— Bikini 5231 Sewing Pattern

Sewing Pattern — Bikini 5231
Recommendations on fabric: natural or synthetic silk.
You will also need: atlas (sateen); lingerie elastic tape;
If the pattern has double contour the seam allowances are
If the pattern has single contour, the seam allowances are
NOT included and need to be added when laying out and
cutting details.
Attention! First of all please print all the paper patterns and lay
them out at the width of fabric you plan to use (usually from
90 to 150 cm) to see how much fabric you will need. Don't
forget to count pair parts and symmetrical parts.
When sewing the garment, pay attention to notches, they
must coincide.
1. Back – 1 folded piece
2. Front – 1 folded piece
3. Inset – 2 folded pieces
1. Back – 1 folded piece
2. Front – 1 folded piece
1. Stitch the crotch seam of the main/cambric pieces. With right sides inside, pin the pieces
together and stitch around the leg openings and
the top edges. Turn the bikini right side out and topstitch close to the edges.
2. With right sides inside, stitch the insets together along the long edges.
Turn them inside out and place the seam in the centre of the inset. Then press
it. Make casings. Thread the elastic through the casings. Fix the ends of the
elastic. Stitch the insets to the front/back pieces.
3. Stitch the elastic to the leg openings stretching the fabric slightly.
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