Souper Saturday 2015

Souper Saturday
Saturday, April 25, 2015
The 5th Annual Souper Saturday event is being planned for April 25, 2015, from
4:00 - 7:00 p.m. The event will include soup and other food vendors along with
musical performances, art displays and demonstrations.
Uptown businesses may serve out of their buildings and other interested businesses /
organizations may set up booths near the courthouse / Shoemaker Square area or along
sidewalks. Attendees can visit participating uptown businesses and booths to sample
soups - Locations may feature a soup &/or entertainment &/or an artist/art group, &/or
a silent auction item. Neville Street (from Woodlawn to Heber) and part of Heber &
Main Street to the Fayette Street intersection will be blocked from traffic during the
You are invited to participate in the soup competition which is open to businesses,
organizations, and individuals. Beckley Events/City of Beckley and Theatre West
Virginia are organizing the event and sharing the proceeds.
Interested participants: Please register by April 10th - note these entry conditions:
*Beckley Events will provide a supply of sample bowls, spoons and napkins. You
may wish to bring additional supplies. You are welcome to sell other food (i.e. bread,
salads, sandwiches, desserts …), drinks, or items (art, crafts, shirts...).
*Homemade soup should be prepared in advance and must be kept warm at 165
degrees during the event. Please follow all requirements of the Health Department
(Gloves/hand washing, stem thermometer, hair restraints). Non-restaurant participants
need to obtain a temporary food handling permit ($50; no charge to non-profits, but
still must apply) from the Health Department located on Harper Road. A member of
your booth must have a Health Card or take a class – Health Dept. # 304-252-8531.
*Set-up between 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. & plan to serve soup from 4 – 6:30 p.m. or while
your supply lasts. Please provide your own table, chairs, and tent (if needed).
*Attendees will purchase tickets at the event. Soup vendors will collect sample tickets
in return for soup. Participants are requested to prepare/donate at least 5 gallons of
soup; you may prepare & serve more than one type of soup.
Prizes – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place People’s Choice trophies awarded at 6:45 pm.
For more information, call 304-256-1776 or email [email protected]
Souper Saturday Participant Confirmation
Yes, I want to enter Beckley’s Souper Saturday soup event on April 25, 2015.
I have read the conditions of entry and wish to enter.
Restaurant/Business/Organization Name __________________________________
Individual or Contact Person ____________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________
Phone ________________ Fax _________________ Email _____________________
- Your planned power source:
___ My business is located uptown; include us on the tour - address: __________
___ Gas or propane grill (preferred) ___ Chafing dish
___ Generator
___ Electric outlet (street light pole or Shoemaker Square) ___ Other: _______
- Please provide your own table & chairs! Consider decorating in a theme (i.e. spring, soup, art,
or a sport). If you plan to feature special entertainment, artist, contest, game, or theme at your
booth or building, please specify: ____________________________
- How many gallons or samples do you anticipate preparing (you may prepare more than the
requested 5 gallons, & you may prepare & enter more than one type of soup)? ____
- Do you plan to sell drinks? ___ Yes ___ No
- If you wish to sell other food, desserts, or items, please specify: _______________________
- If you are interested in hosting music, an artist or special activity, please specify: _________
Please enclose space reservation / registration deposit:
___ Soup Vendors - Booth fee is waived due to health permit requirement ($50 / no charge for
non-profits or restaurants) – contact the Health Department ASAP if you are not a restaurant.
Please note that if you reserve a booth and do not show up, you will be billed $25 for the space
Please list the name or type(s) of soup you plan to serve (you may serve more than one kind):
1 - ____________________________
2 - _______________________
___ Other Vendors - not cooking soup (food vendors should obtain health permit)
___ Non-profit booth - $25 – specify products:
___ Business booth - $30 – specify products:
___ Seating area sponsor (will provide tables & chairs for attendees)
___ Artist – I am interested in displaying art work during the event – no charge
If you can donate an item to include in our silent auction packages, please specify: _______
Please mail this form to Beckley Events, PO Box 5015, Beckley, WV 25801, or fax to 304-2561816 or email to [email protected] no later than April 10th. Phone 304-256-1776.