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* • 12/The Observer-Dispatch — Thursday, Feb. 26,1987
Oneida Ltd* reports $7*26 million loss
workers and sold throughout the
United Kingdom. Future plans for th$
building have not. yet been deter
• Discontinuing slower "moving
• Closing its tableware manufacflatware
and holloware patterns.
turing plant in Northern Ireland last
December. The plant had been losing
money for about five years, because it inventories at its tableware, china
could not remain price competitive and wire facilities.
• Writing off other nonproductive
with other overseas producers. Wilassets, such as old equipment an(
liam said.
The plant had been operating at . "We really did clean house, and wi
only 12 percent of its capacity, pro- think the company is now stream
ducing 3.5 million pieces a year lined.'' Matthews said. "We have i
opposed to the 16 million pieces it has more effective organization. We h9T
the ability to make.
tried to put our past mistakes behiyi
Oneida Ltd. continues to use the us. and we're starting from go.7 —
He said that should mean a profi
pjant^as a warehouse, where products
manufactured in the U.S. and~Canada~ ~fOT~thp~compnny~trr—1987.- but- h.
are packaged by about 25 remaining declined to estimate what it might be:
But restructuring is expected to bring profits
'•• ONEIDA - Oneida Ltd. reported
•yesterdav that it lost $7.26 million
"during 1986.
$1.23 a share. That's 5' i times its loss
, But, it said, that loss resulted from during the same period a year ago.
the very thing the company expects
"It's been'-an up-down, spotty year.
'will help bring profits in 1987: comple- We're pleased it's behind us." said
t i o n of a company-wide restructuring William Matthews, chairman and
program that streamlined operations. . chief executive officer of. tfie tablei Unaudited figures released yester- ware, home furnishings and industrial
,day showed the loss amounted to $1.10 wire producer.
a share for the 1986 fiscal year, which . Still, company revenues were up
'ended Jan. 31. That was nearly four last year. They totaled about $267
times greater than the $1.94 million million, a 5.9 percent increase from
loss the company experienced in 1985. the previous year's sales of more than
Gains during the first and third $252 million. Fourth quarter sales of
.quarters of 1986 were overcome by $62.1 million also were up 2.8 percent
—losses in-the~t>econd and-fourth-quar- - from the previous year
Matthews said company operations
tens. In the fourth quarter. Oneida
Ltd, lost $8.36 million in profits, or actually were profitable during 1986.
but anticipated restructuring costs
and other writeoffs c h a r g e d
against the fourth
quarter created
the Josses. Those
costs amounted to
$12.94 million, or
$1.16 per share.
Charges associated ' with restructuring -- in
which certain operations and posiMATTHEWS
discontinued —totaled $9.78 million.
It cost the company another $3.16
million to write'off other assets not
expected to contribute to future profitability.
Matthews said it's difficult to estimate the long-term savings from
restructuring. However, he outlined
some of the moves the company made
in the program last vear. Thev included:.
• Eliminating 50 salaried and nonproduction positions at the Oneida
Silversmiths Division. That move.
-which_exacted short-term severance
pay costs, should save the company
about $2 million annuallv. he said.
County shoulcbsave
on saIe_o£Jb-on<
comptroller says
HELP! will try to answer questions,
dodge red tape, solve problems. Write
-to-HELP: Editor^The-Observer-Dis
patch and Dailv Press. 221-223 Oriska•ny Plaza. Utica. NY.. 13501. No
phone calls, please, and HELP! cannot make personal replies. Include
name, address and telephone number.
HELP! appears Sunday. Tuesday and
Miracle Maid
HELP! I would like to purchase
Miracle Maid cookware. The only
way you can purchase them is
through a representative. I have been
unable to locate one in this area. I
have also written to the company, in
West Bend. Wisconsin, but have not
received a response. Can'vou help? A.V.. Utica
West Bend sold this division: we
tracked these folks across the~Midwest to the Far Northwest, and got
sent back to the .Midwest for a dealer.
He is Gordon Morris. Route 5. Box
156. Little Falls. Minn.. 56345. and his
phone number is 612-745-2295. If you
write him. please include your phone
number, his wife says. But in your
case. A.V.. he'll be calling you first, as
we have already given your number to
him. It seems silly to Have to call
Minnesota to buy a set of cookware.
so if anyone knows of a closer
salesman for this product than the
gentleman, in Minnesota, do let us
Pnotoby Gary Fcu^tan
N E W , N A M E , SAME STORE — Employees of the ABC McCteary Sign Co. or Utioa place a new sign in
position on the Howland department store at the Riverside Mall yesterday. The store at Riverside and the
one at the New Hartford Chopping Center will be known as Steinbach. The two stores are part of the
Howland-Steinbach division of the Amcena Corp. About 18 of the stores in the 29-store chain were known
as Howland and the restSteinoacn. Iney win ail how have the Steinbach name.
Inmate: Knew Bosket by another niamer
^ Cutco c.utlery
HELP! has a whole handful of
letters from ladies who knew how to
get ahold of the Cutco cutlery people.
B.B.K. of Ilion was looking for the
company, and now we've found it in
multiples, thanks to all who wrote.
We have an address in Ohio, two in
Pennsylvania and one in New York
state. We'll publish the latter as it is
good to keep business as close to one
as possible. Besides, those who sent us
the New York address reported satisfaction with the service. It is: Alcas
Cutierv Corp.. 1116 East State St...
Box 810. Olean. N Y . 14760. and the
telephone number is 1-716-372-3111.
Our thanks again to all the sharpies
w ho responded to our cry for HELP!
Peter, Paul and Mary
HELP! I would like to know if you
can find me an address for the
folksingers Peter. Paul and Mary so I
could write them a fan letter.
L.M.B.. Whitesboro
Our big black book lists 853 7th
Ave.. New York. N.Y.. 10019 Give
them our regards, too. while you're at
HELP: On Feb. 3 you had an article
about "Varta Battery" for a Muraphone cordless phone. I also have a
Muraphone and wouid Hke any information you have for a replacement
battery park. P L L.Rome
Write to CDSC. 80 Pickett District
Road. New Milford. Conn.. 06776. or
call 1-203-355-317£. Most of those
batteries have been recalled, and the
_will <^>nd vou a cou
model number of your phone
Willie Bosket Jr. yesterday continued to deny he is the person recognized as the man who killed two
people on a New York-City subway,
attempted to'escape from state prison
and assaulted an elderly half-blind
man on a city street.
The h e a r i n g ,
being held at the
Jail. is J to determine w h e t h e r
Bosket is the
same man who
was convicted of
murder, escape,
assault and setting a fire in 198-5
at Midstate Correctional Facili- BOSKET
ty. Under state
law. Bosket could be ruled a per
sistent felony offender and could be
sentenced to life in prison.
A prison inmate testified at yesterday's hearing that he knew Bosket by
another name while both men were at
the Auburn Correctional Facility in
19A2. Shakim J. Allah said he and
Bosket lived in the same part of the
prison for about six months and
-became good friends.
Allah said he only knew Bosket by
the name of Butch Smith and said all
The New Hartford school board has
unanimously decided to join the town
in challenging a property tax refund
to Sangertown Square.
the inmates called him Smith. "I
never Keared anybody call him Willie
Bosket." Allah said.
FROM THE ONEIDA COUNTY 25. of West Albany Street. Herkimer.
During questioning by Assistant
E. were adjourned in contemplation of
District Attorney Steven R. Fortnam. COURT
Allah said he is serving two life Phelps. 25. of Elpis Road. Camden, dismissal. The pair was charged with
sentences for murder. He was con- pleaded guijty to felony driving while using a truck owned by Norman
victed in 1977 on Staten Island of intoxicated. He will be sentenced Barnard on Jan. 25 without asking
murder and again in 1984 for the March 25.
Barnard's permission. A third dekilling of a fellow inmate at Auburn.
fendant. Robert P. Garcia. 19. of
Bosket claims the man known by COURT" DOCKET...Catherine J. I^awrence Street, was fined $100 after
pleading guilty to disorderly conduct,
that name died in Milwaukee. Wis.', in
1985. A New York City newspaper Griffin. 37, of Kemble Street, pleaded a violation. He had been charged with
reported hisfather. Willie Bosket Sr.. not guilty to fourth-degree criminal unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
died of gunshot wounds in a Milwau- mischief and two counts of haRichard Bidgood. 24. of West
rassment. ...Mark A'. Aiken. 25. of
kee hospital.
Street, "Rome, was sentenced
A series of state prison guards from Lincoln Avenue, pleaded guilty to
conditional discharge
the Collins Correctional Facility in fourth-degree criminal sale of mari- * a°n d one-year
h o u r s of
community service
Erie County also testified yesterday. juana.
to two counts of
Bosket asked each of the officers ...A charge of fourth-degree criminal
whether it was possible his name mischief against Mary Spells. 55. of forgery, a misdemeanor, for signing
might be different. "Isn't it possible Neilson Street, was adjourned in someone else's name to a Coccia
that the Willie Bosket you know..Brothers sales receipt on Dec. 10.
contemplation of dismissal.
might nof be Willie Bosket?" he
...Anthony B. Pelerossi. 24. of
Fourth Street. Rome, was fined $75
DOCKET...Ronald E. Richardson.
Each correction officer said it was
after pleading guilty to leaving the
32. of East Levitt Street. Rome. scene of a property damage accident
possible the name was an alias.
pleaded hot guilty -to—leaving-the- -and-speed-not-reasonable orprudentOne officer testified Bosket im=sce e of a
pressed him as an intelligent man. but
P ™ " ^ in J ur >- accident a
Feb. 4 on East Dominick Street.
also a man who could not be trusted. misdemeanor, following too closely ...Richard F. Hallenbeck Jr.. 24. of
"I would say Mr. Bosket was a very and speed not reasonable or prudent. East Bloomfield Street. Rome, was
smart inmate who knew how to try to He was charged Monday on Erie sentenced to three years probation
get around officers, but I always had Boulevard West.. He will return to after pleading guilty to criminal
the feeling theae was an ulterior court tomorrow. ...The ca>«s against 'possession of a forged instrument, a
motive." officer 1 Alpert L Schafer Kenneth Wheadon. 22. of Floyd misdemeanor. He originally was
said— I
Avenue, and Robert Hitchcock Jr.. charged w\.h criminal possession of a
the Carpor Co . arrangements by the
Dre;za-Kowa'cryk Funeral Home
Powell. Sarah E.. 80. of SMtviiie.
former employee o'the MarcyPsychiatric Center, arrangements By tre Koerner Funeral Heme
Paid obituaries/page 13
DEATHS arrangem-errts
Funeral Home
RorrvH. H«H'*. ?-l r' rv<v*.-w1 IV . n
N.H* school board
joins tax issue
Oneida County taxpayers should
realize "a very substantial savings"
because the county has revised an
upcoming bond sale. Comptroller
David Townsend said yesterday.
He doesn't know yet how much the
savings will-be, but said it could be
more than $500,000. The exact amount
will depend on the interest rate set on
the bonds when they're sold in April.
The sale date tentatively is April 7.
On Feb. 11. county legislators approved—a—bund—sat?; which was
planned for. Feb. 24. But it was
rescheduled so all $9.25 million of the
bonds can be exempt from federal
-income-tax under the new federal tax
ToWrfeend said the county's bond
adviser. attorney-Thomas Rothman of
the New York firm of Willkie. Farr
and Gallagher, researched the matter.
The question was whether
$2,375,000 of the bonds would be
considered taxable bonds. If so. the
-coiinty_wouid expect to pay higher
rate of interest on them. The bonds
are for reconstruction of the airpoi
hangar to benefit Piedmont Aviatic
Under the new law. the bonds migl
have been taxable because they wei
for a profit-making company, he sa;
earlier. It will be the county's fir
bond sale under the new tax rules.
Yesterday, the Oneida Coun
Board of Legislators helped pave tl
way for the revised bond sale \
approving a public hearing on tl
$2,375,000 in serial bonds, at Towf
end's request. The hearing wilj_bel
a.m. -MaTCTT~24 in the legislated
Townsend said Rothman advis*
him the bonds will be subject to t
alternative minimum tax under tl
new law.^Bufthat-would n o t c t
purchasers as much as fully taxat
bonds would, he said.
The county also plans to. s<
$8,655,675 in bond anticipation not
(BANS), dated March 13 and payat
May 29. The short-term financing
needed because earlier BANS coi
due March 13. and the long-tei
bonding won't he available to car
the debt until April.
- ~
. ! • • ; > '
Groves Funeral Home
DombfowUi. Catherine R-, 82 of
Ut'ca arrangements by the Drezja-Kowa'czyk Funeral Home
Fleteher. Clarence E.. 65 ot Virg r*a
formerly of SauQuOt. arrangements by
the J Dona'd Sm in Funeral Home
Gamaey, Etfwyn M.. 84 oi Lake
Worth. Fia . formerly o< Utica retted
emp'dyee of the postal serv ce in utca.
arrangements by the Mack Stephenson
Funeral Home lantana. Fia
At issue is a judicial hearing officer's ruling that the mall was overass^ssed from 1982 to 19S4 and paid too
Jonet, Henry, of Utca arrangements
much in taxes. The town of New by the Fr'iedei and Wi'iiams Funeral
Hartford, the school district and Home
McClueaey. Paul J . $8 of Wh tesbo"Oneida County stand to lose thouro emp'oyee of Kersey-Hayes arrangesands of dollars if the appeal fail*.
ments by the Orejza-Kowaczyk Funeral
School board President Elaine Kal- Home
Mink. Thomas Lee. 63 of Bouckvye.
vo said members called a special electrical techncan for General
meeting to talk with town representa- Eiectr*. arrangements by the Burgess
tives and with Albany lawyer John Funeral Home
Ketto. Sam. 7i. off9i2 Catherine S t .
Tabner. representing both groups.
Ut>ca. retired mason for the Broadacres
A loss in state Supreme Court could Skii'ed Nursing Facility, arrangements1
by • the Sca'a an<j Roefaro Funera
CMHC the school to refund more than
"$700,000 to SangertdwnY owners.
PWchomoy, Stephen. 68. of t038
Oriskany S t . Lrt»ca. former employee of
Pyramid Corp. of Syracuse.
serv:c# diViS'On at Remington Arms
by ;b<? c J A'pp'e-
Cutway Clements. RD V Box 156.
Scharman Road. Or.skany Feb 24.
1937, a daughter
Dzigtel — To Charles and Sharon
Atkinson Oz>g ei. 1146 Post S t . Clinton,
Feb. 23.1987. adaughter.
City ot Utic 1 Common Council meet*
tag with Department Head*. City Comptrol'er. 7 p.m ; City Treasurer. 8 p.m..
City Hail. Utica
SUNY Collage of Technology at Utfca/Rome College Council, Room A226.
Ai-Anon, Presbyterian emjreh. MairT
Street. Camden. 8 p m : Ado*i Children
[7. -f, s , A*f%••
i.r Aituhuvcs GC'ttrg P<?'?<»r. A? Gn-rvteo St
N c * Harmed
M ' ) J5.m
Friendship Group. Mtdstato Correct 6-*
nai Facility. Marcy Psychiatric Center
campus. 6 p.m. St Ann s Church parish
house. Clark Mills Road. Whitesboro. 8
p m.; St. Helenas Catholic Church.
Chirillo — To Dan ei and Deborah
Premo and Park streets. Shernii. 9 30
Oeska Chirjuo. 8336 Wa *er Road.
a m s Methodist Church. Oxbow Road.
Utca.Feb 18 '.987. a daughter
Peterboro.8p m
Halt — To Russell and Theresa
Murphy Ha'i. 10 Thomas Drive. Rome.
Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. 700
Feb 17.1987. a son
Court S t . 8 30 p m . Back to Bas cs
Laftey — To Kev.n and Miche'e
Group. First Presbyterian Church. 1605
LaVanna Laffey. PO Box 153 New York
Genesee S t . Utica. 5'30 p.m
M * s Feb 2< 1987. a daughter
Diet Workshop, J.C Penney tracing
Larkin — To T.mothy and Daneen
room. Sangertown Square. 5 15 p.m and
Cook Larkn. RR 3 Box 506. A'der
Out of T o w n
Creek Feb 2*. 1967. adaughter *
Narcotic* Anonymous, The Happy
Ogle — To Audra Doak Og'e 131
Eran* — To Fred and Laur>e Furner Together Group. St. Francs de Sales
Evans (formerly ot SauquO't). 38 Walnut parish center. Eagle and Elm Streets.
Louisa St. Feb 2*. 1987. a son
Ut<a. 7 3 0 p m
Pogode — To Gary and Dana Weaver St. Auburn. NY. Feb 16.1987. a son
Pogoda 37 Mendereon S t . New York
MI»e>V- To Christine Miller. 407 N.
Overeaten Anom/mowt, St Ei<2abeth
Wajhngton S t . Herk.mer. Feb 8.1987. Hospital. 7 p m Feb 2*. 1967. a daughter
Style* — To P a t r c a Styles. 1002 ason
Recovery, Inc. First Presbytenan
Taylor Ave Ut>ca. Feb 21.1987. a son •
Church parish house. 7 30 p m
Gvyt 'H Gale Singtee Club, Club
iSt LuKe s - M e m o n a i
Paeqwak Ceputo, tenor. Metro Res- Monarch. 16 Erie Blvd . Yorkvilte. 8 30
Burnt — To David and I'Sa Alter* taurant. Vartck and Columbia Streets. p m
Burns- 23 Marvin Si, Cuo!oa-f*tv-?&- Vtxx <*t> w tArfrrr^ion-frro to tfnrM?r IJofS C K * of PeerfM** (*>eT'»r« Rrxpatrons. $2 50 to others. reseivatiOM taurant. Schuyler Street. Ut>ca- 6 30
198'*. adaughter
* pm
Clement* — To James and Pamela required.)
1987. adaughter.
Myngerford - - To Martm and Cheryl
Paynr H-jr^^''^' 1 F^ ' "-"•>" **->A
Cassviue. f-eb 23. 15«a?. a OaugMer
Nolan — To Wiiijam and Bobbe
Wyckofl Noian. Box 71 St>ttviiie. Feb
24.1987. adaughter.
Potenski — To Roger and Rob n
Maniey Potenski. Box 210. Westmoreland Road. WTMesboro. Feb 24. 1987. a
Putnell — To John and Barbara
Nelson Pusneii. Boyd Mobile Manor.
Rome Feb 23.1987 a son
Syhretter — To Rick and Cheryl
Rotach Sylvester. Box 44 S'Ck'er's
Trailer Park. Whitesboro. Feb 23. 1987.
Untitled Document
Thomas M. Tryniski
309 South 4th Street
Fulton New York 13069
forged instrument, a felony, for p
sessing a check with a forged sig;
ture on Dec. 12 at Norstar Bank.
David C. Schoff. 31. of Stam
Park South, pleaded not guilty
petit larceny, a misdemeanor. He
charged with taking two Bon J
tapes from Zayre's Department St
Tuesday. He will return to co
tomorrow. ...James G. Weiler. 34
Ringdahl Court. Rome, pleaded
guilty to driving while intoxica
and driving with .10 of a percent
more of alcohol in his blood, b
misdemeanors, unlawful possessioi
marijuana, unlicensed operator :
failure to yiefdjduring a left turn.
was charged' Monday on Wri
Drive. He will return to court Ma
Joseph M. Jacopelle. 22. of P
Avenue. Syracuse, was fined $4-50
.had.his driver's license revoked
six months after pleading guilt)
driving while ability impaired
unlawful possession of raarijui
Charges of driving with* .10 c
percent or more of alcohol in
blood and failure to keep right v
dismissed. He was charged Jan. 1!
1400 East Dominick St.
United Way
falls short
Kirkland has
The Town c
fallen nearl
United "Way. said the presider
nf thfdrivp
missed our goal." said Presider
Brian Clarke. "Naturally w
are disappointed."
The campaifrn. he said. rais<
between $4£.500 and $49,500 <
its $o'2.000 goal.
The board will use its erne
gency fund to meet the shoi
fall. Clarke said
The biggest shortfall, abo
$3,000. came in payroll dedu
lions from town residents wor
ing in Utica. he said.
This year's goal was 10 pt
cent higher than the $47.0
raised last year.
The Kirkland United W,
contribute? to 22 national, ar
and .igrnrits