Course Descriptions 2014

Course Descriptions 2014
3D puzzles and God - We will work together on several three dimensional puzzles, in a variety of forms.
Dot Smith
Archery – Basic archery skills are taught with a variety of targets to shoot at. Learn and practice the safe
aspects of this outdoor sport. Students may bring their own archery equipment. (three sessions - grades
5 - 9) Dwight Rohrer
Balloon Art - Learn to make animals and other creations out of balloons. (two sessions, age based) Liz
Band - Students with at least one year of playing experience, on a band instrument, will play parts
tailored to the various playing levels. Bring your instrument on the first day. Phil Smith
Beginning Guitar - Have you wanted to learn how to play guitar? This class is for you! You will be
provided a beginner guitar book. We will work through the book, learning simple chords, and several
songs. You will need to provide a guitar! FEE Becky Hess
Bible Study - Exploring God's Word and sharing how it can help us through each day. James Snyder
NEW! Biking – This is a road-riding activity where we will take advantage of seeing the sights of the local
countryside in Manheim Twp, things that you might miss from inside of a car. We will learn road riding
rules, safety, and etiquette as well as basic care and maintenance of your bike. It is important for kids to
have a bike for the road; it must have gears and hand brakes. No ‘coaster’ brakes. Road bikes preferred,
as opposed to trail, mountain, or BMX bikes, although if the student doesn’t mind riding that on the
road, that is okay by me. Soled shoes are a must-have requirement, along with a helmet. No bare feet,
sandals, crocs, or flip-flops will be permitted for riding on the road. Nobody rides without a
helmet. Bring sunscreen and a water bottle. Whatever is comfortable riding clothes will be fine; it will
most likely be warm weather and we will perspire, so if the students wish to bring separate riding
clothes that is welcomed. (double session; gr. 7-9) Doug Brubaker
Bloom the World With Flowers - Make your own flower box planters, visit a local farm store, and
beautify your own little corner of the church. Galen Sauder
Board and Card Games - Plan on learning and playing some board and card games. Phil Smith
Boomwhacker Ensemble - Fun, fun, fun for everyone in this class! These colorful, plastic tubular
instruments make playing music fun and easy. Students will enjoy learning music from the 50's as well as
contemporary tunes! (two sessions - age based) Cheryl Gingrich
Cake Decorating (double session - fee) Michelle Jones
Basic cake decorating: learn the basics of icing a cake, making buttercream flowers and writing
with icing.
Fondant class: learn the basics of covering a cake with fondant, making fondant/gum paste
flowers and creating a one of a kind cake.
Candies, Cookies, and Quick Breads - We will bake cookies, breads and make candies together. These
are treats everyone likes and treats that make wonderful gifts! Baking and making candies is more fun
when we do it together! Marcy High
Cartooning for Beginners - Students will learn the basic foundations of the skills needed to create their
very own cartoon characters. They will learn how to draw stylized facial features, bodies, and animals!
(two sessions) Cole Brustad
Chalk Art - Be prepared to get messy... drawing in chalk is a lot of fun, but there is technique and
illusion to be learned to create a great picture. We will learn to look at the world around us in a new
way and how to convey that on the page. (grade 6-9 double session: FEE) James Snyder
Chess - This class is designed for chess players of all ages and all skill levels. No experience required! The
class will work to improve your skills as much or as little as you want. Each class will include one on one
chess, chess puzzles, and “bughouse” chess. Zach Cramer
Vaughn Stauffer
Clay- Handbuilding 1 (Intro)– A beginners experience with clay. We will be learning the three
main hand building techniques and will use them to build small objects. Students will
use their creativity to combine multiple techniques in projects. Projects will be fired and
then painted on Friday.
Clay – Handbuilding 2 (Monsters) – We will focus on pinch pots to create small pinch pot
monsters. Screws, nails, bolts, and other metal hardware will be used as eyes, ears, legs
etc to make our monsters look totally awesome. Monsters will be fired and painted on
Clay – Handbuilding 3 (Boxes) – We will focus on slab construction to build small boxes. We will
create paper templates for the box and then cut and assemble the boxes out of hand
thrown slabs. Boxes will be fired and painted on Friday.
Clay – Wheel Throwing (two sessions, grades 7, 8, 9 only) – We will learn the four steps of
throwing on the wheel and work during the week to practice throwing cylinders and
bowls. Due to the wetness of the clay, pieces from wheel throwing will not be able to
be fired during the week.
Creative Writing – Do you enjoy words and expressing yourself through them on paper? We will use
guided creative writing experiences to create your own “portfolio” of a variety of forms. Good grammar
and spelling are not prerequisites, but some sharing of your writing will be encouraged. Please bring a
notebook or journal for your writing. (grades 6-9) Linda Helmus
NEW! Crochet for Beginners - Students will learn the basic stitches of crochet in order to make a simple
project – a ruffle scarf. Students should bring a crochet hook (size H/J/or K) and one skein of Sashay or
Starbella yarn. Charlotte Rissler
Desserts - Learn to create yummy desserts you can make at home with your family and friends. The
variety of desserts will include learning to make a pie crust and /or cheesecake and healthy dessert
options. The best part is you’ll get to taste some of the wonderful treats you learn to make. (three
sessions, age based, FEE) Gail Wireman
Digital Photography – Galen Sauder
Digital Photography Beg. - This is for the beginner. We will discover how your camera works and
work on basic photography techniques. (grades 4, 5, 6)
Digital Photography Adv. - This is for the person with some experience with a digital camera.
Develop techniques and try new styles. (grades 6, 7, 8)
Drama - Using improvisation and a short skit, we will explore emotions and the creative ways that God
gave us to celebrate and tell about his love and provisions. (two sessions, age based) Dot Smith
Duct Tape Crafts - Create wallets, flowers and more with duct tape!
NEW! Flag Spinning - This class will cover the basic grips, positions and movement combinations of small
“worship” style flags (approximately 2 feet long). We will initially practice the movements only as
individual skills; however, as we progress, we will begin setting the basic combinations to music. By the
end of the week, we will hopefully have a simple performance piece prepared to show your fellow
campers what you’ve learned! The flags used for this class will NOT be available for you to take home at
the end of the week; however, you may gladly have a printed set of instructions on how to make your
own set (with a bit of help from an adult who’s handy with tools and a sewing machine). NOTE: I
strongly recommend bringing a pair of light cotton gloves or some athletic tape or band-aids to prevent
blisters between your fingers! (grades 6-9) Kristin Lefever
Friendship Bracelets – This class will teach how to make several kinds of bracelets to be given as a token
of friendship! Katelyn Bailey
German - Immerse yourself in German language & culture! Learn basic conversational phrases, colors
and numbers through song and other activities in a fast-paced, student-centered atmosphere. This
course is intended for students with no knowledge of German. Jen Campbell
Gotta Sing! - Do you like to sing? Would you like to sing better? Group voice class - we will all work on
breathing, diction and singing. Dot Smith
Handbells (choir chimes) - This class is an introduction to handbell ringing. The choir chime has a
beautiful, mellow tone and is easy to handle as students learn to play hymns and worship songs. Cheryl
Haversacking! - Discover the history of the Haversack & its use. We will make our own haversacks while
learning useful skills. Charlotte Rissler
Irish Dance Introduction - Come learn how to move like an Irish dancer! Students will learn about dance
culture, the different kinds of competition dances, plus traditional group ceili dances. Irish dance is a
fun, special way to move and praise God! Appropriate footwear required to dance: ballet slippers, dance
sneakers, or regular sneakers. No sandals, flip-flops, bare feet, or stocking feet. Kara Hartman
Jewelry Making - Kerry Rohrbach
Beginner - explore basic techniques of jewelry making. Projects include making bracelets and
Advanced (FEE)- Learn advanced techniques involving wirework and
beading. Projects include making a necklace and rings.
Re-fashioned - This class will focus on the upcycling and repurposing of everyday objects into
wearable jewelry.
Keyboard to Organ - This class is for students with piano experience who would like to explore the King
of Instruments - the pipe organ. In class we take whatever level piano/keyboard skills the student
already has mastered and apply those skills to organ playing, so that at the end every student will play
something on the organ that sounds like the pipe organ. Some practice required at home. Emphasis will
be on giving everyone a positive introduction to the unique sounds of the organ. Glenn Lehman
Knitting for Beginners – Students will learn basic stockinette stitch and how to “cast on” stitches to
complete a basic project – a knitted dishcloth. Students should bring their own set of knitting needles
and a ball of sugar & cream yarn. Charlotte Rissler
Legos - This class will teach students to use their creativity to defeat obstacles and reach their
objectives. Katelyn Bailey
Mixed Media Art - Students in this class will create several art compositions based on the style of
various artists and using a variety of art medium.(two sessions, FEE) Charlotte Rissler
Newsletter - Join the newsletter staff for Created to Praise. We interview, take pictures and write
articles to highlight the exciting week at Created to Praise. Marlene Weaver
Paper Crafting and Stamping – We will be making different crafts every day by stamping, punching and
embellishing paper projects. (two sessions) Alissa Kopp
Passport to the World - Come journey across the world and experience what life is like in several
different countries! Jade Brubaker
Rhythm Guitar - Do you know basic chords? We will work on learning favorite worship songs with
various strumming and picking patterns. You will need to provide a guitar. Becky Hess
Scrapbooking - Come with pictures and a scrapbook (if you have one) and by the end of the week you
will have created several lovely scrapbook pages. (two sessions) Becky Marshall
Show Choir – Learn simple moves and choreography to enhance a song. Dot Smith
Sign Language - Immerse yourself in American Sign Language! Learn beginner signs on such topics as
everyday signs, alphabet, animals, colors, counting and food through games and song. Learn about deaf
culture and technology options available to the deaf. Learn to sign a praise song and perform in front of
everyone on last day of the camp. This course is intended for students with little to no knowledge of
ASL. Jen Campbell
Spanish - ¡Hola! Immerse yourself in Spanish language & culture! Learn basic conversational phrases,
colors and numbers through song and other activities in a fast-paced, student-centered atmosphere.
This course is intended for students with no knowledge of Spanish. Jen Campbell
NEW! Stop Motion Movies - This class will teach how to make movies out of clay creations moved bit
by bit to tell a story. Please bring your own camera! Katelyn Bailey
Take a Hike - It’s a hiking adventure in the park where we will discover some of the most interesting
plants, animals and the stream. (two sessions) Galen Sauder
Teambuilding Games - Learn to work together by communicating and cooperating while playing
outdoor group games. Everyone wins when we work together! Galen Sauder
Watercolor - Learn to paint a new class project and work on your own subjects. Beginners are welcome.
All supplies are provided. Please bring images of two things you want to draw. Teacher demonstrates
and helps you one on one. (Three sessions) Crystal Dull
Worship Dance - Dance experience is not necessary for participation in this course; however, an interest
in dance is a must! We will explore the fundamentals of worshiping God through choreographed
physical movement—possibly with simple props such as worship streamers etc. We will also practice key
basics of dance and interpretive movement with the goal of using these skills in worship—both personal
worship (our dance as an offering to God) and as leaders in corporate worship (our dance helping a
congregation to turn their thoughts towards God). For this class, students will need clothes with
“stretch” to allow for free movement. Performance-wear for the last day of camp will be provided in
part; you will need to bring a plain black or white shirt (high neckline please) and leggings to wear
underneath the costume. (grade 6-9) Kristin Lefever