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Something to Think About
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M AY 2015
Pam Terrell is the wife of a
church planter in Wisconsin.
Before being a church planter he
pastored churches in Texas,
Missouri, and Louisiana. April
17, 2010 she wrote a blog that
gives a good glimpse into life
“on the other side of the
ministry fence” from the
perspective of a pastor’s wife. I
felt it thought provoking enough
to yield the space of my article
this month so that you could
read hers.
The Secret Lives of Pastors'
Wives-Fishbowl Living
Being a family in ministry has
been compared to living in a
fishbowl. Everyone is watching.
Watching what you do and what
you say. Watching to catch you
making a mistake. Watching to
see if you are human. Watching
to see if you yell at your
children or nag your husband or
curse when you hit your thumb
with a hammer (yes, yes, and no
if you are keeping score).
I think the Bible is clear that
people in ministry leadership
positions are held to a higher
James 3:1-2 “Not many of you
should presume to be teachers,
my brothers, because you know
that we who teach will be
judged more strictly. We all
stumble in many ways. If
anyone is never at fault in what
he says, he is a perfect man,
able to keep his whole body in
However, in those verses it
seems that it is God who will be
doing the judging and holding
teachers to the higher standard.
Also, it is the teachers who will
be held to this high standard. (I
by Pastor Mike
think minister/pastor also fits
here since they do typically
teach). It is not the teacher's
spouse or children or parents or
cousins held to a high standard,
but the teacher him/herself.
Now if the spouse chooses
(operative word) to assume a
teaching role, then those verses
certainly apply as well.
I know a lot of preacher’s
wives who feel like they live in
a fishbowl. I do think that's
reality for many of them as
well. I guess to some extent it's
a reality for us, too. However, I
have either been naive or
blissfully unaware. I suppose
that people have talked about
my husband, me, and our
children behind our backs.
However, what I don't know
doesn't affect me. I do know
that at one point when we were
going through a crisis with
extended family people thought
that Robert and I were having
marital problems (we weren't).
I only knew that because a
friend told me that those were
Wouldn't it have been nice if
people had been concerned and
asked us instead of just
questioning to each other...or
worse offering it as a "prayer
request." That's Christian code
for gossip.
I guess the biggest thing about
living in a fishbowl is that I
don't really care. It's not
entirely honest of me to say
that I don't care what others
think of me because I do. I
want people to like me. I want
people to find me friendly,
kind, witty, compassionate,
loving, etc. However, first of all I
am not always those things and
certainly not all at the same time.
Many times I am grumpy,
selfish, and whiny. However, my
mama didn't raise no fool. I
know that not everyone will like
me, or approve of me, and that
some people in fact will dislike
or even hate me. And I am fine
with that...really. While I like
approval and admiration, it really
only matters to me that I have it
first from God, then from my
family. Of course friends factor
in that as well, but since
friendship is a choice I certainly
hope that my friends do like
me...or else they wouldn't be
friends with me.
My "love language" is words of
affirmation. I don't need gifts or
big outward shows of love and
affection, but a well-placed "Atta
Girl!" will do wonders for my
self-esteem and endear me to you
forever. Even though that is the
case, I don't know whether it is
age, wisdom...or maybe apathy,
but if you don't like me or
approve of me I just build a
bridge and get over it. This is
especially true of those people
who are just naturally critical. I
have more important things to
worry about than how I can
make everyone like me. Also, I
really relate to this quote from
one of my bestest friend's mom,
"You would not worry about
what people think of you, if you
knew how seldom they do."
The whole fishbowl concept is
rather moot now as church
planters. We are just regular joes,
Bella Vista Baptist Church
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Continuation from page 1
part of the pack, and I certainly don't feel any fishbowlness in our current situation.
Many of the people who attend our church have seen me
with no make-up, morning
hair, and sleep wrinkles from
overnight events like Trivia
or mission trips. They have
spent time in our home and
us in theirs. We have worked
together, cooked together,
etc. We just do life. Honestly,
I find that students are more
freaked out than church
members about me living my
regular life. Several have expressed shock to see me in
jeans or run into me at Target,
like I live in "business casual"
clothes and never leave the
The only interesting thing
about the fishbowl has been
related to nosy neighbors. In
Texas, we lived in a parsonage
and some church members
lived just two houses down.
We'd run into them and several times they said things like,
"We saw your lights on at 2:00
am. Hope everything is
okay." (Translation: I'm nosy
and dying to know what you
were doing. Incidentally we
had a baby who was just a
couple of weeks old, so it was
probably something really exciting like nursing, changing a
diaper, or pacing the floor trying to get a screaming baby to
sleep.). These were the same
people who would call if we
forgot to put our garbage out
on trash day just to make sure
we were alright. Um yeah, we
just forgot it was Tuesday.
You just can't make this stuff
It’s Something to Think
About— Mike
5/6 Cubbies Turtle Races
5/9 End of the year Celebration
Blowing Springs Park @ 10:00am
Looking Ahead
VBS 6/22-6/26
6:00pm to 8:30pm
Register Online @
Wednesday night Summer
Program Theme- Movie
Stars 5/13 @ 6-7:30
Register online @
Park Days
(10am to noon)
Thur., 5/7 @ Dave Peel
Park, off Bentonville
Fri., 5/22 @ BV Lake
Walking Trail Park
Children’s Choir
5/3 @ 5:00pm
Please have preschool children here
by 4:30pm
Camdon B. 5/7
Hayden Wood 5/15
We will learn about:
♦Choose to forgive others.
♦ Choose to help at church.
♦ Choose to be kind like
♦Choose to accept everyone.
Phone: (479) 855-3748 Fax: (479) 855-3740
Page 3
What we are learning this month: ● in Children’s Worship: The Exiles
Returned: After Israel’s disobedience led to 70 yrs. of exile in Babylon,
God kept His promise to bring His people home to Judah. Prophets
encouraged people to re-build the temple. The prophet Zechariah told of
a future king who would come humbly on a donkey.
Key Passage: Zechariah 9:9
Lesson 1- Daniel and the lions
Lesson 3- Zerubbabel
Lesson 2- Obadiah
Lesson 4- Haggai
In Sunday School : Life Verse: Galatians 5:14
Lesson 1- Jacob and Esau
Lesson 3- Jesus’ example
Lesson 2- The Antioch Church
Lesson 4- The 10 Lepers
Kassidy Bauer 05/30
Dates to Remember:
05/02—Praise Kids Dress Rehearsal 9am
05/03—Praise Kids Rehearsal 2-4 Children’s
Choir performance 5pm
05/09—AWANA end of the year celebration
05/13—Move begins
AWANA end of year celebration/
awards luncheon. Come help us
celebrate all the hard work this year,
enjoy lunch and family games.
May 9,2015 11:00a.m.
Blowing Springs Recreation
picnic area, just past Cooper Elem.
Kids Super Summer
Wednesdays, beginning May 13
Sign up on
VBS 6/22-6/26 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Register Online @
VBS helpers are needed.
Sign up at the Welcome Center
Needed: We need 8 to 10 canopies for decorating during VBS. They will be used inside the
building and will be very well taken care of. If you have one we can borrow, please let Nancy
or April Schultz know as soon as possible.
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Bella Vista Baptist Church
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Phone: (479) 855-3748 Fax: (479) 855-3740
Young at Heart News & Music News by Pastor Daniel Salls
There are so many great opportunities coming
up, so I want to use my article this month to let
you know of a few special things for you to
plan to attend.
The National Day of Prayer is on Thursday,
May 7th. The Mayor will host a prayer
breakfast at 7am at the First United Methodist
Church. I will be providing the special music
at this prayer breakfast. Tickets are $6 each
and will be available at Allen’s Grocery and at
City Hall.
Wycliffe Associates annual banquet will be
held at the Springdale Holiday Inn on
Saturday, May 9th at 6pm. If you have not
been to one of these banquets to hear the
stories of what this fascinating ministry is
doing, then you have missed out! They
provide you with a delicious meal, give you
some great information, AND you get to enjoy
the fellowship of those you bring with you or
those new friends you meet at the banquet!
The tickets are FREE but, you must make
reservations with us to attend. For more
information on this please call Julie Weese,
On Sunday, May 17th, we will observe the
Lord’s Supper during the evening service. If
you do not normally attend Sunday evening
services, please come this Sunday so we can
observe this sacred time as a church family.
Our monthly movie night is on Friday, May
22nd. The movie this month is “Finding
Normal”. We always have a lot of fun on our
movie nights! We start with nachos and
hotdogs at 6pm, then about mid-way during
the movie we have intermission with ice
cream sundaes! This is a great event for you
to bring your friends and neighbors.
Some of you have been
heavily involved in the
Concordia services that
responsible for and
others may not know
about this ministry. On
Sunday, May 24th, Bella
Vista Baptist is hosting
the Concordia Worship
Service. This is an opportunity for us to be
blessed by serving others. You may feel that
you do not have musical talent to share or
don’t know how you could be helpful during
this service...well, there’s a place for
everyone! Volunteers are needed to get the
residents to and from their rooms and to just
sit and worship with the residents. Please
plan to come and help with this service.
On Tuesday, May 12th the California Baptist
University Male Chorale will be performing
at our church at 7pm. This is an unusual
opportunity for our church and I sincerely
hope that you will make every effort to be
here and to bring friends with you. They are
on a traveling tour and have agreed to come
to our church. We will be taking a love
offering to help with their travel expenses.
This is an event that you will not want to
Lastly, many of you have asked about
getting a copy of the DVD from our Easter
performance, Stabat Mater. You can call the
office to reserve your copy (855-3748).
They are not yet available but, we will
notify you as soon as they are ready. We are
asking for a donation of $5 each (just
enough to cover the costs).
Bella Vista Baptist Church
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This will be our last mee ng before Summer Break!
We’ll gather in Fellowship Hall for coffee, then at 9:45 we will carpool to Centerton, to visit
Youth Bridge, a facility that provides housing for troubled teens, ages 13 – 17.
We plan to have lunch somewhere in the Centerton area a$erward.
Please bring a personal item/items to donate to the teens at Youth Bridge, such as:
Body Wash, hair brush, nail polish, lo on, flip-flops,
Stitch n’ Chat is starting up for the new year. Please
join us for an afternoon of fun and fellowship. On:
Sunday, May 17th from 2pm to 5pm in Fellowship Hall
Bring any needlework or craft project you are working on, or if you want to learn
to knit or crochet we can help. This is a drop-in event—come for all or part of the
time. For more info. contact Joan Abrams, 295-0598. All ages welcome!
If you drink Coke© products we need your help! AWANA is collecting empty
bottles (16oz and 20oz only) and we need 200!! There will be a shopping cart at
the Welcome Center for you to drop off your bottles. Thank you for your help.
**NOTE: only Coke© brand bottles will work (see samples below)
The Guatemala team is in need of mats made from plas c Walmart bags. These will
be given to those who sleep on dirt floors. If you can crochet, the bags will be
provided. Contact Barbara for instruc ons 479-273-2243. They are not difficult and
easy to do while watching TV. This will be such a blessing to those who sleep on a
dirt floor.
Phone: (479) 855-3748 Fax: (479) 855-3740
Thank You Church
Page 7
Thank you to everyone who came to “shower” Sunny with gifts for our soon to be born
baby boy. Words cannot express how much we appreciate you all and the love and
kindness you’ve shown to us. Thank you to the ladies of the Praise Team for hosting the
shower. We feel loved and blessed by your kindness. ~ Daniel & Sunny Salls and family
Thank you is so inadequate to express my gratitude for all the prayers, prayergrams, calls,
hospital visits, cards and food I received while recovering from hip replacement surgery.
Those who came to keep Bob company while I was in surgery were very much
appreciated. You have truly blessed Bob and I with your love and concern. God is so
good and His goodness has been showered on us through you! ~ Bob & Gloria Sayre
Movie Night for Senior Adults
Friday, May 22
6pm-Nachos & Hotdogs
6:30pm-Movie Starts
(ice cream sundaes at intermission)
Meeting is May 24, in the conference room
@12:15. We could use some more men to
join our team. We plan to go to the tracks,
probably visit Panachel and go over by boat to
Jabalito where there is a small medical facility
that needs our help. We plan to also go to
San Miguel by the Pacific Ocean and plan a
cook out with the kids. This little village needs
our attention. We've been asked to also put
tile on the second floor hallway at the tracks.
Don't know about a mosaic at this time as it is
time sensitive project. We will see.
A $150.00 deposit is due now and it is
nonrefundable. At the July meeting $750.00
will be due to secure our airline tickets.
forms available at Nursery desk—
Please email a photo by May 6 to
be used on the screen that Sunday
to [email protected]
Questions? Call 855-3748
The balance is due Sept. 1. Total cost
of this trip is $1,500.00. We that have
gone before can promise you a great
trip that will change your life. I pray
you will consider joining our team and
be a blessing to so many less
We are constantly updating our photo directory to include new
additions to our congregation and to update out-of-date photos.
Adding / updating your photo is easy! You can:
1.) email a photo to [email protected]
2.) stop by our office with a photo for us to scan (it’s fast, you
can take your photo home with you) 3.) stop by our Hospitality Room any Sunday morning after
Worship to have a new photo taken The photos in our directory help our newest members to put the
names they are hearing with faces. They also help us when we are praying for each other to have
your faces before us. If you haven’t already, please send in a photo.
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May 2015
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Attention, Parents of Graduates: If you did not get your information turned in for
the newsletter you can contact the church office and we will make sure your Open
House / Reception information gets announced on a Sunday morning.
Please join us in
Open House with Food
and Fellowship in honor
Serrena Schultz’s
Calli Heriaud
Open House
On Saturday, May 23
from 3-5pm
Sunday, May 17th
20 Norman Lane,
626 Lynn Drive,
Bella Vista
Pea Ridge
From 6:30-9:30pm
You are invited to a
Cookout Celebration
In honor of
Brock Moore
On Saturday, June 6th
Beginning at 6:30pm
12 Newhaven Lane,
Bella Vista
Please RSVP by 5/25
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