The Kitsap Quilter

May 2014
The Kitsap Quilter
Next Meeting: May 27, 2014 7:00 pm
First Lutheran Church, Poulsbo
Let’s get planting!
Volume 33, Issue 5
Co-President’s Message—Nancy Cave Mathisrud and Marilyn Hendren
I have volunteered the Kitsap Quilters guild to showcase quilting at the Sylvan Branch of the
Kitsap Regional library for the month of July. I would like to collect the quilts at the June
meeting. They will be inventoried and stored in a locked display cabinet. The size of the 2 cases
are: 6’6” tall, 45” wide, and 26” deep with shelves and 28” deep without shelves.
I am looking forward to learning to make the tote at the class on May 31 by Kathy Mack and
hearing her talk about Pink Chalk at the guild meeting on May 27.
Happy quilting and enjoy the May flowers.
Guild Contacts
Co-Presidents: Nancy Cave Mathisrud and Marilyn Hendren
Recording Secretary: Marj Deupree
Vice President and Education Co-Chair: Barbara Gabriel
2015 Quilt Show Chair: Marybeth O’Halloran
Education Co-Chair: Cheri Searles
Newsletter Editor: Mary Ann Hooker
Treasurer: Sherry Loomis
Co-Presidents Elect: Jaxine Andersen and Mary Ann Hooker
Treasurer Elect: Leslie Stapleton
Past President: Margaret Mathisson
Kitsap Quilters was established to foster and encourage the art of quilting, both in its traditional approach and its
contemporary adaptation, to bring together those who love the art form and to share the art form with the community.
The Kitsap Quilter
Volume 33, Issue 5
Page 2
April Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order by CoPresident Nancy Cave Mathisrud. We
have five guests: Jan Shaub from Silverdale, Jodi North, Sharon Klint from
Anacortes, Charisa Pinnich from Seabeck and Janine Walker from Federal
Committee Reports
Snuggle Quilts: CarolAnn Jackson
thanked those who have donated small
quilts, as well as those who have donated the small stuffed animals. She
recently donated some to Bainbridge
Education/Programs: Tonight’s program is Helene Knott on color wheel
theory. There are some spaces available in her free motion class tomorrow.
May’s program is Kathy Mack from Pink
Chalk fabrics. Her talk will be on the
Journey of a Modern Sewist. Her class
will be Saturday, May 31, at the church.
The class is $40 and attendees will
make a tote bag. Contact Barb to sign
up. June’s program will be a members’
showcase. Barb would like suggestions
for nominees. On Saturday, July 12,
Brenda Henning will be back with a
stained glass class. Sign up will begin at
the May meeting.
In-House Quilt: Marilyn Hendren requests that everyone turn in their
blocks as soon as possible. She hopes
to finish the quilt soon and have the
drawing in June. Linda Moran has volunteered to quilt the top. Marilyn does
need volunteers for sewing the blocks
together. Please let her know if you can
was to be present when World War II
veterans were given quilts when their
Honor Flights returned.
There will be a July quilt display at the
Sylvan branch of the Kitsap Regional
Library. If you’d like to donate a quilt,
please contact Nancy Cave Mathisrud.
April 26-27 will be Port Gamble Fiber
and Fabric with two quilt shows: one in
Library: Cheryl McCurdy recommended the Hood Canal Vista Pavilion and one
two mysteries, “The Double Wedding
in St Paul’s Church.
Ring” and “Double Wedding Ring
April 26-27 will be the Stray Threads
Quilts” by Clare O’Donohue. Also
Quilt Show at Cascadia Community
“Diamond Chain Quilts” by Barbara
College in Bothell, WA.
Cline. The overdue list will be out next
May 2-4 the Victoria Quilters’ Guild
presents Adventures in Quilting 2014 at
Quilt Show 2015: Marybeth O’Halloran Pearkes Recreation Center, Victoria,
still needs a publicity chair. She is upBC.
ping the number of gifts to whoever
June 7-8 Carson Valley Quilt Guild will
will volunteer. Kate Lindsey will do a
have their show in Carson City, Nevada.
facebook page for the show.
October 3-5 will be the 2014 La Conner
Challenge Quilt: Ann Trujillo gave a
Quilt & Fiber Arts Festival. All entries
quiz on Washington state information
must be submitted no later than midto help members think about a chalnight PST on June 30, 2014.
lenge quilt. Full rules are on the webShow and tell was held, followed by the
Raffle Quilt 2016: Ann Trujillo had
The evening presentation was Helene
packets for members to paper piece for
Knott on Color Wheel Theory. She had
the 2016 show quilt.
a slide presentation as well as many
Sunshine: Deanie Willman is stepping
quilts to show.
down as chair. Sharon Wilson and ElThe meeting was adjourned.
leen Veals will be replacing her.
Respectfully submitted,
Marj Deupree
Marilyn Hendren announced that the
Fishline quilt is on hold.
Fabric Exchange: Barb Seitz and Lisa
Jowise have a new block for QOV, a
red, white and blue split rain fence.
With previously donated blocks, they
had put together a quilt for Kitsap Cuddles and another for Hospice. The raffle
Carol Olsen has been very busy with
winners were Judy Lucas and Cherry
Quilts of Valor. Many quilts have been
handed out. She has block kits availaGadget Librarian: Marybeth O’Halloran
ble. Remember that the second Monhad a Hex N More tool which is used in
day of every month there’s a sew-in at
several block of the month programs.
Quilted Strait for QOV. Ann Trujillo recounted what a touching experience it
Page 3
Featured Speaker—Kathy Mack
In 2006, Kathy began writing about her quilting, sewing and crafting adventures in an online journal. She named her blog Pink
Chalk Studio—a fun and colorful place where she creates beautiful things for her daughters, her home, her mom, great teachers,
good causes, her friends and herself.
In 2007, the Pink Chalk Studio Pattern Collection was born. You'll find her ever-expanding set of fun-to-sew accessory patterns
available at quality fabric shops across the nation. If you can't locate a pattern locally, the complete line is available at Pink Chalk
Fabrics and from other fabulous online vendors.
In 2008, Pink Chalk Fabrics launched with the mission to provide the best cloth, pattern, and tools available for modern sewists.
Our motto is Do What You Like, Like What You Do.
Fabric Exchange—Barbara Seitz and Lisa Jowise
Intense, daring, dramatic ... those words describe women and mothers everywhere! This month we feature jewel tones, those
wonderful colors that lend depth to our designs. These are not necessarily dark or solid colors, they are saturated in color. The
examples in the photo don't show the intensity of the colors as deep as they are in real life but you get the idea. We're looking
forward to seeing what you all bring to exchange!
Have you made your patriotic red, white & blue split rail fence blocks to bring along? We'll make a Quilt of Valor top with your
donated blocks. Here's the pattern:
Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day! See you Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day.
QOV— Carol Olsen
Join the Quilts of Valor sewing group on the second Monday
of each month at Quilted Strait, in Port Gamble. We have
fabric, we have patterns, we have fun! Come and sew for a
few hours or get some ideas for quilts you can make on
your own.
Contact Carol Olsen at 206 780-0379 or
[email protected]
Know someone who needs a card of congratulations,
encouragement, or sympathy?
Don't forget to phone or e-mail me the Sunshine CoChairs, Elleen Veals and Sharon Wilson for any cards you
wish to have sent to our members.
Elleen Veals, [email protected]
Sharon Wilson, [email protected]
The Kitsap Quilter
Volume 33, Issue 5
Page 4
Library News—Florence Debely and Cheryl McCurdy
Our big news for May is that the Library Book List is now on the KQ web site, in ABC order for book titles AND in ABC order
for authors! Please check this out! We will continue to have the same lists at each meeting, for those who don't have
home computers or get a book idea at the meetings.
The merry month of May is here at last! Kitsap County is blooming all over the place. You, too, can create a "blooming"
quilt from the companion books we are introducing this month. Linda J. Hahn (AQS Publishing) invites you to try making a
quilt from New York Beauty Simplified and/or New York Beauty - Diversified. This block is a clean, precise, starburst
pattern that has been around for a long time. Yes, it's made with a super simple paper-piecing foundation method resulting in a perfect block every time. If you are making a block or two for the 2015 Raffle Quilt, these books may be right
up your alley. There are an abundance of projects in Linda's books, by the way. You might be surprised how versatile the
New York Beauty block is!
The new novel for the month is the fourth book from the Colebridge Community, The Jane Austin Book Club. Ann Hazelwood is the author, and her first book was The Basement Quilt. If you read the previous books, you already know that
Anne Brown Dickson and her friends are steeped in the writings of Jane Austin. They decide to make the Jane Austin quilt,
enter it in an international quilt show, but the quilt mysteriously disappears!
OVERDUE BOOK LIST is not very long this month. However, in the past year we have lost at least 12 books to former members who didn't return them before they moved or dropped out of the guild. Monetarily, that's over $250.00 worth of
books. Some of those lost books are out-of-print and can't be replaced. The Library budget is not big enough to buy new
books and replacement books. Please be responsible and return books you check out if you're going to move or not rejoin
the guild.
Circle of Quilters, copy 2 (novel)
LOY, Terry
Hand-Dyed Fabric Made Easy
McKEEVER, Debbie
The Ultimate Book of Quilt Labels
Murder on a Starry Night (novel)
SMITH, Susan
Patchwork Sassaman Style
WELCH, Geniene (2 books)
Fancy to Frugal--Authentic Quilt Patterns from the 30's and Let's Twist
Page 5
Birthdays Celebrated May—June
Florence Debely
Audrey Fitzgerald
Barbara Neff
Mary Pickens
Sharon Wilson
Margaret Mathisson
10-May Lyn Brown and Stephanie Yost
12-Jun Lisa Jette
11-May Jan King
15-Jun LisaJowise
13-May Jaxine Andersen
16-Jun Susan Sanchez
15-May Miriam Gill
22-Jun Sue Weaver
16-May Val Martinson
26-Jun Diane Allen
16-May Elleen Veals
26-Jun Lisa Giles
23-May Nancy Parrott
28-Jun Debi Snyder
27-May Debbie McKeever
29-Jun Barbara Ramey
30-Jun Susan LaFramboise
Notes from the Many Hats of Ann Trujillo
1. Thank you to all of you that took arcs for our 2016 raffle quilt. I have had a couple people bring theirs to me at Quilted Strait. I
would like to have the rest of them back this next meeting please, as it will still take quite a bit of work to put it all together.
2. Our challenge for this next year is this great state of Washington. Pick something that you love about this state, and represent
that in a quilt no smaller than 60” circumference, and no larger than 160” circumference. You should use 2 different techniques,
and should have at least one technique that is new to you. I’ve got mine mostly figured out, but not started yet. So many things
to be inspired by where we live.
3. Thank you very much for your continued support of the ladies at Purdy. They are extremely grateful for all you do for them.
Just a little reminder, they need 1/4 yard minimum pieces, unless there are charm squares, or that kind of thing already cut. They
have no use for batting scraps anymore. If you have batting pieces that are big enough for a quilt, those are much appreciated. I
do know that the frame/gift store that is downtown Poulsbo where the appliance store used to be would love to have your smaller batting pieces. They ship breakables all over the country. Waste not, want not. :)
* Quilter’s Cottage *
in Poulsbo, Washington
an ideal retreat for groups of 3 to 6
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 360.710.5536
The Kitsap Quilter
Page 6
Kitsap Cuddles—Vicki White
It's the first part of May, and I'm happy to report that another successful Cuddles Marathon has produced sixteen tops to
add to our inventory. Fourteen ladies came to my Poulsbo "sweat shop" over a four day period to sew for the "at risk" infants born at Harrison Hospital Birthing Center in Silverdale. Hopefully these tops will be finished and on their way to the
babies soon.
Volume 33, Issue 5
I was able to deliver 24 quilts to SBC this past month with the generous support of our guild members, Quilts from the
Heart members, and several other community donors. It is heartening to me to see the expanding interest in helping our
Cuddles program from outside Kitsap Quilters.........the word of our work is spreading.
There is growing interest by guild members in taking Cuddles kits home to make tops. I am happy to produce these from
our substantial stash of donated fabric, but they are very time consuming to prepare. I am looking for a few volunteers
who could help me with this task. Please contact me if you are interested.
Thanks to all who support Cuddles in ALL the ways you do!
Call for Quilts—Bainbridge Quilt Festival
Bainbridge Quilt Festival is a non-juried, non-judged quilt show open to all
quilters. Guidelines and entry form are online at
Entry deadline August 1, 2014
Quilt delivery deadline August 28-30, 2014
Join our email list on the website for updates.
Don’t Be Shy
More information on the Bainbridge Quilt Festival
When: Saturday, September 13, 2014
Where: Winslow Way, Bainbridge 9:30 to 5
Raffle Quilt
Day of Festival: Sew In for American Hero
Quilts, repurposing cotton shirts, floorcloth demonstrations and more
Sponsored by Esther’s Fabrics, Pink Chalk Studio, White Lotus Quilting, Old Mill Cottage
Quilts, Beach Garden Quilts and the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art
Support from City of Bainbridge Island Lodging Tax Grant
Page 7
Upcoming Events
Call for Entry: 2014 Quilt & Fiber Arts Festival:
International Juried & Judged Show sponsored by the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum. Categories include: Traditional Quilts,
Art Quilts, Wearable Art, and Fiber Arts. Awards include: Best of Show; First, Second, and Third place winners in each Category;
and Awards of Excellence. Top award winning entries will be featured in a special exhibit at the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum
from October 9-November 23, 2014. Deadline for entry midnight PST, June 30, 2014. Full details at
May 24-25, Chewelah Arts Guild's 15th annual Quilt Show Jenkins High School, 702 East Lincoln, Chewelah, WA
June 6-8, Blast from the Past Quilt Show Woolley Fiber Quilters Location TBD, Sedro-Woolley, WA
June 18-22, Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop
June 27-28, Fabric Magic Moses Lake High School 803 Sharon Ave E, Moses Lake, WA 98837 For info [email protected]
July 10-13, Oregon Summer Quilt Expo "A Celebration of Quilt, Knit and Stitch Artistry"
July 18-20, Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Club Annual Show Sequim Middle School Gym, 301 W. Hendrickson, Sequim, WA
July 2014 TBD 34th Annual Quilt Show Monroe High School, 17001 Tester Rd, Monroe, WA 98272
August 30-31, 18th Annual Buggy Barn Quilt Show 28848 Tramm Rd N, Reardan, WA 99029
(509) 548-5311 or [email protected]
Are you interested in holding an office, chairing a committee or hosting one of the annual parties in the next fiscal
year? Nancy has asked current office holders if they will be continuing their position—there will be openings. We will
also need someone, or a pair of women, who are willing to serve as President Elect. Jaxine and I will only stay in the
office of President for one year. You will be required to serve 3 years on the Board. When the Nominating Committee
calls for your help, please say YES! Kitsap Quilters is only as dynamic as the willingness of its member to participate.
Kitsap Quilters
P.O. Box 714
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Kitsap Quilters welcomes new members throughout the year.
You are invited to attend two meetings free, after which membership is required for further attendance.
Please visit our website at for more information.