Awareness Ribbon HIV/AIDS awareness ribbon pattern

HIV/AIDS awareness ribbon pattern
by Glenda of Dax Designs
Awareness Ribbon
These ribbons carry the messa ge of solidarity of
people l iving with H IV/AI DS.
This pattern is to be used for personal use or for the
purposes of fundraising for HIV/AIDS projects only.
Your purchase of this pattern does not give you
permission to copy the pattern, teach from the
pattern, sell the pattern, or sell (or donate) a finished
product completed from this pattern unless it is for
fundraising for HIV/AIDS projects.
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HIV/AIDS awareness ribbon pattern
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Square stitch pattern
! 2010 Dax Designs – for personal use only
HIV/AIDS awareness ribbon pattern
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! 2010 Dax Designs – for personal use only
HIV/AIDS awareness ribbon pattern
Aids awareness ribbons from South Africa
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World Health Organization: 10 facts on HIV/AIDS
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Glenda began bead weaving about 5 years ago. Her work is inspired by her cultural
and natural worlds near and far. She has won several awards for her designs and has
just begun to sell her designs
kits and patterns on-line.
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