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To celebrate St. Nicholas, you need to look the part. Here is
where you will either find a costume or make one.
• Basic garment (alb, long tunic, or cassock), may be trimmed
with wide lace if not using a surplice
• Surplice (loose shorter garment worn over cassock), optional,
usually trimmed with wide lace
• Stole (long, narrow scarf)
• Cape, cloak, or cope, may have optional capelet
• Miter
• Crozier (staff)
• Beard
• Gloves, ring, pectoral cross, optional
Costumes can be bought, made, or borrowed. Professional costume companies are one option for complete outfits, or just specialized parts like the
cope and miter. For church use, basic pieces may be borrowed from the
church's basic vestment supply, such as an alb and stole. However, it is important that St. Nicholas be clearly different than a real bishop. So it isn't recommended to
use real bishop's vestments. A bit of fantasy is good for St. Nicholas!
Costume shops sometimes have costumes, or, maybe, bishop's costumes that
may be modified to make a St. Nicholas.
To Make www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/costume-pattern/
Pattern includes:
Cloak or cape
Complete instructions with cutting layouts
Tops to make a crozier easily are available in the shop of St. Nicholas
Center. www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/shop/
Another way to make a costume is to adapt commercial costume patterns to
create the basic parts of a St. Nicholas costume.