BASKETBALL: Boys and girls — Let’s play basketball! In this course, students will
learn and practice the basic fundamentals of basketball. Students will participate in a variety
of games and activities to practice these skills. You will also be able to apply the fundamental
skills to live games on the court.
and making YOUR MARK with ART? Then YOU are invited to join in THE BENCH
PROJECT: an AMAZING opportunity to design a PUBLIC ART BENCH that will be installed
permanently in Osceola. This bench will join eight other Art Benches already placed in
communities throughout the St. Croix Valley. Members of the Bench Project Team will
participate and gain skills in: nature photography; environmental field study on the St. Croix
River, Standing Cedars and local Ice Age Trail segments; the history of Osceola; sculpture and
design workshop with Franconia Sculpture Park; group collaboration with local artists and
peers to create an artistic bench design; hands-on art-making with such media and
techniques as field sketching, mosaic, tile making and more! Along with teacher Amy Klein,
Phipps Center for the Arts, Franconia Sculpture Park, the National St. Croix Scenic Riverway,
Osceola Historical Society, and the village of Osceola, are YOU ready for a life-changing
experience? This project is made possible through a grant from the National Endowment for
the Arts. (When signing up for this class, you should block two periods as it is a two-period
BLOOMING GIRLS: Designed for girls, this class will explore the true meaning of selfconfidence, and creativity. We will incorporate class discussion, self-reflection, craft projects,
nature walks, and healthy habits to build confidence and friendships, as well as team-building
games to enhance teamwork. (Cost: $5)
BOOK CLUB: Come read and talk with friends! We will read books according to your
interests and then have a meaningful discussion while enjoying each other’s company. Plan
to take trips to the public library to find books to read in our book club and on your own.
BOYS’ BOOK CLUB: Are you a boy who would like to have a time to read your book
but don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of girls? Then this is the class for you. Here you can
bring your book and we will read. We will discuss and recommend books to each other. If
you wanted to try a series we can try and link you up with a copy. Series we will have access
to for sure are, Ranger’s Apprentice, Harry Potter, Brotherband Chronicles and more.
CAMPING 101: Do you like the outdoors? This class is about teaching and practicing the
skills to survive a camping trip. You will learn how to set up a tent, start a fire, cook food
outdoors and other tricks. Along with learning the skills in camping, you will also have fun
learning different games and activities that you can enjoy during a camping adventure!
CHESS: Chess is a great way to learn how to strategize, anticipate, plan ahead, problemsolve, and crush your opponent! Students will have an opportunity to participate in
tournaments, play against the computer, and watch an amazing movie about chess (yes, I
said amazing) called Searching for Bobby Fisher. Join the fun with Mr. Bergman and your
friends to improve your chess-playing ability.
CHIEFTAINETTE DANCE CLASS: Have you seen the Chieftainettes dancing at halftime performances!? Would you like to learn how to dance like they do!? Come to the
Chieftainette Dance Class. You will learn many different types of dance including jazz, pom,
kick, and hip-hop. You will learn proper technique and learn to choreograph your own
dance moves.
COMPETITIVE SPORTS: Come join the fun of learning the basic fundamentals of
football, baseball/softball, tennis, and other team sports. Additionally, there will be time for
students to put their fundamentals to use in games and game-like activities.
DIY ARTS & CRAFTS USING PINTEREST: Using ideas from Pinterest, students
will get to create a variety of art projects including picture frames, candle holders, wall art,
etc.! I will have samples and ideas prepared from different do-it-yourself projects found on
Pinterest. From there, students will get the opportunity to use their creativity to put their
own ideas into each project. (Cost: $5)
accessorizing! We’ll start out learning how to make several kinds of AWESOME friendship
bracelets; then we’ll make jewelry using shrink plastic, sculpy clay, and a few other materials.
You’ll learn techniques you can use to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, head bands, and
barrettes. Choose the perfect colors to match everything you wear and you’ll be ready to
head back to school in style!
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
DODGEBALL: Come and play your favorite PE game that has become so popular that
there are now tournaments and leagues for both girls and boys of all ages all over the
country. We will learn and play the different variations of dodge ball such as scramble, PinDodge, Dr. Dodgeball, King's Court, King Sting, "German" Dodgeball, Barrier Dodgeball,
Battleship, and Prison Ball. Come and join the fun dodging, ducking and showing off your
arm strength and accuracy.
DRAMA/ACTING: This course will offer students the chance to ―star‖ onstage in an OMS
Summer School production! We will learn concepts necessary to understand theatre as well as
rehearse and produce a short play to be presented during the final week of summer school.
Students who enroll in this course must commit to attend the final week of summer school.
about different cultures by exploring environmental concerns surrounding the specific
country. They will learn what engineering is and use principles learned within the class to
problem solve, build, test, and complete projects. This class is a hands on adventure to show
students how to create projects to solve a problem such as building a windmill, making a boat
move based on the design of a sail, and exploring water filters by using different materials.
read a short story that introduces students to an engineering problem. Students are then
challenged to solve a problem similar to that faced by the storybook characters. Through a
hands-on engineering design challenge, students work in teams to apply their knowledge of
science and mathematics; use their inquiry and problem-solving skills; and tap their creativity
as they design, create, and improve possible solutions. In the end, students realize that
everyone can engineer!
reading and/or running? This is a great way to challenge you to do both!! We will start the
class by setting class and individual goals. How many books can we read? How many miles
can we put in together? Encourage a friend to join with you to get your body and brain in
the best shape for the summer!
GYMNASTICS/TUMBLING: Whether you have been doing gymnastics for years or
have always wondered what it would be like, this class is for you!! Come spend some time
improving your physical fitness while having fun learning new tumbling skills. Each day we
will play games, explore different gymnastics events and skills, and work together to create a
dance/gymnastics routine. (Maximum Participants: 15)
KIDS IN THE KITCHEN: If you like to be creative with food, work in groups, and
learn to prepare simple meals and snacks, then this is the class for you! Bring your ―tasting
appetite‖ and join us. Let the fun begin! (Cost: $10)
KNITTING: This class will go through the basic skills in learning how to knit. You will also
learn how to read patterns and create different projects. You will leave this class with a
homemade project that you can truly be proud of. If you have already taken this course, you
will be able to learn more advanced skills to help with your next project.
LIFETIME SPORTS: The weather is great, it’s time to get outside and get some sun,
and maybe learn a thing or two that you can use the rest of your life. Whether you’re a
beginner or a ―pro‖ at golf and archery, Lifetime Sports is the class for you. Join us to pick up
some new skills or perfect those that you might already have.
MACRAME 101 (4th & 5th Graders Only): Macrame is an art where you design
string or cords in a geometrical pattern. This course is designed for anyone interested in
learning to make objects using knots and strings such as plant holders and other fun projects.
If you are crafty and enjoy making new creations, this class is for you! (Cost: $5)
MONOPOLY MANIA: Have you ever dreamed of conquering the business world? If
you have, Monopoly Mania is the class for you. Buy, sell, and trade your way to building an
empire in this classic favorite game. Students will have an opportunity to face off against
their business competition while gobbling up railroads, properties, and doing their best to
stay out of jail in the process. Possibly capping off the class will be a favorite project –
making your own Monopoly Board. Join Mr. Bergman for the Mania!
PAPER CRAFTS: Jewelry, cards, room decorations, and more – you won’t believe the
awesome things you’ll make with paper! Come and get messy as we use things like hair gel
and shaving cream to make fun paper crafts! You’ll also be able to use a Cricut machine to
make and decorate lots of projects, and we’ll experiment with making our own paper! Let’s
get crafty!
have the opportunity to practice their photography skills. We will go on nature walks the first
week and take pictures of what we observe, the second week we will spend time
photographing friends, and the third week we will practice taking action pictures playing
some fun sports/games. Students will also spend time each week editing the photos and
designing a scrapbook online that we will order and take home at the end of summer school!
(Cost: $5)
PUZZLES: Join Mr. Bergman and you will be challenged to use your mind and have tons
of fun putting together all kinds of puzzles. We will work on smaller piece puzzles (5001000), as well as a mammoth 2000 piece giant! This class is a great way to work together
with friends and have the satisfaction of seeing your work completed.
ROCKETS FOR BEGINNERS: In Rockets, you will build a Level I solid-fuel rocket
that is capable of reaching a height of 500 feet. The 13-inch rocket will be custom-painted
and detailed so every rocket is unique. Your rocket will be launched twice during summer
school with you at the controls. All rockets are able to be taken home after they have been
launched. (Cost: $15)
ROCKETS II: In Rockets II, you will build a basic level 1 rocket followed by a more
challenging solid fuel rocket that is capable of reaching a height of 800-1200 feet. There
will be a few rocket styles to choose from, and each one can be custom-painted and detailed.
Each rocket you build will be launched during summer school with you at the controls. All
rockets can be taken home after they have been launched. You must have taken a previous
Rockets class to sign up for Rockets II. (Cost: $15)
SIMPLY SCRABBLE: Do you want to strengthen your vocabulary? Do you enjoy
unscrambling letters to form words? Or do you simply love Scrabble? If any of your answers
are YES, then join Mr. Bergman for Simply Scrabble. In this class students will learn the rules
and scoring for this classic game while playing with friends for fun and competition.
STAINED GLASS (5th Grade Only): Working with stained glass is easier than you
think. It may seem difficult and time-consuming, but with knowledge and newly acquired
skills, you will be able to construct sparkling sun-catchers for your home. Your skills will last
you a lifetime. All you need is a willingness to learn. (Cost: $20)
SUMMER GAMES: Summer is here, and it is time to get out and play. In this class, we
will play all of the summertime favorites and learn some new summertime games. You will
learn to play lifetime sports/activities such as pickle ball, whiffleball, badminton, bocce ball,
beach volleyball, kickball, and more. Sign up today and let’s go play. Summer is her! Let’s
get outside and have some fun!
SUMMER WALK AND TALK: This class gives you a chance to talk to your friends
(and meet some new friends, too!) while you go on a summer walk each day. We will
explore the areas around our neighborhood, play at the OES playground, walk around our
new track, explore Schillberg Park trails in the woods and by the creek,…and search for the
perfect spot to have a picnic. This year, we will hop on a bus to get to some special places in
Osceola: the waterfalls, the hiking trails on Cty. Rd. S, and up to the water tower trails. Sign
up to enjoy our wonderful summertime, eat some frosty treats, and talk, talk, talk!
SUPPLEMENTARY MATH 3-5: Supplementary Mathematics class is an opportunity
to provide additional mathematics instruction for students who struggle in math and have
been identified through multiple local measures along with classroom teacher
recommendations. Students will be invited to participate and will be scheduled into small
groups where targeted instruction and additional mathematics practice will occur. Focused
instructional areas include computation, algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics and
probability. Students will be encouraged to apply mathematical knowledge through
problem-based instruction. This is all about being successful!
SUPPLEMENTARY READING 3-5: Have you ever experienced the feeling of ―What
did I just read?‖ after reading for over 15 minutes? Is keeping up in class harder because there
are just so many things you just don’t get? If you find that happening more and more often,
Supplementary Reading might be right for you! Supplementary Reading is an opportunity to
provide additional reading instruction for students who have been identified through
multiple local measures. Students will be invited to participate and scheduled into small
groups where targeted instruction and additional reading practice will occur, using the key
element of choice. Focused instructional areas include fluency, vocabulary, and
comprehension, but we really just want you to experience that feeling of understanding what
it is you are reading. Students will be encouraged to apply reading strategies in order to
improve reading comprehension of both fiction and non-fiction passages. This is all about
being successful!
TABLE TENNIS I: If you have never played table tennis before, you’ll love this fun
sport. Table Tennis I is specifically designed for students who have not taken Table Tennis
previously, or for those who have little or no table tennis experience. This class will focus on
the basics of table tennis including serve, volley, basic rules and methods, singles, doubles and
tournament play. It’s a good time—rain or shine!
TABLE TENNIS II: Table tennis anyone? This class is specifically designed for students
who have taken Table Tennis previously and would like to take their game to the next level.
This class assumes that students are already familiar with the basics and focuses on
tournament play. Come join the fun!
develop great presentations about your interests, interact with groups, and develop your
research skills. You will use digital resources to research and present your findings while
having fun discovering all the amazing things you can do with technology to enhance your
TENNIS: Come and join TENNIS where basic skills will be taught, fine-tuned, and
mastered for both girls and boys. Students will get a chance to spend their summer outside
on the tennis courts. They will learn the basic fundamentals of tennis while playing games
and getting some exercise out in the summer sun! Are you ready for the challenge? Join
TENNYBALL: Tennyball is a fun-filled, fast-paced game great for all ages. If you like
baseball, softball, tennis, and dodge ball, this is the game for you. It combines all those skills
into one game. The game is played similar to baseball or softball, but the only difference is
you use a tennis racquet and tennis ball. It is played on the tennis court and no glove is
required. The art of dodge ball is incorporated since you may get one another out by
throwing the ball at them. Come join the fun playing TENNYBALL!
TRACK & FIELD: Hurdle, jump, run, throw, vault—get the edge! You will have fun as
you fine-tune your athletic abilities and focus your motivation into the fast world of track
and field. Learn about each event in track and field, practice your favorites, and compete in
exciting individual and team events.
VOLLEYBALL: Boys and girls, would you like to learn more about volleyball through
basic skills and lots of fun? We will work on improving basic skills and also play game-like
situations during these four weeks. This is the perfect opportunity for beginners to try
something new and future players to improve their skills and knowledge of the game. Come
one, come all and let's enjoy summer volleyball!! (Enter proper course registration number
as listed in the following--)
VOLLEYBALL I (Beginning): This class will offer instruction in the basics of volleyball.
We will cover game rules and positions, the underhand and overhand serve, passing, setting,
and enjoy some friendly individual and team competitions.
VOLLEYBALL II: This class is for the player who took volleyball basics in past summer
school sessions or has played on an organized team. The class will offer a review of skills and
game rules. We will concentrate on team play, refining of skills (including the overhand
serve, setting and passing), and friendly competition.
WOODWORKING I: This course will ―shed some light‖ on things for you as you will be
constructing your own lamp. You will also build a birdfeeder and a toolbox. (Cost: $15)
WOODWORKING II: (For those who have completed Woodworking I) -- You will
construct a potato bin which can hold onions and potatoes, baseballs and gloves, or whatever
you want to store in it. You will learn how to assemble a drawer and incorporate the use of
hinges. (Cost: $20)
WRESTLING & MAT GAMES: Have you ever wanted to try wrestling? Or do you
love the sport and can’t get enough of it? Come join Coach Strom and improve your skills
and have a blast while doing it. This year we will even incorporate watching some famous and
epic wrestling matches! This year’s focus will be on new take-downs and fun pinning
combinations. See you on the mat!
SWIMMING: Swimming lessons are offered during summer school at all levels. Lessons
are for two weeks. The two weeks opposite swimming, students will be in Outdoor Fun
which involves a variety of activities played outside. Please enter the appropriate swimming
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Student Name _________________________________________ Current Grade ______
Address/City ______________________________________ Birth Date
Parents’ Names ________________________________ Daytime Phone ____________
Emergency Contact _____________________________ Daytime Phone ____________
Parent Signature ______________________________________ Date: _______________
Please list the classes you desire in the order of interest, and make note of the following:
1. If you would like swimming lessons, this should be included as one of your choices.
2. If you would like to sign up for The Bench Project, please block two periods.
3. 3rd graders are required to take Engineering is Elementary. Please enter course #216.
4. 4th graders are required to take Engineering is Elementary. Please enter course #217.
Favorite Choices
Course Number
Course Name
Alternate Choices
Course Number
Course Name
All classes are free of charge unless stated otherwise. If a course requires a fee, it will be
collected on the first day of summer school. If possible, please send a separate check for each
Please fill out this entire page and return it to the OMS/OIS office
no later than Thursday, March 27.