In case of an emergency, just call Broekman In case of an

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In case of an emergency,
just call Broekman
Emergency Logistics
It can happen at any moment: a crucial part of an offshore
oil rig or oil refinery breaks down and you don’t have that
particular component to hand. In that case, contact
Broekman Logistics. We know that every minute of downtime
costs money, which is why we pull out all the stops to ship
the required component as quickly as possible: 24 hours a day,
365 days a year.
Downtime is expensive
Offshore drilling is an expensive process and one can’t afford
any downtime. Every day that an offshore oil rig is out of action
– whether because of a breakdown, preventive maintenance or
corrective maintenance – it costs a significant amount of money.
And that’s not to mention the lost revenue as a result of stagnated
production. The same applies to technical emergencies or
preventative maintenance at an onshore oil rig, a refinery,
a power station or a wind power plant: every second counts.
When a solution seems a long way off
Even after one identified the cause of the problem, the solution
can literally be a long way off. The precious component needed to
get the equipment up and running again might be in a warehouse
thousands of kilometres away, or perhaps even on the other side
of the world. If one wishes, Broekman Logistics can even help to
track down the required component.
Emergency equipment transport
by air, sea and road
Broekman Logistics employs a team of very experienced, creative
and quick-thinking logistics specialists who enjoy a challenge.
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They are on hand to help their day and night with prompt service,
and as soon as you call them with a logistical emergency they set
to work to solve the problem. They carry out the fastest transport
solution, whether by air, by sea, by road or multimodal transport.
Furthermore, they arrange all the relevant documentation required
for customs clearance.
A problem-solving approach
A technical emergency usually requires more than a standard
scheduled flight or scheduled ocean crossing to transport
components to the right location. Broekman Logistics has an
extensive network, including offices in The Netherlands, Singapore,
India and China as well as specialist partners in all other parts
of the world. Thanks to their problem-solving approach,
our quick-thinking logistics specialists always find a suitable
solution. And they don’t take no for an answer.
Experience in non-standard cargo
Whereas standard express delivery services are limited to
shipments of max. 30 kilos, Broekman Logistics has no problem
transporting urgent shipments of heavy project cargo. They have
decades of experience of handling non-standard cargo such as
generators, turbines and oil rig parts that are too large to fit into
containers. Our Project Forwarding team knows how to transport
such emergency supplies quickly yet safely. To this end,
they remain in continuous contact with both the supplier of the
components and the transporter executing the shipment and,
if necessary, we send a member of our team to accompany
the shipment to ensure that transportation runs smoothly.
Stay prepared with tracking & tracing
We understand that our customer wants to be kept informed
about the progress of their emergency shipment every step of
the way. Thanks to a single point of contact, customers are able
to monitor components along the route in real time. That gives
an accurate indication of the arrival time so that customers can
ensure their engineers are optimally prepared to get the
equipment operational again as quickly as possible.
Handling, storage and assembly of parts
Broekman Logistics is also the ideal partner to avoid such
technical emergencies in the future, by offering:
Storing components in strategically located warehouses
around the world so that customers are assured
of rapid access.
Handling and storing of oil rig parts and other non-standard
items like generators and turbines
Assembling components and offering other
value-added activities.
Highly trained specialists who ensure that all cargo
is handled with the utmost care and precision.
To learn more about us and our emergency logistics
services or to discuss your specific requirements,
please contact us. We’re ready to help.
A company built on logistics expertise
Emergency Logistics is part of well-respected Broekman Logistics,
a company which has long been respected for providing tailor-made
logistics solutions. Established in 1960 in Rotterdam, where it is still
headquartered today, the group has expanded by building on the
reliability, flexibility and logistics expertise for which it is well known.
The company has an excellent reputation for forwarding & shipping,
warehousing & distribution, and break bulk. Broekman Logistics
employs more than 800 people in the Netherlands, Belgium,
the Czech Republic, Poland, India, Singapore and China.
Who are our customers?
Most of our customers are active in the energy sector, including
companies in the oil & gas industry as well as wind power
generation. We arrange urgent transport of components for oil
companies, energy companies and subcontractors such as drilling
contractors, suppliers and plant maintenance companies. The
shipments we handle are often oversized components or spare parts
with abnormal dimensions, many of which do not fit into a standard
container. Examples include drill bits, generators and turbines.
What can you expect from us?
Availability for emergency response day and night,
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
A team of very experienced, creative and quick-thinking
logistics specialists.
A global network including our own offices and specialist partners.
The fastest and most effective transport solution
by air, sea or road.
Single point of contact.
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