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Installation and Operation Manual
Table of Contents
Models .............................................................. 2
General Warnings ............................................. 2
Introduction ...................................................... 3
Unpacking & Pre-Installation Check ............... 3
Installation ....................................................... 4
Wiring Instructions ........................................... 4
Flash Patterns.................................................... 5
Maintenance...................................................... 6
Troubleshooting ................................................ 7
Parts List ........................................................... 7
Warranty............................................................ 8
Part No. 212-0023
June 10,2008
Model #
LITEBRITE LED - single module - surface mount
LITEBRITE LED - single module - surface mount
w/chrome finish bezel
Substitute X for
A– Amber, R - Red, B - Blue, C - Clear, G - Green
General Warning
1. The use of emergency warning devices does not ensure the safety of the
operator. The operator is responsible to ensure safe operation of the vehicle
regardless of whether the warning device is in operation or not
2. The effectiveness of this or any warning device is highly dependent on proper
installation and maintenance. Read the manufactures instructions before
installing and follow all recommendations.
3. When in use the operator must ensure that the warning signal is visible and not
obstructed by vehicle components (i.e. open trunk lid), people or other
4. This device is intended for use by authorized personnel only The user is
responsibility to ensure that all local, state/provincial and federal laws are
being complied with. D&R assumes no liability for any loss resulting from
the use of this device.
5. The device must be installed so as not to reduce the output performance of
vehicle systems
6. Placement of control switches must be so as to provide convenient reach for
the operator without loosing eye contact with the road.
7. Emergency warning devices require high electrical voltages and/or currents.
Properly connect and ground all circuits. Shorting or improper grounding of
this device may caused personal injuring, vehicle damage or both
8. All operators should be properly trained in the operation of this device to
ensure both their and public safety
Part No. 212-0023
June 10. 2008
LITEBRITE LED light modules utilize the latest in GEN II LED technology and are
ideally suited for use as a directional warning solution. Featuring a much narrower
housing than the standard Litebrite LED units these modules provide even greater
versatility for a wide range of mounting options.
Litebrite LED light modules are available in a flush mount housing to facilitate mounting
solutions requiring the lens to be flush with the mounting surface. The surface mount
format facilitates mounting solutions where the unit cannot be embedded in the mounting
surface. All modules are sealed waterproof units for external mounting applications.
Options available include a choice of wide angle or directional lens
Litebrite LED light modules are available in Amber, Red, Clear, Blue and Green.
Unpacking & Pre-Installation Check
The Litebrite LED modules are shipped pre-assembled and factory tested. All
necessary hardware for standard installations is included. Remove the module
from the box for pre-installation inspection.
The Litebrite LED modules are designed to work on 12/24 volt D.C. negative
ground (earth ground) vehicles. If your vehicle is not a 12/24 volt D.C. negative
ground vehicle, DO NOT INSTALL these units.
Use the following pre-installation check list to verify your unit:
1. Examine unit for damaged in transit (i.e. broken light units, scratched lens,
frayed or damaged wires, etc). Report any damage to the carrier. Keep all
shipping material
2. Open the hardware accessories box and refer to the enclosed packing slip
to check that all necessary mounting hardware has been shipped as per
your order.
1. Any device used inside a vehicle, may cause severe personal injury if not
properly mounted and secured. Objects used in the vehicle may become
airborne during a collision or other sudden changes in vehicle speed or
direction, such as braking, acceleration or turns.
2. Be sure to mount unit through the steel of the vehicle. Avoid mounting
through plastic or other non-structural materials.
Part No. 212-0023
June 10,2008
Note: The Litebrite LED modules are designed so that the wiring harness exits the
device from the rear. Wiring instructions assume this configuration
To install the Litebrite LED surface mount module proceed as follows:
1. Determine placement of the LED module and mark the mounting surface for placement of attachment holes.
2. Drill holes as marked, through the mounting surface using a 5/16” bit.
3. Ensure that the wiring pigtail can pass through the mounting surface. If required, drill
a hole through the mounting surface using a 3/16” bit to pass the wiring pigtail
Wiring Instructions
1. When passing wire though compartment walls use a grommet of appropriate
size and sealants.
2. Looms, grommet, cable ties or other installation hardware should be used to
anchor and protect wires
3. All wire should conform to the minimum wire size as specified by the manufacturer.
4. Splices should be minimized and made in a fashion so as to protect from
corrosion to reduce loss of conductivity.
The Litebrite LED units are configured with GEN II LED modules. Each unit is a
self contained module. The wiring harness exits the Litebrite LED units at the rear
and consists of a four wire ponytail.
To wire Litebrite LED module proceed as follows:
1. Route an appropriate four (4) conduit cable (22 ga) through the vehicle from
the control unit or switch to the Litebrite LED module installation point
2. Connect the wires in the cable to the module pigtail (see Table 1) with
appropriate connectors (not supplied).
Part No. 212-0023
June 10. 2008
Note: D&R recommends all wire connections be soldered & insulated
3. Connect the black wire to a negative (earth) ground.
4. Connect the red wire to the appropriate post of the controller or switch box.
5. Test functionality by activating the trigger switch
Litebrite LED Ponytail Table 1
Connect to
-Trigger/Power +12/24V
-+12/24V Momentary
Pattern Change/Output 2
-Other modules for
synchronization (Output 1)
Wiring Instructions for a Single LED Module
Step 1
Connect ground and power to the module (black to ground, red to power)
To change the flashing pattern of the module, touch the pattern control wire
(green) to +12/24V momentarily. Repeat until desired flashing pattern is achieved.
Step 2
Secure all loose wires and ensure conductors are properly insulated.
Synchronizing Litebrite Modules
Part No. 212-0023
June 10,2008
This is for wiring multiple LED Modules together to flash either simultaneously or alternately. Do not wire modules without reading the following steps
Step 1
Choose one module to be the slave and one module to be the master (since all
modules are the same, it does not matter which one is the slave).
Step 2
Connect the Slave LED Module to power (black to ground, red to +12/24V ).
If the LED module is not flashing, touch the pattern control wire (green) to +12/24V
momentarily. Ensure the module is flashing.
Step 3
Touch the pattern control wire (green) to +12/24V momentarily. You should notice
the flashing pattern change.
Repeat until the module is not flashing and is continuously off.
Step 4
Connect the Master LED Module to power (black to ground, red to +12/24V ).
Ensure the LED Module is flashing. If it is not flashing touch the pattern change
wire (green) to +12/24V momentarily, repeat until desired pattern is achieved.
Step 5
Connect the desired output wire (white or green) from the master to the input of the
slave (green).
For simultaneous flashing, use the Simultaneous output from the master (green).
For alternate flashing, use the Alternate output from the master (white).
Step 6
Secure all loose wires and ensure conductors are properly insulated.
It is possible to connect multiple slave modules to one master. It is recommended
that a maximum of five slaves is connected to one master output.
LED lights are high intensity light sources, to prevent eye damage avoid prolonged exposure to the light source and never look directly into the light source.
The Litebrite LED modules are designed to be replaced as units. There are no repairable
parts. Do not attempt to open or repair the LED units, as warranty will be voided. If a
malfunction occurs return the complete unit to D&R Electronics or an authorized dealer
for replacement or repair.
The Litebrite LED module is a sealed unit designed to be virtually maintenance free.
The units require only occasional washing of the lens with plain water and a soft cloth to
maintain maximum intensity. The lens are plastic and can scratch, so wash only when
Part No. 212-0023
June 10. 2008
LED module does not
function when turned
Loose connection to trigger control or switch.
Faulty ground connection.
Faulty power connection.
Controller or switch is
Inspect connection and
Verify ground connection.
Verify +12VDC connections
Return controller or switch for
repair or replacement.
LED lamps bank does
do not light.
Some LEDs do not light
Individual LED’s failed
Replace LED module
Faulty circuit board
Replace LED module.
Flash pattern changes
Exposed flash control
Inspect and verify that control
(green) wire is not touching a
+12V source
Light output appears
Low voltage.
Check connections or battery.
Faulty ground connection.
Verify ground connections.
Module does not flash
Faulty circuit board
Replace LED module.
Parts List
Litebrite LED module
#8 X 1” Self Tapping Screw
Part No. 212-0023
June 10,2008
D & R Electronics warrants its new products to be free from defects in material and
workmanship, under normal use and service for a period of one year on parts replacement.
This warranty applies only to original purchasers acquiring the product directly from
D&R Electronics, or its authorized dealers. Warranty will not be recognized without
proof of purchase or bill of sale.
This warranty is not transferable.
The warranty begins on the date of delivery to the first user/purchaser.
This warranty shall not apply to products which must be repaired due to normal wear
and tear, negligence, improper installation, abuse, misuse, or which have been altered
or modified at a facility other than D & R Electronics, or its authorized depot centers.
Units proved to be defective within the warranty period, based on an examination by
D&R Electronics, will be replaced or repaired at D & R Electronics’ option. This warranty does not cover travel expenses or labor charges for removal or installation.
Lamps, flash tubes, batteries or other items considered consumables are not covered
under warranty.
This warranty is in lieu of all other express warranties. D&R Electronics makes no warranties, expressed or implied, other than the express warranties contained herein.
In order to provide you with faster service, product returns for repair or replacement,
must have a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA number). Please contact
our company to obtain a RGA number before you return the product to D & R ELECTRONICS. Write the RGA number clearly on the package. Be sure you use sufficient
packing materials to avoid damage to the product being returned while in transit.
D & R ELECTRONICS assumes no responsibility or liability for expenses incurred for
the removal and/or the installation of products requiring service and/or repair. Repairing
or replacing product is at the discretion of D & R ELECTRONICS.
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Part No. 212-0023
June 10. 2008