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Sunday 29 June 4.45pm – 7.15pm at Paradice Botany (arrival time 4.30pm)
Join in the skate school competition, emphasis is on participation & having fun!
Competition entry fees per skater, please note price table on Entry Form for entering as pair or group;
A. Individual: Tiny Tots to Proficiency = $16, Free Skate/Elementary, Ice Dance = $30, Synchronized = $7 Per Skater
B. Skills in Isolation: = $16
C. Character per skater: Tiny Tots to Proficiency = $16, Free Skate/Elementary =$30
Entry fee covers the competition fee + skate hire if required (platinum hire at additional fee) Please arrive by 4:30pm
Complete competition Entry Form & return to Paradice office, Entries close Sunday 15th June
The competition is open to all skate school and development skaters from 2013 & 2014 that have NOT competed in higher
level competitions.
Tiny Tots to Free Skate levels + Elementary Figure (NZIFSA)
More info including patterns for each level are displayed on
Separate Categories for Adult Skaters
1/3 ice section for Tiny Tots to Proficiency for Individual, Skills in Isolation & Character Events
Free Skate & Ice Dance Levels may use Full Ice
Music will be provided for Novice & Advanced/Proficiency
Free Skate skaters choose their own music or use the music provided
Competition Categories:
Skaters perform to a 1 minute (+/- 10 seconds) piece of their chosen music & character or theme (music
may have words).
Performance will be scored on their artistic interpretation rather than technical skills.
Skaters must make up their own choreography, no assistance by coach.
Tiny Tots to Proficiency performed on 1/3 Ice, Free Skate full ice.
May be skated with Solo or with a Partner or as a Group with 3 or more Skaters
Skaters will be separated into age group categories
***SKILLS IN ISOLATION: Skaters from Novice 1 to Free Skate levels perform within their level the following
skills in isolation on 1/3 ice, with 2 attempts permitted for each skill: Spiral, T Pot, Jump, Spin of skater’s choice.
TINY TOTS (under 6yrs)
1. Forward skating
2. Pee Wee
3. Two foot glide
4. Backward wiggles
5. Forward fishes
1. Rhythm skating
2. Two foot glide
3. Pee Wee
4. Backward marching
5. Two foot curves
6. Stop
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1. 4-6 Forward choice of pumping or forward fishes Basic: 4-6 choice of Forward pumping or crossovers
2. Two foot spin
3. Back “C” pushes or back fishies
4. Two foot turn Elementary: Forward to backward Basic: Forward to backward & back to Forward
5. Elementary: Forward one foot glide; Basic: Backward one foot glide
6. Forward stop; Basic: Backward stop
NOVICE ONE / NOVICE TWO (music provided)
1. One or two foot spin
2. Two foot jump, forward to backward
3. Novice 1: Backward Mohawks; Novice 2: FI Mohawk & BI Mohawks (strokes or x’overs in between Mohawks)
4. Forward Spiral (free edge choice)
5. Left outside 3-Turn
6. Waltz Jump
7. Drag
8. Forward toe pivot
(Encourage backward Cross-Overs, Forward edges, swing rolls etc in their sequence of skills)
1. Bunny hop
2. Advanced: Waltz Jump
Proficiency: Salchow Jump
3. Back spiral (free choice of edge)
4. Forward spiral (free choice of edge)
5. Advanced: Half flip
Proficiency: Toe Loop
6. One foot or marching spin Proficiency: One foot spin
7. Step sequence: Bunny hop, x 2 FI mohawks,x2 FO 3 Turn sideways gallop, drag, (Proficiency add FI twizzle
each direction) FO 3 turn, Back Toe step, Forward or Backward toe pivot.
8. Drag
(Encourage backward edges, in their sequence of skills)
FREE SKATE LEVELS (Pre Elementary Club Competition skaters are permitted to enter this category)
(May choose own or provided Programme Pattern & Music length up to 2:15min which may have vocals)
One optional jump (selected from loop, flip or Lutz)
Toe loop
Upright Spin (minimum 3 revs)
Spirals Sequence, minimum 2 spirals held minimum of 3 seconds on alternating edges, feet and direction.
Step Sequence (covering minimum of 1/2 Ice)
Requirements as per NZIFSA rule 229.3
Each skater performs 3 sequences of your chosen Ice Dance Pattern & Tempo
Using Full Ice. May be performed as solo or with a partner
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SYNCHRONIZED: Minimum 6 Skaters per group
Done with a count but do not need to be connected as a programme:
a) Circle formation: Using pump pushes
b) Two spoke pinwheel (shoulder, waist or hand hold)
c) Splice
d) Forward Line formation: Keeping straight line
e) Pair Stroking: In sub-groups of 2-3 skaters, select 2 of the following types of steps; Chase`, Cross-rolls,
Russian stroking, 2 foot turns
Advanced to Free Skate Levels
Skated as a programme or separate manoeuvres can choose to have music of up to 1½ minutes duration and to
include the following:
a) Forward line formation (1/2 length of rink or more), 90 degree axis pivot
b) Two spoke pinwheel (optional hold) forwards or backwards
c) Forward line intersection
d) Circle formation: forward crosscuts/three turns or Mohawk/backwards crosscuts/three turns or Mohawk,
optional hold.
e) Pair Stroking: in sub-groups of 3-4 skaters, select one from each Steps & Moves in the field (MIF);
Steps) Backward ~ Russian stroking or Chase` MIF.) Drag or Spirals
Separate Categories for Juvenile, Adults & Open Teams
Minimum of 6 elements including lines, circles, blocks and intersections
Competition Schedule will be displayed from Wednesday 25th June at Paradice Avondale & Botany, and
Please ensure that you arrive Sunday 29th June by 4.30pm, and report to competition registration desk, at
Paradice Botany Foyer.
Paradice Botany Address: 490 Ti Rakau Drive (Corner of Ti Rakau Drive & Botany Rd)
Recommended Clothing ~ preferable but not compulsory…
For Girls a Skating dress with tights (tights avail from Centre Ice skate shop located at Paradice)
For Boys Skating trousers
Or alternatively wear athletic type clothing, such as a track suit so you will have full freedom of
Any queries please contact Paradice Skating Arena at either
[email protected]
Ph: 273-2999 ext. 6
[email protected], Ph: 828-3800 ext. 6
or email Competition Co-ordinator: Rosie Armstrong: [email protected]
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