Class 4 Holiday Homework

Class 4
Dear Student,
Summer break is the time to relax and enjoy with your friends and family but take care not to spend
your time lazily and wastefully. To help you to use your leisure time in an organized way, your
teachers have planned some assignments, activities and projects related to your subjects for the
regular revision of the concepts taught and to enable you to use your creativity and imagination in an
innovative manner and enhance your extra learning. All the work will be given the weightage in terms
of grades to be included in Summative Assessment 1
Dates of Submission: 22nd June-English
23rd June - Mathematics
24th June – Science
25th June- Social Science
26th June - Languages
The grading of the work will be done on the basis of the criteria given below:1. Content ( Information collected)
2. Presentation and neatness (Child’s work)
3. Timely submission
4. Creativity and Innovations
*NOTE: 1. Holiday homework of all the subjects should be done as mentioned for the subject
and to be submitted to the subject teacher accordingly.
2. Five marks are allotted for the homework.
 Read as many stories/articles from magazines/newspapers/book, and
maintain a record of it in A4 size papers .
 Your record of any 3 stories should have the following.
Date &
Name of the
Book/mag/newspaper Author
 Practice neat cursive handwriting.
1 .Make a list of 5 places you visit during vacation.From where you start
write their distances and find which is nearer or farther and by how much?
2.List your daily activities during vacation. Make a timeline to show the
activities on it in a 12-hour format for a week.(Activity and Time) Name
the activity you found most interesting.
*Do on A4 size papers
a) Watch National Geographic Channel/Animal Planet and write 5-7 points
on any four animals which are not native of Bharat. Your write up should
include points like adaptive features, homes, young ones, special ability,
food and any other characteristic that needs special mention.
Stick/draw the animal and present everything on ¼ th chart paper.
b) Make a logbook of your everyday consumption of food (include juices and
other liquid items) for at least fifteen days at a stretch and conclude with
the remarks on your eating habits by any specialist in diet/doctor or the
one who has good knowledge on the subject. Your logbook can be created
by pages cut neatly from unused papers of your old notebook. The
logbook should have the following columns.
Date &
Type(junk/healthy) Outside/homemade
Social Science:
Roll no. 1 to 20. --- Talk and find out the following facts from any 10 of
your neighbours.
Name ( of the neighbour), occupation/work, where it was learnt, tools
used in his/her work.
(Stick photographs related to the same on A4 size paper)
 Roll no. 21 to 40+ -- Talk to your parents /grand parents and collect
information on the changes in your family in the last 20 years.
Paste the photographs to show the change with time.
(This should be presented on A4 size paper )