2015 Seasonal Promotion Know Your Chef

know your chef 2015
You probably know your mechanic and the people that fix your car.
You know your doctor and the folks that watch over your health, but
do you know your chef and the people that take care of your food?
This season, we want to give you an opportunity to get to know the chefs at
bread&cup and how they source and prepare the food for the Saturday Evening
Market Meal that runs from May to September.
The day will begin by meeting at 8am Saturday morning at bread&cup and a walk to the nearby
Farmers Market with our chefs. You’ll get to see how selections are made, meet farmers and food
vendors and watch the process of planning a Market Meal within an hour’s time.
After the food has been sourced, you’ll decide your dinner reservation any time after 5pm and
return to enjoy the meal you’ve won as the chef’s guest.
Each week, we will select a winner from those entrants who send in a short description of why they
would like to be a part of this experience.
How to enter:
• Send a short paragraph describing why
you would like to be a part of this
experience to [email protected], or
submit the form in the restaurant.
• Weekly winner will be announced on
Monday mornings via our email and social
media outlets.
• Applications are accepted beginning April 20th
and will be accepted throughout the season
• Only one entry per season is necessary to be
eligible for the weekly prize.
• One winner per week, no repeat winners
• First Market Meal- May 9th
• Prize does not include cost of beverage or tip