...to introduce and educate the sporting public to the sport...

Volume #11
April 2014
Issue #2
...to introduce and educate the sporting public to the sport of fly fishing
President's Letter
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Upcoming Events
Wes Krupiczewicz
DCFF Educational Outreach
Ever read the club's bylaws? Doesn't say much about fishing. We are organized exclusively for educational and
conservation purposes as related to fly fishing.
April 16th @ 6:30pm
Regular Club Meeting
Bass Pro Shops - Clarksville
Jerry McDaniel - Cumberland
April 19th
Floyd's Fork Cleanup
Parklands of Floyd's Fork
Additional Info
April 21st
Project Healing Waters
VA Hospital - Louisville
April 22nd
Project Healing Waters
Fort Knox, KY
By far our biggest outreach related to fly fishing is education. So far this year, our monthly fly tying instruction has
attracted an average of 37 participants per month at our Cabela's and Bass Pro sessions. We were able to help 14 boy
scouts achieve a fly fishing merit badge through casting and fly tying instruction. Our Otter Creek beginners outing had a
combined total of 36 instructors and students. We've also conducted a short "introduction to fly fishing" class at the
Parklands. Our monthly meetings are designed to be both educational and entertaining. We're reaching out to our
veterans and active military sponsoring a "Healing Waters" group. Even "eat and talk shop" has a educational element with
knot tying and leader making in the last couple of months. If you're looking for fly fishing instruction, we're your one stop
shop in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area!
So where are we going over the balance of the year? Based on our member survey, we plan to offer an intensive
"beginner fly tying" course. Details and a syllabus are being developed now and we hope to roll out the program soon. We
also hope to offer a rod building class again this year; timing should be this fall. Two more Otter Creek beginners outings at
planned for May and then in October. We'll also continue to offer casting instruction at our outdoor meetings starting in
To keep all theses educational events going, we need volunteers to help. If you've got a good fly pattern or two and would
like to share, consider leading a monthly tying meeting (you are reimbursed for your expenses). Come out and help with
casting instruction - we can give you some trainer training and you will learn more about casting as you're helping others.
Healing Waters can always use some more help! Give me a call or look me up at a meeting and I'll line you up with the
right contacts.
April 23rd @ 6:30
Fly Tying - KY
Cabela's - Louisville
Crappie Candy and Pinkabou
April 24th @ 6:30
Fly Tying - IN
Bass Pro - Clarksville
Crappie Candy and Pinkabou
May 5th
Project Healing Waters
VA Hospital - Louisville
Parklands Beginners' Class
John Froehlich
Parklands Beginners' Class
May 7th @ 6:30pm
Board Meeting
Cardinal Cafe
May 13th
Project Healing Waters
Fort Knox, KY
May 14th @ 6:30pm
Eat and Talk Shop
Golden Corral - Clarksville
Additional Info
May 19th
Talk about wet and nasty! The weather could not have been much worse for the Beginners Fly Fishing Class held March 29
at the Parkland of Floyds Fork, but six participants braved the elements to participate. Twelve to 15 had been anticipated
but considering the weather, we were pleased with the turnout.
With the help of about six other members, Dave Sabol and I covered the basics of equipment, safety, knots, flies and other
aspects in a "hands on" approach. This two-hour classroom session was followed by casting demonstration and instruction
of about 1 hour in 15 to 20 mph winds and rain! In spite of the weather, most of the participants stayed for the casting.
All in all, I believe this is a project well worth repeating considering the Parklands will promote it in their monthly newsletter.
Thanks again Bob, Tom, Mike, John H, Wes, Roy, Walt, George and our Parklands contact, Ali Greenwell for their help.
Project Healing Waters
VA Hospital - Louisville
May 21 @ 6:30pm
Outdoor Club Meeting
Otter Creek
May 27th
Project Healing Waters
Fort Knox, KY
May [email protected] 6:30
Fly Tying - KY
Cabela's - Louisville
Clouser Crayfish &
Murray Helgramite
May 29th @ 6:30
Fly Tying - IN
Bass Pro - Clarksville
Clouser Crayfish &
Murray Helgramite
April 10th
Waynesville, NC Trip
Additional Info
May 16th
Lake Barkley Bluegill Camping Trip
Additional Info
May 17th
Blue River Outing
Additional Info
May 24th
Otter Creek Beginner Outing
Additional Info
Wes Krupiczewicz
Dave Sabol
Vice President
George Tipker
Doug Stull
Larry Drake
Conservation Director
Dustin Tabert
Education Director
Scott DeWees
Marketing Director
Mike Scheid
Membership Director
Jack Miller
Program Director
Jack McGuire
Raffle Director
Trips Director
Kenneth Kloeppel
Casey Weber
Newsletter Director
KYDFW Stewardship Award
George Tipker
DCFF Awarded for Volunteerism
On March 6 , 2014, Derby City Fly Fishers (DCFF) was honored and presented with a distinguished Wildlife Steward
Award by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Fellow club members George Tipker, Jack McGuire
and John Froehlich accompanied Charlie Logsdon, KDFWR and Manager of the Otter Creek Recreation Area, to an
awards dinner banquet in Frankfurt Kentucky, to accept this award.
This recognition and award was received in part, due to the numerous volunteer activities and support that DCFF has
provided to the Otter Creek Recreation Area in Brandenburg, Kentucky. Some of those acts include, but are not limited to:
numerous volunteer outings introducing the public to the sport of fly fishing; multiple outings introducing and fly fishing with
various groups of under-privileged children; similar outings with school groups and boy scout troops; aiding in the
installation of a trout stocking tube; stream clean up activities; contributing and aiding in the stocking of trophy sized
rainbow trout in Otter Creek; and advertising and bringing public attention to Otter Creek by way of club meetings and
outings, including the One Fly For Cancer Fly Fishing Tournament.
The award reads: "The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resource Commission recognizes Derby City Fly Fishers as a
WILDLIFE STEWARD pledged to the mission of responsible stewardship of Kentucky's natural diversity, its fish and wildlife
resources and their habitats. We commend you for developing partnerships with people to benefit wildlife, and for using
your knowledge and skills to help manage Kentucky's resources to meet the needs and hopes of present and future
L to R: Charlie Logsdon, John Froelich, George Tipker, Jack McGuire
April Fly Tying Recipes
Brian Kaluzny
April Fly Tying
This month, Brian Kaluzny will be showing participants how to tie the Crappie Candy and the Pinkaboo. Join us at either
Cabela's on April 23rd or Bass Pro Shops on April 24th. Both sessions start at 6:30. If you are new to tying, don't be
intimidated: there are always helpful tyers who are more than willing to offer their assistance.
Crappie Candy
Hook: Streamer hook size 8-12
Thread: Fluorescent green 6/0
Tail: White marabou
Body: Fluorescent green wool and chartreuse crystal flash
Wing: White bucktail
Eyes: Silver bead chain
Hook: Jig hook (1/80)
Thread: 6/0 with color to match body
Tail & Body: Fluorescent Pink Ultra Chenille Standard Size
Boy Scout Outing
George Tipker
DCFF helps Boy Scout Troop get 1 Merit Badge
On the weekend of Saturday, March 15, 2014 a group of dedicated Derby City Fly Fishers introduced and instructed the
sport of fly fishing to a group of eager and enthusiastic boy scouts at Otter Creek, Brandenburg, KY. Fellow members,
Gerry McDaniel, Roy Been, David Campbell, John Hearin, Mark Vincent and George Tipker conducted an outdoor
introduction fly fishing class to Boy Scout Troop 181 from Meade County Kentucky. The weather was gorgeous, the boy
scouts and their involved parents were great and it was fun and productive day for all that participated.
As a follow up to this initial outing, the boy scouts then asked DCFF if we would be kind enough to introduce fly tying to
them as well. So, approximately 2 weeks later on a Tuesday evening, another contingent of Derby City Fly Fishers (Brian
Kaluzny, David Campbell, Tom Urekew, Wes Krupiczewicz, Roy Been and George Tipker) traveled to the Brandenburg, KY
library and conducted such a class. There were 22 participants (boy scouts and parents) that learned the basics of fly tying
and each went home with a general understanding of the "Why's and How's" of Fly Tying along with 2 personally tied flies
Boy Scout Troop 181 was a pleasure to work with as both the scouts and their parents were attentive, involved, interested,
eager and polite, and it made for a very rewarding experience for all of us to be able to help this fine group of young men
get their first (of many we hope) merit badges.
Bonefish Trip
Mike Scheid
Bone fishing in Andros, Bahamas
If you don't have the right attitude about your first bone fishing trip then John Feinstein's golf book, A Good Walk Spoiled,
may come to mind. But, if you remind yourself that you are in a beautiful warm sunny place, doing what you love and not
back home in the snow, catching a bone fish on the fly is just a bonus.
My friend John and I try to plan a February fishing trip each year and our main criteria is it has to be warm. John and I are
fairly new to fly fishing and most of our fishing has been in fresh water. So, when a mutual friend recommended Bone
fishing on the fly we knew we would be in for a challenge. Nevertheless, we decided to give it a go and booked a trip with
Two Boys Inn on Andros Island in the Bahamas.
Two boys is a combination Inn and guide service, nothing too fancy. Frankie Neymour is the lead guide and his wife,
Melinda, runs the inn. The accommodations are modest but clean. The outstanding food was home cooked and our meals
were shared family style with other anglers staying at the inn (max 10). Andros is the largest of the Bahamian Isles, but it's
also very rural and sparsely inhabited. Chances are that if someone goes to Andros, they are going to fish.
With Frankie as our guide, we set out after breakfast for our first shot at a bone fish. There are typically 2 anglers to each
flats' boat. Your guide drives and then poles from a platform when you arrive at flats. The drive time was about 20 minutes
and seas were dead calm. Everything was perfect and Frankie soon sighted our first bone fish. This was the first time that
I've actually hunted fish and I quickly realized the benefit of a guide. It takes a while to see what Frankie sees; good
polarized glasses are a must. As I soon found out, finding the fish was just part of the task. Putting the fly perfectly in front
of the fish's path without spooking, stripping at just the right speed, not lifting your rod tip to set the hook, and keeping your
stripped line free of tangles were a few of the ways that I managed to miss fish this first morning. Fortunately, Frankie's
patience and calm teaching style prevailed and by the end of the day, we had landed several grey ghosts.
The thrill of having a fish rip fly line through your hands and quickly dig into your backing is truly addictive. This type of
fishing is different than most of our inland fishing opportunities, but if you are willing to take a graduate level fishing course,
fly fishing for bones is sure to be worth the tuition.
Click here to see some video highlights of our trip.
If you would like more details on this trip feel free to email or call me.
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