Crofton City Wide Rummage Sale August 24 , 2013 8am-3pm th

Crofton City Wide Rummage Sale
August 24th, 2013 8am-3pm
13. Janita Uhing
1507 W. 8 th Street
Multi-family sale, infant- 3X clothes, men’s clothes, kitchen ware, nick-knacks, home
décor, books, Misc.
1. Roxie & Mark Pier
55258 Hwy 12
Multi-family sale, furniture, clothing, home décor, linens, elliptical equipment, abs
lounge equipment, Misc.
14: Patricia Harold
1512 W. 8 th Street
Multi-family sale, bake sale items, baby cloths, baby items, kids clothes, women’s plus
size clothing, men’s plus size clothing, scrapbooking, desks, appliances, landscaping
stones, Misc.
2: Shirley Mischke
1310 E. 4 th Street
Home décor, kitchen ware, sporting gear, collectibles, special issue Indian motorcycle
magazines, tools, Christmas items, linens, Misc.
15. Jana Tucker
1412 W. 5 th Street
Newborn clothes, infant clothes, baby clothes, fabric, kitchen ware, kitchen décor, glass
ware, shoes, Misc.
3. Marietta McFarland
103 E. Harold Street.
Furniture, new Precious Moments, numbered Windsor Bear collection, household
items, bedding, 60X80 Sheers, jewelry, teen name brand clothes, women name brand
clothes, scrubs, flour sacks, stenciled quilt blocks, horse fleece blankets, Misc.
16. Brittany Lammers & Bev Potts
1405 W. 5 th Street
Multi-family sale, women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, books, movies, baby items, toys,
stroller, playpens, household items, pictures, tables, shelves, furniture, home décor,
Christmas items, Misc.
4. Carolyn Zavadil
110 E. Harold Street.
Home decor, antique mirror with shelves, flower pots, craft items, Christmas items,
tools, furniture, blue/white porcelain vases and lamps, Misc.
17. Haley & Brett Schmidt
1314 W. 3 rd Street (Hwy side)
Kids clothes, shoes, many toys, many kids and other books, XXL men’s clothes some
new, kitchen items, home décor, furniture, desk, office chairs, bookshelves, end tables,
women’s clothing, coats purses, set of 4 collectors SSII auto rims 14”, Misc.
5: Janet Lammers
101 E. Harold Street
Interior doors, windows, water bed accessories, chandelier ceiling light, floor lamp,
sewing and quilt notions, coffee mugs, craft items, adult clothing, Misc.
6. Vonda Lange
104 W. Harold Street.
ATV 4-wheeler, tools, tires, kitchenware, Corelle dishes, furniture, home décor,
clothing, bedding, bike, Misc.
7. The Guenther Tribe
City’s South Park
Proceeds go to Relay for Life. Multi-family sale, kitchen ware, home décor, lots of
clothes, furniture, knick-knacks, many miscellaneous items.
8. Dion Wubben
1602 W. 2nd Street (trailer court)
Newborn clothes, children’s clothes, youth clothes, men’s clothes, women’s clothes,
toys, books, turtle sand box, knick-knacks, Misc.
9. Doug Bloomquist
510 W. Harold Street.
Home décor, blankets, clothing, kitchenware, furniture, tarps, lights, bedding, ladder
pipe rack, tool boxes, electrical parts, books, VHS tapes, Misc. Includes items from
Julie Kramer’s estate.
10. Erin Dennis
706 W. Harold Street.
Boys/girls infant-toddler clothing, crib sets, many baby items, kitchenware, toys, men’s
clothing, women’s clothing, Misc.
18. RoseMary Lange
1304 W. 3 rd Street (1208 W. 3 rd St. rain address)
Couches, furniture, baby clothes, girl’s clothes, kid’s shoes, adult clothes, toys, books,
PS games, kids electronics, EHS Precious Moments, collectibles, kitchen ware, movies,
kid’s bedding, Misc.
19. Charleen & Russ Dendinger
610 W. Iowa Street.
Girl’s clothes many sizes, adult clothing, toys, Misc.
20. Joe Janssen
1112 W. 4 th Street (Rear drive)
Furniture, youth bed, printer, lawn tools, arbor, antiques, glass collectibles, yard
ornaments, golf equipment, collectible books, Misc.
21. Jill Brewster
1310 1st Street.
Outdoor furniture, jewelry, collectibles, dolls, DVDs, toys, books, purses, holiday
décor, clothes, Misc.
22. Pat Wakely
1210 1st Street.
Bedding, linens, lamps, men’s clothes, women’s clothes, teen small-XXL clothes,
hunting equipment. Jewelry, housewares, home décor, CDs, movies, antiques, seasonal
décor, dorm fringe, drum set, Misc.
23. Dani Skillings
1201 1st Street
Men’s clothes, boy’s clothes, dishes, toys, TV, DVDs, desk, furniture, Misc.
11. Lisa Allen
89015 550 th Street (1/2 mile west of Crofton on Hwy12, 3 rd house on hill)
Multi-family sale, kids clothes, home décor, toys, stuffed animals, Winnie the Pooh
collection, household items, table & 5 chairs with rollers, abs lounge equipment, many
24. Sheri Custer-Ermels
1120 W. 2nd Street (Land & Lake Realty)
File cabinet, ATV cart/trailer, home decor, tools, food processor, dishes, flower pots,
antiques, light fixtures, teen clothes, new items in box, Upper Case Living, Misc.
12. Nancy Schieffer
1402 W. 8 th Street.
Baby clothes, girl’s clothes, boy’s clothes, newborn clothes, adult clothes, furniture,
Christmas items, Christmas tree, headboard, bedding, home décor, Misc.
25. Brenda Sage
1110 W. 5 th Street.
Moving/Stuffit’s sale, infant 0-24 month clothes, furniture, housewares, microwaves,
toys, adult 2XL clothing, twin XL mattress, Misc.
26. Daniell Potts
409 W. Main Street.
Multi-family sale, name brand kid’s clothes, name brand junior’s clothes, adult name
brand clothes, football cleats, bread maker, custom baby quilts, craft items, furniture,
loveseat, end tables, dishes, electronic games, toys, Misc.
27. Crofton Senior Center
1008 W. 2nd Street.
Furniture, kitchen ware, jewelry, toys, books, DVDs, exercise equipment, fabric,
bathroom items, home decor, Misc.
28: Alicia Kloster
902 W. 2 nd Street
Open Friday evening, multi-family sale, new wedding dress, handmade scarves, home
décor, women’s clothes, kid’s toys, charcoal grill, yarn, beanie babies, Misc.
29. Jill Strom
202 W. Wyoming Street
Clothing, toys, Barbies, dishes, tug-a-bug bike almost new, Misc.
30. Wendy Wiesler
206 W. Colorado Street.
Opens Friday evening, dishes, men’s clothes, girl’s newborn-4T clothes, sandbox,
pictures, toy box, futon, scentsy warmers, Misc.
31. Amy & Chad Reifenrath
208 W. Colorado Street.
Kid’s clothes, girls N-15 clothes, boy’s N-18 months clothes, toys, bedding, home
décor, baby items, Misc.
32. Lynn Eskins
207 W. Colorado Street
Crofton Cross Country Sale, men’s clothes, teen’s clothes, kids clothes, kitchen ware,
home décor, toys, books, electronics, many Misc.
33. Margaret’s Kitchen / Aren Yates
203 W. Luella Street
Opens Friday evening, home baked breads, pies, buns, coffee cakes, cookies and
candies, Maytag washer, large assortment of Christmas village décor, convection oven,
dishes, fruit jars, Misc.
34. Marlys Hansen
211 W. Luella Street.
Porcelain collector dolls, movies, books, toys, puzzles, knick-knacks, clothes, fabric and
craft patterns, canning jars, bedding, linens, baked goods, Misc.
35. Jody Neuhalfen
206 W. Luella Street
Open Friday evening, Yard art, repurposed stuff, kid’s clothes, large last supper
picture, loving family dollhouse, kitchen play set, doll furniture, Misc.
36. Candy Thunker & Crystal Steffen
708 W. Sharon Street.
Multi-family sale, kitchenware, microwave, home décor, table & chairs, toddler girl’s
clothes, toddler boy’s clothes, crib bedding, toys, books, VHS movies, Misc.
37. Jill Potts-Griess
710 W. Sharon Street.
Moving sale, antiques, collectable plates, Dept. 56 village, Christmas items,
kitchenware, home décor, lawn furniture, Misc.