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on Great Witchingham Ward Broadland Result 2010
It’s a
Lib Dem
Lab 14%
Stronger Economy. Fairer Society. Opportunity for everyone.
Cameron Phillips
Elect a new hardworking Local Councillor - not an empty chair at meetings
On May 7th Broadland residents elect a
new local Council as well as deciding a
new MP and government.
Whatever the General Election result it is
vital that our area elects the right person
as our Local Councillor. We need to keep
a strong voice who will work hard all year
round and put our area first.
Our villages have been taken for granted
by the Conservatives. An astonishing
fact is that the Tory Councillor for our
area has attended just one out of the
past ten full Council Meetings at
Broadland. This means for 90% of
meetings Great Witchingham has been
represented by an empty chair & has had
no voice. The Broadland website also
shows our Tory Councillor is not a
member of any Council Committees.
To be a strong voice
for Great Witchingham
and local villages
To put what is best for our
town ahead of party politics.
I will work to make sure the
Council gives our villages a
fair share of resources
We need a Councillor who will work
hard for the area and actually turn up
for meetings.
This is why voters of all shades of political
opinion are backing Cameron Phillips to
be our new District Councillor.
to you
To work all year round
To work as part of a
Cameron Phillips will be a hardworking Councillor for our area.
Unlike our Tory Cllr he will actually turn up for meetings!
“We back Steve for MP”
More and more residents are
backing Steve Riley to be the new
MP for Broadland as it’s time we
had an MP who puts this area first!
The first issue that Steve will take
up if he is elected is to seek a
change in the law that gives
residents & Parish/Town Councils
a right to appeal over controversial
planning decisions. At the moment
developers can appeal when they
are turned down but there is no
Way for residents to challenge when
plans are passed that are bad for the
local community.
Steve says “Tory run Broadland
District Council has opened the
development in our area. This is good
news for developers but bad news
for residents, most of whom live in
Broadland to be near the countryside,
not to have the suburbs creep closer
to them. Our Tory MP has often been
silent on this..”
I will deal with issues you
raise promptly & report
back. I will maintain close
links with your Parish
I will work with the Parish
Councils & residents
groups. We will seek to
keep you informed of
important decisions.
Cameron hopes soon be
working with Steve Riley as
new MP for Broadland. I
think Steve will make a
huge difference to our area
& we hope you will support
him to get elected
On Thursday 7th May, back the team that works for you all year round...
Steve Riley
Cameron Phillips
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