April 2015 - Brent`s Place

April Brent’s Buddies Buzz
A P R I L ,
 Outings to see
the new
movie and to
the Denver
 Mikey turned 8
and Trace
turned 7.
 Our teens en-
joyed our
“Teens Only”
movie night
and enjoyed a
PG-13 movie.
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With All Our Hearts We Say Thank You!
April is volunteer appreciation month and we have so much to
appreciate. The time and dedication that you provide to Brent’s
Place has a tremendous impact on our families.
Because of you, we are able to provide meals to our families 4-5
days a week, meal delivery to the hospital, arts and crafts, movie
nights, game nights, music classes, weekend events, and yoga.
You’re a friendly face at our front desk and help to raise much
needed funds. You help to keep our facility clean and do so much more!
12 year old Aria has been staying at Brent’s Place in April 2014. She has spent the last
few months writing a song with Swallow Hill music teacher, Amy Whitley, to show her
appreciation for all of our volunteers:
Because of You
By Aria Crane and Amy Whitley
Because of you, I’m not so blue.
Our volunteers they’re tried and true.
With all our hearts we say thank you.
Verse 1:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday dinner.
Chefs come in, make me feel like a
Then Friday breakfast is a special one;
it’s the little things that make mornings
Because of you, I’m not so blue.
Our volunteers they’re tried and true.
With all our hearts we say thank you.
Verse 2:
Arts and crafts are really big here.
We like doing things that bring us cheer.
For Valentine’s you may get a wreath;
no matter the season it never puts us
Because of you, I’m not so blue.
Our volunteers they’re tried and true.
With all our hearts we say thank you.
I could write a rhyme for all of those who
donate their time.
Sorting the mail and cleaning the rails,
these volunteers work off their tails.
All the things you do that I don’t see, can
really help me.
Because of you, I’m not so blue.
Our volunteers they’re tried and true.
With all our hearts we say thank you.
Because of you, I’m not so blue.
Our volunteers they’re tried and true.
With all our hearts we say thank you.
With all our hearts we say thank you.
“Brent's Place is an
Volunteer of the Month: Lucy Logan
amazing facility that not
only looks out for the
children's welfare, it
provides families a
home. While everything
else in our lives seemed
out of control we found
comfort in knowing that
we had a home where
our family could find a
sense of normalcy. What
makes Brent's Place
such an amazing place
are the people who
work and volunteer
here. “
“Brent's Place is like an
island in a storm. Our
home here is the one
constant that we can
count on during this
journey. The kindness
and support has been
Lucy Logan has been volunteering at Brent’s Place
for about six months after
first volunteering for the
Brent’s Place Urban Navigator event last September. She is in school fulltime but has managed to
find time to help out at our
front desk once a week to
be a friendly face for our
families. Once she is done
with school, she is hoping
to get more involved by
helping with meal preparation and arts and crafts.
Please read Lucy’s answers
to the following 3 questions. 1. Why do you volunteer, and specifically at
Brent's Place? It’s really
easy for me to get caught
up in school, work, or
whatever else I have going on, so it’s important
to make the effort to get
involved in causes greater than my own little
bubble of life. I like to
think that if my contribution helps makes the lives
of Brent’s Place families
just little bit easier, then
all of us volunteers together are helping change
lives significantly! I had
been looking for a place
to volunteer in Denver
for a while that incorporated my love of kids and
my health care experience, and when I found
Brent’s Place I knew it
was the perfect fit! I’ve
really felt at home with
the staff and families of
Brent’s Place, and I’ve
loved volunteering here
so far!
2. What is your favorite memory at Brent's
Place? My favorite
memory at Brent’s Place
has been volunteering at
the Urban Navigator,
which was my first time
volunteering for Brent’s
Place. I was nervous
showing up by myself, but
when I saw how enthusiastic the staff and participants were for such a
good cause, I couldn’t
wait to get more involved!
3. How have you incorporated volunteering
into your life? I’ve been
volunteering all my life.
My parents would take
my brother and I to volunteer to build trails
when we were kids, and
since then I’ve volunteered as a mentor for
underprivileged kids, at an
Emergency Room, as support at various races and
runs, and even in India at
a newspaper and a daycare for Tibetan toddlers!
Thank you Lucy for being
a constant source of support for our families and
for bringing such positive
enthusiasm to Brent’s
Upcoming volunteer needs
Friday Breakfast from 7:30am to 9:30am
Cook a hot breakfast for our families in the Brent’s Place kitchen.
Brent’s Place provides the food, you provide the cooks (no more than 6 volunteers),
enjoy breakfast with our families, and help clean up.
To follow along
May 22
May 29
with all our kids and
Movie Night Shifts, Tuesdays from 3:45pm to 6pm
Make popcorn and watch a movie with the Brent’s Place kids
(Brent’s Place provides the movie).
June 9
see what they are
doing everyday
please follow us on
facebook at
Arts and Crafts Host, Wednesdays from 4:00pm to 5:15pm
Come lead an art project with the kids at Brent’s Place.
May 27
Personal Chef Dinner (Marion St—located at 1721 Marion St, Denver)
Meals are cooked in your kitchen and served in to-go containers provided by Brent’s Place.
Volunteers meet a Brent’s Place staff member at this location on Thursdays only to deliver
the meals at 5:45pm. A time commitment of a regular schedule is preferred (ie. first Thursday of the month).
1st Thursdays of the Month
2nd Thursdays of the Month
4th Thursdays of the Month
Front Desk, Various Shifts (8am to 12pm, 12pm to 4pm, 4pm to 8pm)
Be a friendly face for our families at the Brent’s Place front desk.
Available days and shifts vary, so contact Becky for more information.
This volunteer task requires a time commitment.
Contact Rachel Bernstein for a volunteer application and to attend a volunteer orientation: [email protected] or 720-343-2807.
If you’ve already attended a volunteer orientation, contact Becky Selig to schedule a
volunteer shift. [email protected],org or 720-343-2819.
Brent’s Place
11980 East Sixteenth Ave
Aurora Colorado 80010
Phone: 720.343.2800
Fax: 303-831-4567
E-mail: [email protected]
Joy is not in things; it is in you.
Baby Ricky is excited to
be out of the hospital!
Aria with Swallow Hill Music Teacher, Amy Whitley
Mikey and RJ at the movies
Leena having fun at BINGO
Eniya showing off her craft
Happy birthday Trace!