Bromley rounded off the Regional Championships with a string o

 Bromley rounded off the Regional Championships with a string of medals and 25 finals in the 50m events. 13-­‐year-­‐old Imogen Meers made the final of every event she swam taking Gold in the 50 free (28.07) and Gold in the 50 butterfly (30.05). Despite slipping at the start on her 50m backstroke she managed to battle her way to a Bronze medal and Imogen also finished 8th on the 50 breaststroke. 15 year-­‐old Matthew Rogers completed his Gold medal run in the breaststroke events, taking first place in the 50m (32.11). Team mate Tanglin Ireland took the Silver medal in the 50m breaststroke. Fellow 15 year-­‐old Felix Haslam took the Bronze in the 50m Backstroke. 13 year-­‐old Joe Hubner also took Bronze in the 50m Freestyle. Other finalists in the 50m Freestyle were Theo Haslam (4th) and Richard Knight (8th) in the Men’s Open final, Vicky Ward (10th) in the Women’s Open final, Joe Dobb (7th) and Matt Rogers (10th) in the 15-­‐years final, Eddie Peytchev (7th) in the 13-­‐years final, Jack Billings (7th) in the 12-­‐years final. Bromley also fared well in the 50m Breaststroke, with an additional 5 finalists in this event. Well done to Ellen Scholes (4th) and Taylor McCarthy (9th) in the Women’s Open final, Theo Haslam (8th) in the Men’s Open final, Ben Bello-­‐
Mendoza (5th) in the 13-­‐years final and Eliza Powell (8th) in the 11/12 years final-­‐ swimming a year out of age. Our 50m Backstroke finalists were Theo Haslam (10th) in the Men’s Open final, Lilly Dabin (4th) in the 14-­‐years final and Jack Billings (8th) in the 11/12 years final. In the 50m Butterfly Matthew Rogers finished 8th in the 15-­‐year final, while Olivia Di Mascio finished 10th in the 11/12 year final. Congratulations to all of our swimmers who missed out on finals but achieved personal best times: Abby Ashworth, Emma Van Selm, Hannah O’Flynn, Pravin Mahendrakumar, Harvey Stedman, Kwende Blair-­‐Ford, Louisa Knight, Alex Mason, Alicia Corver and Tamryn Van Selm.