The Transportation Works: Assess and Deliver team is traveling across
Texas to collect data about access to public transportation for people with
disabilities living in rural and small urban areas.
Our goals are to:
 Solicit transportation consumer experiences through public hearings
and surveys
 Identify the access barriers and unmet needs for consumers, notably
people with disabilities and seniors, who use public transportation to
get to school or work
 Build an understanding of the current state of transportation
infrastructure and services in Texas
These data and stories will be included in a comprehensive transportation
needs report, which will be presented at the Transportation Works: Assess
and Deliver 2015 Summit and used to shape transportation accessibility and
reliability for individuals with disabilities across Texas.
Your participation is vital to the success of this program.
Please help us by taking our
anonymous transportation
consumer survey.
*Drawing to be held on Monday March 16, 2015. Winner will be notified via email.
About the Project:
Transportation Works: Assess and Deliver is a
continuation and expansion of the 2-year pilot
Transportation Works project. Its scope has been
expanded to explore the gaps in public transit service to rural and small urban
areas in Texas in order to address any transportation mobility and accessibility
issues that may exist for individuals with disabilities and senior populations.
Although transportation systems have become increasingly accessible, many of
these individuals have yet to fully benefit from the options available to most
public transportation consumers.
The Transportation Works: Assess and Deliver project is a TxDOT-funded
comprehensive study of the current state of accessible transportation for this
consumer group. The primary goal of this project is to develop a statewide
overview of accessible transportation options for people with disabilities living
in rural and small urban areas, with a focus on how consumers use public
transportation for school- and employment-related purposes. The Transportation
Works consumer survey is being distributed alongside public hearing events
held at Centers for Independent Living and other relevant agencies across the
state. Data collected from these initiatives will be compiled along with historical
trends and recommendations into a final needs assessment report, which will be
presented to stakeholders at the 2015 Transportation Works Summit in August
2015. For more information regarding this initiative, and to view upcoming
public hearing and outreach events, please visit transportationworks.txsilc.org.
About the Texas State Independent Living Council:
The Texas State Independent Living Council (SILC), founded in
1989, is mandated by federal law and operates as a non-profit
501(c)(3) organization. The purpose of the SILC is to assist in the
development of the State Plan for Independent Living, a detailed three-year plan
that sets the parameters and establishes the goals for the provision of
Independent Living services in Texas with other state agencies. Other roles of
the SILC are systems advocacy, education of the public regarding disabilityrelated topics, and provision of technical assistance concerning the Independent
Living philosophy and approach. For more information, please visit txsilc.org.