the story of norwegian knitwear

the story of norwegian knitwear
“It all began by
towering Norwegian mountains,
surrounded by waterfalls”
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Once upon a time in the
steep hillsides of Norway
The little village of Dale, is nestled next to the fjords, where birches cling to the steep
mountain walls and waterfalls flow down from the mountains above. Here, Peter Jebsen,
a businessman, arrived back in 1872, and became fascinated by the spectacular
surroundings. Inspired by the potential of nature, he settled down.
The natural blend that became
the look and feel of Norway
Keeping Norwegians warm
through long and cold winters
The patterns of traditions –
fragments of Norwegian DNA
With years of experience in the
textile industry, Peter Jebsen
recognized new opportunities for
the small village. His idea was
to transform the natural power
of the waterfall to run a textile
mill. Being a man of action, he
started the project immediately,
and in 1879, Dale Fabrikker
was founded. And a new dawn
for every farm and household,
emerged. Now, the locals with
their access to clean water, power
and wool were empowered to
conquer new horizons.
It was hardly a quest for
fashionable wool clothing that
made Norwegians begin to wield
their knitting needles as early
as the Middle Ages. On the
contrary, they saw a practical
new use for the fantastic wool
produced in the area - it could
keep them warm through the
long and cold Norwegian winter.
The wool was carded and spun
into yarn that was formed
into stitches using the needles.
Although it may look easy today,
at the time, the system was
nothing short of ingenious!
Norwegians are great ones for
traditions, and what could be
nicer than donning a Norwegian
sweater knit according to age-old
Norwegian pattern traditions.
It appears that handknitting
will never go out of style in
Norway. Hundreds of thousands
of knitting enthusiasts proudly
produce garments for their
husbands, boyfriends or
grandchildren, thoroughly
convinced that «Tender Loving
Care is the key ingredient» in
hand-knit products.
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the story
the story
100% Virgin Wool
The secret of Dale’s
quality is natural
Dale of Norway is one of Scandinavia’s largest textile companies. From scratch, we make
our own refined yarn for hand-knit and machine-knit garments. That means the same
yarn is used for hand-knit and machine-knit sweaters.
Wool textiles go back a long way
Wool – Natural Comfort
The Norwegian blend
Wool is one of the oldest and
most universal fibers. Felted or
woven wool has been used for
garments and household linens
since the earliest civilizations.
Despite the development within
synthetic materials, no manmade fiber can match the unique
qualites of wool. All Dale of
Norway’s knitwear carries the
Woolmark label which guarantees
that our yarn is made from top
quality 100% virgin wool.
Part of the secret of Dale of
Norway’s success is the pure
Norwegian virgin wool that stands
in a class of its own. Wool is often
called nature’s own high-tech
material due to its very special
properties. For example, wool
allows moisture to wick through
the fibers for a comfortable and
dry feel. The high percentage of air
in wool means it insulates against
both heat and cold, and this gives
the user the best comfort both in
cold and warm days.
We are using different blends;
white crossbred wool, full year
growth and crossbred wool shorn
in autumn. The Norwegian wool
fibers are long and due to the
thickness and characteristics of
the fibers in our blends, we can
make long lasting products with
specific properties.
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the secret
egian virgin
wool supp
Looking back for the future
of Norwegian knitting
The UNIQUE Dale concept
Classic Norwegian knitting patterns form the core of Dale’s entire design concept; roots
with contemporary flair. The designs have reflected Norwegian history and culture for over
130 years, making Dale garments instantly recognizable from the beginning. No company
in the world can match the number of Norwegian knitting patterns Dale can offer.
No machine can replace the
human touch
Classic Norwegian garment –
constantly evolving
Our aim is to create stylish
contemporary and classic garments
based on authentic age-old patterns
and techniques. Behind every new
design there is a thorough process
that involves several members
from our design and product
development teams. All new
products and patterns are based on
traditional Norwegian materials
and design elements, with updated
cut and functional details.
The human touch is indispensable,
as no machine, regardless of
how sophisticated it is, can ever
replace the human mind when it
comes to design. Highly trained
technicians ensure that every
product gets the best possible
technical solution and finish.
Rigorous testing guarantees that
only products in which we have
absolute faith ever reach the
We monitor the development of
major trends closely, frequently
adjusting colors and finishing
details to satisfy a fashionconscious market. We visit
international yarn shows and
trade fairs regularly to ensure that
no new developments escape our
attention. The same applies to
production technology, as we aim
to be on the cutting edge with
new technology.
ph oto: er le nd ange lo
Turning age-old patterns into
contemporary flair
the concept
the concept
SINCE 1879
SINCE 1879
A Production process
WHERE Every STEP gets
personal at tention
p h oto: er lend ang e lo
Developments at Dale have not stood still since Mr.Jebsen first recognized the
potential inherent in this beautiful valley outside Bergen some 130 years ago. Although
sophisticated computers and machinery have led to tremendous advances in the
manufacture of machine-knit sweaters, each and every garment still gets the personal
touch and care that have always been Dale of Norway’s hallmark.
It all begins with the yarn
Today, as 130 years ago
Unique appearance and strength
Making garments to our
standards is no small feat. It
involves paying close attention
to detail at every stage of the
production process. The yarn
is crucial to the quality of the
sweater. We believe there is only
one way to ensure the right
quality, and that is to spin the
yarn ourselves. We do everything
ourselves, step by step, from raw
materials to finished products.
Norwegian wool is especially
well-suited for high quality
knitwear. The wool fibers are
long and curly, giving strength,
lightness and warmth. We buy
the wool from different parts of
Norway to ensure the very finest
quality. Each region’s wool has
slightly different characteristics,
so the raw wools are blended
carefully to achieve the requisite
texture and quality.
Our dyeing process ensures that
all our yarns are 100% colorfast.
The process is eco-friendly as
we use no harmful chemicals.
Dale yarn is not only stable, its
breaking strength is also about
three times that of ordinary wool
yarns. This gives Dale garments
exceptional dimensional stability,
meaning they retain their shape
and give their proud owners years
of pleasure.
the process
Ull teknisk
The wool experience
by Dale of Norway.
Wool keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. These remarkable fibers
also absorb up to 30 percent of their own weight in moisture, wicking moisture away
from the body so that the wearer stays dry and comfortable regardless of the temperature.
The ultimate allround
performance fiber – by nature
Fine Merino wool feels soft,
not scratchy
Developing new thick & soft
Norwegian wool qualities
The extremely fine, soft, and
crimped nature of wool fibers
allow for a strong natural
elasticity that enhances its
high-performance qualities.
Wool is not only warm, it is
odor-resistant, antimicrobial,
breathable, insulating, extremely
durable, and anti-static, making
it ideal for a range of products
from performance wear to fine
wool suiting. It’s structure gives a
unique and valuable combination
of comfort with high performance.
It’s naturally environmentally
friendly, renewable as well as
easy-care and wrinkle free.
Modern technology has made it
possible also to sort and select only
the finest fibers to produce finermicron Merino. Today Merino
wool has a microscopic diameter
– about one-third to one-tenth
the thickness of a human hair. The
smaller the diameter, the finer,
softer, and less scratchy the fabric
will be. Merino wool produces
fabric that can be worn next to the
skin without discomfort, is soft,
and always provides an exceptional
hand and distinctive style. Dale
offers a wide range of luxuriously
soft Merino wool clothing.
Thick wool yarn can have a
rough texture. Our highly skilled
labour and modern technology
makes us capable of developing
a Norwegian wool with a far
more softer texture than we are
used to. The Norwegian wool
has higher bulk and strength and
retains much more air than the
finer micron wool. This makes
it excellent for durable midand outer-layer garments. Dale
products are well known for their
longevity, both in material and
ctory in
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the experience
Ull teknisk
p hoto: vegar d br eie
Norwegian mountains can be cold and windy. With Knitshell™, Dale of Norway brings
unprecedented technology to the market. The Knitshell-technology demanded numerous
hours of research and development to successfully conserve the properties of wool while
creating a membrane that could perfectly adhere to knit.
Water repellent wool
Windproof and breathable
Effective moisture control
Dale of Norway is the worldleading producer of water
repellent wool products. The
three-layer laminated system of
water repellent yarn, and a soft
waterproof membrane, gives you
a garment that keeps you warm,
comfortable and looking good
in any condition. We developed
a unique technology that coats
every fiber of the garment with
a water repellent capsule. This
actually makes the garment even
oil and dirt repellent.
The Polarwind® membrane used
in our Knitshell-products is an
ultra thin protective liner which
is laminated to a lightweight
textile fabric, making it totally
windproof. This adds 100%
windproofness to any textile
without perceivably restricting
its breathability or weight,
eliminating the need of a jacket in
cooler weather. Dale Polarwind’s
composition and its particular
high-tech structure produces less
noise than similar jackets.
Polarwind® is also one of the
most efficient moisture control
systems you can find in the
market; wicking moisture
more quickly than any other
liner. This helps you handle the
challenges of physical activity in
low temperatures. In addition,
the difference of pressure and
temperature between the body
and the ambient air maintained
by the high protection liner,
creates thermal insulation.
the technology
the technology
The Heroes &
the national norwegian biathlon team (synnøve solemdal , lars berger, emil hegle svendsen, bente losgård landheim) together these four have collected 12 gold, 8 silver and 2 bronze medals in world championship and 2 gold and 2 silver medals in the olympics.
Most Norwegian boys and girls
have worn Olympic or World
Championship sweaters knit by
their mothers or grandmothers.
This tradition is highly treasured
not only by Dale, but also by the
athletes who look forward to a
new Dale sweater every year.
Enduring classics
Since the first Olympic sweater
was introduced at the Cortina
Olympics in 1956, all of these
sweaters remain in our collection
for years after the Olympics or
World Championships are over.
Many of the designs are
regarded as enduring classics.
The sweaters are named after
the location of the event, and
we still carry successes such as
“Cortina”, “Sarajevo”, “Calgary”,
“St. Moritz” «and of course,
«Lillehammer» in our collection.
Available in new colors every year,
they are still as popular as when
first released.
Britt Pettersen receiving
a medal fron His Majesty
King Olav in 1985.
hmk ol
av and
britt pe
the heroes
the heroes
The Lillehammer experience
Our greatest success ever is the
sweater for the 1994 Winter
Olympics at Lillehammer,
Norway. The Norwegian winter
athletes won an incredible
number of gold medals that year.
As an official outfitter of the
Norwegian ski teams, Dale of
Norway took particular pleasure
in celebrating the triumphs of the
best ambassadors a country could
ever hope for.
(OL og VM)
Swifter, Higher, Stronger.
The obvious outdoor outfit
Today, the Norwegian retro-look
blends in with the latest fashion,
and Dale has become the world’s
leading brand of authentic and
exclusive Norwegian knitwear.
Inspired by the Cortina design,
sweaters from Dale of Norway
now are the obvious choice for
many, who enjoy nature and
mountain life.
The Olympic Wool
During the last Olympics in
Vancouver, Canada, the entire
VIP stand was one large Dale
assembly. This is recent proof
that Dale sweaters, have become
the official Norwegian uniform,
and is worn by athletes, coaches
and support staffs at World
Championships and Olympic
Sponsorship inspired
by three words
In addition to the Norwegian
Ski Association, Dale of Norway
is an official supplier to the
Norwegian Biathlon Association
and the International Olympic
Committee (IOC) awarding Dale
of Norway rights to use of the five
rings, the international Olympic
logo, as part of its profile.
Therefore, Dale of Norway also
identifies itself with the Olympic
motto, «Citius, Altius, Fortius»,
three Latin words that translates
into «Swifter, Higher, Stronger».
Baron de Coubertin borrowed
the motto from Father Henri
Martin Dideon, the headmaster
of Arcueil College in Paris.
Father Dideon used the motto to
describe the great achievements
of the athletes at his school.
Coubertin felt it could be used to
describe the goals of great athletes
all over the World.
We could not agree more.
1956 cort
1964 innsbruck
1994 Lillehammer
1972 sapporo
Olympic & World champions
the heroes
the heroes
Petter Northug Jr. and
Therese Johaug.
The Collection
the original norwegian sweater
The traditional part of
our collection, with
typical old Norwegian
Fairy tale
A truly classic and
versatile product. All
cuts and details are very
elegant and feminine.
The comeback
of the old knitting
patterns, with new life
and energy.
the collection
Products with crisp, clear
and bright colors, less
distinctive patterns and
clean lines.
Garments come
with thicker knit
for hunting
and fishing.
Fairy tale
The traditional part of our collection, based on typical old Norwegian knitting.
Norwegian wool, distinct use of patterns and authentic Norwegian clasps and
buttons. The selection is inspired by both the national costume, bunad, and
old sweater designs. These are the characteristics of the cardigan, known as the
lusekofte. The shape is quite straight and unisex.
A truly classic and versatile product. To keep it as light as possible, the use of Merino
wool has been used to keep it comfortable. All cuts and details are elegant and feminine,
and the use of color is softer. Precious details shape both buttons and embroidery, and
old characteristic patterns are used in the garments. A versatile design that is ideal for
the office or around town. A truly exclusive garment.
the collection
the collection
p hoto: vegar d br eie
This is the comeback of the old knitting patterns, with new life and energy.
Aimed at a slightly younger consumer, the shape is longer and slimmer, and more
contemporary. Street fashion actually; easy to wear both indoor and outdoor. The
colors are bolder, with more contrast. The patterns are large and vary from thin knit
to hand knit qualities. This is retro; old craftmanship in new shapes and packaging.
Products with crisp, clear and bright colors, less distinctive patterns and clean lines.
A more dynamic expression; custom-cut for both men and women. Knitshell™ has a
three-layer laminated system of water repellent yarn, and a windproof membrane
and a comfortable inner liner. Any of our sport garments will keep you warm,
comfortable and looking good in any kind of weather.
the collection
the collection
th e o r i g i nal
Garments made for hunting and fishing. All the details and features are exclusive
ranging from salmon and elk skin, to buttons of deer antlers. Products come
with thicker knit and earthy tones. All for outdoor use, hiking, and trips to your
mountain cabin.
the collection
the collection
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