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Ne work
JANUARY/ FEBRUARY/ MARCH 2015 issue no 12
from your
God also acts in our lives and in our
It is not about ignoring what is
happening in the world God loves
and sent Jesus to save. As God’s
people we come together to worship,
but also to be sent out by God to
bring the good news of His grace, to
bring justice, peace and love to the
And that is a challenge for us all in
this New Year.
With love
Happy New Year and every blessing
for 2015!
In church we look forward to an
exciting year. We have now adopted
the Unitary Constitution and are
ready for the next stage in the
re-organisation of our structures.
You can read more about this in a
separate article in this edition of
Later in the year I plan to start a contemporary service at a different time
with a different style of worship. This
has been agreed by our Session.
With the use of technology the aim is
to reach a younger audience and
bring them into our church family.
During this year we will experience
birth and death, graduations and
retirements, marriage and divorce,
good health and illness.
St Margaret’s is a community where
we share our joy and pain, where we
support one another at baptisms,
weddings and funerals.
Our lives are richer as we share the
joy of a child’s first Christmas, the
grief of the first Christmas after a
death, the all-to-ordinary times of
disappointment and loss, the sometimes hard preparation for Lent
before we can rejoice in the hope of
the Resurrection.
The Scriptures help us because they
are about the joys and struggles of
people. We share with those people
a common humanity. God acted in
their lives and the life of their nation.
Unitary Constitution
The Congregational Board has been
replaced by the Leadership Team
which consists of the Minister, the
Session Clerk (David Butchart), the
Deputy Clerk (Lindsay Foulis), the
Treasurer (Wendy Butter) and the
Conveners of the 6 Core Groups
consisting of Finance, Property,
Fellowship, Nurture, Service and
Pastoral. Lindsay Darroch has been
convening meetings with a planning
group for the implementation of the
Unitary Constitution so he will also
be part of the Leadership Team in
this transition period.
The next stage in the process is to
assess the skills and talents of the
whole Congregation and also to
re-examine our existing roll of
Members. A Questionnaire will be
issued to every member shortly with
an invitation to an evening meeting
with districts and elders.
will take place in the hall,
after the service,
on Sunday 22 March 2015
Lent Studies
Lent is a season of preparation for the
celebration of Easter. In our busy, secular world, Lent is a time of renewal, a
time to remember Jesus – to walk with
him in study, prayer and service to
others, to engage in personal and
family worship. However, during Lent
Christians as the body of Christ also
need to come together to worship and
study with others.
The Broughty Ferry Churches Group
will again be organising a study during
Lent. The evening group will meet on a
Tuesday at 7.30pm in St Mary’s
Episcopal Church from 24 February.
There is likely to be a Monday morning
group, but this has still to be confirmed.
Further details will be intimated in our
Family News.
Lent Lunches
At the moment discussions are
taking place to organise lunches for
the six Wednesdays during Lent in
the YMCA. Teams will be drawn
from all the congregations in
Broughty Ferry and the monies
raised will go to Christian Aid. More
details to follow in our Family News.
Preparations for EASTER
The Great Three Days, sunset on
Maundy Thursday through sunset on
Easter Day, are the climax of Lent
and of the Christian Year. So Easter
should be bigger than Christmas!
Last year, at the last minute, I
decided to decorate some of the
church windows telling the story from
Palm Sunday through Holy Week
leading up to our celebration on
Easter Day. I used mostly the
symbols that we had used at our
services eg palm crosses, bread and
wine, basin and towel. If anyone
would like to help decorate the
windows then please get in touch
with me either by email or phone.
Worship every Sunday at 10.30am.
Wednesday Services at 12 noon
in the Church from October to May.
Leadership Team meets the last Tuesday of the month at 7.15pm in the hall.
Kirk Session meeting dates tba
Morning Prayers held each Tuesday
at 9.30am in the Session Room
during term time.
Messy Church held on the last
Saturday of the month at 4pm in the
Sunday 1 at 10.30am
Tuesday 3 at 2pm
Service in Shiell Court (All welcome)
Tuesday 3 at 7.30pm (Hall)
Sunday 8 at 10.30am
Tuesday 10 at 7pm (Room 1)
Guild Committee
Thursday 12 at 2pm (Room 1)
Book Club
Sunday 15 at 10.30am
Tuesday 17 at 7.30pm (Church)
Guild Fundraiser
Wednesday 18 at 2pm (Room 2)
Bereavement Support Group
Saturday 21
Sunday 22 at 10.30am
Tuesday 24 at 2pm (Hall)
Afternoon Guild
Tuesday 24 at 7.15pm (Hall)
Leadership Team meeting
Saturday 28 at 4pm (Hall)
Messy Church
Sunday 1 at 10.30am
Tuesday 3 at 2pm
Service at Shiell Court - all welcome
Tuesday 3 at 7.30pm (Hall)
Friday 6
World Day of Prayer
Friday 6 to Sunday 8
Crieff Hydro Weekend
Sunday 8 at 10.30am
Tuesday 10 at 10am (Room 1)
Care Team meeting
Tuesday 10 March at 7pm
(Room 1)
Guild Committee
Thursday 12 at 2pm (Room 1)
Book Club
Sunday 15 at 10.30am
Tuesday 17 at 7.30pm (Hall)
Tuesday 17 at 7.15pm
Kirk Session meet in Session Room
Wednesday 18 at 2pm (Room 2)
Bereavement Support Group
Wednesday 18 at 7pm (Room 1)
Fellowship Committee
Sunday 22 at 10.30am
Worship with Sacrament of baptism
Sunday 22 at 11.45am (Hall)
Stated Annual Meeting
Tuesday 24 2.30pm (Hall)
Afternoon Guild
Saturday 28 at 4pm (Hall)
Messy Church
Sunday 29 at 10.30am
Thursday 2 at 7pm (Church)
Maundy Thursday service
Friday 3 at 7pm (Church)
Good Friday service
Sunday 5
8.00am Service at Rock Garden
10.30am - Family Service (Church)
6.30pm - Easter Supper (Hall)
Church Register
It has been a pleasure to welcome to our
Church Family:
Jack Donoghue
Arran Mathers
New Members:
We welcome to our congregation:
Innes and Moraig McArtney
John White
David Laing
James Burnett
Robert and Fiona Dunn
Funerals: We remember with thanksgiving those who have died recently
and we offer their relatives our prayerful
Mrs Helen Leslie (Strathmore St)
Mrs Christine Garber (Dundee Rd)
Mr James Balfour (Lochleven Care
Mrs Helen McGuire (Strathmore St)
Mrs Elizabeth Inglis (Tigh–na-Muirn)
Mr Miller Webster (Hamilton St)
Mr Robert Cargill (Aberdour Pl)
Mr David Smith (Collingwood St)
Mrs Elizabeth Gallie (Ardmore Ave)
Mr Robert Nairn (Deepdale Pl)
Monday is the Minister’s day off:
please call her only if your request is
Lifts to Church
Lindsay Foulis
Ishbel Argo
Stan Hutcheson
Joyce Meach
John Grocott
Jack Robertson
Steve Johnston
Chris Johnston
Dave McCowat
Anne Chalmers
Alister Lockhart
Bob Blacklaws
Lindsay Foulis
Ishbel Argo
Bill Barr
Lindsay Darroch
Stan Hutcheson
Anne McPhail
Ian Meach
Joyce Meach
John Grocott
Jack Robertson
Please contact the Church Office
for further details
Sunday at 10.30am
Morning Service
Junior Church
Badminton 2pm
Scottish Country Dancing 7.30pm
Prayer meeting
(in the Session Room) 9.30am
Afternoon Guild (monthly) 2.30pm
Evening Guild (fortnightly) 7.30pm
Short Service 12 noon
Café 12.30pm
Social Club 1.30pm
Bereavement Support Group 2pm
(3rd Wednesday of each month)
Badminton 2pm
Book Club (2nd Thursday of each month)
Choir rehearsal 7pm (Session Room)
Messy Church (monthly) 4-5.30pm
Advance Notice
Polar Explorers is the theme
for the Holiday Club which will be
To hire our hall for children’s
parties etc. please contact the church
office on 737294
held from 6 to 10 July
Snippets . . .
Christmas collections raised £2,089
(including gift aid)
The £300 raised from contributions
to the Posada was sent to the Salvation Army to feed the Homeless over
Christmas and New Year
The Bridge Lunch organised by the
Fellowship Committee raised £840.
A cheque for £420 has been sent to
the Dundee Foodbank.
Our ‘Souper Sunday’ raised £327.40
and a cheque has been sent to the
Church of Scotland HIV/Aids Project.
Guild News
£1550 was raised at the November
Coffee Morning. This has been
shared between the Church and
Guild projects.
Recipe of the Month
Holy Week and Easter
100 g (4oz) butter
100g (4 oz) hard margarine
225 g (8 oz) plain flour
75g (3 oz) icing sugar
100g (4 oz) cornflour
Palm Sunday is 29 March when we
celebrate Jesus' triumphal entry
into Jerusalem. Please bring
daffodils for our cross which will be
outside the main door of the church.
Cream softened butter, margarine
and icing sugar
Mix the flour and the cornflour in a
bowl and add this gradually to the
creamed mixture
Roll out dough on a lightly floured
work surface and cut into shapes
Place these on lightly greased baking trays
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 160°C/
Fan 140°C /Gas 3 for 20 minutes or
until golden brown
Sprinkle with caster sugar and leave
on a wire rack to cool.
Store in an airtight tin.
Jackie Mackie is hoping to compile a
recipe book and is looking for people
to pass on their favourite recipes.
Please contact her on 736499.
All funds raised will go towards the
church repairs.
Contributions to the Church
of Scotland in 2015
Each year we make Ministries and
Mission contributions to the Church
of Scotland in Edinburgh based on
our annual income. We have been
advised that the amount of money
we will pay this year has increased
from £91,040 to £94,474.
In addition to this we pay to Dundee
Presbytery a sum for each person
on our membership roll which at the
end of December 2014 was 786.
This year the amount due to the
Presbytery is £1,650.60
Good Friday is 3 April and is the
anniversary of the crucifixion of
Jesus. There will be a service in the
church at 7pm and we will focus on
Jesus’ last words from the cross.
On Easter morning, Sunday 5 April,
we celebrate with joy Christ’s resurrection. At 8am there will be a short
service at the Barnhill Rock Gardens
with Broughty Ferry New Kirk.
During our 10.30am service we will
share the sacrament of Holy
Communion. You are invited to bring
daffodils for our cross which will be
outside the main door of the church.
by the Broughty Ferry
Operatic Society
Followed by refreshments.
Tuesday 17 Feb at 7:30
in the Church
Tickets priced £6 from
Guild Members or Church Office
Maundy Thursday is 2 April. There
will be a service in the church at 7pm
We will share the Sacrament of Holy
Communion as we remember the
Last Supper that Christ celebrated
with his disciples.
Come and Join us
in the Hall for . . .
Crafts, Music, a Bible story,
a moment to think . . .
and something to eat!
4—5.30pm on
28 February
28 March
25 April
30 May
The children must be accompanied
by an adult.
Mary’s Meals
The Mission Committee would like to
remind you that boxes will be at
Church entrance doors from Sunday,
1 March for donations. The boxes
will be there each Sunday until
29 March, Palm Sunday.
Cash donations are also acceptable.
Please remember to donate only
new items and, if donating a backpack, make sure it is big enough to
contain all the necessary items.
Network Deadline
All copy to be in by
Friday 6 March
Details of other services being held
in the Broughty Ferry Churches
during Lent and Holy Week will
follow once we have this information.
Food Train
Do you know anyone who needs
help with shopping? Food Train is a
non profit making Scottish charity
staffed by local volunteers, and it
provides a vital grocery delivery
service to older people living in
Dundee. Volunteers collect shopping lists, orders are processed and
goods are delivered to the respective homes. On receipt of the goods,
the client pays the cost plus a small
delivery charge.
Another initiative – Meal Makers –
has been brought to Scotland by
Food Train and this is a free service
which encompasses food-sharing.
Volunteer cooks deliver a portion of
their home cooked food to an elderly person living nearby.
For further details call 0800 783
7770 or email
[email protected]
Food train information can be obtained by contacting Grant Simmons on 01382 459202 or email
[email protected]
The Pantomime (Dick Whittington)
Care Information
A leaflet is available for those who
require additional support in the
The information applies to residents
in Dundee city. People in Angus
should contact 0845 2777778.
All services below are also available
in Angus.
Local Community Care Services
available include: general advice,
home care services, day care, community alarm provision, occupational
therapy, supported accommodation,
respite break and care homes.
The object of all this is to allow
people to stay in their home if at
all possible.
When Alan Hunter – one of our new
members- offered to stage a pantomime, Susan not only gave him her
blessing , she decided to lead from
the front and joined the cast. We are
now recovering from 4 performances
of Dick Whittington. No two performances were the same and the
reaction of the audiences was different each time. Apart from the actors
there was a group of competent
workers who ensured that all tasks
required both behind the scenes and
in front of house were completed
successfully. We are grateful for the
help we received from members of
the Monifieth Amateur Dramatic Society. The Director, Maggie Gray
was more than able to project her
vision and the Musical Director Bill
Ford gave the cast great support
from the keyboard. Those who took
part will remember the fun and fellowship we shared . As a result of
the generosity of the members of the
Church and the Community we
made a profit of around £3000.This
money will go towards repairs to the
Session Room roof and Chancel
windows. Here’s to the next time!
For general access to the above, the
First Contact Team at 11 Castle
Street, Dundee can be contacted on
01382 434019
(Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm).
Vivien writes . . .
I posted a message and the included
photo on my ‘Facebook’ page on
Christmas Eve. This is what I said ‘A
big Thank you to Barnhill St Margaret’s Church, Scotland. I don’t know
all your names – however thanks to
those who have given donations
News from the Philippines. . .
and organised fundraisers this year
to make all the parties and gift giving
possible. We appreciate it so much.
May God bless you all. At the Christmas Eve party at our church in
Nagassican many young families
came along to celebrate with us. We
handed out food parcels to everyone
and they were thrilled. People do not
expect big or expensive gifts here.
Visit our new web pages at
Barnhill St Margaret’s
Parish Church Office
Telephone 737294 SCO11017
The Minister’s telephone
number is
01382 779278