Letter re:Prom,After proms,and Grad Trips

Cairine Wilson Secondary School
975 Orleans Boulevard • Ottawa • Ontario • K1C 2Z5
(613) 824-4411 • Fax (613) 824-5679
Principal: Kevin Gilmore
Vice-Principals: Scott Hebert-Daly; Rachelle Sintic
Dear Parent/Guardian/Potential Grad,
RE: Prom and Grad Trips
As the principal of the Cairine Wilson, I wanted to clarify some very important information regarding this
year’s Prom, after Prom parties, and graduate trips abroad. Please be aware of the following:
Pre-Prom Garden Party -- this event will be held on June 24th, 2015 and is a school council supported
event, run by our grad parents, and will be held at the Cumberland Museum from 3-5pm.
Prom – will be held on June 24th, 2015 and is a school and school board sanctioned event, with staff
supervision, and will be held at the Chateau Laurier from 5:30pm-midnight.
After Prom – any after Prom party or post Prom event IS NOT a school sanctioned event and IS NOT
supervised by the CW staff nor supported by the school or school board
Destination Grad Trips – holiday trips to Quebec, Mexico, or the Caribbean run by third parties ARE NOT
school sanctioned events and ARE NOT supported by the school or school board.
Please note: the volleyball team trip to Hawaii and the school trip to Europe are fully sanctioned events,
supported and supervised by CW staff and parents.
I feel it is very important to clarify these situations as there appears to be misrepresentation and/or
misunderstandings about After Prom parties and so-called Destination Grad trips. The school board and
Cairine Wilson have nothing to do with these events and they are not supervised by Cairine Wilson staff.
Parents allowing their children to partake in these events are assuming full responsibility for any actions or
consequences involving their children. These events are promoted outside the school, or through social
media, and are run by private businesses using students to promote the events. This gives the illusion that
the events are supported officially by the school when they are not.
As an example, some CW students have been asked to join an After Prom party for $65 on June 24th, 2015,
after or during the official Prom event. Please be aware that the school is only supporting the Prom itself at
the Chateau Laurier, and not these After Prom events. Students leaving the Prom at the Chateau Laurier
will not be allowed to re-enter and any subsequent event students attend that night will not be supervised,
supported, or sanctioned by the school or school board. Parents and students will be assuming all liability
and responsibility for any actions or consequences involving their children at these After Prom events.
Our Prom committee (students, staff, and parents) has worked very hard to create an affordable, safe,
memorable, and first-class evening for their fellow students at the Chateau Laurier. We hope you will help
support this event for the entire evening and make it a success. Further information can be found on the
CW website or feel free to call the school.
Kevin Gilmore, Principal