2012 Hawaii Quilt Cruise Workshops

2012 Hawaii Quilt Cruise Workshops
To avoid conflict with important onboard events, registration and schedule available in October when Holland America’s releases their event schedule
Traditional Hawaiian Appliqué—hand appliqué
Learn the traditional Hawaiian method of appliqué.
Tropical Fish Sampler—hand sashiko
Choose from 9 different blocks to complete your island
underwater scene.
Big-Bold Hibiscus—hand appliqué and sashiko
If you are new to hand applique, give thie method a try!
Learn how to pre-form accurate Hibiscus petals and leaf
shapes using heat resistant MYLAR. The results are
perfect petals, ready to applique down. Learn how to
transfer, sashiko techniques, how to fussy cut your fabric
to make realistic dimensional flowers, and how to make
perfect invisible applique stitches.
Bamboo Garden—Two day workshop
Hand appliqué and sashiko.
An additional opportunity to apply Sylvia’s easy turned
applique and sashiko methods to another Island designed beauty.
Tropical Floral Sampler—hand appliqué and sashiko
Choose from one of 9 Island floral motif blocks in this
series to complete your cruise project. Sylvia has kits
available for all blocks so you may finish an entire quilt
in this style when you get home.
Colorful Leaves
Learn the basic principles of designing artwork (like
repetition, variety, and contrast) and make a colorful leaf
quilt at the same time. Creating art is easy with pre-fused
fabrics and is the perfect way to learn about the
elements that make a well designed quilt.
Tiny Homes and Gardens
In this workshop we explore the many techniques of
fusing: free cutting, layering, collage building, design,
and more. The result is a whimsical neighborhood placed
in a colorful landscape setting and made from beautifully
hand-dyed fabrics supplied by your teacher.
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Stitch After Fusing
A well placed embroidery stitch on the surface of fabric brings a
quilt to life. It lends the surface additional color, pattern, definition,
and texture. In this class you will make a small flower quilt from a
pre-fused fabric kit. Basic embroidery stitches are reviewed using
brilliantly colored pearl cotton threads (also part of the kit). Learn
to entice the viewer closer to your art with free form, unfettered
Garden of Eden
Create a small art quilt teeming with every flower in creation. Build
a blooming garden on a green base of lush leaves, curly ferns and
wavy blades of grass. Add simple daisies, jolly tulips and colorful
chrysanthemums to the mix and you have a garden that Eve
would envy. All from colorful fused fabrics. Directions for free
cutting flowers and bias leaves and fused quilt assembly
processes are covered.
Object Lesson
To truly make your own art quilts, begin by designing your own
fabric. In this class you will make swatches of colorful fused fabrics
like florals, checks, stripes, and dots. Using those fused
fabric swatches, you can then create an art quilt illustrating a
familiar object. It can be an object of personal meaning such as a
teapot, chair, or birdhouse or possibly an abstract collage full of
texture and pattern. Either way, it is an original quilt made with
original fabric designs
Tree top Be – Bop
Build a small, peaceful, landscape quilt from cheerful
pre-fused fabrics. Learn fusing basics like free
cutting, strip-fusing, and collage construction to
make an art quilt with a vibrant background, swaying
trees, and unique surface patterning. With fusing,
your landscape design possibilities are endless
Fowl Play—Birds with no Egrets
Like a bird in flight, this class will lift your spirits and make
you sing! You'll create fun little birds dancing, nesting, and
wading knee deep in personality. Our colorful fowl (indigenous
only to the campus of the Chicago School of Fusing) are
created with fused fabrics and hand embroidery. Your kit includes
all the pre-fused hand dyed fabrics and threads you'll need for
your little bird quilt top.
Island Fun
In this workshop you’ll be working with a kit and a pattern to create a Island Tiki quilt while learning the two fabric way to quickly
stitch up a background quilts using Fast-Piece Appliqué™ methods found in Rose’s book, Exploring Embellishments!
By the afternoon you’ll be couching and embellishing your small
fun & easy TIki God using beads, yarns, wool felt. A wonderful
treat to take home and hang on the wall to remember your island
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Color Crusin’
Drop that needle and open your eyes! We¹re going to take off on a
visual journey, stretch your mind to exciting new dimensions,
add more color confidence and competence to your fabric creations.
In this no-sew class we¹ll explore color and how to use it in our art.
We¹ll look around at color in nature and cut, paste, paint, dip and
dabble in search of our own magic island of color.
This workshop trains your eyes to see in a new way, and is
guaranteed to enable you to see a more color-full
world than you ever saw before.
My Crusin’ Vacation—2 day workshop
Now you don’t have to wait to get home before capturing your vacation memories. In this 2-Day workshop we’ll take little treasures we
find along the way and pull them together in one special quilt.
On day 1- we’ll take your favorite vacation postcards or photo and
turn it into a unique design, and then learn how to stitch it up using
Fast-Piece Appliqué™
On day 2 – taking some of the souvenirs trinkets found along the
way we’ll add them to your quilted memory.
You’ll take home a unique piece, created from an original design
based on your vacation, along with the knowledge of Rose’s special
Fast-Piece Appliqué™ method that will allow you to use quickly and
easily add curves and circles to future projects.
That’s what!
In this class we'll explore the varied and delightfully creative forms
embellishments can take in our work, and how you can use them to
add drama, whimsy, character and sparkle to your quilts.
You will learn the skills for adding beads, bangles, buttons, found
objects, personal trinkets and treasures, and even paper to your fabric art plus how to add and layer these embellishment elements by
hand or by machine
With these easy & fun embellishment techniques, your projects will
be dressed up for show-and-tell, top to bottom and bottom to top.
10 different techniques will be demonstrated & at the
end of the day you’ll have a set of samples of your own.
Hot Hawaiian Hibiscus!
In this workshop you’ll be working with a kit and a pattern to create
a island memory while learning the two fabric way to quickly stitch
up a background quilts using Fast-Piece Appliqué™ methods found
in Rose’s book, Exploring Embellishments!
By the afternoon you’ll be couching and embellishing your small
fun & easy Hawaiian hibiscus flower memories using beads, yarns,
wool felt. A wonderful treat to take home and hang on the wall to
remember your island visit!
Quick Fuse Seascape
2-day workshop
Fun filled two day workshop on creating Tropical
seascapes/landscapes in Rob’s “Quick Fuse” appliqué
method. Learn from the master of the underwater quilts
as he shows his techniques for setting up the
background fabrics as well as the in-depth process for
creating balance and perspective in the layout of fusible
appliqué pieces.
The Second day will be dedicated to getting our
quilts finished in design. Rob will also spend time on the second day discussing helpful tips for the basting and
free-motion machine quilting of these ultra-cool quilts.
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GO WILD! The endangered species quilt project.
You will choose one from 12 patterns that Rob has which you
can see on his website http://www.robappell.com/image/tid/9
Each quilt pattern is of a different animal in an "up close and
personal" style. The quilts are all set for the fusible appliqué
method and the main color is the background fabric.
Each pattern contains a detailed map for piece placement, step
by step instructions, as well as full-size templates that are transposed and separated into their color families.
Everything is ready to be traced onto 18 inch fusible web, such
as Heat n' Bond or FeatherLite.
Dolphin Dance—
Also known as “The Simple Strip Scramble,“ this
Simple Strip Pieced Scramble lends itself to a huge variety of
theme fabrics for the adults or kids at heart. The quilt top is
easily constructed in a morning and makes for a wonderful base
for appliqué and or simple machine quilting. Rob is known for his
high energy level and ability to work with a complex variety of
learning styles. He offers more than just quilt education with his
wild sense of humor and manly approach to quilt making.
Rob’s Ride
This is a simply modification to the “snailʼs trail” quilt block, to
create a curling wave look. The block can work in a variety of
sizes, colors, orientations and layouts. The class is designed
to help students understand the math that is needed to create
pieced triangle quilts in a simple rotary cutting fashion. This quilt
can be strip pieced, and the quilt top can be completed in a fairly
short amount of time. The quilt top designs may be changed as
the students like, as the goal is to understand and create the
blocks, once the blocks are finished the variations for the center
of the quilt are limitless.
Free Motion Machine Quilting Workshop
Spend a Day with Machine Quilting Mad Man, Rob Appell and
learn from some of his best basic techniques. Rob offers some
technical information about how the machine is designed to
work, and the way we can benefit as quilters by understanding
the set up of the different machines. The class will begin with a
lecture on machine designs, what makes for a great machine
for free motion quilting. Rob will also help students to understand their own equipment, such as their machines, needles,
thread, and all the little gadgets so that they can apply their
knowledge when they return home.
The rest of the day will be spent helping the students put what
they have learned into physical practice, thatʼs right, the
students become the teachers and make machine quilting magic.
Bring an unfinished top or finish up one of the tops you have
made on the cruise.