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Battling Brain Tumors
Help Americans – And Your Constituents:
3 Ways Congress Can Help the Brain
Tumor Community in 2015
A Cause for All of Us
Indeed, the fight against brain tumors should be everyone’s cause.
Anyone can get a brain tumor including persons of any age, race, gender
or ethnic origin. There is currently no standard prevention or early
detection measures, and very few effective treatments and no cure exist.
Adults and Children Impacted
Tragically, malignant brain tumors are among the deadliest cancers
with just a 34% five-year relative survival rate. And brain tumors are
now the leading cause of cancer death in children under the age of 14.
Even those with a benign brain tumor face a potentially life-threatening
disease and may suffer from chronic neurological problems.
Elizabeth and Lauren
are among the
many we honor and
remember for their
battle, and Owen is
one of the people
currently living with
a brain tumor that we
fight for everyday.
The Need to Leverage “Precision Medicine”
Should you be discouraged? No! We hope you’ll be inspired and
determined to help our cause. Thanks to previous investment by
Congress the era of precision medicine is here, now it is time to
leverage it.
National Brain Tumor Society “asks” Congress to fight brain tumors by:
1.Support an increase in FY 2016 Appropriations for the National
Institutes of Health to $33 billion and the National Cancer Institute
to $5.4 billion.
2.Support continued inclusion of pediatric brain tumors as an eligible
topic for research in the Peer Review Cancer Research Program
within the Defense Department’s Congressionally Directed Medical
Research Programs.
3.Support legislation to help make anti-cancer medications more
affordable such as the Cancer Treatment Parity Act (Sens. Kirk/
Franken) and the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act (Rep. Higgins)
expected to be introduced shortly.
For more information contact: David F. Arons, National Brain Tumor
Society, [email protected]