Crochet Extra N 83 Edition - November 2012

Crochet Extra
83rd Edition - November 2012
ovember has arrived as the year draws closer to
the festive season. At Maleny we are greeted with
Jacarandas and Agapanthus in bloom along with baby
Toys and Dolls
birds - butcher birds, noisy miners
and plovers. It is like a regular
Everyones favourite would have to be
little nursery at the moment so I am
a teddy bear or a doll or perhaps for the
glad not to be a bug or moth on the
little boys a dinosaur and
the little girls a mermaid.
Whatever you choose we
As the warmer weather approaches more of our
have books to suit the
crocheters are turning to thread and if you are internet
occasion. Some are knitted and others
savy perhaps check our warehouse reductions on
packet sales of Daphne #20, Klasik #30 and Cebelia
#30. These are coloured threads by the packet only but If knitting toys is the choice
the price is good. You will find them in the Warehouse then you cannot go past the
Reduction section so jump on board to be a winner and Jean Greenhowe books.
help us to reduce some of our stock.
They are well priced, great
Australia Post has once again increased
parcel postage prices but we are
endeavouring to keep ours the same
until after Christmas. We have stocked
up on the prepaid bags and hope to pass
this saving onto our customers. Every
little bit helps these days. On a brighter
note, the glitter yarn Excel (4ply) is all
back in stock in all colours and hopefully
we have enough to see us through until
Christmas. Colour charts are available.
coloured pictures and there
are 24 titles to choose from.
There are tiny Amigurumi
toys that you can hide in your
pocket, larger toys you can
cuddle up to and of course
the beautiful Springfield
dolls for the grown up little
miss. Need the complete wardrobe for these? Then
there are knitting, crochet and sewing books available.
The dolls that are all the rage would have to be the Itty
Bitty dolls that come in 5”, 8” and 10” and of course
With Christmas just around the corner, this month we there is a selection of books to choose from to dress
are featuring toys and dolls. Hopefully this will give up these cuties.
you time to make those precious little stocking fillers
that we all love to make and bring smiles all round.
If your fancy is a bed doll then
Happy crocheting,
Postal Address:
PO Box 1096
Phone: 07 54999594 Fax: 07 54999485
Email [email protected]
ABN: 46 136 921 238
we have half dolls, or maybe you
would like a pretty doll to dress,
then the 13” angel doll with either
dark or fair skin or the 14” fashion
dolls will be the answer.
For your convenience this month we have put together
a selection of great toy books that we have available
and of course we have threads and yarns to suit. With
so much available, now would be a great time to feel
the joy of a smile on someone elses face.
Masterpieces of the Month
Send us a photo of your masterpiece and tell us what book it came from and your masterpiece could feature in
the next edition of “Crochet Extra”
Here are some customer comments and masterpieces for this month!
Just a note to let you know that I received
my order today and was surprised as I didn’t
know that you included a Fredo Frog in the
orders. I thought it was a nice touch, all the
order arrived in excellent condition thank you.
Sue G, Tuan QLD. Sue is a new customers
and hopefully will enjoy more Freddos from us.
Thanks for the order. Was at the PO yesterday and I picked it up
today on my way home from town. Australia Post seems to work
fast up your way! Alan got the frog again and says ‘thank you’.
Marg D, Yangan QLD.
June P, Landsborough QLD came for a visit and a cuppa and
showed us her exquisite doily worked in Cebelia #40. Pattern is
from the Spanish book Selec7 which is no longer available but we
Del H from Mooloolah QLD and her friend Margaret do have a large range of similar patterns in symbol books.
came to visit and spent some time browsing and say thank you for a lovely time spent in your shop.
Many Thanks for sending the Singer
knitting machine and also your prompt
service. I ordered my machine on the
Thursday and it arrived early Friday
morning. Eileen S, North Aramara QLD.
I have to say thank you for the quick processing of my order, it was
delivered this morning. I have had a quick look at the Interlocking
Crochet Book, and will definitely be starting something this week.
I will send you a photo when I finish. The yarn sleeves will
certainly be useful, as I am currently working on something and
the ball of yarn has been running away from me and my cat thinks
it is a wonderful game. Paula W, Werrington Downs NSW.
I would like to say Thank You for the service I just
received from you. I faxed my order yesterday
afternoon and it arrived this morning. Keep up the
good work, it really is appreciated.
Carol H, Eagleby QLD.
I just want to thankyou for your very special service that you give.
Your thoughtfulness and help is overwhelming.
Kathy C, Home Hill QLD.
Happy Hookers Competition
The Crochet Australia Team is proud to announce the winner of
our “Happy Hookers Competition” who will receive a $20 gift
voucher. This is the winner from the September 2012 period.
Elaine M
Narangba QLD
Entering the competition couldn’t be easier. All you have to do
is place an order. All orders will enter the random draw which
takes place on the last day of every month. Good Luck!!
Many thanks for my latest order, it is a
pleasure to ring you. The help you offer is
appreciated. Your service is first class and
the promptness that orders are processed are
the best. A very satisfied customer. Enid S, Redcliffe QLD.
Thank you for my order last Monday, it arrived on
Tuesday. Also have a question - is sizing a form of
starch as I have this doily with blue bells on it and it says
to apply this sizing to make the blue bells preserve their
shape. Thank you for your prompt service I appreciate
it very much. Yvonne A, Woodridge QLD.
Yvonne has since purchased fabric stiffener for her doily.
Page 2
I have just finished the rug from BK18 Crocheted Rugs and Thank you for my order it arrived today and thanks for the choccy
Shawls and enjoyed doing it in the delicate pastel colours of the frog. I have lots of your knitting and crocheting for dolls books
4ply Wendy Peterpan. Carmen P, Springwood QLD.
and find them easy to follow. Just love the baby rugs & shawls I
received today so looking forward to making a shawl for my greatgrand daughter who arrives in February. Laila G, Nannup WA.
I just wanted to let you know that
the order for my mother arrived this
afternoon and she’s thrilled. Having
only ordered it on Friday afternoon we
weren’t expecting it so soon and can’t
express how wonderful the service is
you offer. Mum loved the dolls saying
how pretty they are and has asked if
possible could you let me know when
you have the fair skin dolls back in
stock as she’d like to order a couple
of those. Thanks again for the great
service. Michelle B, Nudgee QLD.
Look at the patterns for
Toys and Dolls we found!!
Knitting Books
JG3167 Trademen Clowns $13.95
JG3150 Little Dumpling Dolls $13.95
JG3037 Toy Collection $12.95
JG3068 MacScarecrow Clan $12.95
JG3013 Scarecrow Family $12.95
JG3228 Jiffyknits $14.95
JG3266 Fabulous Fun-Knits $13.95
JG3235 Christmas Treasures $16.95
Books with * or ** following price indicates
a heavy book and extra post may apply.
Page 3
JG3136 Golfing Clown $8.95
JG3181 Storybook Dolls $14.95
JG3020 Little Gift Dolls $12.95
JG3075 Christmas Special $14.95
JG3204 Young Alf’s Pals $14.95
JG3198 Jemima-Jane and Friends $14.95
JG3099 Traditional Favourites $12.95
JG3211 Knitted Hedgehogs $14.95
JG3051 Knitted Animals $12.95
JG3129 Topsy-Turnabout Doll $8.95
JG3105 Mascot Dolls $14.95
JG3082 Knitted Clowns $13.95
JG3242 Dolly Mixtures $13.95
JG3044 Bazaar Knits $12.95
JG3000 Little Dumpling Dolls (Men)
Page 4
SP4249 Knitted Pirates, Princesses,
Witches, Wizards and Fairies $27.95**
121030 Animal Friends Two by Two
(Knit) $16.20
121068 Lots to Love Babies Doll Clothes
SP487561 Little Bears to Knit & Crochet
121038 Fun-to-Knit Doll Clothes $16.70
BK27 More Knitted Outfits Dolls &
Prem Babies $10.95
SP5093 Babes in the Wool $21.95**
121039 Amigurumi Animal Friends
(Knit) $15.00
SP8360 Knitted Fairies to cherish and
charm $21.95**
121067 Fun Fashions Knit 18” Dolls
Outfits $15.20
SP8850 Knitted Dolls with a Designer
Wardrobe $32.95**
872592 Knit Pudgy Potpourri Angels
PARK643 The Toy Box $8.95
SP4829 Knitted Bears $11.95
SS2034 More Classic Knits for Baby
Dolls $19.95**
Page 5
A086709 Knitted Wild Animals $34.95**
Crochet Books
875563 Fashion Doll Collection Book 2
981004Z Crystal Bride $10.00
HC5955 The Knitted Teddy Bear
878549 Fashion Doll Collection Bk3
870220Z Spring Garden Bride $10.00
LA4519 A Collection of Characters
AWCF4 The Doll Wardrobe Vol 4 $10.00
871048 Oh, So Cute Doll Clothes $15.00
SS7178 Classic Knits for Boy Dolls
874311 Indian Maidens $11.35
BK26 Knitted Outfits for Dolls & Prem
Babies $10.95
878538 Big Book of Animals $17.95
BKJM03 Dolls’ Clothes in Crochet Bk 3
961708Z Boo Babies $10.00
Page 6
GC23106 Topsy Turvey Doll $10.00
GC40107 Elsbeth Doll $10.00
101120 Hug-A-Bugs $10.95
GC39107 Favrielle Doll $10.00
MCPA916 Summer Outing Doll $11.75
This pattern uses these 18” Springfield
dolls $59.50. (brown, blonde, black, red)
874314 Purr-Sonality Cats $10.95
874352 Doorstops $10.50
GC57107 Arianna Mermaid Doll $10.00
874412 Safari Friends $10.95
MCPA801 The Mermaids $10.00
This pattern uses these Airfreshener
Dolls $6.40ea (brown, blonde, afro)
BIRDKKK Kylie & Kev Koala $10.95
875562 Beary Tales $11.55
S1428 75 Fish, Shells, Coral, Creatures
Page 7
DOLLITTY5 $10.50
5” Itty Doll
121056 Itty Bitty Knitties ($15.00)
Knitting Patterns
121040 Itty Bitty Baby Doll Clothes ($11.65)
Knitting Patterns
These 4 Itty books
now only $10.00
each during
871104 Itty Bitty Dress-Up Fashions ($13.70)
Crochet Patterns
879516 Itty Bitty Babies ($13.70)
Crochet Patterns
P5302 Tiny Yarn Animals - Amigurumi
GC64108 Amigurumi Dinosaurs $10.00
GC26106 Gwendolyn Doll $10.00
SP6335 Crocheted Bears 20 to Make
GC70108 Monster Mash Amigurumi $10.00
GC14105 Madison Crochet Jointed
Bear $10.00
D246396 Crocheting Teddy Bears $14.95
GC45107 Learn
Amigurumi $10.00
LA5152 A Zoo for You $13.95
Page 8
Dolls and Accessories
ACCDOLLMINI - Mini Plastic Dolls
Pkt 5 (65mm high) $6.75
DOLLFASHION14 Fashion Doll 14”
Brown Hair $8.95
DOLLAIRFRESH - 6½” Air Freshener
Doll $6.40 Fair skin and Brown and
Blonde hair; and Dark skin & hair.
DOLL3IN - Pkt 4 Baby Dolls 3” $5.95
DOLL5SMILE - Mini Doll 5” (12.6cm)
Smile $9.00
DOLLSIT - Pkt 6 Baby Dolls 1” - Sitting
DOLLTEENPICK 7” half Teenage Doll
on Spike, Blonde $6.50
DOLLANGEL - 13” Angel Dolls $10.95
(Brown, Blonde, Platiinum Blonde)
DOLLSITSTAND - Pkt 6 Baby Dolls
1.5” Sitting/Standing $2.00
ACCDOLL - Plastic Doll with Hair
$2.40 (Black or Brown hair)
Afro-American Chubby Doll 10” (25cm)
DOLLANGELDK - 13” Angel Doll Dark skin & Hair $9.95
Page 9
DOLLCHUBBY8 - Chubby Doll 8”
(21cm) $14.95
DOLLTOILET - 10” Toilet Roll Doll
$6.25 (Fair skin with brown hair & dark
skni with dark hair)
suit 18” Springfield Doll $9.35
to suit 18” Springfield Doll $9.35
DOLLCUPIE120 Cupie Doll, plastic,
120mm high $1.75
DOLLCHUBBY10 - Chubby Doll 10”
(25cm) $25.50
to suit 18” Springfield Doll $9.35
DOLLCUPIE160 Cupie Doll, plastic,
160mm high $1.95
DOLLSF18 - Springfield Doll 18”
(45cm) $59.50 (Brown, Blonde, Black,
Red and Afro Hair)
Shoes to suit 18” Springfield Doll $9.35
DOLLPILLOW - 8” Pillow Doll $8.45
DOLLSANDALS - Sandals to suit 18”
Springfield Doll $9.35
suit 18” Springfield Doll $9.35
Page 10