April 7, 2015

Sac State is offering their annual LegiSchool Photo Contest: California Through my
Eyes. The contest is open to all high school students and entry forms are available
at http://www.csus.edu/calst/contests.html. The deadline to apply is May 1,
Ponderosa seniors have been invited to participate in the Satyaprit Das Memorial
Scholarship essay competition. The essay topic is “Love what you do and do what
you love”. Is this quote a fallacy in modern times? Submissions need to be
uploaded to www.satyaprit.com and can start being submitted on April 13, 2015
with the deadline of Friday, April 17, 2015.
Rolling Hills Blue Star Moms Chapter 27 is offering a $500 scholarship to two
graduating high school seniors. The application and essay are available in the
College& Career Center. The deadline to apply is April 30, 2015.
Sacramento News & Review is offering a College Essay Contest to graduating high
school seniors in the Sacramento region. First place will receive $2,015! The flyer
with more information is available in the College & Career Center. The deadline
to apply is May 1, 2015.
Cal Trans District 3 is offering a $750 scholarship to a Northern CA high school
senior who is pursuing a career in transportation requiring college instruction or
vocational training. Application is in the College & Career Center and the deadline
to apply is April 24, 2015.
Seniors who are pursuing a degree in the entertainment arts can apply for the
Folsom Lake College Concert Association Scholarship. You will need to include a
demo sample as part of your application (this should illustrate your talent in
music, performing, or visual arts. Applications are in the College & Career Center
and the deadline to apply is April 10, 2015.
California Capitol AirShow is awarding scholarships to graduating seniors who
plan to enroll in college/university studies in the following areas: Aviation,
Aeronautics, Aerospace, Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. Students
must have a 3.0 or higher GPA. Applications are in the College & Career Center
and the deadline to apply is May 15, 2015.
All seniors can log on to www.student-view.com and complete a 15 minute survey
about colleges in their area to be entered into a drawing worth over $10,000. The
deadline to enter is April 22, 2015.
Check out the PHS Career Center page for ScholarshipExperts and
StudentScholarships websites. There are various scholarships listed and they add
more every week.
The Don & Roy Spawn Charitable Foundation’s “Splawn Scholarship” is open to
seniors who reside in CA with a 2.6 GPA and above with financial need. Visit
www.fsrequests.com/splawnscholarship2014 for the application and instructions.
The deadline is April 15, 2015.
Eskwela Natin is offering a scholarship to seniors of Filipino decent who will
attend a two or four college/university upon graduation. Applications are in the
CCC and the deadline to apply is April 20, 2015.
If you are a senior who is planning on pursuing a career in the floriculture or
horticulture field, then you can apply for the Region 14 American Iris Society
Scholarship. Applications are in the College & Career Center and are due April 10,
If you have a parent or legal guardian with terminal cancer or a terminal illness or
have lost a parent to a terminal illness, you are eligible to apply for the Diane
Dawson Memorial Scholarship. Applications are at
htts://sacregcf.academicworks.com and are due April 13, 2015.
Compassion & Choices Essay Contest is open to juniors and seniors attending a
CA high school. The essay topic is “What does your community need to know to
support a statewide Death with Dignity law”. Contest guidelines are available in
the College & Career Center. All entries must be submitted by May 1, 2015.
Young Travelers is a non-profit group that awards study abroad scholarships to
socioeconomically disadvantaged students. Students can request more
information on the scholarship program at www.youngtravelers.org.
The Big Sun Organization is offering an annual $500 scholarship to a high school
senior currently involved in sports. Apply on-line at
http://www.bigsunathletics.com. Application deadline is June 19, 2015.
Interested in a career in National Security? NSA (National Security Agency) is
offering scholarships to high school seniors, particularly minority students,
planning to major in computer science/electrical engineering who will, upon
graduation, work for NSA. Applications available at www.NSA.gov/Careers.
Interested in fashion? High school students can apply for the “Aspiring Fashion
Professionals” scholarship at www.Fashio-Schools.org. Deadline is June 1, 2015.
High school students interested in animation can apply for the “Aspiring
Animation Professional” scholarship. Application is on their website
www.AnimationCareerReview.com. Application deadline is June 1, 2015.