The Status Thimble

The Status Thimble
Volume 30, Issue 3
June/July/August 2014
Newsletter of the Fort Lauderdale, FL Chapter
Serving Broward, Martin and Palm Beach Counties
Visit us at
Donna’s Dispatch..................... 1
Advisory Board (CAB).............. 2
Advertiser List .......................... 2
Neighborhood Group News . 3-5
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Classified Ads .......................... 6
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In Memoriam ............................ 7
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2014 Coming Events
AEC Event
Palm Beach Gardens
May 28 to June 1
ASG National Conference
St Louis, MO
July 24-28.
Chapter Annual Meeting with
Louise Cutting, Boca Raton
November 15
Spring, the most beautiful time of the year. Spring is jumping in everywhere. The birds
are singing and the flowers are blooming. This is the time of year I just love. I see all
the beautiful colors in the flowers and think how would those colors look if I made a
(your garment choice) with them in it? Such inspirations!
I was able to start the spring time by visiting three of the neighborhood groups and
presenting a serger demo. I had such a wonderful time at each group. The questions
that were asked just kept feeding me to talk more about this great machine that's sew
much more than just finishing seams, just ask me. I love my BL serger.
We have so much happening in the next few months and several events have already
happened before you have time to read this newsletter. Eleanor Burns, known for her
"Quilt in a Day" theme was here the beginning of April for 3 full days.
Next is the Florida's Statewide American Sewing Guild Sew Together, May 2-4
in Cocoa, FL. This is the first year that ASG has held a Statewide Event. Stephanie
Kimura, was our guest instructor with 2 classes. Several other shorter classes were
offered with teachers from other chapters in the State. About 20 ladies attended from
our chapter so mark your calendar for next year.
Pam Damour, The Decorating Diva is hosted by Lori of Sew Much Fun, May 9th and
10th. Learn custom decor finishing, embellishments, Hands-on Zentangle and Finishing School. Register at the store 561-999-9992 or [email protected]
Floriani's four times the fun at quilting and embroidery workshop May 30th and 31st at
Once Upon a Quilt—954-987-8827 or for registration. The
end of May is the American Embroidery Conference in WPB. For more information
go to their website, And then, the
American Sewing Guilds National Conference in St. Louis, Mo. July 24-27th.
As you can see from all the information above, your ASG Chapter Advisory Board
would like to strengthen our bond with the retailers who support us by advertising in
The Status Thimble and donating door prizes for our annual meeting. They have wonderful special events with guest educators throughout the year that our members not on
their individual mailing lists never hear about. This would increase the attendance at
these events to aid their businesses and increase our presence and membership as well.
Through emails, The Status Thimble, Facebook, and our website we will be posting supporting retailers events. We hope this information will help you know more about local
educational opportunities. Please let them know you are an ASG member and heard
about their event through our communications.
I know you have plenty of educational opportunities to choose from and hope you will
attend our retailer's special events and classes.
2014 Chapter Advisory Board
Thank You Advertisers!
President and Events Director
See their ads on the following pages:
Cynthia’s Fine Fabrics………6,11
Ellie Crowder ........................ 10
Laura’s Sew & Vacuum ........ 14
Once Upon a Quilt ............... 10
Sew Much Fun and More..... 2
SewKeysE ............................ 9
StitchCraft............................. 15
Stuart Sew & Vac ................. 13
First Vice President
Second Vice President and
Neighborhood Group Coordinator
Community Service
[email protected]
Retail Liaison—PB County
Retail Liaison—Broward County
Publicity Chair ……………...Open
Neighborhood Group News
In January the Plantation NG exchanged “ugly fabric.” Well, in March
we brought back beautiful outfits and a set of four-sided place mats. So,
fabric that’s been sitting in your stash for years, can have a life when
someone else sees it.
Photo by: Janet
Pembroke Pines
Our March meeting at Pembroke Pines was led by Marietta
who showed us how to make quilt squares, complete and
ready to assemble into a full-size quilt, or perhaps smaller, to
use as place mats on our kitchen table. Marietta brought
"kits" for each of us, and we stitched and chatted and
learned. A good time was had by all, and 2 squares went
home with each Member, as a starter. The quilt was from a
Georgia Bonesteel book and is called the McAllister McPuff
Quilt. It is designed for lap quilting.
Photo by: Janet
I made this dinosaur costume for my grandson's 4th birthday.
For several weeks before his birthday he would come to my
house, take the pattern out of the file cabinet, carry it around
and repeatedly remind me that he wanted a dinosaur costume.
He and his sister have both informed me that they would also
like the dinosaur with wings that is part of the pattern. Looks
like I am going to be busy. The pattern is Simplicity 0860.
Photo by Mariana
Neighborhood Group News
Boca Raton—Daytime
Sergers anyone? In April we had a GREAT presentation from Lani. She took us back to school with a “schoolhouse demonstration”
that we can’t soon forget. We all had a chance to participate in the program. Lani's unique approach entailed being a part of the machine. She had each part of the machine on a separate piece of paper. She assigned or we selected a part. Then one by one she had us
act like the part by showing us how each part interacted with another . . . and another . . . and another, etc.
It was so much fun and so informative. Many of us who have sergers, I might say the original type machine, never knew how it really
worked. Why sometimes the overlock wasn't quite right, why was it too narrow, too long, too loose? Why isn't the fabric pushing
through the feeddogs? Why is it called the differential feed on the serger? Why is the darn thing so difficult to thread? Our lesson included a very clear explanation of most of these things and we all came away with a greater understanding of the machine. It eliminated
our fear of touching something and messing it up.
Today there are new sergers that don't have these issues when they're working correctly. Thread the needles, no problem just push the
button and viola! auto-threading. You want a rolled hem? How about a wave edge? Want to put in a zipper? You have numerous stitch
selections at the touch of a button. No more fiddling with the tension of each of the loopers—it's automatic. And oh those feet, just
change them like you do your own shoes for whatever your intending to do.
Using a serger has enabled us to make garments, crafts, quilts and other items in
much less time than our regular sewing machine. Regardless of the type of serger
you have you certainly can agree that if you know how easy it is to use (once
properly educated) you'd never give it up, ever!
If you don't have one yet, go to one of our fabulous sewing stores that are listed in
our Status Thimble and get a demonstration. You will be glad you did.
Thank you for your attendance, support and continued participation in our Chapter. And thank you again Lani for your generous sharing of your knowledge.
Photo by Judy
Help With Charity Sewing
Recently I found some old newsletters from an organization called Carewear.
Carewear is a 501 (c)3 charitable organization that provides assistance for
organizations like ASG that sew, knit and crochet for charity.
Carewear now has a website, On their website you will find
many patterns for hats, booties, sweaters, kimonos, burial garments, bibs, toys
and other items like walker bags. The patterns can be printed and used at no
cost to your sewing group.
Under the tab called Hospitals, you will find information about the needs of hospitals across the country; and the contact info for people you can write to or speak to at each hospital. All hospitals distribute the items without charge.
Under Links there is info about yarn, button and fabric companies and other items that might be a resource for you.
Below is a paragraph I have copied from the website because I have never heard of this. I am curious how the flannel squares are to be
finished. A good project to use the smallest leftovers!
Geisinger Medical Center, (Attn: Phoebe Beckley, NICU Family Support, 100 N Academy Avenue, Danville, PA 17822-2710) requests donations of "Share Squares" so that every family will have 2 (for Mom and baby). Share Squares are 4" squares of flannel fabric
with finished edges. Parents keep the square against their skin and then the square is given to calm the baby—while Mom is not present.
This is an easy project and your help is appreciaed. ([email protected] or 570-271-7345). (March 5, 2014)
Neighborhood Group News
Coral Springs
Show and Tell is always a highlight of our group. Our March meeting featured several outstanding items.
Linda displays one of her gorgeous quilts. A
“pillow pal” for children in crisis situations is
shown on the table.
"Kanzashi Flowers" by Kate. Kate will demo these
at our June group meeting.
Donna added serger crochet to her holiday towels.
Gloria shows her knitting expertise.
Donna describes a fun table runner.
Lorna with a tote bag she created.
Photos by Judy
- To upset a box of pins, foretells a surprise, as long as
some of them are left in the box.
- See a pin and pick it up, all the day you’ll have good
- If you mend your apron or dress while you are wearluck. See a pin and let it lie, luck will surely pass you
ing it, someone will lie about you.
- While sewing on a garment should you sew it to your
- Never give a present of scissors or the friendship will dress by mistake, as many stitches as you take so many
be cut. Scissors should always be sold, they should nev- lies will be told about you.
er be given.
- If you break your needle while making a dress you will
- It is bad luck to sew clothing while some one is wear- live to wear it out.
ing it unless the person in the clothes holds a thread in - If you tear a hole in a new dress the first time wearing
their mouth.
it, you will have a new one before that one is worn out.
- Always sew a pillow case on New Years Eve to hold
- Never start a garment on Friday unless you can finish
all of your troubles.
it the same day.
- Never leave sewing undone on New Years or it will
- Breaking one blade of a pair of scissors is an omen of
stay that way for the next year.
quarrels and discord. If both blades are broken at once
- Never sew on Sunday because you will have to rip out a calamity is to be feared.
all of those stitches when you get to heaven.
- If you make a quilt or spread be sure to finish it or
- There is harm in sewing on Sunday if you do not use a marriage will never come to you.
- When you are sewing and your thread knots and tan- You will ‘cut off’ your fortune if you use scissors on
gles, someone is talking about you.
New Year’s Day.
- If you put your petticoat on wrong side out and wear
- Dropping a pair of scissors is said to warn that a love it that way all day, you are all right. If you change it, you
is unfaithful.
will have bad luck.
- A bride must sew a swan’s feather into her husband’s
pillow to ensure fidelity.
(Reprinted from Niles, Ohio On Pins and Needles 4/14)
- Don’t wash clothes on New Year’s Day or someone in
your family will pass away.
Classified Ads
Sewing-related classified ads are free for members.
Send to: [email protected]
FOR SALE: Brother Project Runway Limited Edition sewing
machine with extension table, foot pedal and included feet. I do
not have the manual. It has a pretty pink front. Purchased this
from my dealer where she had it on consignment. I have used it
maybe five times. Great machine but I just don't have room for it
in my sewing room. (I have 2 other sewing machines). I'm asking
$180.00. Email [email protected]
FOR SALE: Baby Lock Elegante 2 sewing and embroidery
machine with the V4 update. In excellent condition. No smoking,
no pet home. About 3 1/2 years old in fabulous shape. Includes
all accessories. $2,200.00. Email [email protected]
Neighborhood Group Meetings
Neighborhood meetings are great places to meet with new and old friends. All neighborhood groups are open to any
member and guests. Guests may attend two consecutive meetings before joining the Guild. Bring and share your sewing projects. Ask for help with problems you may be having. Please call first when attending at private homes. Occasionally, it’s necessary for programs to change after the newsletter is printed. The latest information is at
Your attendance at programs sponsored by the American Sewing Guild may be digitally recorded through photographs
and/or video recordings. These images may be used on our website or in our newsletters. If you do not wish your image
to be published, please notify the photographer or Group Leader. All members are welcome to attend the Chapter Board
meetings. You need to contact any board member (see page 2) in advance to confirm time and location. We welcome
member questions, comments and suggestions.
First Thursday at 12:30 PM
Glades Road Branch Library
20701 95th Ave. South
Boca Raton
June 5: Make and Take earrings
with Irene
July 3: Serger Techniques
with Donna
August 7: Chinese Auction
2nd Wednesday at 7:00 PM
James A. Rutherford Community
Center at Patch Reef Park,
2000 Yamato Road, Boca Raton
June 11: Tote Bag Challenge
July 9: YoYo Pin & Flower
Hands-on with Aliece and Ann
August 13: Brother Scan & Cut Demo
with Margaret
1st Saturday at 1:00 PM
Email [email protected]
June 7: Machine Stitches with Kay
July 5: Tote from a T-shirt with
Mary Ellen
August 2: Bound Buttonholes
with Claire
Last Wednesday at 10:15 AM
Northwest Regional Library
3151 University Drive
Coral Springs
June 25: "Kanzashi Flowers" from
4" squares of fabric.
July 30: Sewing & Quilting Tips,
plus scissor keeper.
August 27: Repurpose a clothing item.
Linda, Donna
Second Tuesday 1:00 PM
Broward County Library
3151 Stirling Road
June 10: Stuff bears
July 8: Make and take with Marietta
August 12: Christmas in August!
Share ideas and patterns for
holiday gifts and decorations.
Joyce, Terry
3rd Monday at 1:00 PM
Laura’s Sew & Vac
3918 Northlake Blvd.
Palm Beach Gardens
Jane, Colleen
June 16: Aprons
July 21: Home Dec
August 18: Upholster a Sewing Chair
Mariana, Marietta
June 2: Pot Luck Dinner
July: No Meeting
August: No Meeting
1st Monday at 7:30 PM
Memorial Manor
777 So. Douglas Road
Pembroke Pines
Last Saturday at 1:00 PM
St. Benedict’s Church
7801 NW 5th St., Plantation
June 28: Making a Market bag.
July 26: Our Annual Party: A Tea Party
Aug. 30: Altering/embellishing
a RTW T-shirt
Yvonne, Irma
2nd Friday at 10:00 AM
NW Regional, BCC Library,
1100 Coconut Creek Parkway
Coconut Creek
Cookie, Laura
June 13: Decorating Flip Flops
July 11: Making Walker Bags
August 8: Making Placemats for
Nursing Homes
Maryann, Rusty
Monthly meetings will resume in
3nd Saturday at 10:00 AM
Email [email protected]
1st Tuesday at 10:00 AM
Email [email protected]
Monthly meetings will resume in
CAB Meeting Highlights
Donna opened the meeting and we discussed the Annual Meeting in November. After some
brainstorming, the theme “A Cut Above the Rest” was chosen since our guest teacher is Louise
Cutting. Louise will teach three classes: Cutting and Pasting, Cutting In and Cutting Out, Why
Patterns Don’t Fit Me.
Karen distributed the 2013 end of the year report. Ann gave the membership report. We have 227
members as of April 11. Rosanne will send out notices of meetings to local newspapers.
Judy gave the Status Thimble report. We are trying to print only as many copies as retailers want.
Also discussed was the upgraded chapter website— We’ve received positive feedback
and hope to improve it even more in the future.
The CAB agreed to make inserts for the tri-folds listing the current group programs and contact
information. These are posted in retailer outlets and given to prospective members by our Group
The next scheduled CAB meeting is July 18 at 10:30 AM at the Coral Springs Country Club. All
members are welcome to attend our meetings.
Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced Sewers
Classes * Group & Private Lessons
“Fitting the Girls” & Lectures
Alterations & Fitting Specialist
[email protected]
Plantation, Fl. 33324
Taunton Press offers ASG Members a 20% discount on 1, 2, or 3-year subscriptions for all their magazines (Threads, Fine
Cooking, Fine Gardening, Fine Woodworking and Fine Homebuilding). Threads prices are: $26.36 for 1 year, $43.96 for 2
years and $63.16 for 3 years. All magazines are 20% off regular subscription rates. To order, send a check to Carol Planthaber, 1135 SW 13th St., Boca Raton, FL 33486-5435. Phone 561-368-3146 or e-mail [email protected] We need a minimum of 10 subscriptions to process the order. Threads Videos are available for a 20% discount (+ $1 shipping). Books have
a 30% discount + $2 shipping. Call Carol for details.
Name _____________________________ Street ___________________________
City, ST, Zip _________________________________________________________
New/Renew ________ Magazine ______________________
Subscription Length ____________ ASG Member # __________
Retailer Discount List
Eric is a dealer for Janome, Viking, Juki, Brother and
Singer and carries a full line of sewing and embroidery
machines and accessories as well as industrial machines
and notions. There are creative classes for sewing and
quilting as well as support classes for sewing and
embroidery machines and software.
Ace Sewing
& Vacuum
509 E. Sample Rd.,
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
A to Z Fabrics &
3999 NW 19th St.
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33311
Cynthia’s Fine
8126 N. University Dr.
Tamarac, FL 33321
Creative Rewards Cards
with 5% cash back on 7th
The Factory
6680 Lantana Rd. Suite 7
Lake Worth, FL 33467
561-582-7777, 800-634-3389
10% discount on all but
sale items
Lawrence carries Husqvarna Viking and Baby Lock
sewing machines plus vacuum cleaners. He has a wide
selection of notions, books, software and all the
accessories you need to sew and embroider. The store
offers a variety of classes and seminars.
Gold Coast Sew &
Vac Center
770 S. Military Trail, Ste. 1
West Palm Beach, FL 33415
10% discount on all but
sale items
Gold Coast has Singer sewing machines, industrial
sewing machines, sales and service and Eureka vacuums. They have threads and accessories for the sewing
machines and vacuum cleaner accessories. They service all brands of sewing and vacuum cleaners.
15% discount on all
non-sale items.
10% discount on all
non-sale items.
JoAnn Fabric Stores
10% discount
(including sale items)
with JoAnn Card
Laura’s Sewing
and Vacuum
1632 S. Federal Hwy, Boynton Beach - 561-734-6324
3340 NW 62 Avenue, Margate, FL 33063 - 954-970-1707
801 S University Dr., Plantation - 954-472-0004
4700 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood - 954-966-9660
9810 Alt A1A, Palm Beach Gardens - 561-624-8181
11251 Pines Blvd, Pemb. Pines, FL 33026 - 954-435-3230
1131 S Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach - 954-941-5110
2329 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart - 772-220-0222
1940 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach - 561-689-0720
940 SR 7, Wellington, FL 33414 - 561-204-5622 1632 S.
3918 Northlake Blvd.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403
1701 NW St. Lucie Blvd., 102
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986
[email protected]
10% discount on all
but sale items
Naieem and Irshad carry a variety of decorator fabrics
and trims as well as apparel fabrics and notions. There
is a large selection of uniforms for the medical
profession as well.
Cynthia is a Pfaff and Baby Lock dealer and carries
a full line of sewing and embroidery machines as
well as sewing and embroidery accessories. She has
fine fabrics, notions and patterns. At Cynthia’s one
can find a full range of creative sewing classes as
well as support classes for sewing and embroidery
machines and software.
JoAnn carries fabrics, craft items, quilt supplies and
notions. Go to for special offers and to
sign up for e-mail coupons.
Laura has a great selection of Brother and Baby Lock
machines plus service and vacuum sales. They have
fine fabrics, notions and accessories plus classes and
free demo/lectures. A trained technician is available to
service all makes of sewing machines.
Visit us on facebook!
You don’t need to have a facebook account to visit:
Retailer Discount List
S&S Fabrics
4553 N. University Dr.
Lauderhill, FL 33351
Sew Much Fun
and More
7491 N. Federal Highway
C-11 Boca Raton, FL
10% discount on
S & S carries elegant fabrics for evening, prom and
bridal wear. He carries linens, silks, men’s suiting fabrics, ethnic fabrics, buttons, zippers, home décor fabrics
and trims.
10% discount on all
but sale items.
Lori is a Brother sewing machine dealer and carries a
full line of sewing and embroidery supplies and
software. She also carries sewing fabrics including
apparel fabrics and notions. There are a variety of
creative classes as well as support classes for sewing
and embroidery machines and software.
399 S. Federal Hwy.
Boca Raton, FL
Frequent shoppers
Stuart Sewing &
3289 NW Federal Hwy.
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
Viking Sewing
(Inside JoAnn’s)
4700 Hollywood Blvd.,
Hollywood, FL 33021
801 S. University Drive
Plantation, FL 33324
10% discount on
threads, notions and
10% discount on all
but machines and
sale items.
Hollywood store: 15%
discount on ASG
meeting day
(2nd Tuesday).
Johanna is a Baby Lock sewing machine dealer and
carries a full line of sewing and embroidery supplies
and software. She has a wide selection of apparel and
quilting fabrics, kits, notions and patterns. Koala
sewing furniture is also available. The shop provides
a variety of creative quilting and sewing classes.
Stuart Sewing & Vacuum carries a full line of
Janome sewing machines. They service all brands
of sewing machines and they carry threads, notions and accessories.
The Viking Sewing Galleries are Husqvarna Viking
sewing machine dealers. They carry a full line of
software, accessories and notions for sewing and
embroidery. A variety of sewing classes as well as
support classes for sewing and embroidery machines
and software are offered. Service is available for all
makes and models of machines.
The Best Stitch Length? by Jackie
The stitch length default on my machine is set at 2.25. I accepted that as the “rule” and rarely changed my straight stitch length,
because I thought I needed lots of stitches to keep my garment together! After many classes, teachers, and much guidance from
expert sewists, I have learned that the best stitch length for garments is between 3.0 to 3.5. This length gives nicer looking seams,
less puckering and much easier for ripping out!
(Reprinted from the Detroit Michigan ASG newsletter Sew On and Sew On, June/August 2013)
Laura’s Sewing & Vacuum
Email: [email protected]
3918 Northlake Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403
561 799-5228
1707 NW St Lucie West Blvd #102
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
772 344-5229
Spend time with us this summer!!!!
Floriani: Thread, Stabilizers and Software
Port St Lucie - June 20
Palm Beach Gardens - June 21
10:00 – 4:00
$50 includes lunch and gift from Floriani
We have had some fantastic events this spring.
Sew many of you now have new machines, new sergers, new software.
Take the time this summer to relax, learn and enjoy!!!!
Lots of Classes
Serger, Quilting, Embroidery, Purses, Clubs, Stonehenge BOM
Kids Classes
Christmas in July
Classes for everyone
Visit our website for the latest news
Fabric! Fabric! Fabric!
Chevrons, Knits, Polka Dots, Stripes
Suzy Bee Children Panels and complements
Timeless Treasures novelty prints
90” batik and batik blenders
And More coming all the time!!
Coming Events: Mark your calendar NOW
Walter Floriani – November 7 & 8
Anita Goodesign – December 4 & 5
Retailer News
Broward County and Boca Raton
Palm Beach County
As you have probably read, Karen and I have switched places
on the Chapter Advisory Board. As a result my stash has
been added to. There were so many “Oh, I like that fabric
and I wonder what I can use that piece for?” moments. I
started out to visit our retailers empty handed but didn’t go
home that way. Here are some of the things going on with
our supporting retailers in the area.
Buttonwood Quilt Shop. Robin and Ann offer beautiful
quilting fabrics, patterns, and notions in their shop. They
display many of their projects and offer classes, kits, and
supplies. Please check out their website: for updated information about
their class schedule. Their hours have changed. They are
open 10:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday and 10:00 to
4:00 on Saturday.
Sew with Ellie has her new space up and humming at
i4Trend Boutique at 1930B E. Sunrise Boulevard in Ft.
Lauderdale and invites everyone to come and see her special
classroom. Visit her website:
Laura’s Sewing and Vacuum. Laura and Dave have been
very busy with quilt shows this year. They have continued
to add fabric to their store. They also offer many notions,
threads, and other supplies for sewing and embroidery.
Sew Much Fun and More is proud to announce that we
Both stores will host a Floriani thread, stabilizers and softnow carry the complete line of Juki machines. As the only
ware presentation in June. Please check out their website:
authorized Juki dealer in the tri-county area, we can offer eve- for all the latest classes and events.
rything from the popular air-threading MO-1000 serger to the
See their ad on page 14 for more.
MO-735, a combination serger and cover-hem machine.
Quilters will love the Juki quilting machines with box feed
The Factory. Lawrence carries Husqvarna Viking sewing
dogs as well as the Juki long-arm machine. Visit us to see
machines and vacuum cleaners. He has a wide selection of
these very affordable and user-friendly products!
SMF will also host Camp Runway again this summer for ages notions, books, and software for all your sewing needs. He
is currently looking for a sewing teacher who is familiar
9 and up. Eight individually themed weeks of camp will run
with computers and sewing machines. If you are interested
from June 9 to August 8 (no camp the week of June 30 to
July 4). The cost is $175/week; each week runs from Monday in working at his store, please contact him at 561-582-7777.
His website is
to Friday, 1:00 to 5:00 PM. Encourage your daughters and
granddaughters to sign up for a week or more of fun sewing
and making new friends!
Stitchcraft in Boca has some wonderful quilting classes be- Martin County
ginning on June 11th. These classes are so popular that they
fill up very quickly. There is even a waiting list. Check out the Stuart Sew and Vac. Stop by to see the fabulous Juki long
times on Johanna’s website
-arm quilting machine. Stuart Sew and Vac services most
sewing machines and vacuums and offer classes and
Ace Sewing and Vac has a new website coming soon with
improved search and easier navigation. Along with an amazing line of machines, they do repairs. Visit their website:
Cynthia’s Fine Fabrics offers machine embroidery classes
including a multi-needle machine forum for people who love
to embroider. These are given the last Friday of every month
from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. Her full list of classes can be seen on
her website Check Cynthia’s ad
on page 11 for Kid’s Sewing Camp and Sue-Green Baker
coming in July.
JoAnn’s Fabrics will offer classes this summer ranging from
Take-It-Easy-Shorts to Quilting Basics and Teen Sewing. The
cost is reasonable, from $35-$40. As an ASG member, if you
haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up for your 10% discount
card. The Viking Sewing Gallery inside some JoAnn’s has a
variety of sewing and support classes, as well as software.
American Sewing Guild
Non Profit Organization
Fort Lauderdale Chapter
US Postage Paid
PO Box 970226
Permit NO. 111
Coconut Creek, FL 33097
Or Current Resident
American Sewing Guild’s Mission Statement: “Advancing Sewing as an Art and Life Skill”
Advertising Rates Display Ads
Electronic ads preferred but not required.
Full Page………….………………………..$75.00
Half Page………….……..………………...$45.00
Quarter Page……….……….……………..$25.00
Business Card…….…………………….…$15.00
Business Card (five issues)……………. $50.00
Single Page Insert (Per Issue)...............$100.00
Insert (Composed by Status Thimble)….……. $120.00
All members are welcome to attend. Contact Donna
or any board member for time, location and directions
(see Advisory Board Listing on page 2 for contact
information). We welcome member questions,
comments or suggestions.
Newsletter Deadlines
September/October Issue...July 23
November/December Issue...Sept. 23
Jan/Feb/March Issue…November 23
April/May Issue…February 23
June/July/August Issue…April 23
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