Courtesy of June Tailor
3” x 15” piece of fleece
Thread to match
Button to match
June Tailor® Fancy Fleece™ or Funky ‘n Fun™ ruler
Rotary cutter
Rotary cutting mat
Line the scallop edge of the Fancy Fleece™ or Funky ‘n Fun ruler close to the 15”
edge of fleece. Using a rotary cutter and cutting mat, cut five scallops.
Using a needle and thread or sewing machine, sew long stitches 1/4” from edge of
straight 15” side. Gather thread to create flower, stitching 3” edges together.
Place button in center of flower and stitch in place.
Fleece sizes for larger flowers:
6 petal flower = 3 1/2” x 18” piece of fleece
7 petal flower = 4” x 21” piece of fleece
8 petal flower = 4 1/2” x 24” piece of fleece
fancy fleece flowers
Skill Level: No experience needed
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