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Lock Sign
The Lock sign product from Dan Sign © is a panel system of signs which allows you to
combine individual sign panels to create Sign Types for a variety of applications.
You can add panels to create room identification signs of different widths,
lengths and colors. You can also add panels to increase the overall sign size. These signs
also contain locking mechanisms which allow panels to be replaced, updated
or relocated without moving the entire sign.
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Systems 2/90 ® is a Modular sign
system which allows you to
interchange sign components.
Signs are integrated into a rail
system in which individual inserts
are used to create sign types such
as nameplates, room
identification signs, directional
signage and more. Window insert
signs are commonly used so that
the end user is able to manage
the system in house after the
initial purchase. These signs come
in a variety of color and styles and
there are endless possibilities for
creating sign styles.
Signs define space.
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Dimensional Letters add class and charm to any building
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Wayfinding Signs tell people how to get
around your building.
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Wayfinding is a term used to describe the movement, behavior and the decision-making process that
people use as they navigate through buildings and campuses. We help customers to put together an
organized and logical wayfinding signage plan that allows visitors within a facility to move to and from
various points with little assistance. This service is provide FREE of charge when you choose us to create
your signage.
BSI has design capability to make your sign idea a reality. Below is an example of a computer drafted sign
for UW Marathon County and the final sign installed on campus.
Installation is easy with BSI. We have qualified staff that can install all your signage. from interior to exterior
and everything in between. We have installed signage in hundreds of building across the state including
UW Campuses, museums, schools and more.
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Sales Specialists
Badger State Industries has a full complement of sales and customer service specialists. Call toll free at 800.862.1086
John Stolen Outside Sales Representative
Contact John at 608.219.9621 (cell) or [email protected]
Kathy Baun Inside Salesperson/Customer Service
Contact Kathy at 608.240.5262 or [email protected]
Other Customer Service Questions?
Contact us at 608.240.5200 or 800.862.1086 or [email protected]
Badger State Industries also offers printing services, signage, textiles, embroidery and institutional furniture. We
also have commodities available through Badger State Logistics. Check out our website for more information.
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