Quilting Classroom 4 Createandcraft.tv Jennie Rayment

Classroom 4
Jennie Rayment
3rd February
8.00 am
Quilting Classroom 4
Tools & Equipment
Sewing machine
Rotary Cutter 28/45/60 mm
Cutting Mat 17 x 23”
Acrylic Ruler - 24.5 x 6.5”
Acrylic Square 12.5”
60° Diamond - Simplicity
45° Diamond - Simplicity
6½” Easy Angle - Simplicity
Nonslip grip discs for base of rulers
Bamboo Point Turner
No melt Mylar Template plastic
Coloured marking pens
Marking pen - fine tip preferably
Quarter inch masking tape
Small sharp scissors
Tool/Ruler Handle
Quilter’s Quarter
Stitch Unpicker
Pins - Flower Head preferably
Hard Pencil/Pencil Sharpener/Fabric Eraser
Clover Mini-iron & Ironing Pad/Board
Slice Fabrique - appliqué on Grandmothers Fan block
Fabric Products
Hobbs batting
10” square light weight interfacing
Autumn Colours
Cream 18 x 22” (Fat Quarter)
Red 18 x 22” (Fat Quarter)
Green 18 x 22” (Fat Quarter)
Yellow 18 x 22” (Fat Quarter)
Tan 8 x 22” (Fat Quarter)
Blue & Yellow Colours
Off White 18 x 18” (Fat Quarter)
Mid Blue 18 x 22” (Fat Quarter)
Yellow 18 x 22” (Fat Quarter)
Dark Blue 18 x 22” (Fat Quarter)
Green 18 x 22” (Fat Quarter)
Tumbling Blocks
Seam Allowance: ¼”
1. Cut one 2¾ ” x 12” Yellow strip. Align base of 60°
diamond with fabric edge. Trim fabric to template edge.
2. Turn fabric over. Replace template. Align 2½” Finished
Height dotted line with trimmed edge of fabric. Cut
along side of template forming a diamond. Move template along strip and cut two more diamonds.
3. Repeat with one Green and one Dark Blue strip cutting three diamonds
from each strip.
4. Arrange one diamond
of each colour to form a
5. Lay one Green and
one Yellow diamond R/S
Mark ¼” S/A in top right hand corner.
6. Sew from this mark to the end of the seam.. Open out.
7. Insert the Dark Blue diamond in the ‘V’ shaped gap. Place
R/S together on the Green diamond.
8. Sew from marked ¼” dot to the end of the seam.
9. Manoeuvre the Dark Blue diamond round so that it
aligns with the edge of the Yellow diamond.
10. Sew from the marked ¼” dot to the edge or from the
edge to the marked dot.
11. Gently press seams open and
12. Make two more blocks using
the remaining diamonds - make
sure each block is identical.
13. Arrange as a pyramid.
14. Take the two lower sections
and join together. Start the
stitching on the seam junction.
Leave a gap at the start of the
15. Insert the remaining section into the ‘V’ shaped gap.
16. Place this last section on the
left aligning the raw edges.
Sew from the start of the seams to the outside edge or sew from the
outside edge to the start of the seams - it doesn’t matter which way
you sew.
17. Manoeuvre this piece and align the
edge of the Yelllow diamond with the
edge of the Dark Blue diamond.
18. Sew this seam either from the
outside edge to the centre or vice versa.
Stop or start your stitching on the previously stitched seams.
The junction of all the seams is bulky at
the centre and a small hole may result
because you can’t get your stitching
close enough to the previously sewn
seams. Do not worry - this hole can be
stitched up by hand afterwards.
19. Open out the completed pyramid
and gently press seams. Pivot the seam
bulk round in the centre until the seams
lies as flat as possible.
20. Place the completed pyramid R/S down on the interfacing. Pin
21. Sew carefully round the edge
of the interfacing.
22. Trim excess interfacing and
clip seams at junctions. Trim
excess material from the points.
23. Slit the interfacing and turn
the block R/S out. Gently poke
the corners out using the bamboo
24. Cut one 12½” Off White
25. Pin the pyramid to the
R/S of the Off White square.
Slip stitch round the outside
edge by hand or use one of
the appliqué/hem stitches
on the sewing machine to
appliqué the centre design
in place.
Spinning Star
Seam Allowance: ¼”
1. Cut one Green 3½” x 20” strip. Align base of 45° diamond
with fabric edge. Trim fabric to template edge.
2. Turn fabric over. Replace template. Measure 2 5/8”
from trimmed edge. Cut along side of template forming a
diamond. Move template along strip and cut three more
diamonds the same size.
3. Cut one 3½” x 22” Cream strip.
Fold in half. Trim the ends level.
Place Easy Angle template on top
and cut along edge of template.
4. Turn template over and cut two
more triangles. Check that the
lower edge of the fabric is aligned with the top of the little black triangle.
5. Stitch one of these Cream triangles to the left hand side of one Green
6. Cut one 3½” x 9” Red strip. Fold in half. Using the
Easy Angle template, cut four triangles as described in
Stages 3 - 4. Stitch one Red triangle to the right-hand
end of each
Green diamond.
7. Cut one
3½” x 15” Yellow
strip. From this
strip cut four 3½”
squares. From the
remainder of the
3½” Cream strip, cut a further
four 3½” squares. Join one
Yellow square to one Cream
8. Lay out the complete
9. Sew one Green diamond
section to one set of Cream
and Yellow squares.
Be careful when piecing the two sections. The
seams have to be matched on the ¼” S/A.
10. Sew two of the four sections together to
form one half of the block. Press seams open
and flat.
11. Trim ‘ears’ from the centre seams.
12. Match the points of the
Red and Green shapes at
the centre. Pin carefully
before you sew the two
halves together.
Finally press the seam well
- if the points aren’t perfect
in the middle of the Star
then consider.... a button!