huynh
Marisol Ibanes
Loretta Ice
Heidi & Matthew Idoux
Richard & Erin Iger
Rick & Cindy Iger
Alfonso Iniguez
Dana & Daniel Irwin
Leodan Jacobo
Robert & Lisa Jacobsen
Tom & Lynnae Jacobsen
Carson & Megan Jam
Don & Donna James
George James
Josh & Sarah James
Robert Jelsvik
Jason Jenkins
Paul & Kasie Jenkins
Cathy & Gary Johnson
Diane Johnson
Lonnie & Jerrad Johnson
Paul Johnston
Wayne & Karen Joiner
Taryn & Jeff Jolliff
Tracee Jones
Cynthia Jordan
Linda Jordan
Christy Joslin
Kevin Jung
Chelsey Jurkovac
Ernie Kartinen
Kamaljeet Kaur
Jacquelyn & Jackie Ann Kegley
Stephen & Marina Kegley
Marvin Kemp
Matt & Allison Kennedy
Michelle Kennedy
Amanda & Tim Kent
Fern Kent
Robert & Joan Kerr
Eldon & Patti King
Michelle King
Nicole & Matt Kirstine
Hilda Klein
Gregory Klis
Ron & Sarah Koch
Kristie Kovacich
Frank Krienen
Darcy & Jake Kristy
Yvonne Kroon
David & Tamara Kuge
Kristopher & Bonnie Kuster
Anastasia & Kent Kwan
Josh & Melissa Kyles
Shannon & Danny Lackey
Nick Lackie
Samantha Lack-Sulier
Jon & Rosanne LaFever
Reiko Lamb
Bruce & Lisa Lampela
Jaime Lane
Madeleine Lang
James & Mary Frances Langille
Rachel & Chris Lantay
Martin & Rita Lara
George & Sandra Larson
Kristy & Shayne Larson
Felize Lascano
Stanton Lavey
Joette & Joseph Lawrence
Brittany & Maria Lazzerini
Mike & Nicole Lazzerini
Jamie Lee
Josh & Tamani Lee
Song N Lee
Anastasia Lester
Ted & Cecelia Levy
Jesse Lewis
Jason Lewy & Melissa Love-Lewy
Ana & Juan Leyva
Janet Liebengood
Fred & Karen Linder
Pat Lindsay
Joe & Amber Linnell
Denise & Paul Litchfield
Daniel & Emily Loera
Shiloh Logan
Alberto Lomeli
Donna & Thomas Long
Jessica & Robert Long
Elizabeth Haber-Lopez &
Conway Lopez
Rosa Lopez
Yesenia Lopez
Denise Johnson-Lowe & Tracy Lowe
Crystal Lozano
Megan & Oscar Lucas
Michelle & Ashley Luevano
Matthew & Ashley Lyons
Ria Ma
Melvin & Lily Mackey
Alicia & Joshua Macomber
Jon & Jennifer Madrid
Alexis Maguyon &
Maria Alfaro-Maguyon
Taylor & Evan Mahlstadt
Daryan Maples
Donna Marquez
Tim Martin
Victor Martin
Bill & Mary Martinez
James & Ruth Ellen Martinez
Jaime Martinez &
Irma Olivas-Martinez
Vickie Masters
Israel & Amanda Mata
Jeff & Yolanda Matthews
Dianna Matthias
Sarah Mattly
Kelly & Terry Maxwell
Thomas & Gretchen Maxwell
William & Chelsea Maxwell
Kristyn Mayo
Sherry & Kent McBride
Ryan & Amanda McCaffrey
Daniel McCuan &
Sarah Jones-McCuan
Lonnie & Jeran McConnel
Scott & Cindy McCormack
Thomas & Debra McCormick
Scott & Jessica McDiffett
Kathy McDonnell
Nigel McElhinney &
Veronica Ledesma-McElhinney
Sean & Cindy McElroy
Jason & Natalie McGill
Nick & Megan McGill
Kirk & Kia McGinty
Gary & Minnie McKibbin
Kevin & Kari McNally
Brad & Kristie McNaughton
Jessica Mead
Bryan Meadows
Michael & Susie Mears
Crystal & Darren Megowan
Hani Mehrpouyan
Bruce Meier
Maria Melendrez
Kara Melvin
Adriana Mendiola
Adam Mersereau
David & Jennifer Mersereau
Jeff & Joy Mersereau
Kelly & Tom Messinger
Tommy & Keri Mestmaker
Steve & Sharon Mettler
J.F. & S.J. Milledge
Donna & Gary Miller
Laura & J.P. Miller
Lisa & Victoria Miller
William Milliken
Megan Miner
Kat Minnick
Irene Miranda
Kaitlyn Mish
David & Jody Mitchell
Sherise & Eric Mitchell
Kenny & Glynnis Mitchell
Mehregon Moerke
Tucker Moffat
Stephen & Ruth Moffett
Noel & Toni Mojica
Salvador Mondragon
Ana Montenegro
Kip & Sue Montgomery
Brittney Montoya
Suzanne Miller-Moody &
R. Clifton Moody
Martin & Colette Moon
Brian & Keli Moore
Robert & Jill Moore
Alexandria Moore-Garcia
Ginger & John Moorhouse
Gary & Evelyn Mora
Janet Moreland
Mallory & Mike Moreland
Erika & Alejandro Moreno
Ellen Morgan
Kimberly Morris
Robert Mosher
Ronda Mundy
Juan David Munoz
Lauren & Johnny Munoz
Miguel & Marissa Munoz
Damon & Melanie Murillo
Craig & Deanne Murphy
Michael & Deborah Murphy
Jennifer & Aaron Mykytiuk
Rose Najera
Stacy Nava
George & Rosa Navarro
Joel & Analea Navarro
Leopold & Olga Navarro
Luis Navarro
La Jarvis Nelson
Lindsey Nelson
Margaret Nelson
Leah Ness
Tara Newfield
Zack & Allison Newman
Vinh Nguyen
Mishael Nicely
Sherry & Erik Nichols
Wiley & Caroline Nickel
Matthew & Tiffany Nord
Barbara Norman
Bob & Edna Norwood
Cesly & William Nuckles Jr.
Cara & Kyle Nunez
Tom & Kate Nykamp
Jack & Susie O’Brien
Shanna O’Neal
Jeanne O’Neill
Anna Marie & Larry O’Rourke
Chris Olague
Tammy & John Olinger
Deborah Olson
Lisa & Kelly Olson
Lon Olson
Amanda Ormiston
Diana & Manuel Ornelas
Bryan & Sherrie Ortiz
Nic & Jacque Othart
Jeff Padgett
Brenda Padilla
Pablo Padilla
Nikolas & Melissa Palla
Dave Palmer
Traci Palmer
Jim & Debbie Pappe
Jaclynn & Jason Parizek
Lori & Scott Park
Helen & Joe Parker
Sharon & Kathleen Parks
Pamela & Darryl Parnell
Peter & Erin Parra
Susan & Doug Pate
Nima Patel
John & Maria Peet
Matt & Becky Pelishek
Diane Pereira
Lisa Harris-Perez & Jessica Perez
Miguel Perez
Lisa Perich
Sonia Perizzdo
Tamara & Josh Petersen
Jeremy & Sydney Peterson
Jennie & Ryan Phillips
Kimile Phillips
Reasmay Phinith
Benjamin Pineda
Gary & Jeanette Pintar
Steve Popplewell
Debra Portello
Joe & Carol Porter
Linda Pounds
Monica Powell
Beth & Robert Powers
Albert & Margie Prinster
Frances Quiroz
Michael & Ellen Quon
David & Rebecca Radica
Hanna & Josh Rahberger
Sandra & Gustavo Ramirez
Wendy Ramirez
Yolanda Ramirez
Julio & Hilda Ramos
Kathy & Alvaro Ramos
Linda & Dale Rankin
Candra & Mike Redfeairn
Amy & Robert Reese
Jennifer Reimel
Brenda & Enrique Reinoza
Nathaniel & Melissa Reish
David & Robin Richaud
Donna & George Richaud
Jessica A Richert
Shannon Ricks
Daniel Ridley
David & Pam Riel
Teresa Rimmer
Cynthia Rios
Emily & Richard Ripperger
Anthony & Melissa Rivera
Miguel & Geri Rivera
Pam Rivers
Dale Robbins
David & David Roberts
Shanna & Jarred Roberts
Mary Robey
Vicki & Craig Robinette
Ryan & Ashley Robison
Bob & Joan Rocha
Stephanie Rocha
Patsy Rodgers
Francisco & Mary Rodriguez
Martha & Brandy Rodriguez
Mary & Francisco Rodriquez
Priscilla Rodriquez
Adam & Karri Rogge
Renee Romano
Juan Romero
Luis Romualdez
Karen & Jeff Roney
Melanie & Leonard Rosa
Christine Rosales
Brittany & Andy Ross
Michael & Nilo Rouse
Michael & Patricia Rowe
Jordan & Amanda Rude
Yvonne & Jason Ruiz
Abigail Ryan
Silver & Connie Sack
Bethany & Joseph Saffo
Eric Salas
Isidro Salas
Mario & Dolores Salinas
Peter J. Saltiban III &
Debbie Saltiban
Israel & Natasha Sanchez
Steve & DeAnne Sanders
Phil & Carol Sansone
Jose & Paty Santos
Sam & Jenny Sargent
Carolyn & William Schaefer
Julia & Mark Schaefer
Jay & Erica Schlosser
Mary & Gerhard Schmidt
Rusell Schmitt
Lavonne Schuetz
Patty & Jon Scott
William & Gabriela Scully
Julie & Rick Searfoss
Rachel Shaddy
Najia & Latif Shah
Crosby & Rachel Shaterian
Stephanie & Andrew Sheffield
Jemma Shelton
Heather Sherman
Lisa Sherrill
Wyatt & Jillian Shipley
Jeremy & Kelly Shirley
Daniel & Katy Short
Nestor O. & Susie Sierra
Regino & Ashley Sierra
Ryan & Rebekah Sikola
Alaura Silas
Jean Silva
Lisa & Elwood Silva
Michaela Sims
Suzan & Scott Sindelar
Maria Sineriz
Ellis & Lena Siratt
Joseph Skaggs
Jessica Skiles
Dennis & Dora Slauson
Donald & Betsy Slauson
Sonya & Brandon Slezak
Cheryl & Allen Sloan
Kim & Dereka Sloan
Christina & Dainer Smith
Danielle Smith
Don Smith
Jamie & Valerie Smith
Rodger & Darlene Smith
Shirley & Ed Smith
Karen & Bryan Smith
Lindsay & Gregory Smith
Danielle Solano
Elsa Solorio
Stephen Sommerville
Megan Sosnowski
William & Sandra Sousa Martinez
Shawn & Cassandra Spees
Charles & Irene Spencer
Brian & Joy Spicer
Chanell & Brian Stacy
Melissa Steele
Mikki Stevens
Shelton & Melina Stevens
Willie Stewart
Isabel Stierle
Don & Yevon Stiner
Rebecca & Kevin Stokes
Tim Story
Pat Stramler
Travis & Lester Stuart
Linda Sullenger
Alan & Diana Sullivan
Ira & Mary Sullivan
Irven & Patricia Sykes
Heyley Taber
Lisa Tackett
Cristi Tallman
Chuck & Juli Tam
Eugene Tamburine
Valerie Tapia
Denise Taylor
Ken & Pam Taylor
Cody Tellgren
Emilia & Shaun Terry
James & Lainie Tessman
Allen & Patricia Thompson
Lauren & Nathaniel Thompson
Nancy L. Thompson
Kristin Todd
Rob & Angela Tompkins
Janelle & Jared Tonks
Julien Tordo & Stacey Shepard-Tordo
Gabriel Torres
Margarito Torres
Maria & Erick Torres
Samuel & Maria Torres
Candice Trani
Steve & Joanna Trekas
John Trino
Kim & Joe Trovato
Katie & Justin Tungate
Michelle Turner
Sarah Turner
Kimberly & Jason Uhlman
Katie & Jeff Unruh
Leah Unruh
Richard & Roseanna Valdez
April Valencia
Humberto & Maribel Vallejo
Nicolas & Carrie Van Der Horst
Yolande Van Noord
Afton Van Zandt
Janae & James Vance
Jim Varley
Lisa Ann Vasquez
Monica & George Vasquez
Natalia & Jose Vasquez
Theresa Vaughan
Philip & Desiree Vejarano
Robert & Jennifer Velasco
Earl & Monica Vensel
Trisha Villa
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Custom Home Alarm
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Lassen’s Natural Foods & Vitamins
Mexicali Restaurants
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Auburn Veterinary Hospital
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Community Foundation
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Culligan Water
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Highland Church of Christ
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Kaiser Permanente
KGET-TV, Channel 17
KBAK-TV, Channel 29
Kern County Chapter of CTTC
Kiwanis Club of Oildale
Dianna & James Knapp
Kathleen LaMay
Bruce & Lisa Lampela
Lassen’s Natural Foods & Vitamins
Bill & Holly Lazzerini
Vicki Lueck
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Nestle Purina PetCare Company
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Dr. William & Pamela Prewett
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Richard & Delores Regedal Trust
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In Memory of Betty J. Fain
From, Dianna & Jim Knapp
In Memory of Dave Parker
From, Wayne & Ginny Kirschenman
In Memory of Richard
& Delores Regedal
From, Sonya H. Brown
In Memory of Barbara J. Thomas
From, F.M. & M.H. Croson
Black bear
Hayslett Family
From, Jessica Fitzgerald
Rylan Graves
Cheri Hanshaw
Dan & Janet Rosen
Boer goat
Tristan Graves
Desert bighorn sheep
Gift for Marshall Day
From, Jessica Fitzgerald
Garrett Etter
Gila monster
Cliff Benavides
Gray fox
Gift for Gavin & Greysen Frank
From, Jessica Fitzgerald
Mountain lion
Gift for Kailee Fitzgerald
From, Jessica Fitzgerald
Evan Graves
Richard Powell
North American beaver
Misty Benavides
Peregrine falcon
Gift for Moses Rodriguez
From, Judy Knott and Ron Morris
Red fox
Gift for Carlos Rubio
From, Cynthia Needhem
Rosy boa
Gift for Carter Dixon
From, Jessica Fitzgerald
San Joaquin Kit fox
Nicolas & Syndie Franzetti
Maya Hukill
Eagle Scout Project
Parking Lot Planter Renovation
Project by Jack T. Saba
Help provided by Donors
and Volunteers:
Ralph & Dena Banducci
Sharon Handschumacher
Steven & Kate Larson
Steven & Mary Larson
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Lois Watson
Calendar of Events
April 5
CALM Closed
Kern Schools Federal Credit
Union 75th Anniversary at CALM
Saturday, April 18
9 am.-2p.m.
KSFCU will pay for ALL guests and
one Train ticket during a limited
time (9 a.m.-2 p.m.)
Mother’s Day
Sunday, May 10
All mothers and grandmothers
$5 admission
CALM’s 32nd Birthday Bash
Saturday, May 16
9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Kids up to 12 years old-FREE (must
be accompanied by an adult)
See front page
Memorial Day
Monday, May 25
All active United States military
personnel and veterans FREE with
military ID
Kit fox rehabilitation
a team effort
Last January, Brent
Clare, an employee
at the Pacific Gas and
Electric Company noticed an ailing endangered San Joaquin kit
fox at the Bakersfield
Service Center. The
Endangered Species
Recovery Program was
called which quickly
captured the young fox
who was then brought
to CALM’s Wildlife
CALM Animal Keeper Alexis Day (L) assists Curator
Rehabilitation Center.
Don Richardson during a medical procedure on the ill
For several weeks, the
San Joaquin kit fox found at the PG&E service center in
kit fox was treated for
mange. He is now
equipped with a tracking device and released back to the PG&E facility where he is
doing well.
CALM is the only wildlife rehabilitation center in Kern County and receives more
than 500 birds, mammals and reptiles through the program each year. Care and
treatment of these animals can cost several thousand dollars for each case and
funding is limited. Donations for this program would be greatly appreciated so we
are able to save additional lives.
Father’s Day
Sunday, June 21
All fathers and grandfathers
$5 admission
CALM Zoo Manager Lana Fain accepts a $10,000 check from Bakersfield Condors
Head Coach J.F. Houle at the KGET-TV, Channel 17 station. The donation was
raised from a jersey raffle last February. This generous donation has been
designated for the soon-to-open California Coast Room at CALM! Go Condors!
Celebrate Mom
& Dad at CALM
Twilight at CALM
Every Saturday evening
July11-August 29
(Except August 22)
5-8 p.m.
Celebrate Mother’s Day (May 10) and Father’s Day (June 21) at
the California Living Museum.
On their special days, Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa,
too) will receive a 50 percent discount on admission and will be
eligible to win a CALM Family Membership. Bring a picnic lunch
and enjoy a family outing at the zoo.
Don’t forget to look in CALM’s gift store for nature-related gifts.
Kids Free Days
The last Saturday of each month
kids are admitted to the zoo FREE!
Senior Discovery Day
Each Monday
seniors 60+ receive
50% discount on admission and
10% discount in the Gift Store
CALM Docent Lynn Knapp gives
Condors mascot Col. Claw’d a big
hug for supporting the zoo. The team
invited CALM to set up an information
table at a recent game.
Vol 17 No 2
Spring 2015
A quarterly publication of the
California Living Museum (CALM).
Lana Fain
Jordan Reed Editor:
Lana Fain
Pre-Production Services
Production: Kern County Superintendent
of Schools Office
California Living Museum (CALM)
10500 Alfred Harrell Hwy.
(661) 872-2256
FAX (661) 872-2205
Tory Westall, with the Endangered Species Recovery Program, releases the now
healthy kit fox back to the PG&E yard.
Bakersfield Condors Hockey donates
$10,000 to CALM
Visit CALM’s Web site
California Living Museum
10500 Alfred Harrell Highway
Bakersfield, CA 93306-9654
E R S’
CALM’s mission is to teach a respect for all living things through education, recreation, conservation and research.
Membership Application
Renew or extend your membership today! Buy one as a gift for a friend!
This membership is for:
This membership is from:
Please indicate your category of support:
In addition to the above, all CALM
members receive a 10 percent
discount on gift shop purchases,
advance notification of education
programs and special events,
admission to members-only events
and a one-year subscription to
“Critter Capers,” CALM’s member
Individual (free admission for cardholder only)
Family (free admission for two adults and their children under age 18)
Two adult names:
*Number of children _____
Contributing (family benefits plus four guest passes)
Two adult names:
*Number of children _____
Sustaining (family benefits plus six guest passes and a CALM T-shirt)
Two adult names:
*Number of children _____
Golden Bear (family benefits plus eight guest passes and two CALM T-shirts)
Two adult names:
*Number of children _____
*Children must be under 18 years old.
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