Jury Rules

Jury Rules
1. Jury will consist of 3 prominent musicians in each category.
2. Jury members cannot have students or relatives competing in the competition.
3. Jury members will represent different country or institutions.
4. Jury members are independent in voting during competition.
5. Every jury member is entitled to one vote. Where there is a tie,
head of jury will make the final decision.
6. Jury members cannot talk or comment about a competitor during the course of competition.
7. The voting and results must be written and signed by the jury.
8. No results will be announced until end of each competition category.
9. Competitors missing their order of performance will be disqualified.
10. No changes will be made after announcing the winners.
11. Each category will have one Grand Prize Winner-Grand Prix and one
Special Jury Award winner.
12. There will be special medal awards in each category:
a- Best presentation
b- Best musical interpretation
c- Best stage performance
The institution with most participants will receive an award plaque
All participants and their teachers will receive certificate of participation.
15. The organization will keep the award or prize money on behalf of winner should the prize winner
be absent at the ceremony. For international winners monetary award will be given in Euros.
16. Jury members are expected to be present at the awards ceremony at the end of competition.