May 2015 - Calgary Co-op

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2015 Anvil Awards
Working with agency C & B
Advertising, Calgary Co-op was
proud to accept four awards at the
Annual Ad Rodeo Anvil Awards on
April 17, which celebrate creativity
within Calgary.
These awards were for our new
“Best Fresh” campaign which
has been highlighted through
our television commercial,
billboards and print.
These advertisements received
first place in two categories:
Out of Home and Outdoor, and
were recognized with awards of
Merit in three other categories:
Poster and Print Single/Series
and Photography.
We realize how special these
awards are and are honored to
have been recognized with
C & B Advertising.
Congratulations to all other
winners. We are proud to
stand with such amazing
talent in Calgary.
uel Up to Win is over for another year, but the celebrating has
just begun!
This year, Calgary Co-op members won over $35,000 in prizes
including free gas for a year, Hamilton Beach Kitchen Appliances
and $30,000 cash.
Congratulations to all of our winners including Elenita Macarthur, who
collected all the stickers to win one of the $30,000 grand prizes. In fact,
she actually collected the winning sticker on her very first purchase
from our Deer Valley Centre.This location has proven to be exceptionally
lucky in this promotion with two grand prize winners receiving the Ford
Focus and Free Groceries for a Year in 2014.
This year, our Macleod Trail
and North Hill locations tied
for the highest number of
winners, so you know where to
fuel up to win next year.
A full listing of all Calgary Co-op
Fuel Up to Win winners will be
published in the June issue of
Co-op News.
Spring also brings the return of a seasonal favourite at Calgary Co-op
– the Grilling Solutions Guide! Be sure to pick up your copy at any
Calgary Co-op food centre for helpful hints, recipes from Dale
MacKay, the winner of Top Chef Canada, and great savings on all your
grilling essentials.
At Calgary Co-op, we’re celebrating the season, the great outdoors
and a long summer ahead.
This season, burgers will go from
ordinary to extraordinary with
incredible new varieties of Co-op
Gold Burgers, now available at
Calgary Co-op.
We are pleased to introduce Co-op
Gold Pure Angus Beef, Waygu Beef,
Bison and Turkey Burgers. Made with natural products and the finest
ingredients, these burgers will get the whole neighbourhood talking (and
finding excuses to visit.)
Also new this year are the Co-op Gold Short Rib & Brisket Burger and
Portabello Swiss Cheese Burger.
Join us June 20-21 from 12 pm – 6 pm for your chance to sample your Co-op
Gold burger favourites including Angus Beef, Prime Rib and Sirloin Beef at
select Calgary Co-op locations.
Nothing tastes better on a hot and
sunny day, than a cold scoop of
ice cream.
This season, indulge in a new
favourite with Co-op Gold tangy
Lemon Pie, Pistachio & Almond
or Black Cherry ice cream. Or for
an icy treat that bursts with
flavour but is low in fat, try our new Co-op Gold Saskatoon Berry or Key Lime
Greek Frozen Yogurt.These incredible desserts are on sale all summer long for
just $4.99 each until August 6.
Discover your new favourite and try a sample June 27-28 from 12 – 6pm at all
Calgary Co-op locations.
Stay refreshed and hydrated all
season long with incredible
specials at Calgary Co-op gas bars.
From now until June 5, you can
pick up two 710 mL bottles of
Gatorade for just $4.00, and 12
packs of Aquafina are two for $7.00
throughout the summer. Fuel, shop
and save at Calgary Co-op Gas Bars.
Did you know that a special environmental
phenomenon occurs each Spring?
Hydrocarbons are produced from our
vehicles, factories, asphalt roads and
more. They exist in our atmosphere and
are driven back down to the ground during
seasons of rain. When this occurs, a
hydrocarbon film can form on your vehicle
which is the most difficult substance to
remove in a touchless car wash.
To prevent this film, we recommend washing
your vehicle within 1-2 days after rain has
subsided to remove the potential of film.
In heavy film conditions, hand washing your
vehicle (where permissible) with Turtle Wax
ICE Car Wash will usually eliminate the film.
Throughout the rest of the year, it is
recommended to wash your vehicle every
two weeks.
To keep your vehicle looking its best, be sure
to pick up a five-pack of touchless car washes
from any Calgary Co-op gas bar. These
five-packs start at only $39.95 and can be
redeemed for a car wash code at any Calgary
Co-op car wash. Available in three options:
Regular, Premium and Extreme, they also
make great Fathers’ Day gifts.
Our Rocky Ridge and Airdrie food centres
have completed renovations and now offer
an expanded fresh meat and seafood
offering, cheese island, fresh bakery case and
curry bar. We invite all members to visit these
newly renovated locations to see how your
local Co-op is working to provide you with
quality products, caring service and value for
your dollar.
Your Co-op Community Foundation is
pleased to give members a new way to give
back to the community. We are now
accepting the donation of Revved Up
Rewards in donation boxes located at every
cash register in our food centres. These
coupons quickly add up and will be
donated through the Foundation to local
charitable and not-for-profit organizations.
The tradition continues! All members are
invited to join us for the first of our Stampede
Breakfasts happening this June in High River
and Airdrie. You’ll enjoy a free breakfast of
pancakes, sausages, beans, coffee and more,
all while boot stompin’ to your favourite
country songs from the band Scarecrow. Join
us from 8 – 10 am at these locations:
Saturday, June 20High River Food Centre
Friday, June 26 Airdrie Food Centre
Our South Trail Crossing food centre is relocating to Auburn Bay. This superior location
will offer new products and services. The South Trail Crossing food centre will close end
of business day June 27, 2015. Shortly after, construction begins in Auburn Bay.
Members are invited to visit our Quarry Park, Deer Valley and Shawnessy Co-op locations
in the interim.
Please note the South Trail Crossing Gas Bar and Co-op Wine Spirits Beer store will
remain open.
The Board Report
Hello from your new Board! In upcoming
editions, we will be introducing all Board
members. We’ll begin with our three new
Board members: Lori Ell, Bettina Pierre-Gilles
and Lisa Wise.
Lori, a Certified Management Accountant,
specializes in strategy execution, operational
efficiency and corporate recruiting, and is
currently on the Board for Alberta Food
Processors Association. Bettina, a Certified
Management Accountant, is an experienced
financial executive with over 18 years’
experience. She is currently the President and
CEO of Phasis Consulting. Lisa is a familiar
face, having served as board director for
Calgary Co-op for over 8 years. She owns a
marketing business and completed her MBA
at the Haskayne School of Business (2003).
In the Board’s first meetings, there are two
issues that may be of particular interest:
1. Director Election process – with the great
feedback from members, candidates and
our external consultants, there will be
improvements to the process for next year.
2. Ten Year Strategy for Calgary Co-op.
You may have noticed the changes
implemented at our stores over the last
year. There has been careful design behind
those changes. But the competition is not
going away. We need to continue to plan
how our Co-op should look in the future,
balancing our co-operative principles
with the need to provide a return to our
member-owners. The Board, our CEO
and our Executive Leadership Team have
begun a detailed process to consider our
long term strategy.
Your Board would also like to connect
with members more. If you have ideas on
how we might do just that, please e-mail
[email protected]
Co-operatively yours,
Peggy LeSueur
Board Chair
Whether you are going to Mexico, Europe, Peru on a Caribbean
cruise, be sure to book an appointment at our One Stop Travel
Health Clinics to ensure you remain safe and healthy.
Our Certified Travel Health Pharmacists will provide personalized
travel consultations, prescriptions for travel and any necessary
vaccinations - all in one appointment! It’s very convenient for busy
families and schedules.
Appointments are available at our Hamptons, Richmond Road,
Shawnessy,Village Square and West Springs pharmacy locations.
Visit or email [email protected] for more information or to book your appointment today!
Knowing it can be a challenge to eat a well-balanced diet every day, Calgary Co-op is pleased
to offer a natural alternative for health and wellness with our new Natural Choice section.
Located by the Pharmacy, we offer a wide range of quality local and Canadian products to
supplement a healthy lifestyle in these categories: Digestive Health, Immune Support,
Homeopathy, Bone and Joint Health, Heart Health, Weight Loss, Supplements, Personal Care,
Mood, Shakes and Nutritional Snacks.
Our Natural Choice Advisors can discuss your health and wellness needs and provide
recommendations on a variety of options to improve your daily health:
Crowfoot Centre – Joan Sarro
Macleod Trail Centre – Jessica Desbrisay
Midtown Market Centre – Heather Cronk
Oakridge Centre – Nikki Foote
Enjoy the best of BC’s Okanagan Valley in harvest season! On
this 6 day / 5 night tour you can discover complex Pinot Noirs,
vibrant Chardonnays and sweet Icewines from large luxurious
facilities to small family-run vineyards. The tour runs from
October 3 – 8, 2015, with prices starting from $1,120 CDN +GST.
Book by July 31, and you’ll receive $100 off per couple. Terms
and conditions apply.
Stop by your local Co-op Travel office for more information, or visit
GlobalFest - until May 30
• General Admission tickets - $10 + gst
• GlobalPasses are $45 + gst (admittance for 1 person for each night of the festival)
To enhance
everyday living with
life’s essentials
We deliver
great products and
exceptional service
our communities value
we value
Community commitment
Caring service
Great quality
Managing Editor
Karen Allan
Contributing Writers
Trinh Bui
Jeff Clemens
Sonal Ejner
Peggy LeSueur
Calgary Co-operative
Association Limited
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Calgary, Alberta T2H 3A5
The presentation of
information in this
publication does not form
or imply any legal or
other obligations with
readers. The information
in this publication is
public information. While
we strive for accuracy,
it is possible that the
information in this
publication may contain
errors or omissions and
we disclaim any liability
for any such errors
or omissions.
• 2 racks Pork ribs
• 4 Garlic cloves,
• 1 Tbsp. Sweet paprika
• 1/2 tsp. Cumin
• 1 Tbsp. Olive oil
• 1/4 tsp. Salt
• 1 Tbsp. Red wine
• 1/4 tsp. Pepper
• 1/2 tsp. Hot smoked
• 2.5 lbs Red skin
potatoes, peeled
• Salted water
• 1/2 - 3/4 cup Bacon,
• 3/4 cup Yellow onions, diced
• 1/2 cup White wine or light beer
• Mayonnaise, to taste
• Salt & Pepper, to taste
• 1 1/2 cups White
beans (dry)
• Water
• 3 or 4 Bacon slices,
• 1 Onion, chopped
• 1/2 cup Barbecue
• 1 cup Apple juice
• 2 Tbsp. Grainy
• 1 Tbsp. Worcestershire
• 1/4 cup brown sugar
• Few drops of Tabasco
• 1/4 cup ketchup
• 2 Tbsp. Molasses
Mash garlic cloves, sweet paprika, olive oil,
red-wine vinegar, hot smoked paprika, cumin,
and salt and pepper in a mortar and pestle or
food processor until you have a thick paste.
Rub all over pork ribs, place on a rimmed baking
sheet, cover with foil and refrigerate overnight.
Bake at 300˚F for 2 ½ to 3 hours, until very
tender. (This can be done up to a day ahead.)
Place on a preheated grill for 10-15 minutes,
turning as necessary, until heated through and
darkened on the outside. Cut into individual ribs
to serve.
Cube potatoes and boil in salted water until
tender. Drain and set aside.
Chop bacon and onion and sauté until onions are
golden and bacon is crispy.
Add wine or beer to pan and bring to a boil.
Simmer until most liquid is gone.
Toss the potatoes with bacon/onion mixture then
fold in mayonnaise.
Lightly season with salt and pepper.
Cover dry white beans with water by a few inches and let
sit for 8 hours, or overnight.
Drain, cover with fresh water in a pot and simmer for 1
hour, or until tender. Drain.
In a large, ovenproof pot, cook bacon and chopped onion
for 5-10 minutes, until the bacon is cooked and the onions
are soft.
Add the soaked beans, barbecue sauce, apple juice, brown
sugar, ketchup, molasses, grainy mustard, Worcestershire
sauce and Tabasco sauce.
Cover and bake for 2 1/2 hours, stirring once or twice,
until thickened and saucy.