More Brioche Stitches: Introduction to 2-color Brioche

More Brioche Stitches: Introduction to 2-color Brioche
Presented by Ann Turley Dreith
Saturday, January 19, 2013
Bayou Manor, 4141 S. Braeswood
9:00am – 4:00pm
BEBEB Mobius
Prerequisite class: Basic Brioche Workshop
This is the workshop that has been presented at most of the KANG chapter meetings. Ann will
be presenting the basics workshop again at the January 11 Chix with Stix meeting if you’ve
missed it or just want to brush up on those basic skills.
In the Basic Brioche Workshop, you were taught several versions of Brioche stitch, including the
‘Half Fisherman’. This all-day workshop will concentrate on the basic Brioche knit stitch and
Nancy Marchant’s Brioche stitch method. In the morning, we will review the Half Fisherman
stitch (which is the basic Brioche knit stitch), introduce the Full Fisherman Brioche stitch
involving both knitting and purling with slipped stitches and yarn-overs, discuss several 2-color
cast-on methods, and yarn choices for 2-color Brioche scarves. During the 1 hr. lunch break, a
visit to Nancy’s Knits will be possible for those who have not made a choice of yarns for their
project. The afternoon will be dedicated to setting up and starting a 2-color Brioche scarf ‘knit-along’ (KAL) using Nancy Marchant’s free pattern: the BEBEB Scarf (pattern will be provided).
My variation of this pattern will also be available turning the BEBEB Scarf into a stripped version
which can be ‘Mobius-ed’ when completed. Go to Nancy’s website for more information on
Brioche stitch in 2 colors:
Using a DK or worsted weight, light-colored wool yarn and a CIRCULAR NEEDLE of
appropriate size (US 6-8), Cast On 15-25 stitches (your choice) and work for 8 rows in ‘K1,P1’
rib. Bring to class on needle.
Make a 5” x 5” Garter stitch swatch of the yarn of your choice for your Brioche Scarf project.
Bring to class with needle size used AND needles 1-2 sizes SMALLER.
Class Materials:
DK or Worsted weight wool yarn in 2 contrasting colors (one light, one medium – ie: cream +
red) for ‘practicing Brioche stitches’. (Please, do not bring black yarn!) This will be used in
the morning session
Your choice of weight for Brioche 2-color scarf and circular needles in appropriate size for
yarn plus circular needles 1 and 2 sizes smaller; colors should contrast and not ‘blend’ (ie:
neutral + variegated jewel tone). This will be used in the afternoon session to begin your
scarf or mobius
Plain, white dish cloth.
Paper, pencil, eraser.
Scissors, at least 1 ‘pin marker’ and other knitting equipment you may require.
Although our meeting room has good natural light, feel free to bring a battery powered
portable ‘OttLite’.
Yarn for Morning Session:
Recommended yarn is non-superwash wool (suggest buying Paton’s “Classic Wool” at
Michael’s using their 40% off coupon-less than $4.50), DK or Worsted weight (to be knit with US
6-8). 2 skeins - one a light, PLAIN, color (ie. Cream, yellow, baby blue) and another a medium,
PLAIN color with enough contrast to easily see the difference (do NOT buy black or a
variegated color). If you need to bring something from your stash – DO NOT bring cotton or
cotton blends, rayons, or synthetics. Acrylic can be used, but it will NOT result in the ‘squish’
the stitch produces with wool. Save your fingering weight or sock-weight yarn for your scarf
project. Using US 4 or smaller will not allow you to see the stitch structure we will be learning
well enough. Give your eyes and fingers a break during class – and GO BIG!
Yarn for Scarf Project (knit-along)
2 skeins totaling 350-450 yds of yarn to be knitted on US 4-7. Colors should have enough
contrast to ‘pop’, but do not ‘blend’ when side-by-side. One skein can be a solid neutral and the
other a variegated yarn (not containing the same neutral color).
I have used Paton’s ‘Classic Wool’, Spud & Chloe ‘Sweater Worsted’, Crystal Palace ‘Mini
Mouchi’, and Loops and Threads ‘Impeccable Gltter’ (acrylic). Nancy’s patterns have used
Cascade 220 (2 skeins), Rowan ‘Kidsilk Haze’, Kauni ‘Effektgarn’, lace yarns on US 6 needles.
I will bring samples of other yarn combinations from White Bear, Madelinetosh, Cephalopod
Yarns, and Verdant Gryphon among others. Check your yarn stash to see if there are single
skeins of yarns with the same recommended yarn gauge and see if there is good contrast
between 2 of the colors. Lace-weight yarns or mohair yarns make ethereal, soft scarves which
are great for this climate.
2-Color Brioche Workshop
January 19, 2013
Place: Bayou Manor, 4141 S. Braeswood, 7th floor meeting room.
Time: 9am-4pm, with a 1-hour break for lunch
Please print neatly! Class confirmations will be sent via email.
Name: _______________________________________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________________________
Registration is open to guild members only due to the small class size of 20 people. A
lunch of assorted pizza will be served. Coffee and water will be available in the room. You are
welcome to bring your own soft drinks, and a refrigerator is also available for our use. A
vending machine is located in the basement.
Please return this completed form along with your check for $40 made payable to:
Theresa Dunn
3202 E Cedar Hollow Dr
Pearland, TX 77584