March 2015 - Brent`s Place

March Brent’s Buddies Buzz
M A R C H ,
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 Outings to the
Denver Firefighters Museum
and the Forney
Museum of
 Angelo turned 6,
Hayley turned
12, and Elijah
turned 2
 Our teens enjoyed our
“Teens Only”
Karaoke Night,
thanks to an
Please join us for the 5th annual volunteer Appreciation Dinner
Because of you, our families lives have been brightened.
It’s our turn to celebrate YOU!
Tuesday, April 21st at 6pm
Location: Blue Bonnet Cafe, 457 S. Broadway St, Denver Co 80209
karaoke machine
 Zane Beadles
Please RSVP to Rachel Bernstein at [email protected]
(former Denver
Broncos player)
visited Brent’s
Place for breakfast along with
Snooze AM Eatery and D Bar
Samantha and RJ check out the old
firetruck at the Firefighters Museum.
Elijah LOVES playing with golf balls!
Logan and Zane Beadles hanging out.
“Brent's Place is an
Volunteer of the Month: Brittany Schoede
amazing facility that not
only looks out for the
children's welfare, it
provides families a
home. While everything
else in our lives seemed
out of control we found
comfort in knowing that
we had a home where
our family could find a
sense of normalcy. What
makes Brent's Place
such an amazing place
are the people who
work and volunteer
here. “
“Brent's Place is like an
island in a storm. Our
home here is the one
Brittany Schoede is starting
her second year as a volunteer and has already been a
tremendous addition to
the volunteer team. She
has dedicated numerous
hours to the Brent’s Place
Executive Leadership
Committee and has put
her amazing energy toward
planning wonderful programs for our families.
constant that we can
count on during this
journey. The kindness
and support has been
Please read Brittany’s answers to the following 3
questions. 1. Why do you volunteer, and specifically at
Brent's Place? "Once
you choose hope, anything's possible." Hope in
the face of great adversity;
hope above all else. It's
been 8 years since I lost
my mom to cancer. She
fought courageously, and
she never lost hope. She
lived with the belief that
we are put on this earth
to help others, and she
instilled this belief in me.
I volunteer to honor her
and help spread the hope
she spread every day of
her life. And I volunteer
at Brent's Place because
the families, the staff and
the other volunteers
carry and spread the
same light of hope. From
the second I walked
through the door, I
could feel the warmth
and the love that embodies this incredible organization. It is truly one big
wonderful family that has
built a support system
second to none.
2. What is your favorite memory at Brent's
Place? During last
year's Father's Day BBQ,
the Programs Committee
planned for the kids to
play with water balloons. Before the party
started, Addie walked
over in an adorable pink
dress, sat down right
next to me, put her little
hand on my leg and
watched sweetly and patiently as we filled up over
200 water balloons. When the time
came to play with the balloons, smiles were on
everyone's faces and
laughter was abundant. Addie and Chloe
were having a ball throwing the balloons on the
ground and watching
them burst! It was a very
special day, with very special people.
3. How have you incorporated volunteering
into your life? Growing
up, my mom would take
us to help serve food at
local soup kitchens, so
volunteering has always
been a part of my
life. But it wasn't until I
started volunteering at
Brent's Place that I knew I
had met my match.
Thank you Brittany for
being a constant source of
support for our families
and for bringing such positive enthusiasm to Brent’s
Upcoming volunteer needs
Tutoring, flexible schedule (weekdays only).
Be paired with a child currently living at Brent’s Place and help them with their homework. Our
kiddos (including siblings) cannot attend school and risk the spread of infection. Help keep them from
falling behind their peers by signing up to be a regular volunteer tutor.
To follow along with
Email Becky to be paired with a child and set up a schedule.
Movie Night Shifts, Tuesdays from 3:45pm to 6pm
Make popcorn and watch a movie with the Brent’s Place kids
(Brent’s Place provides the movie).
April 14
Arts and Crafts Host, Wednesdays from 4:00pm to 5:15pm
Come lead an art project with the kids at Brent’s Place.
March 25
April 8
all our kids and see
what they are doing
everyday please
follow us on
facebook at
Personal Chef Dinner (Marion St—located at 1721 Marion St, Denver)
Meals are cooked in your kitchen and served in to-go containers provided by Brent’s Place.
Volunteers meet a Brent’s Place staff member at this location on Thursdays only to deliver the meals
at 5:45pm. A time commitment of a regular schedule is preferred (ie. first Thursday of the month).
Front Desk, Various Shifts (8am to 12pm, 12pm to 4pm, 4pm to 8pm)
Be a friendly face for our families at the Brent’s Place front desk.
Available days and shifts vary, so contact Becky for more information.
This volunteer task requires a time commitment.
Contact Rachel Bernstein for a volunteer application and to attend a volunteer orientation:
[email protected] or 720-343-2807.
If you’ve already attended a volunteer orientation, contact Becky Selig to schedule a
volunteer shift. [email protected],org or 720-343-2819.
Brent’s Place
11980 East Sixteenth Ave
Aurora Colorado 80010
Phone: 720.343.2800
Fax: 303-831-4567
E-mail: [email protected]
Joy is not in things; it is in you.
Meet Rebecca and her Family
Rebecca sprouting her Colorado hat
Rebecca is an amazing young lady
who moved into Brent’s Place with
her dad, Steve, in November of
2014. Shortly after starting her
sophomore year of college, at 19
years old, she was diagnosed with
Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare type of
bone cancer. She had to put college
on hold to come home to Colorado
for treatment.
This type of cancer requires a longterm treatment plan; Rebecca began
in November and hopes to complete
treatment in June or July. Since she is
from Glenwood Springs, she needed
a place to stay that is closer to the
hospital and it is a pleasure to have
her at Brent’s Place.
Rebecca loves to read and write, and
plans to get her degree in English.
One of the things she misses about
college is her role as the news editor
for her college paper. In addition to
reading, Rebecca loves listening to
music, watching musicals, and doing
anything outdoors. Athletics have
also been an important part of Re-
becca’s life, and she was a competitive swimmer for many years.
Rebecca’s strength, determination,
and compassion are an inspiration to
us all. We are always happy to see
Rebecca and Steve’s friendly smiles
around Brent’s Place, and look forward to supporting them however
we can throughout their journey.
Rebecca with her Dad, Steve