April 2014
Volume 23, Issue 4
Sawdust & Woodchips Woodworking Association
he next monthly meeting of the Sawdust & Woodchips
Woodworking Association (SWWA) will be April 3rd
starting at 6:30pm. Our special topic for the evening will be
learning about the designing program called SketchUp.
Maybe you’ve heard mention of someone designing their
project with ‘CAD software’. When you look, you find out
that CAD software is expensive and hard to use. Well,
SketchUp is a CAD-type software tool that woodworkers can
use. A free version is available – it’s called SketchUp
M ake . So, come to the April meeting to learn more about
this 3D modeling program from members Jason W rench
and Justin P atrick . To help with your understanding, take
some time before the meeting to download the free
version. See the box below right for details.
Our April meeting will also include a lot of “usuals”. We
will have our usual Show & Tell session, our usual short
business meeting, our usual 50/50 raffle, our usual tool
raffle, and our usual snacks! We will also welcome back
most of our members who spend 1 or 2 months in the
south. But, we will add an unusual - a drawing for $50!
What’s that? It is the drawing for the $50 award for your
completed SWWA survey! We’ve only received about 50
completed surveys – just about 30% of those sent out. I
know more of you have opinions! Please bring them to the
meeting but if you aren’t planning on attending, go ahead
and send your completed survey to the address on the
form. We want to hear from you.
We hope you will join us at the meeting. See you on April
3rd! Remember … Snacks are always welcome! 
embers and guests of the Scrolling Interest Group will
gather again on W ednesday, April 16 th at 6:30pm .
The meeting will be held in the Community Room at Station
1 of the Belgium Cold Springs Fire Department at 7920
River Rd, Baldwinsville. (Directions on the website) Our
Attendees will be given a piece of material and blades from
which they are expected to create a piece to be shown at
the May 21st meeting. Don’t forget to bring your projects for
the Show & Tell session.
While this meeting focuses on the use of scroll saws to
create woodworking projects, many techniques that cross
disciplines are discussed at these less formal meetings. All
members of SWWA are welcome to attend and participate
in the meetings. 
Monthly Meeting Information
Thursday, April 3, 2014
with Jason Wrench &
Justin Patrick
Rem inder: Meeting starts at 6:30 PM and will be
held at the Canton W oods Senior Center in
Baldwinsville. Directions are on the back page
and on the website.
Download Sk etchUp M ak e
Get ready for the April meeting by taking time to
download SketchUp Make to your computer
(laptop, tablet, etc.). If you have a portable unit,
bring it with you to the meeting! Here is the link.
Also … There are tutorials and other resources for
woodworkers at Sketchup for Woodworkers
Don’t Forget the NWA
Showcase is March 29
& 30 at the City Center
in Saratoga Springs!
It’s the closest big
woodworking show to
Syracuse and well
worth the trip!
WoodChips – April 2014
Page 2
eteorological winter is over but we seem to be still
having mini-snow showers. I just hope the warm up
scheduled for next week continues! While we wait for the
snow to melt, we all find other things to do inside or
maybe go on few road trips!
Road trip!?! We headed to Rochester last Saturday to
attend the turning demonstration by Bob Rosand. That was
fun plus we stopped at 1 of 3 bead stores in Rochester on
the way home. This week we are both looking forward to
the annual Show case organized by the Northeastern
Woodworker’s Association in Saratoga Springs. If you’ve
never attended, you really should consider going. The $10
admission fee gives you access to a big room filled with
vendors and their products, the exhibition hall with a great
collection of woodworking projects, and 16 seminars per
day. You’ll see lots of your friends there also as several of
us are there for the weekend. If you come, be sure to stop
by the RJR Studios booth where Charlie and I will be
helping out. Last year we counted about 55 people from
Syracuse who attended the show.
I met with several of my physicians this past week. Each
is delighted with my health status. I still have a restriction
on lifting over 20lbs but they say I am a miracle
considering the huge tumor that invaded my body in 2011.
Yeah! I feel good which is even better. Thank you to
everyone who worried, prayed, and expressed concern. I
think it is now on to the next challenge.
What’s going on in the shop? I am working on a few
projects as demo pieces for this weekend and planning
some wedding gifts for my nephew. Charlie is turning and
designing a six-pack carrier for my nephew to use as gifts
for his groomsmen.
At all meetings … don’t forget to turn those phones to
vibrate and keep side conversations down to a whisper!
Well it’s time to close but … Keep on creating!
Barbara 
he winner of the March 50/50 raffle of $89 was B ob
Norton. Oneida Air donated a Dust Deputy DYI for the
raffle and it was won by Dave Stow e . The Kobalt 7¼
inch compound miter saw was won by Charles Franz , one
of our new members. Congratulations everyone! 
ll members are encouraged to wear their badges where
everyone can see them so they are easily identified by
others at the meeting. New members should stop on the
way into the meeting to pick-up their badges from our
treasurer, Stan W iley . Stan indicates he has badges for
Vern Borrow m an, Jack Butler, Ed Davis, Charles
Dellow , Cookie Dote, Lee Eckl, Charles & Debra
Frantz, Dan Hayes, K en K im ber, Greg K ubinyak, K en
Landon, Ed Lints, R on Long, Dave M anley , and Doug
M eredith . 
tan reports that renewals are continuing to filter into his
mailbox. Currently, 42 of our 2013 members did not
complete their 2014 renewal so with 19 new members, we
have just 147 members at this time. We hope the rest of
our non-renewed 2013 members will rejoin in 2014.
Our membership continues to grow with 5 people joining
the club during March: Edw ard Davis of Rome, Cookie
Dote of Clayville, Alan K olts of Baldwinsville, Dave
M anley of Mexico, and Jonas Rodriguez of Preble.
Welcome to our group! We are glad you joined us!
We had 3 registered visitors who did not join but that we
hope will all join our group. Those visitors were Ron
Jackson of Phoenix, R ichard K ellogg of Syracuse, and
Douglas M eredith of West Monroe.
If you know of folks who should be members, bring them
to a meeting and/or let Barbara know so a newsletter can
be sent! 
WWA’s membership runs the calendar year. Half year
memberships are available in July. Membership
renewals and new memberships are received year round.
Checks should be made payable to SWWA. All
memberships must have the enclosed form completed and
the liability statement signed [the form is also at
www.sawdustwoodchips.org, and available at all
meetings]. We understand that in many cases nothing
changes, each year we like to verify that the membership
database contains accurate information. Also, we must
have a signed liability statement completed each year to
financially protect the SWWA membership and everyone
involved with the SWWA. So, it is not enough just to send
a check, we need the completed and signed form as well.
Renewals and checks can be sent to our treasurer Stan as
follows: SWWA, ℅ Stan Wiley, 4122 Abbey Road,
Syracuse, NY 13215. Do not send cash. 
Barbara Raymond-LaPrease
Vice President:
Charlie LaPrease
Tony Baleno
Stan Wiley
Special Events:
Bob Casey
Board Member:
Greg Bogardo
Board Member:
Rod Castle
Board Member:
Mic Jenkins
Board Member:
Bruce Meissner
Board Member:
John Meloling
Board Member:
Bob Norton
Board Member:
Peter Oster
Board Member:
Roland Pearson
Board Member:
David Peckham
Board Member:
Don Vanderveer
WoodChips – April 2014
Page 3
ur March meeting focused on dust collection.
Before heading south for a month of biking, Tony
Baleno engaged Dan K napp from
Oneida Air Systems to give
attendees a great session. Dan
started by emphasizing the
importance of dust collection to our
health, the safety of our shop, our
time in the shop, and the long-term
health of our equipment. He then
focused on the best methods to
obtain effective dust collection,
discussed each type of dust collection, outlined issues with
dust filters, explained how to calculate the CFMs needed for your shop, and
finished with connecting dust collection to tools. A great selection of questions
were asked at the end of the session, if not as Dan talked about an issue. Dan
handled each with great skill. Thanks Dan for a great session and for the
donation of a DYI Dust Deputy for our raffle!
Before Dan took to the stage, we held our usual Show & Tell session with
another great collection of projects!
Bruce M eissner started us out talking about the cherry and ash 3 legged
stool which he constructed recently. He also showed an ash workbench helper
that works with a vise on his workbench to hold wood so it can be worked.
Bruce found the helper design in Woodworker’s Journal.
Unique items that stretch conventions are the
specialty of Jim Y onk ers . This month Jim brought back the driftwood fish
he showed in September. Unhappy with what he showed previously,
he modified it to create a better piece by adding grass for the fish to
swim between. Jim steamed the tips of each piece of grass which
were created in the pasta maker.
About 30 years ago, Charles Trabold attended a canoeing
seminar where he learned to make canoe paddles. Tonight he
showed 3 different paddles – 1 bent and two traditional. Functional
and beautiful!
A cherry and walnut ukulele was shown by Jerry Higby . Jerry
noted it was easier and cheaper than making the mandolin he
showed at last year’s Challenge. He also said the hardware cost less
than $10 vs. the $70 for the mandolin hardware.
W ilbur Chatterton continues to work on toys
for our annual donation at Christmas. Using
scrap walnut, maple, and
ash, Wilbur created two
Jerry Higby
tractors and a prototype cart.
Chad Daw son talked
about his maple 3-legged stool. Chad took up
woodworking after retiring and always wanted to
make a chair. He is starting out by making a stool and
expects to graduate to the chair in time. For this stool
he spent many hours investigating the best ways to
build a sturdy stool finding that the best was to use a
Wilbur Chatterton
recessed mortise when attaching the legs to the seat.
More details on this stool can be found in the March newsletter of the CNY Woodturners.
(continued on page 5)
WoodChips – April 2014
Page 4
Meeting Night: Third Wednesday of the Month at 6:30 pm
Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 16th at the Belgium Cold Springs Station 1
Topic: Cutting Solid Surface Materials & Challenge for May!
Also: Show & Tell & Woodworking Questions Answered
small group of folks attended the March meeting of SWWA’s Scrolling Interest Group. We reviewed baskets cut by a
few members and then viewed and discussed a series of videos available on the internet: using an ink-jet printer to
produce graphics; resurfacing a rusty saw; making a non-slip sanding pad; finishing fretwork. Four attendees showed
baskets based on last month’s meeting.
In the Show & Tell portion of the meeting, B ob Henry showed a walnut and maple oval box he scrolled a few years
ago. The inside is flocked and he added felt feet and a brass knob. The pattern for Bob’s box was issued by Creative
Woodworks & Crafts many years ago. I don’t believe it is still available. Andy LoConte showed the bowl he scrolled from
Steve Good’s free pattern. As a new scroller, he is still learning how to stay on the lines. He also started a discussion on
gluing layers when there is limited glue area. M ike W hite showed three baskets, two of the same stacked style where
multiple progressively smaller baskets can be made from the layers and shown below right. The third basket requires a
weaving process to assemble the outside of the basket. Patterns for both types of baskets can be obtained at Scroller
Ltd.; BKSSB12 is the pattern set for the basket with staves while B264 has the pattern for the first basket. B arbara
Raym ond-LaP rease showed a trinket box she is working on as well as another of a Steve Good basket pattern.
The next meeting of the Scrolling Interest Group is Wednesday, April 16th at the Belgium Cold Springs Station 1
Community Room, 7920 River Road, Baldwinsville. We will be discussing CUTTING SOLID SURFACE MATERIALS like Corian®.
Barbara & Charlie obtained some scrap solid surface material that will be distributed along with blades to cut it. Attendees
will be asked to take the material and cut something with it – maybe a trivet or a set of coaster or whatever. The projects
will be discussed at the May meeting. We will also discuss your Show & Tell projects as well as any woodworking issues
you are having. See you in May!
Mike White
Bob Henry told attendees about Gork’s GoodFilla Water Based Wood & Grain Filler.
Made in the USA, he states that he has used the product and loves it. It is available in 10 colors:
white, rosewood, white oak, ebony, mahogany/ Brazilian cherry, red oak, tint base/natural,
cherry/alder, maple/ash/pine, and walnut. The product can be colored to create custom colors
and will accept any finish. Bob noted that there is a local distributor in Rochester and will have
information about him along with product information cards at the April regular meeting. The
website is www.goodfilla.com.
WoodChips – April 2014
Page 5
Our March Meeting, continued …
Our second musical instrument of the evening was shown by B ernd K rause . This unique, 6
string, Thunder V dulcimer, is made from walnut that was hit by lightning in 1993. The wood
dictated the shape of the dulcimer.
A utilitarian tool case for Packard turning tools was shown by
K ubinyak . Made from pine and paneling, the case makes
it easy to store and even transport your tools. Greg made
similar ones by other tool manufacturers.
A twelve foot, 24 pound, red cedar, mahogany, rosewood, and
cherry strip canoe was presented by Lynn M iller . Lynn used
strips he obtained from Charles Trabold . As the photo shows,
Charles was delighted to see the finished canoe. Lynne noted
that he has used it after finishing it with spar varnish. The
paddle is spruce.
Our last Show & Tell item for the evening was a cherry side
table designed and constructed by R on Frey . Ron used mortise and tenon construction
for this table which will house a computer. He finished the table with 6 coats of wipe-on
polyurethane. Great Show & Tell session! Thanks to everyone who brought in items!
Ron Frey
Lynn Miller with
Charles Trabold
April 3 – Getting to Know Sketch-Up
with Jason & Justin
August 7 – Super Show & Tell
May 1 – Annual Auction & Swap Meet
September 4 – Making a Mallet
with Charlie & Rod
June 5 – The Wonders of Spalting with Chad
October 2 – Cutting Mortise & Tenon
with Bruce & Tony
July 10 – Annual Jig Night
November 6 – 9th Annual Woodworker’s
August 2 – Annual Family Picnic [new date!!]
December 4 – Annual Holiday Party
WoodChips – April 2014
Page 6
hether you need to drill some angled holes or
are just updating your drill press with a new
top, this jig is a good option to consider
incorporating. Of course, you can build it to just
clamp to your drill press metal table. What’s great
about this jig is that the index bar can be easily
adjusted to obtain many different angles. Mark
the base on each side to identify where the bar is
clamped to produce the angles you use most. 
o you remember the June 2nd SWWA meeting when Steve Sherman demonstrated turning small items with the Nano
Tools? Well, he is returning on Saturday, April 26th as the guest of the Central New York Woodturners to give a full
day demonstration at the 8 Acres Event Center in Baldwinsville. As you remember, Steve is the inventor of the famed
Nano Tools, a hollowing and detailing system that allow you to create nano to small sized artwork and delicate detailing
on vessels and finials. Steve is an accomplished turner who relocated out of New York City to the Hudson Valley to follow
his passion, wood art. Steve’s work has been featured in Woodturning Design and in several galleries.
Steve will focus his demonstration on the Nano Tool system but also discuss sharpening techniques and explore
finishing techniques. Steve will also discuss his philosophy regarding ‘warming up’ before turning. In the workshop on
Sunday, attendees will go through warm-up exercises before completing various projects like a goblet, hollow-form
ornament, vessels, finials, earring, or pendants.
The Saturday demonstration will begin at 9am with an expected end around 4pm. The cost for
Saturday’s demo will be $35. Steve will also provide instruction for 8
people in a workshop on Sunday at a cost of $85 per person.
Reservations can be made by emailing Mark Baumes, CNY
Woodturners treasurer, at
[email protected], or calling
Mark at (315) 652-6187. Directions to the
8 Acres Event Center can be obtained by
emailing [email protected]
or by requesting when reserving a spot in
either event. 
WoodChips – April 2014
Page 7
clean crosscut is guaranteed with a great
setup and using the tips and techniques
displayed in the drawing at right. The first tip
is to add an auxiliary fence to your miter gauge
and a zero-clearance insert to your table saw.
Both of these additions help provide solid
support for clean, accurate cuts. Then add a
simple L-shaped stop that can be clamped to
your fence. With this stop, you can cut
multiple pieces the same length. 
ox Chapel Publishing will be hosting an Open House and Woodworking Show on May
9th and 10th at the Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association in Lancaster
County, PA. There is a cost to attend this event depending upon how many days you
attend and if you want to attend classes. It is expected that there will booths from some
vendors in addition to an opportunity to purchase books and tour the facility.
Hot from the Fox Chapel forum and as of newsletter writing time, the presenters include
[S=Scrolling; C=Carving; T=Turning; G=General Interest]:
[S] Carole Rothman — Bowl Basics & Beyond
[S] Judy Peterson — Puzzle Design for People Who Can't
Draw; Cutting Picture Puzzles
[S] Shawn Ferguson — Intro to Jigsaw Puzzles;
Advanced Jigsaw Puzzles
[S] Rolf Beuttenmuller — Advanced Scrolling
[S] Ray Seymore — (Seyco) Scroll Saw Maintenance
[S] Janette Square — Basic Intarsia; Intarsia Shaping
[S] John Nelson — Getting Started Scrolling; Adding
Color to Scrolling Projects
[C] Tom Hindes — Whittling
[C] Stephan Forrin & Wayne Hill — Totem Poles
[C] Leah Goddard — Realistic Animals
[C] Everett Ellenwood — Intro to Wood Carving;
[C] Stephan Forrin — Carving Masks
[C] Leah Goddard — Painting
[C] Pete Ortel — Caricatures
[C] Dylan Goodson — Relief Carving; Realistic Carving
[C] Lori Corbett — Bird Anatomy
[C] Wayne Barton — Chip Carving
[C] Jim & Jody Sebring — Tramp Art
[C] Jim Feather — Caricature CarvinG
[T] Barry Gross — Pen Turning
[G] Bob Duncan — Forum Member Meet/Greet
[G] Bob Duncan & Mindy Kinsey — Publishing an
Article/Magazine Roundtable
[G] Judy Peterson — Starting an Art Show Business
[G] Rolf Beuttenmuller — General Woodworking
[G] Lori Corbett — Color Theory
The website for the show - http://wood-show.com/ has links to
lodging in the area as well as to the registration page. Buy
your tickets early for discounts. The map right gives you an
idea where the event site is east of Lancaster. From Syracuse,
the drive is about 4½ hours. 
WoodChips – April 2014
Page 8
On The Road with Bob Casey – Another Weekend Event!
t was Friday, March 7th and for the 19th year I was hoping all day that nothing would go wrong. And,
for the 19th year my wish came true! About 3:30pm the phone rang. John W ilson and Eric P intar
had arrived at the Super 8 Motel in Pulaski safely. I grabbed my things and headed off to meet them.
I decided to stay at the motel for the weekend to save the mileage and sleep time. In about a half
hour, I met them and we headed over to Lakeshore Hardwoods, the location for the Shaker Box & Plane classes John
and Eric would be teaching. Brian Leary again allowed us to use his workshop area to hold the classes. We got the
truck unloaded; got things set up, and got the water heating up within a short time. By 5:30, the class attendees began
to roll in and we got started about 6.
As is customary, the beginner and advanced classes are run
simultaneously. John started the evening with a little history of Shaker
boxes and then showed everybody the first steps in the making of a box,
a reminder for the advanced and a lesson for the beginners. He then set
them free to begin working on their boxes. Everyone got to work and
worked until about 10:15pm. We called it a night, planning to meet
again Saturday morning about 8:30am to resume the class.
After a short night, John, Eric and a few of the students who stayed at
the hotel went to a local diner and had breakfast at about 7, and then
headed to the shop for another day of making boxes. The class continued
in the same way John always teaches, step-by-step to insure everyone
understands how, with special help as needed for the advanced
students who were making a variety of boxes rather than the standard
set of 5. Lunch was sandwiches from a local deli based on each
person’s request. Some people ate right thru and probably had a little
sawdust along with the mustard on their roll. Now there is dedication.
The beginner class had 9 while 6 were in the advanced class having
attended a class previously. The group made some nice oval boxes,
carriers and trays. John presented each attendee with certificates of
achievement and folks headed home with their treasures. I want to
thank David W heat for the donut holes and his wife, Randy, for the
homemade cookies.
Once the room was reset for the Sunday adventure of making hand planes,
John, Eric, Bill Shea , Brian, and I headed to an adventure that Brian set up
with M ary Lou of the Pulaski Historical Society. She gave us a history lesson
on the Tollner Box Factory which was in existence in Pulaski from 1875 until
about 1934. A few of us purchased the book on the history of the Tollners and
their box industry. It was a great visit and I learned something. Thank you to
Brian for setting this up with Mary Lou, who really loves her village. After the
Historical Society, we had a nice dinner, sat and chatted for a bit, and headed
to the Super 8 for another short night. It was the night to set your clock ahead
for Daylight savings time so we lost an hour!
After breakfast Sunday, we headed to Brian’s for the plane making class. John had 5 students, 3 who were there before
and 2 new ones to discover the craft of wooden plane making, I was very happy to see everybody be attentive as John
discussed the planes. Everyone got to work and the planes started to go together piece by piece, including working and
tempering the tool steel. Everyone made a useful woodworking tool that should last a long time. Thanks today go to one
of our fellow students, M itch W ilson , for offering to get pizza and soda for
the group, Thanks Mitch. Brian ordered it and it was delivered about noon.
After everybody completed their planes, received their diploma, and headed
home, we got John's truck loaded and Brian’s tables and chairs put away.
John and Eric headed back to Charlotte, Michigan and I headed home. Thank
you goes out to Brad Davis who helped clean up and get the truck loaded.
Before leaving about 5:15pm, John confirmed the dates for 2015 – the
weekend of March 6th at Lakeshore Hardwoods. It will our 20th year so mark
your calendar to plan on attending one or both of the classes! Brian wants to
make an Adz and John said we shall see. Thanks for another great year! 
WoodChips – April 2014
Page 9
FOR SALE: Books: The Encyclopedia of
Shaker Furniture by Rieman & Burks $80.
The Book of Shaker Furniture by Kassay
$35. The Complete Book of Shaker
Furniture by Rieman & Burks $25. Contact
NOW AVAILABLE: Sanding & New Finishing Mops.
Barbara has several traditional sanding mop kits and refills
in different grits. She also has the new 2”, 4”, and 6”
finishing mops. Contact Barbara Raymond-LaPrease at
638-1217 or via email at [email protected]
Jim Porter at [email protected] or From Bob Norton for Rebuilding Batteries:
I nterstate Batteries is located at 393 North Collingwood
FOR SALE: Honduras Mahogany 10-12” long, 1-3”
thick, 10-12” wide. Contact Albert Bayus at 252-0859.
FOR SALE: Rakuda flexible-shaft reciprocating
power carver powered by Baldor 1/2HP, 3450 RPM, TEFC
motor with custom base. Five gouge bits included.
Purchased ca.1993 and used a total of one day at most.
LIKE NEW. Did not suit my applications and in storage
since. $225 firm (approx. same as current discount price for
motor alone!). Contact Barry Gordon at 638-4749 9AM-7PM.
Ave, Syracuse, NY 13206. Phone is 315-437-9075.
North Collingwood is off New Court, two streets west of
North Midler.
Lakeshore Hardwoods – Specializing in KILN DRIED
hardwood for Cabinet Makers, Furniture Makers,
Woodworkers, and Hobbyists. Many thicknesses and
lengths available including thin stock and turning squares.
Visit www.lakeshorehardwoods.com for more information.
Call Brian Leary at 315-298-6407 for the M ain Store , 30
minutes north, just south of Pulaski at 266 Manwaring
FOR SALE: DEWALT Model DW788 TYPE 1 Scroll
Road. Open Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm, Fri 8am-4pm, & Sat 9amSaw 20 INCH with extra blades. $250.00. Contact Bill
2pm. Brian has two Satellite Stores : The first at 191
Brown at [email protected] or (315) 289-2909.
West Main St (Route 96) in Victor, NY [585-869-5118].
FOR SALE: White Oak – about 200 board feet, dried Open Tues-Fri 9am-5pm & Sat 9am-3pm. The second is in
18 years. 10”-20” wide and all about 10 feet long. Contact Syracuse at CAB FAB’s facility at 124 Burnet Ave. [315-701John Anderson (315) 408-6030 or [email protected]
4383]. Open Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm.
FOR SALE: Woodmaster Drum Sander. Variable speed,
reversible drum sander requires one 230v, 30amp, and one
115 volt 15amp circuit. Included – specially designed dust
collector, feed roller stand, 3 full & several partial rolls of
sanding material, amp meter panel to monitor working load,
automatic delay start for dust collector, operator’s manual,
VHS tape. $2300. Contact Bill Noroski at 457-1839.
FOR SALE: 2000-2500 Board Feet of planed and
dried cherry of varying lengths and widths - some
boards are 16/4, 12/4, 8/4 but most are 4/4 – some
are 16” wide. NOW SELLI NG I N SM ALLER LOTS .
Wood in Manlius and owner is moving. Contact Frank
Winters at (315)692-2055 or [email protected]
FOR SALE: 25 Pieces of Cedar, 6-14” wide x 5/4 x
48-56” long. Some knots. Air dried for 3-4 years.
$250 Contact Steven Cobb at Black Creek Inc, 4 Kingdom
Road, Fulton – 315-598-1866.
FOR SALE: Delta 10” Contractor Saw $450. Dewalt
788 Scroll Saw. Used twice; $300 or best offer. Older
Craftsman 4” Jointer $50. Contact Bill Kaminska at 2430247 or [email protected]
FOR SALE: Hegner Model Scroll Saw with stand,
excellent condition with low usage. Asking $900 or best
offer. Contact Ed Kashmer at 315-668-9896.
FOR SALE: Grizzly Model G1182 6” Jointer with
mobile base, 1hp 110v/220v 13amp, 3 blade cutter head, 2
sets of sharp blades, 4” dust port. $300. Contact Kevin
Rawlings at 638-1415.
The Sharpening Shed, Inc. at 8904 Shellman Drive,
Cicero (699-2513). Don Kelly, who runs the shop, gives
10% senior discount and guarantees his work.
Club Deal – Woodline – 10% discount off advertised
prices for all products. Call 800-472-6950 to order and
identify yourself as an SWWA member. Check
www.woodline.com for product info.
Club Deal – Klingspor – 10% discount off all nonpowered merchandise in catalog. Call 800-228-0000 and
identify yourself as an SWWA member. Check
www.woodworkingshop.com for product info.
Looking for Toy Plans – Try Toymakingplans.com,
they have many different types of plans.
M eetings — Meetings are great with
everyone helping to either setup or tear
down the room. Keep up the hard work
since it makes for a better experience for everyone! Barbara
gets there around 5pm. 
Snacks — The club provides coffee and purchased snacks
for meetings with Charlie Wright coordinating this task.
Your homemade goodies are always welcome and have
been WONDERFUL in the past few months! For those of
you who have generously brought food during the past
year, we thank you. Thanks again and as always, we
welcome your help! 
Sawdust & Woodchips Woodworking Association
c/o Mrs. Barbara Raymond-LaPrease, President
[email protected]
3409 Patchett Road
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
Thursday, April 3, 2014
Meeting Starts at 6:30pm
Come Visit with Colleagues at 6pm
Canton Woods Senior Center
76 Canton Street
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
with Jason Wrench & Justin
Directions from Syracuse
& Suburbs to Canton Woods:
Take 690 West to Thruway, at which
time 690 West becomes 690 North.
Go two exits north past Thruway-Exit 1
to the exit named Route 31 –
Baldwinsville & Jordan. This exit drops
you onto Downer Street (Route 31).
Make right onto Downer Street. About
one mile east on Downer Street is
Canton Street. [There is a sign for the
Museum & Canton Woods at the
corner.] Make right onto Canton
Street. Travel about ¼ of a mile.
Canton Woods Senior Center will be on
the right just past a stand of trees.
See you there!